Major Crimes Recap 8/4/14: Season 3 Episode 9 “Sweet Revenge”

Major Crimes Recap 8/4/14: Season 3 Episode 9 “Sweet Revenge”

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes airs with a brand new episode. On tonight’s episode called “Sweet Revenge”, the division probes the puzzling murder of a tech entrepreneur with dubious morals and possible mob ties. In other developments, Raydor’s son visits, leaving Rusty feeling neglected; and Fritz Howard gears up to command the Special Operations Bureau.

On the last episode when SWAT officers working Crime Suppression discovered an elderly couple gunned down in their own home, Major Crimes had to team up with the LAPD’s Special Operations Bureau to hunt down a killer stalking the city of Los Angeles, and taking hostages along the way. Jon Tenney, Laurie Holden, Lindsay Price, Malcom-Jamal Warner, Bill Brochtrup, Brock Harris and Hampton Fluker guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the mysterious murder of a tech-entrepreneur with questionable morals and possible mob connections has the Major Crimes division working overtime. Meanwhile, Rusty struggles to feel accepted when Raydor’s son Ricky comes home to visit and Fritz Howard prepares to assume command of the LAPD’s Special Operations Bureau. Adam Busch, Ryan Kennedy, Jon Tenney, Dylan Bruno and Noah Crawford guest star.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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Tao asks Provenza to measure something at a crime scene. He’s way up on a ladder. They find a bag of coke at the scene and note that the victim checked his computer at 2:37 am. They measure the distance to the body that’s been gunshot. There is a downward trajectory – looks like a sniper shot him from the roof of the building across the street. Provenza sends Sanchez over to look for evidence.

The victim – Hall – runs a website called Sweet Revenge that centers on revenge porn. The assistant found him dead this morning but has a solid alibi. The lock on the door is a keypad and they wonder who had access to the code. Sykes reads off some letters that were on the bulletin board in his office. Provenza says all the angry letter writers are suspects.

They also find an FBI warrant and wonder if they can hand it off to them. Tao finds a bullet. Provenza calls Agent Fritz Howard. He comes in to meet with Sharon and says he’s packing up for DC. Rusty comes up and complains about picking Ricky up at the airport but she says they’re going to be brothers and have to help each other out.

Fritz says their investigation turned up a lot of money but couldn’t turn up anything on theft or hacking and says the LAPD may have a better shot with the murder. He tells them Hall is a small time player and Scott Ward is a better target. He’s coming over with his lawyer Burke that Fritz says is a terrible person. Burke says they won’t talk about their business activities but they tell Ward that he may be a target now.

Ward says the website was his idea and backed by his money and investors. He’s in a panic. Provenza tells Sharon that the letter writers are all suspects. They are hoping Tao turns something up ASAP. Andy asks Ward why he let Hall be out front and center. Burke says that his client warned Hall about hanging out with drug dealers and hookers.

Fritz says they want to check their servers and Burke says not without a warrant but Tao has the warrant in hand. Burke tells Ward to shut up and come with him and says this whole thing is a scam. Andy tells Ward to stay away from windows and the guy leaves visibly upset. Sharon agrees they need to keep an eye on Ward to protect him and she says to put Sykes on it.

Julio tells Sharon they have a likely letter writing candidate – a sniper whose wife killed herself when she was on the website. Ricky and Rusty show up and Sharon is excited to see him. Provenza tells her they’re holding the ex-Ranger while they run a background check and Sharon takes the boys into her office to chat.

Ricky tells her he’s not planning on going public and is being bought out instead. He talks about traveling with the money and tries to draw Rusty into conversation but is being snide with him. He asks to take her out to dinner but she says she has to work late. Ricky isn’t happy and she apologizes and hugs him. She says he and Rusty should go out and then they can have breakfast tomorrow. She leaves.

Andy says the data migrated and Ricky comes up and tells her he knows how to retrieve it and says he can help. He takes over Rusty’s usual spot and then says he doesn’t need the cops lurking but Sharon says it’s chain of custody. He says he’s sorry to take Rusty’s space and says turn about is fair play. Someone is jealous of the new kid in his mom’s life…

Sharon takes off and Fritz and the others watch the server progress. Sharon comes to check on the Army Ranger. He tells her that the photos of his wife were stolen while he was away on assignment. He says she took photos of herself to send to him and he kept them on his laptop. He says they went to his private account but then his laptop was stolen at the airport and then her photos were posted on Sweet Revenge.

He says he tried to get them taken down – she’s a teacher. He says he wrote to Hall to explain it and he says he sent lewd photos of himself to his wife’s email account. Then he says he got an online reputation company to take them down but that lasted a day then someone at his wife’s school saw them and then his son saw them too. He says his wife was forced to resign and says she left the school and jumped off the Colorado Street Bridge. He says he looked away from his laptop for one minute and his whole world changed.

Sykes pings to say Ward is on the move and Tao is still in the morgue but says the findings don’t align with sniper. There was a sniper shot but it wasn’t the cause of death. The gun was point blank. They say the killer grabbed Hall’s head and then shot up. Tao goes back to the crime scene and finds the slug in the ceiling.

Sharon is upset that it doesn’t look like Keith did it and she was pressuring him after he lost his wife. Julio says the sniper and the close killer can’t be a coincidence and they theorize that the killer knew about the letter and was framing the sniper dude. Sykes follows Ward and a guy jumps out of a car to confront him. They get into a scuffle but it breaks up when someone takes shots at Ward and the other guy. Sykes calls for backup and they call in the sniper attack. Sykes says the other guy had a small caliber gun on him.

Sykes reports to Sharon that the sniper hit no one but she found a 9 mm on Ward. Sharon asks the chief for help and he says they blocked off the neighborhood and also brought in canines. Sykes says Ryan Brooks is the guy he was scuffling with and there’s an FBI alert on him. Sharon comes back to see Rusty and says he and Ricky can go to dinner.

Sharon apologies to Rusty and says they need to rethink the adoption because Ricky is angry. Sharon says pushback from siblings is natural. She says she’ll talk to Ricky and straighten it out. Ricky comes in then and tells her the servers are up and running. Ricky refuses dinner and says he’ll raid the fridge. Rusty wishes her luck and she wishes them a good night. She watches them go with concern.

Julio says they can hold Ward and Brooks for their fight. Fritz says the FBI investigated Brooks for tax evasion. Sharon wants to hold Price until ballistics comes back and wants to find out more from Ward. Ward tells them not to call his attorney and says if they can keep him safe, he’ll tell them anything. They tell him that the same caliber gun he has was used to kill Hall.

Ward says he had to have the gun to defend himself and if he had killed someone with it, he wouldn’t be carrying it. He says Hall and Brooks were in conflict and thinks Brooks was luring him out in the open for the sniper to kill him. They ask why they want Ward dead and he says he knows how the pron site links to the other sites where the real money is. He says he needs immunity and then he’ll talk.

Brooks says that Ward lured him out to have him killed and says he’ll talk if they’ll give him immunity. That’s two guys declaring innocence and asking for a deal. Tao shows them the logs from Sweet Revenge. He says they were hacking into people’s computers to steal personal information. Fritz is impressed and says they got farther than the FBI did in six months.

Fritz says what they did is a Class B felony. Sharon looks and says they still have to figure out how the sniper connects to this all. They bring in the server logs to Ward and ask if this is why he was marked for death. Ward says he needs a new lawyer and Provenza says they don’t have time for that because of the sniper. Andy says if the sniper kills someone while he dawdles, there will be no mercy.

Ward caves in after a moment of thought. He revokes his right to counsel and says he and Hall knew they would make money but Hall knew they would make more from the reputation management sites that would take down the photos. He says he posted the photos and people pay to take them down then he put them up elsewhere and they would keep paying. The real money was in extortion.

When canvassing the neighborhood, the Chief, Chuck and Sykes find a teenager hiding in a truck. He begs them not to shoot him and comes out with his hands up. Ricky plays on his computer when Sharon comes down. She says their sniper was the son of the Ranger who was a troubled young man. Ricky asks if she’ll be adopting him too.

Sharon addresses his lack of enthusiasm and why he’s done on her adopting Rusty. He tells his mom that he understands what she’s going through with her empty nest and working all the time. He thinks she’s lonely, giving and caring but says the kid is a hustler and a con artist who is taking advantage of her. Ricky says he needs to be honest with her about what he sees. He says it’s a bad idea.

Sharon asks if he’s been talking with his dad about it and he admits he is and they’re worried about her. He says we need to take a giant step back. Sharon stops him and says she’s not asking his permission to adopt or Emily’s. She says she sees great things in Rusty from the bottom of her lonely heart. She gets angry and says if he doesn’t develop some compassion then she’s going to wonder where she went wrong as a mother.

Ricky asks her not to go. He says he will have children one day and asks if she wants her grandchildren calling him Uncle Rusty. She says that’s not as bad as what she’s thinking about calling him right now. She tells Ricky she’s so disappointed in him she doesn’t know what to say. She storms out.

Sykes tells Sharon that the attacks look like a father-son attack scenario. Connor had a sniper rifle on him. Sharon says they have to be careful. Andy worries about two confessions. Connor says he killed Hall and tried to kill Ward but missed. Sharon asks how he killed Hall and he says he shot him from across the street but can’t nail down the time.

Sykes tells Connor that Hall was killed up close by a handgun. Sharon says he’s not helping anyone by lying. He says he killed Hall because he killed his mom. Sharon reminds him she committed suicide. Connor is in anguish and says he said terrible things to his mother. Sharon says she’s a mom and she knows that his mom knew he was sorry. She says no matter how terrible what he said was, that wasn’t why she killed herself.

Sykes tells him to tell her the truth and admit why he fired the gun at Ward and Brooks. He says he killed Hall. He is sticking to it and tells them to let his dad go. He begs them to let his dad go. Price asks when they’ll let him go and Andy comes in and says they have a confession in the murder and have the sniper in custody. Julio says they’ve locked it down.

Andy tells them it was Connor that killed Hall. Andy says he confessed but won’t be sentenced as an adult. Price tells them to slow up. He says if you look closely at the physical evidence you’ll see Hall was shot close range with a 9 mm hand gun. He says he blew Hall’s face off because he couldn’t get it out of his mind.

Julio asks how he got into Hall’s apartment. Price says he paid one of his whores to get the code. He says he saw an Instagram photo of Ward with a 9 mm. Andy asks if he had Connor fire on people while he was in custody to clear him. Andy says it was lucky he missed but Price says he taught his son to shoot and that if he missed, it was on purpose.

Andy tells him to write down the confession and tells him he let his son down. He tells him to write it all down so they can check it out and try to help out Connor. He starts writing. The team discusses what will happen with Connor. Provenza welcomes Fritz to the LAPD as the new deputy chief and says erratic behavior keeps them in business.

Ricky tells Sharon and Rusty they need to come to San Francisco to visit him. Rusty picks at him about him thinking everything is better than LA. Ricky says he has one question for him before he becomes the little brother he never wanted. He asks what family means to him. Rusty says it’s the people in your life you decided to love no matter what and the people that will love you back no matter what.

Sharon says it sounds good, loving each other no matter what. Ricky says it’s not bad and calls him brother then asks if he has questions for him. He asks how cuts his hair and Sharon starts laughing hard. He says he cuts his own hair and Sharon snorts and says that explains it. Ricky says he may now rethink his decision to cut his own hair.

Fritz asks Sykes about Connor and she says the best they could do was supervised probation living with his Aunt. Julio welcomes Fritz who then goes to say goodbye to Tao. He asks Tao to keep a secret. He says even Brenda can’t know it. He says he’s taking a back exit and needs him to bring two aspirin and take him to the ER. Tao is in shock because Fritz is having a heart attack! OMG!