Long Island Medium Recap 8/17/14: Season 6 Episode 4 “Helmet Head”

Long Island Medium Recap 8/17/14: Season 6 Episode 4 “Helmet Head”

TLC’s reality show LONG ISLAND MEDIUM returns tonight with its fourth episode of season six. Tonight’s episode is called, “Helmet Head” Larry is participating in a charity motorcycle run.

On the last episode, Theresa nervously prepped for her first colonoscopy. Did she go through with it or chicken out? Then, a man hoped to connect with his deceased wife. And later, Theresa helped a woman move forward after the lost of her mother in a tragic car accident. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Larry is participating in a charity motorcycle run, but a stubborn Theresa is too scared to ride on the back of his bike. Later, Theresa reconnects a man who blames himself for his son’s death.

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Theresa Caputo is back this season doing what she does best – helping spirits connect to the people they left behind. But who’s going to help her with her husband Larry. Larry is interested in doing a charity motorcycle run. He had even asked his wife to ride with him as a form of support. Though she ended up turning him down – it seems nothing is going to convince to go on the bike.

Spirits she can handle but motorcycles not so much!

Theresa has a group reading on tonight’s episode. And when she’s dealing with a group – it can sometimes be her hopping from one spirit to another. However this time she got such a reading from spirit – she knew that woman was still nearby. Martha had lost her mother and father yet she hadn’t known that her parents were still looking out for her and her sister.

The parents, who Theresa was able to describe down to a tee, are hilarious. They’re just up there together laughing and cracking jokes. So it became kind of funny when Theresa started to crack up as well. Like, yeah, let the dead entertain you.

With her laughing; that helped the children, who were missing their parents, start to laugh. They probably didn’t think they could ever find humor in their mother heckling their father all the way into the afterlife. That is until Theresa showed them the way.

The next people Theresa helped was another woman who lost her mother. The woman has been praying to her mother and her mother’s twin for ages and wondered if they could hear her prayers. So that day Theresa validated those prayers. Her mother had heard every word and though she’s pleased to know her daughter is always thinking of others – the mother had to remind her child to leave some time for herself.

Laster Theresa went to the charity run. She didn’t want to go but she did for Larry. So Theresa went to the bike run and she was merely standing around waiting for the event to begin when out of nowhere the spirit of someone’s son sought her out.

One of the people at the race had lost a son. And it’s been difficult on Ed to get over the fact his son committed suicide. It’s been hard as a parent and as a grandparent so when Theresa came by with the spirit – Ed was hesitant to believe her.

She had told him his son never really thought he was going to die but that didn’t affect him as much as when she said his son was still very proud of him. Because that sounded like something his boy would typically say. So that’s when Ed bought into what Theresa was saying. His son was always saying how proud he was of his parents even when Ed admits he wasn’t the best father.

So the man was in tears by the end of it. He finally got to hear from his son and that’s all any of them want. And though he’ll never understand why the younger man committed suicide – he did receive some type of closure.

And do you know what – Theresa did go on Larry’s back. She eventually faced her fear and trusted him not to kill her in a roadside accident!