Leonardo DiCaprio Caught Cheating With Nina Agdal: Max George Dumps Slutty Girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio Caught Cheating With Nina Agdal: Max George Dumps Slutty Girlfriend

If he could dump his bandmates like yesterday’s news the Nina Agdal should have been able to see her own break up with Max George coming. It’s not like he and the rest of the world hasn’t heard about her cheating with Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite the both of them already being in relationships Eonline reported the pair leaving a club together as far back as last week. “Leo and Nina got into the same car when leaving the club, and attempted (but failed) to hide from the shutterbugs snapping pictures from outside the vehicle. DiCaprio ducked down in the front passenger seat, while Agdal’s legs were seen in the backseat as she lay down.” So never mind what a source says about the Max and Nina cordially breaking up. The wanting “different things out of the relationship” stands for her wanting someone else and him deciding not to be anyone’s chump. And do you know what – he might have really cared for her!

The rumors with her hanging out with other guys have been popping up a lot lately. After all Nina does have a type. Prior to dating Max, Nina was linked to Adam Levine and Justin Bieber. She likes to date the rich and the famous. A category Leonardo excels at while Max is still finding his way. Also his money making boy band did just break up. Some of the group wanted to try and go solo but as we all know there can only be one Justin Timberlake per group. The best pick for a solo career out of The Wanted would probably be Nathan Sykes rather than Max George. Add it all up and look how fast Nina has moved on! So quickly she didn’t have time to end the relationship with Max first.

He didn’t deserve that. Not with the way he cared about her. That’s the part really gets to me. Max was very vocal about how much he cared for her and you would have thought she’d be considerate. The DailyMail have him saying ‘She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She lights up the place and everyone loves her – all the boys, our security guard and our tour manager.’ Now these two were friends before they began dating and in normal circles that counts for something. So why couldn’t she have just been a little bit more interested in how much she could hurt him?

  • HoneyMoon

    Totally agree with you guys on Nina being inconsiderate, if it’s true she cheated. But not agree at all about on Nathan will be successful as solo artist. Have you heard Tom Parker’s solo? He’s the next rock star I tell ya. Or Jay’s solo. Or Siva. Or even Max himself. The thing about The Wanted is, all of them can sing and did have careers in singing and music before additioning for The Wanted. All of them are able to write songs, already wrote songs for their albums and Tom and Siva, apart from Nathan, are great musicians already. So there won’t be problem for them to thrive individually.