Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape of a Kennedys’ Orgy featuring JFK and RFK Going To Auction

Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape of a Kennedys' Orgy featuring JFK and RFK Going To Auction

It has been over fifty years seen Blonde Bombshell Marilyn Monroe captivated America with her alleged affairs with not one but two Kennedy brothers, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. But, she made headlines again today, when a man came forward and revealed he owns (well, kind of owns) a sex tape starring John, Robert, and Marilyn.

The sex tape, or 1960’s version of a sex tape which was actually shot on 8 mm film, is currently at the Tulare County Sheriff in California, where it was brought after a property seizure. William Castleberry, an ex- Hollywood bodyguard found himself in some legal trouble this past year, and owes $200,000.00 in restitution. Since he couldn’t afford to pay the restitution, his entire memorabilia collection, and anything else of any value that he owned, was seized by the police department and is scheduled to be auctioned off.

Castleberry claims that among the valuable memorabilia that the Sherriff Department took from his home, is Marilyn, Robert, and JFK’s sex tape. Castleberry told Radar Online, “It’s real. I had it for years and I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio… I’m just sick about it and I’m desperately trying to raise money to get it back.”

Castleberry has until Tuesday to pay the $200,000 judgment against him, and if he doesn’t come up with the money, the entire lot of his possessions will go up for auction, including the sex tape. Now, before you run to California in hopes of bidding on the alleged Kennedy brothers’ orgy on film, you should probably know that Castleberry is a bit of a conman. The $200,000 judgment against him, is actually money he owes to a collector because he sold them a fake statue. There is no proof that the tape even exists, just Castleberry’s word, which apparently isn’t as good as gold.

Do you think the sex tape featuring Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and his brother Robert Kennedy is real? Or, do you think Castleberry is just trying to make a quick buck? Let us know in the comment section below.

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