Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Recap 6/20/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Secrets and Lies”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Recap 6/20/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Secrets and Lies”

Tonight on WeTV their new drama Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs with another new episode. On tonight’s episode called, “Secrets and Lies,”  The boot campers are forced to acknowledge their character flaws. Can everyone handle the truth?

For those who are not familiar with the show Marriage Boot Camp chronicles the lives of couples as they move into one house together in order to save their marital bonds. The couples do a number of exercises to see if their marriages are worth saving. In the end, the couples decide if they should divorce or make up.

On tonight’s episode it is all about their character flaws and their bad traits. The stars have to speak out about when they were a victim or injustice happened to them. Secrets and lies are revealed and there is plenty of drama between the couples.

Will couples be able to fix their marriages on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars? Well we’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST to find out. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts and in the meantime, check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.


Last night, exercise was too much to handle. Seeing your loved ones pretend to be dead actually pushed Slade over the edge. Just not in the way anyone, including Gretchen, was hoping. It brought up memories of his sick son and so if he was little bit shutdown after the drill then he feels Gretchen should understand. But she doesn’t.

Gretchen along with the directors of the show felt he was closed up emotionally. Slade and Gretchen’s relationship is being called out for its obvious problems (lack of communication) and yet the two people that should be the most concerned about this relationship are practically giving up. Slade woke up the day after the exercise depressed. So depressed he didn’t even want to leave bed.

And Gretchen whined…to nearly everyone. She says she wants Slade to be more open with his feelings, but in their One-on-One with Elizabeth and Jim she went from wanting him to do something/anything all the way to wanting him do more. Gretchen wants financial security and is tired of pulling her weight alone.

Slade was supposed to step up and after five years together he still hasn’t! And that’s something Gretchen can’t let go of!

Bad behaviors are killing their relationships so the contestants were given a drill to help them overcome some of their most toxic parts of their personality. They walked into a room made to look like a hazard waste site where they were then told that there are only 3 gas masks. Each contestant was told they had to pick three people they would want to live. But here’s the kicker – they have to give everyone a reason why they did or didn’t get a mask.

The directors wanted the couples to hear honest opinions about themselves seeing as they weren’t always receptive to hear what their spouses had to say. Though no one likes hearing the brutal truth and except for Ryan – it’s pretty harsh feedback. And after a while of taking it from nine different people it feels like a personal attack rather than constructive criticism.

If it wasn’t seen as an “attack” then it wasn’t real. Take for instance Gretchen’s turn. She tried to tell everyone in the nicest way possible why they do or do not deserve a gas mask. So Jim called her out on it. He said her “kindness” was more of a sign about low insecurity. She wants to be liked so much her real feelings ended up getting suppressed.

Then, in the opposite corne,r there was Tanisha. She used her turn to get back at everyone who said something nasty which wasn’t what this drill was about. That’s why the directors actually had to step in to tell her to lay off. Except for Clive, no one else was perceptive to tell the truth and only the truth.

This entire exercise served to put people on edge and it feels like a never-ending theme with this show. There isn’t one couple out there that’s doing any self-evaluation. And maybe that’s why the directors pushed everyone one step further hoping for a breakthrough. But, boy, were they disappointed. They called the contestants back into the boot camp room and then asked them to speak out about when they were a victim or injustice happened to them.

There were sob stories about losing someone or feeling out of control or merely not good enough and then there was Jenni. She told the group about when she was fired from a pizzeria. And it didn’t even appear like she cared about the job anyways.

Everyone was mad at Jenni because they knew she didn’t open up. She basically gave the simplest story in order to say something without it being “pass” and no one knows that better than Roger. Roger has heard her other stories, so her picking that one made it feel like this was all a joke to her.

Roger doesn’t want to be the only one fighting for his relationship and Jenni’s latest stunt might make him quit the show. Why be there if it makes him look stupid?