Legends Live Recap “Chemistry”: Season 1 Episode 2

Legends Live Recap “Chemistry”: Season 1 Episode 2

LEGENDS premieres tonight on TNT with another episode at 9PM EST called “Chemistry” On tonight’s episode, Martin, Crystal and Troy Buchannan go undercover when a chemistry teacher and his family are kidnapped. The case takes on urgency when it’s feared the kidnappers will use the teacher to manufacture a deadly gas.

On the last episode, deep cover agent Martin Odum returned to the FBI after an assignment infiltrating the Citizen’s Army of Virginia (CAV), a domestic terrorist organization. He tried to re-connect with his estranged wife and son, put his life back together and get the last “legend” behind him but when the CAV announced an eminent attack, Martin had to go back under in order to stop them. Also, a mysterious stranger confronted Martin to tell him that his whole life may be a deep cover legend and that everything he thinks he knows was a lie. Did you watch the last episode, We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, when a high school chemistry teacher and his family are kidnapped, DCO takes the case because the teacher is a former chemical weapons engineer for the Russian Army, hidden by the CIA in the Witness Protection Program. Are the kidnappers using the teacher to manufacture VX gas? Martin, Crystal and Troy Buchannan go undercover to infiltrate the Chechen mob, rescue the family and stop the production of the deadly gas.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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Bakersfield, California. A teacher and his wife are driving and talking when they are pulled over by the police. He wonders if he was speeding and his daughter sasses him. The cop approaches, knocks on the window and asks for his license. He says his license is expired and to step out of the car. They put him in the back of the police car and his wife and daughter wonder what’s going on.

The cops scan his license and speak Russian. They verify his identity just as another cop car pulls up behind them. The officer gets out and asks if they need a hand. The teacher, Richard Hubbard, pounds on the window and says they’re not real cops. They shoot the cop and one drives away with him while another drives away in his car with Richard’s family.

Blair, the FBI shrink, grills Martin on his behavior and sexual habits. He says he’s heard he’s incredible. She’s not impressed with the joke and reminds him a clean psych eval is required for him to be in the field. Crystal tells Nelson that he may not be mentally fit for duty. She says if she can’t control him, she can’t run him and Nelson tells her to request a transfer. He says he put them together because they’d be good together and tells her Martin could be her ticket to the big time.

Blair asks him about his last assignment and wants to know if he contacted Sonya while he was gone. We see a flashback to him arguing with her and breaking something. He says he and Sonya will work it out and that Aiden is fine. Blair asks if his undercover work impacts his real life and he says he keeps them separate. She asks if it’s hard to leave a legend behind when he’s done.

She tells him security said he signed in with security as Lincoln. He insists it was a joke. He says the legend is nothing more than an elaborate lie and is easy to walk away from. We see him burning his Lincoln truck and items. Blair asks if he’s had confusion or memory loss or confusing his legends form real life. He says he knows who he is.

Later, Nelson tells him they missed him at Bobby’s funeral and he says he had a thing with his son. He did send flowers. He asks Nelson about the autopsy. He says there were no toxins and the ME insists it wasn’t a homicide. Bobby had a heart defect since birth and they’re convinced that’s what killed him and that it could have happened at any time.

Richard is dragged into a warehouse, left and the door shut with a padlock. They show Crystal and Nelson the kidnapping files on Richard’s kidnapping. He’s a Russian who was involved in the chemical weapons program. He tried to blow the whistle on the Russian mob when they weaponized it and America gave him asylum. They think Chechens picked him up.

They ask if there is a legend active in the Chechen mob and Nelson says they may have, but won’t give a definite answer. Agent Kitson leaves. Crystal thinks they nabbed Richard to force him to make a chemical weapon. They tell Maggie that Troy has a CI in the Russian mob that runs an underground club. Troy says he shows up as Spencer Holt, a disgraced attorney just out of white collar prison that launders money.

Nelson tells him to sweat the CI for info on Richard. The kidnappers bring Richard’s family to him. His wife asks what they want with them and he says he doesn’t know. They call him Novelsky and tell him the colonel will be there tomorrow and is eager to see him again. His wife asks who it is and Richard speaks in Russian and says he never wanted to see them again. Susan, his wife, is shocked and asks “who are you” as they are all locked back into the storage room. She didn’t even know he could speak Russian!

At the FBI in LA, Martin shows up looking for Rice. He introduces himself and asks if he covers the subway and he says planes, trains and automobiles. He asks him about a murder in the subway of a homeless man. He pulls a file and says the guy was stabbed and died on scene. Rice says no one saw anything and the surveillance camera aimed at the scene was disabled.

Martin asks for an ID and Rice says he has to see the boss on that. Martin asks for the ID on the down low and he says Robert McCombs, former Marine, with mental health issues. He tells Martin the guy was crazy and Rice asks why he wants to know. He says he can’t know and walks out. Aiden calls his dad and Martin says he’s sorry about the other night.

Aiden tells him he should by his mom some new dishes and Martin asks him to go shopping and to dinner on Friday and he says he should check with his mom. Susan and Jane sit in their captive room while Richard is taken downstairs to where a lab has been set up. They tell him to make VX. He says he won’t do it. The colonel, Yuri, comes in and tells him he will make it.

Yuri tells him he shouldn’t waste his true talent. He shows him a video feed of Jane and Susan with knives at their throats and makes it clear he will hurt them if he doesn’t make the VX. They hand him a safety hood and tell him the components are on the way.

Martin, Crystal and Tony head to the underground club. Tony tells them the guy can be jumpy and to let him handle it. Tony is greeted warmly by his CI and Crystal introduces herself as a Cayman Island banker and Martin is introduced as simply “with her.” They ask to talk in his office. In private, he yells at Tony about bringing in cops and they ask him about the kidnapping.

Nic tells them to get out and says the Chechens are scarier than they are. Martin pulls his revolver and dumps out all but one bullet. He points the gun at his crotch and pulls the trigger – he says that way he can play more than once. He dry fires twice and Nic says Dimitri and that the guy had cash and mentioned Bakersfield.

They are out front of Dimitri’s and Crystal tells him no more cowboy shit but Martin says the gun wasn’t loaded. She says she’ll go to Nelson and he tells her that rules don’t apply with guys like that. They have cameras up at Dimitri’s and Maggie pulls the feeds up. They spot one of the kidnappers and Maggie pulls the dashcam footage. He says Dimitri is the suspect but they’re not really to pull him in.

Martin suggests provoking Dimitri to get him to contact the kidnappers. Martin says they should let Dimitri know Spencer and his banker are available. Nelson agrees and then asks to meet with Martin. He tells him they found some off books files on Bobby’s computer. He shows him the pic of the homeless guy and asks who he is.

Nelson asks him to trust him and Martin says his name is Robert McCombs and says he’s homeless, mentally ill and had been following him. He tells Nelson that Robert told him that Martin Odum was just a legend. Martin says he seemed convincing. Nelson tells him not to ever tell anyone else what the guy said to him. Nelson leans in and tells him that many undercover agents struggle coming out.

He tells Martin when this case is over he wants him to take some personal time and get his head together. Martin’s at a food truck when Rice approaches him and offers him a taco. He asks what Rice wants and he says he has more info on McCombs. He says there were witnesses on the platform and one had some video. He plays the video for him and Martin sees himself.

book was. He says he can’t talk about an active investigation. Rice probes further and Martin says he didn’t kill him but doesn’t know who did. Rice tells him he won’t let this go or drop the ball and that he should know that about him.

Richard is dumped off to his family in a lot of pain – he’s been badly beaten. She asks what they want and he tells his wife he used to be a chemist for the Russian military and he made terrible weapons. He tells her he tried to leave his life behind when he fled. He tells her that she saved his life. She cleans his wounds and he promises to get them out of there.

Crystal checks in with Maggie who tells her Troy will meet them there. Martin warns her if they’re made, they’ll all be killed. She says he’s the liability, not her. Crystal tells him she doesn’t like tequila and says she’ll have bourbon – he told her to have a shot to ease her nerves. Nelson reminds them there are innocents in the bar and that backup is 30 seconds out.

They show up and spot Dimitri. Nic and Dimitri meet up with Troy and Crystal. Martin watches from the bar and says Dimitri has muscle with him – three armed men. Maggie taps into the security cameras at the club. Nic tells Dimitri that Spencer is like Gandalf with money. Crystal offers to show him around the Caymans sometimes. He says he can’t hear them and says they should go to Nic’s office.

Martin alerts them that they’re on the move and he can’t follow. Maggie says they have no cameras back there. Dimitri calls in to his higher ups and says they should come meet him. The translation program tells Nelson and the others that these people may be able to help with the Bakersfield situation. Maggie traces the signal and says it’s in the city but they didn’t get him.

Nelson tells Crystal the colonel is on the way to the club and he’s Dimitri’s boss. He tells her to watch herself. Dimitri pulls her into his lap and she says it’s bank policy to only sleep with people who are for real. She flirts with him and then snakes his cell phone before excusing herself to go to the bathroom. She locks herself in the room and pulls out his phone. She downloads the data.

Martin tells Maggie that they have visitors. She says she has lost Crystal’s signal and Martin says these guys aren’t Dimitri’s boss. The two newcomers open up a hail of fire into the club killing everyone. They say in Russian that there’s another one and go looking for her. Martin shoots them down then calls for Crystal. She runs out and over to Troy but it looks like he’s dead. Martin calls her and she grabs Troy’s gun. She shoots Dimitri.

At the Port of Long Beach, Russians chain the door to a warehouse and yank it open. They steal barrels of chemicals and speed away. At the club, body bags are wheeled out. Maggie tells Nelson seven dead including Troy and she can’t find Martin and Crystal. He tells her to lock the place down and make sure no one leaves. Nelson says it’s a GD mess.

Nelson gets a call from Martin who says they’re at his place. Nelson says Troy is dead and he tells him he knows and is sorry. He says Crytal is okay. He says they sent pros and it’s above the Chechen mob. Martin says they are organized and financed. Nelson says they’ll get these guys. Crystal stares sadly out the window. She tells him she’s going to find out who killed Troy and put a bullet in their head.

Rice’s boss rants and says he can’t put surveillance on an FBI agent. She tells him not to mess with DCO operations. She tells him to stick the video in a box and sends it to OPR. She says the request is denied and says to close the file and turn it over. She marches off and Rice makes a call. He lies and says the boss signed off on it and says to start surveillance now 24/7.

At the office, Crystal sits stunned and sad. Maggie comes in and tells her they got the data from Dimitri’s phone. She says the gunmen were Russian mob. She tells her she didn’t know Troy well but she’s sorry. She leaves. Nelson comes in and tells them they have to stay focused and can grieve when it’s over.

Maggie rushes in and shows them the San Pedro robbery footage and says the chemicals stolen are what’s needed to make VX gas. We see Richard in the lab working. He thinks about his daughter and wife being held and is tormented as he works.

Nelson talks to Martin about the VX issue and Martin says he needs to go back under now. Nelson asks which legend and he says Dante Auerbach, Lord of War. He tells Martin they can do it. Martin and Aiden comes back to the house with new dishes for Sonya. Aiden asks if she can come next time but Martin says he may be out of town next week.

Aiden goes in and Sonya asks if he’s going under again. She says it will kill him. Rice sits with some guys in a surveillance van watching him and Rice says he’ll follow him tonight. He pulls out after him. Martin makes the tail and pulls out across several lanes of traffic. They tell Rice that he pulled a u-turn but they have him. Rice pulls up outside a storage place and wonders where he went.

Nelson tells the crew they have no leads and most of the city is in the kill zone. They pull up Dante’s legend – he’s a British arms dealer. We see Martin prepping for the role. Nelson says Dante is a talker and a gambler and tells them to sit back and watch because it’s Martin’s show now. We see Martin check into a hotel. He picks up his car from valet and heads out.