Major Crimes Recap – B**ches Be Crazy: Season 3 Episode 12 “Party Foul”

Major Crimes Recap - B**ches Be Crazy: Season 3 Episode 12 "Party Foul"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes continues with an all new Monday December 1, season 3 episode 12 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode called “Party Foul”, a wild teen party turns violent when two people are brutally attacked with a pair of scissors. Meanwhile, Provenza’s life is forever altered when he meets someone.

On the last episode the LAPD found itself in a precarious situation during an investigation into the disappearances of a string of young girls from a popular nightclub, leading to a turf battle between The Major Crimes division and the Special Operations Bureau. Fritz Howard remained on the mend from poor health, while Rusty’s mom continued to struggle with the law and her sobriety. Jon Tenney, Laurie Holden, Colin Ferguson, Ellen Wroe, Brandon Barash and Ever Carradine guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the TNT synopsis, “it’s all fun and games at a raucous teen party until two people are brutally attacked with a pair of scissors and the Major Crimes unit has their hands full picking the culprit out of the crowd. Provenza meets someone (guest star Dawnn Lewis) who will change his life. Kathe Mazur, Ransford Doherty, Spencer Daniels, Joey Pollari and Tiffany Boone guest star.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt – and that’s what happens at a party thrown by a college guy for his buddies he knows from high school. Two teens are attacked – Toby and Keisha – in the garage and Toby dies. They were brutalized with a long pair of stainless steel scissors. Keisha makes it to the hospital alive but in bad shape. The detectives gather up cell phones from the party goers so they can see what went on.

Keisha’s grandma is at the PD but Provenza tells her they can’t tell her anything yet. She’s very upset and goes to sit down. Sharon finds out from Flynn that the victims were involved. She looks at photos of Toby and Keisha from the prom although they are college students now. They both went to Bennington Prep. Chip Olson is Keisha’s BF and Toby came down for a party at his house. They have him there in interrogation and the kid sells drugs.

Sharon looks at a photo of bloody scissors and says it doesn’t look like a drug deal gone bad. Sharon tells them to go rattle Chip’s cage. Chip says he doesn’t have to talk to them and Sanchez says they’re going to tear his place apart. Chip offers to tell them what happened. He says they were his friends and wants to help them. He says Wesley Grant killed Toby and almost killed Keisha. He says he went to high school with them.

Chip says Wesley has been hot for Keisha since high school and was on her as soon as Toby left town. Sykes says Wesley has a record and Chip says the guy pushed him and was acting nuts. He says he told him to leave Keisha alone but the guy tried to punch him. He says he knocked him around and he ran off but he thinks he came back later. Tao finds signs of a fight on a phone. They next ask Chip about the scissors. He says they’re not his.

He asks to go so he can go check on Keisha but they tell him to hang tight while they check his story. Keisha’s grandma says she knows Wesley and says she tried to do something about him. She says her husband was a cop and knows a troubled kid. She says she contacted his family to try and get him to leave Keisha alone. Her grandma says Provenza can talk to Keisha for a few minutes. He asks if she saw who attacked her and she nods yes.

Her grandma pulls off her oxygen mask and she asks where Toby is. Provenza asks if the same person attacked him. Her grandma tells her that Toby is dead and the girls starts crying. Her grandma says he has to leave now. Rusty comes home from working late on the cop show and Sharon is worried about him. He explains to her what happened and he says the people on the show are nice. He tells her he got a compliment saying he’s the best set PA they’ve had.

Sharon asks if he’s registered for his college classes yet and he says no but thanks her for reminding her. He asks what she thinks about him waiting for summer to start school so he can work on the rest of the season at the show. He tells her Jeff, the assistant AD, has told him real life experience can be really good. Sharon says she appreciates Jeff’s perspective but says he needs to keep his own. He says he’s not and that Jeff is a friend. She says maybe Tao can help him figure out how to balance school and the show.

Sharon gets a call from Provenza and he tells her that he talked to Keisha but the grandma told Keisha that Toby was dead which shut her down emotionally and she’s headed back into surgery now. She asks if he needs relief but he says he’s bonding with the grandma so he’ll stay and keep her company since she doesn’t have anyone else to be with her. Grandma comes out and says she knows Keisha wasn’t going to tell him anything else until she knew about Toby. She asks about Wesley.

Sykes tells Sharon that Wesley didn’t come home last night and no one seems to know where he is. They have an APB out for his car – the license plate is NO ROMEO. Flynn says they pulled texts from Keisha’s phone and Wesley texted her every day but Keisha kept telling him nicely – no thanks. From the phones they gathered they’ve established a time line. Wesley was there first then Keisha and Toby showed up then went upstairs.

Next is the Chip vs Wesley fight and Chip kicking him out of the party. Sanchez says they pulled Wesley’s prints off the garage so he did come back. Chip’s parents show up demanding to know where Chip is and why they have photos of their house stuck up everywhere. The mom asks if this has to do with drugs and Sharon asks why she would leave him alone knowing drugs are an issue. The parents break into an argument. The dad asks where there son is and what’s the damage.

Sanchez says the damage is one dead kid, one critical kid – both stabbed in their garage. They show her mom a photo of the scissors and she says they’re hers. She says Chip wouldn’t have recognized them because she keeps them with her Christmas wrap and she’s the only one that wraps presents. She says she left them on top of her wrapping bin. They show them some video of the garage and the dad freaks because his golf clubs were stolen. He has a GPS on them and they see that whoever stole them is at the hospital.

Sharon runs to call Provenza who comes in dressed as a doctor and finds a kid with the grandmother. She catches on and introduces him as Dr Provenza and the kid as Wesley. Provenza offers to update him on the case and he takes him into the hall and gives him an update on her. Wesley asks if she asked for him. Provenza says she didn’t ask for him but that the police did and walks him straight to the cops who cuff him and arrest him for Toby’s murder and the attack on Keisha.

They ask if Provenza is coming back but he says he’s waiting to talk to the girl. Tao tells Sharon he’s got all the emails between Keisha and Toby and it’s all about how much they love each other. Sharon asks him about Jeff from Badge of Justice. He says the guy really likes Rusty and she asks how much he really likes him. That gets Tao’s attention and he says he doesn’t know. He asks why and she says Rusty is thinking of postponing college because of what Jeff said.

She asks him to intervene. Wesley is in interrogation and say he cares about Keisha and he denies taking them. He says he drank too much and Chip was passing out killer pot. Wesley says the party was no special occasion. He says no one could get Keisha to see what Toby really was. He says Chip was into Keisha too but his racist parents wouldn’t let her date him. He says Chip got him wasted then beat him in front of everyone.

Sanchez says he saw Keisha and Toby in the garage and killed them. He says no – he went in the garage to take the golf clubs to get Chip in trouble. He begs them to let him see Keisha. He says he didn’t know they were attacked. They ask how he knew she was in the hospital. He says he turned his phone off so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his parents. He says Keisha’s grandma emailed him about what happened and what hospital she was at.

He says he thought maybe Keisha was asking for him and had finally realized how he felt. He says Toby was going to break up with Keisha. Sharon steps in and says he has to give over his clothes. Sanchez calls him no Romeo and Wesley explains that Romeo liked Roslyn until he saw Juliet then changed his mind. He says he’s no Romeo and will always love Keisha.

Sharon tells Sykes that Wesley’s clothes should have blood on them or else he likely didn’t do it. Provenza calls and Sharon says she needs a witness. Provenza says he’s going to talk to Keisha as soon as she wakes and says the doctors are telling him it’s looking good. Sharon says to keep the updates that Keisha is dying and that her killer and Toby’s has already been arrested. As she says this she looks at the photos of Wesley and Chip as if trying to decide which of Keisha’s would-be suitors attacked her.

Sanchez says there’s no blood on Wesley’s clothes or in his car. Chip has just enough blood on him to align with the fight and other statements he made. Sharon looks at the bloody footprint photos and asks Andy to try and find the killer’s. Tao shows her the email that the grandma sent to Wesley asking him to come down to the hospital because Keisha might be doing. Sharon comes to the hospital. Provenza defends her actions and says he thinks she did it because he was a suspect.

The detectives went through Keisha’s house and her computer and it looks like from their emails, Toby was going to dump her. They also have her clothes and there is a ton of blood on there. It looks like Keisha may have stabbed Toby. Provenza says they’ll need Keisha’s grandma’s cooperation to get the teen to effectively confess and that may not be easy. Sharon asks Provenza if the grandma may be using him and he says he needs an offer to take to her.

Andrea is there and says diminished capacity with time served in a mental institution is possible since she likely tried to kill herself. Provenza takes the x-rays to the grandma and says as a former nurse, she must have known they were self-inflicted. She says he thought it was murder and had a suspect. Provenza shows her they found the email she sent luring him there. He says the kid may be obsessive but doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

She admits that Keisha can’t control her temper but says she can’t help her go to jail. Provenza offers the plea deal that will help her granddaughter get the help she needs. She asks what he needs her to do. He says she just doesn’t need to contradict him when he talks to Keisha. Sharon mirandizes Keisha in her hospital bed. Her grandma introduces Sharon and Provenza to Keisha. Provenza tells her that she’s dying and the doctors have done all they can.

He says Sharon has made an arrest. Sharon says they are holding Wesley for Toby’s murder. Sharon tells her because they may lose her too, they will have to charge him with double homicide which results in the death penalty. Andrea is watching and says that’s not a certainty. Keisha says the surgeries seemed like they were working but her grandma speaks up and says she’s on heavy duty painkillers and that she needs to let her know if she’s hurting so she can help her.

Her grandma says the police need her to tell them they’re doing the right thing by putting Wesley to death. Andrea says she needs more nutty to go for insanity. Keisha tells them that after Toby went to college he stopped writing and calling then at Chip’s party said they were breaking up and could just be friends. She says she cried and then Toby went to the garage to get some ice that Chip asked for. She says she asked Toby for another chance but he told her that he already met another girl.

She says he told her that maybe Wesley was the guy for her. She says she saw the scissors there and then stabbed him and then when she realized no one could hear them, she stabbed him again and again until she cut his throat. She says she then stabbed herself so she could be together with him forever like they are supposed to be. She tells her grandma she’s sorry she has to go be with Toby forever. Andrea says that’s enough and says Keisha definitely needs help from people with white coats.

Provenza says they’ll get her a lawyer to make her will and take her statement. Andrea says it will all be fine as long as she says the same thing in court. Sykes says she will. Andrea asks why she thinks that and Sykes says – that girl really hates change. Provenza tells the grandma that Keisha will be with the attorneys a while longer and then asks her to a steak dinner and a drink. She says he has brought her so much grief then is asking her out to dinner.

He says she can be miserable there alone or miserable with him. She says she’s going to order two of the most expensive things on the menu and he says he’ll have half of hers. They walk out hand in hand and Provenza tells her she did the best she could. She asks if she did and he offers her his hankie as she starts to cry. He takes her in his arms and comforts her. Rusty is online signing up for his classes when Sharon comes home late.

He says he signed up for winter classes and she asks what changed his mind. He says he went out with some people from the movie to see Horrible Bosses Two. He says he talked to Jeff who told him he should definitely be in school. He says he also told him if you like people, you don’t have to stop being friends with them because you start college. He says he’s gotten so comfortable working on the show but she says it’s not like he’s really leaving.

She says he made a plan to go to college and he’s following his bigger plan. She says that’s what real stability means and he says she’s just glad she got her way again and he always ends up doing exactly what she wants him to – she says – that too.