Madam Secretary Recap 10/26/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Call”

Madam Secretary Recap 10/26/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Call”

Tonight on CBS Madam Secretary airs with an all new Sunday October 26, season 1 episode 6 called, “The Call.” On tonight’s episode Elizabeth [Téa Leoni] tries to sway the president to help with a dire situation in West Africa, but her request has unexpected consequences.

On the last episode when Elizabeth faced the daunting task of negotiating with Iran over their escalating nuclear program, she was determined to deal with the situation in a peaceful manner, despite the President’s position of using military action. Meanwhile, Jason had new admiration for his father when he interviewed him for a school report. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Elizabeth faces unexpected consequences when she makes a plea to the President to help with a dire situation in Western Africa.
This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Madam Secretary’s first season.

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Madam Secretary’s first season.

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#MadamSecretary is starting now. In the Republic of West Africa, a woman shields her two young children from the noise as gun fire breaks out near their home. The children panic and she tries to calm them. She makes a call and says she needs help – she says they are coming from them. Bess gives a speech about solving problems together and then says she’s going to barf because it’s terrible. It’s for a big international forum and she tells Matt she needs to actually say something.

Nadine says each word has to be polished and correct and Bess says that makes her eye twitch. They have to run it by agencies, not annoy allies and they have a limited time. That’s why it’s so bland. Bess says she wants some substance. She walks out with Blake who is paranoid that Nadine knows he’s looking into her. He says he’s working on her emails and calendar and says he feels dirty and disgusting. She tells him to keep on with the fishing expedition. He asks why me and she says she trust him.

Matt complains to Daisy about Bess criticizing the speech and she says his whining isn’t cute. She tells him to man up. He tells her he’s a man – a no BS man full of substance. She walks off laughing and he says that sounds weird. Laurent Adisa, one of Henry’s college divinity professors is there and she says she just wants to go to bed. He showed up for an unscheduled dinner and she says she’ll says hello then is going up stairs.

She goes in and introduces herself to Adisa and she says he was Henry’s favorite professor and gave him his only B. He says Henry was distracted by his new wife and baby when he was in his class. Adisa says he’s in town speaking on behalf of some charities and asks if she’s heard about what’s going in the Republic of West Africa. She says she knows about the coups and curtailing of women’s rights. He says the junta is engaging in ethnic slaughter of the Beko people.

Bess hadn’t heard this. He says they are ramping up to tear down the city of St Juste. Bess promises to get a briefing on it and he hands her a photo of his niece Komoya who is on the run with her kids after the junta overran her village. He says he doesn’t want his family to get special treatment, but rather for her to help the thousands of people who are at risk. He gets a call and goes to take it. Bess isn’t happy about being ambushed by Adisa in her home.

He tells her that Adisa has appealed to a bunch of other avenues but no one cares. Bess says it’s not just a sense of caring but an ethical dilemma because there are so many things like this are going on all across the world. He asks her if he should have ignored his request and she says he should remember they’re partners. Bess asks her staff about the situation in Adisa’s homeland and Nadine wants her to focus on the speech and says the situation wasn’t critical enough to warrant her attention.

Bess tells her she’ll set her own priorities thank you. Blake tells her Ambassador Bokassa from the Republic of West Africa is there. Nadine complains that the man isn’t on her schedule but Bess says to send him to her. Nadine asks Blake why she wasn’t looped in and he says it was a mistake and he apologizes. She tells him no one forgets to tell her anything. She lets it go but clearly isn’t happy.

Bokassa tells Bess that his homeland is glorious and she’s been misinformed. He asks why she’s interested and she asks if the government are attacking the Beko. He calls them whiners and says they are seeking only to purge themselves of decadent outside influencers. He says they are bringing peace and correct living to all loyal citizens. She tells him that if the do have any plans to attack the Beko, he should tell his bosses back home, the United States is watching.

Back in the Republic of WA, we see Beko refugees being attacked, beaten and killed. Komoya and her kids hide in the field nearby. One of the DS guys hands Blake more files on Nadine and Blake asks how they can spend all day in their offices snooping and the guy says they’re patriots. Blake finds a particular call that wasn’t recorded. He goes to Bess and tells her about a 20 minutes call Nadine had with Constantine Stahl, one of Marsh’s biggest backers that wasn’t recorded.

That was when she was working on the Iran peace talks. Bess thinks the call was to get intel on the talks which would make Nadine a spy. Bess says unless definitive to change her mind, she’ll have to pull Nadine’s security clearance. Bess meets with her CIA buddy for lunch and she asks her about the CIA’s take on the RWA. She says Adisa was right and Bess asks what can stop it. She says the US won’t likely step in but the French might.

Bess asks what it would take and she says it’s a mess over there and the odds of an intervention going bad is highly likely. She goes to talk to Russell to try and sell him on intervening in the RWA. She tells he and the Prez that there are 50,000 innocent people at risk. The Prez says what’s happening is despicable but the fact is, it’s not their fight. Russell says they will be accused of apathy or world policing. She says this is an event that transcends national interest and the Prez says he doesn’t ending the meeting.

Henry and Adisa meet with a reporter friend of Henry’s and the guy says he will have to vet the source. Adisa says he has the source but the guy says it will take time. Adisa says they have no time. The guy leaves and Adisa says this thing makes him angry with God that these terrible things are happening to innocents. Henry tells him to take it easy on himself. Stevie lurks around and tells Bess that whatever’s bothering her, the answer isn’t in the fridge. She asks what she’s going to do about RWA.

Bess says the Prez told her she can’t do anything. Stevie reminds her of a field trip she didn’t want to stick out on and called her mom who told her that she has the descendents of scoundrels in her veins and said to go climb the mountain and not call her back. Bess laughs and says she must have blocked that memory but Stevie says she got to the top of the mountain and tells Bess she’ll think of something. Stevie heads off to bed.

Bess looks at the photo of Komoya and her children. Henry takes a call and then ends it and tells Adisa the Washington Chronicle is on the story and it will be punished in a day or two. Adisa worries it will be too late. They turn on the TV to watch Bess’ speech. She is giving her rehearsed speech then breaks off for a moment. She pauses again then says they need to find the guts to act when action is needed. Her staff is watching and panic, realize she’s about to go off book.

She brings up the RWA crisis and tells the group of world leaders about the planned attack. Henry is thrilled. She tells the group about the planned attack and the Ambassador of the RWA walks out. Nadine tells Matt to work on a statement to back pedal but Matt says it won’t matter because she’ll just say what she wants. Bess tells the group they need to hear those prayers and answer them. Blake tells the staff, for the record, he didn’t know that was coming.

Russell has texted three times about her speech and Bess says it was a Hail Mary to try and light a fire under the African Union. The French Ambassador tells Bess she was impressed with her speech and says they may be able to lend some air support if America is willing to act. Nadine tells Blake she knows what he’s doing and says she thinks Bess is intentionally keeping her out of the loop on things. Nadine says she knows why Bess wouldn’t trust her completely but says she is good at her job.

Blake agrees and Nadine says she doesn’t need his agreement. She says she has a duty to his nation and the department and even to that incredibly challenging woman they work for. She walks away. The Ambassador of RWA tells Bess he found her speech distressing and she says she’s glad. He says he knows America will do nothing so he’s not worried.

Bess wakes Henry and tells him she’s working on the Africa thing and says he’s the one who started this all. She says she’s found ground troops and air support but needs more. She also tells him Russell is sending nasty texts and POTUS won’t return her calls. She says they’re holed up figuring out who to replace her. She gets a text and says she’s been summoned to the White House. He tells her he has something to say about her speech. He says it was reckless, impulsive and near insubordinate.

She says she can live with her actions and he gets nasty. She tells him he owes her the respect of her station and if he wants to talk down, to fire her. He says the speech worked and the Prez is ready. He’s offered logistical support which should be enough to get the others to commit. She thanks him and he says not to, he wanted to fire her. Bess makes the calls the next day to coordinate the action. The coalition is a go and they call up their army to get logistical support going.

Henry meets with the reporter who says he dig up dirt on the priest and it’s not good. Adisa is on the news when Henry shows up and says he has bad news. Just then the reporter asks Adisa about his charity smuggling drugs. Henry tells her he just found out and it looks like it’s true. The White House calls and she says she’s just tied POTUS to a drug dealer.
[10:00:34 PM] Rachel Rowan: Bess is lambasted by Russell about Adisa. He says the guy mules cocaine into Europe. She says the French have rescinded their support since Adisa is tied to illegal immigration and drugs. POTUS asks for her next move and she says they can’t back away because a dirty priest made them look dumb. She says one squadron of F15s will give them a win. Russell tells her this is a half baked intervention and says this could go South.

POTUS says he can’t let 50,000 people be slaughtered and tells her to do it, but not more screw ups. Matt and Daisy work on the statement about Adisa but still committed to the Beko. They are providing logistical and air support while looking for a peaceful resolution. The news reports African Union troops into the RWA. Henry comes to see Adisa and reminds him of when he was in his class. He says he was so impressed with him and thought he was the real deal.

Henry tells him he deceived him and compromised his wife’s integrity. He says he owed him the truth. Henry demands him to tell him the truth. Adisa says smuggling drugs is sometimes the only way to smuggle out people as well, innocent people who need help. They have a philosophical debate and he says he had to deal with warlords and bribes to get his hospice built. Henry says thousands will die from the drug trade too. Adisa says this his patch of darkness and he has to work where he is.

He tells Henry he won’t apologize for trying to use the few tools he has to save people. Henry says he still would have gone to Bess if he told him the truth. Henry tells him he will pray for his family, but says he’ll go. Blake shows Bess a job offer Nadine got from Stahl the day of the phone call. He thinks Nadine is loyal and she says he puts too much faith in things tipsy people say. Nadine comes in then and says the African Union troops are bogged down.

Jay rants to Major Hicks about them not offering enough air support to the troops. The man says they are limited to engaging junta forces only. Bess comes in and says the troops are in a stand off with the warlords on the border and Hicks says bombing the warlords could make the situation worse. They think the junta bought the warlords off. If they can’t get clear in 12 hours, they’ll leave. Bess says they may have to cut a deal with the warlords.

Komoya and her kids come into a village and she tells her children they’ll be safe now. A nun welcomes her but says the militia is close and says they may not be safe for long. Nadine pleads with the South African minister who won’t help. Jay says Kenya is out too. Isabelle calls to tell her that the CIA tried to deal with the warlords but the intermediary was murdered.

Jay says they are out of options and Daisy says there is literally no one else to call. Bess talks to Henry about the debacle and he says he’s sorry for involving her with Adisa. She says he was just trying to save his people. She says the warlords were bought off by the junta. He says the warlords need a better offer and says he knows someone. He goes to confession to talk to Adisa. He asks if he can make a deal with the warlords to let the troops through and they’ll get secret cash from the US under the table.

Adisa says this is the way world works – drowning in blood and irony. He gets on his phone and tries to work a miracle. Komoya sees a jeep pull into the village and hides her children. The men get out and talk to the nun. Se plead with the nuns and then Komoya sees the nuns laughing and hugging the soldiers. Komoya cries tears of joy as they are saved. Bess breaks the good news to her staff and thanks them for their hard work.

Blake says Bokassa is there and says he’s there to discuss the US’s illegal actions. She says she thinks he’s there to save his own butt from the trouble he’s likely in back home. He says he’s been recalled but would like to stay there and says he has information to offer. She says it’s not their place to get involved in his country’s affairs and wishes him luck. He’s not happy.

Bess goes to chat with Nadine who offers her a Scotch. She tells Nadine she had her investigated – who isn’t surprised. She says Blake has been terrified every time he sees her. She asks how it went and Bess says she’s still there. Bess tells her she’s investigating Marsh next. Nadine proposes a toast to Julius Grossman, her grandfather, who was killed at Auschwitz. She tells her it was a good day at the office.

Henry comes home and is surprised to see Adisa there. He says he’s on the way to Rome to face disciplinary action and that Bess asked him to come say goodbye. Henry isn’t interested but Bess tells him to think more about it. Adisa tells Henry he’s a true friend and says he’s sorry for not being a true friend to Henry. Henry asks about Komoya and he says she’s fine. Bess offers to help him with his issues but Adisa says he’ll face what he’s done. He wishes them well and leaves.