Masterchef Junior Recap Gordon Ramsay Soaked in Syrup: Season 2 Episode 2 “Flip It!”

Masterchef Junior Recap Gordon Ramsay Soaked in Syrup: Season 2 Episode 2 “Flip It!”

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with a new Tuesday, November 11 season 2 episode 2 called “Flip It!.” As NBC reports we will see on tonight’s show, a pancake-flipping contest precedes a challenge to create the best citrus cream pie.

On the last episode, America’s first-ever MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, Alexander Weiss, returned to the kitchen as a special guest. Alexander presented the mystery box challenge, and the 16 junior home cooks were tasked with preparing impressive dishes using the special guest’s favorite ingredients, including pork chop, pork tenderloin, green apples, hazelnuts, Brussel sprouts, filo dough, fingerling potatoes, wild rice, whole grain mustard and artichoke. The winner of the challenge had a significant advantage and selected which of the judges’ favorite proteins the remaining contestants would have to prepare in the elimination round. Later, the 12 junior home cooks with the best dishes advanced in the competition If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “in a flipping awesome pre-challenge, the junior home cooks will race to see who can flip and stack the most pancakes, and the winner will put the judges in a very sticky situation. The judges then task the kids to create their best citrus cream pie. Find out which kids make the most successful cream pies and advance to the next round in the all-new “Junior Edition: Flip it!” episode of MASTERCHEF.”

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Tonight on #MasterChefJunior, syrup is on the menu! The judges come in and then the top 12 kid chefs. Gordon welcomes them and asks to be reminded who the top three were in the last competition. Oona, Samuel and Sean are called down for a special challenge just for them. They have to make pancakes. Oona says she’s more of an Eggs Benedict gal. Samuel makes them for his parents all the time. They have 12 burners and pre-made pancake batter.

They have six minutes to stack up the most pancakes on one plate to win a huge advantage in the next challenge. Samuel will save Graham, Oona will save Gordon and Sean will save Joe if he wins. Gordon says they need to be round and perfectly cooked. Messed up pancakes cannot be stacked. Their six minutes start now. It’s time for #pancakes. They each grab two measuring cups of batter and start pouring batter into the pans rapidly.

Samuel says pancakes can go wrong easily. Some are mushing, some are breaking. Abby is screaming hysterically – she doesn’t want Gordon to get syruped. Joe is giving Sean the evil eye and putting on the pressure. Mitchell wants to see Gordon and Joe get drenched. Jessica wants Joe saved from the syrup. Abby desperately wants Gordon to be safe. They all count down the last 10 seconds of the challenge. Time is up and they bring their plates down to the front.

Sean and Samuel have huge stacks and Oona says – she’s screwed. Gordon knows he’s in for it. She hands him the plate and says sorry. He asks if she has another plate somewhere. He sends the top three up the stairs to the syrup stands above the three judges. Gordon counts eight pancakes. Oona says sorry. Graham counts 16 pancakes. Joe needs more than 16 to be safe. He counts and there’s 19. That means Joe is safe – doesn’t seem fair since he’s bald…

Oona gets to start. She tips her jug of syrup over Gordon’s perfect hair. The kids all giggle. She tips it and drenches him until the entire bucket is emptied on his head. Oona laughs and the other kids are hysterical at the sight of him covered in the sticky stuff. Abby says it’s the best challenge ever. Samuel tips his jug over Graham’s head. He takes off his glasses and says he’s going to take it like a man but is totally grossed out once it starts pouring over his head.

Joe says he’s lucky he was saved by his friend Sean. The kids and other judges urge Sean to dump syrup onto Joe’s head anyway and he does. Gordon slaps a stack of pancakes on Joe’s head and they all start throwing pancakes at each other while the kids call for a pancake fight. Sean is told he’ll get a huge advantage in the next stage of the competition. They tell the kids to take a break while they go shower off the syrup.

Later, they come back clean and tidy and call the kids up. Graham says it’s time to test them on a headline dessert – pie. They will be making cream pie. Jessica says baking is her strong suit. Sean doesn’t have to cook in the pie elimination challenge and will choose between three types of cream pies for the other kids to cook. Gordon says more than one kid will leave tonight. Joe shows Sean his favorite cream pie – a classic chocolate cream pie. He says it can be made of any chocolate.

Graham shows one of his favorites – fruit cream pie. He shows a cherry and says it can be made from any fruit. Gordon shows his fave – a citrus cream pie and shows off a slice of orange cream pie. Sean gets to choose and he selects the citrus cream pie. Joe says that’s going to be a tough one. Sean says he thinks it will be hard to get the right balance of sweet and tart. Sean also gets to choose one junior chef to sit the competition out and eat pie with him.

Sean wants to choose someone that’s good at sweets since he knows they’ll succeed anyway. He chooses Mitchell for the fist #MCJSave. They have a stack of ingredients and a limited pantry to make a citrus cream pie in just one hour. Oona is making passion fruit and blood orange cream pie. She knows how to make custard and is very confident.

Graham says the great base of the pie is a great crust made with ice cold butter. He says the level to sweetness to tartness must be perfect because it can’t be adjusted after the fact. Samuel is doing grapefruit and rosewater pie. Abby is confident and says she usually makes pies with her grandmother and tells Gordon she’s confident. Then she tells him to move so she can concentrate. Levi talks to Graham. He’s making key lime pie with coconut whipped cream.

Graham says he thinks it needs more tartness and says he thinks Oona is doing really well. She politely thanks him. Josh is also making a key lime pie and Joe says it’s not tart enough but he’s planning a design on the top out of zest that will make it zingier. Adaiah is making a southern style pie. They are down to 14 minutes and are popping the pie in the chiller. Natalie wanted to make orange pie but got grapefruit and is now scrambling to correct the error.

Jessica is putting her cream on and tells Graham she won a first place pie competition. She’s made lemon key lime pie tonight. Logan tells Gordon he’s got lime raspberry that taste good together and he’s very confident. They have just 10 minutes to go and all are hard at work. The judges talk about how high a level the kids are all cooking at.

They are worried about Josh but say Levi is killing it and has a beautiful crush. Gordon tells them to get ready with the garnish and then counts down from 10. It’s hands off and time to look at the pies. Gordon calls Samuel down first. He’s so sure he’s won this. He tells Gordon it’s grapefruit and a hint of rosewater with nutmeg cream and pistachio dust. Gordon cuts a slice and says the cream needs whipped more and was too heavy handed with the nutmeg.

Joe takes a slice and asks what was hardest and Samuel says putting the whip on was hardest. Joe offers no compliments. Graham tastes next and says there are a lot of flavors going on. Sean tells Mitchell that the pistachio looks like baby barf. Graham tells Samuel there is way too much going on and tells him next time he does something like this to look at it and then take two ingredients off.

Next is Logan. He worries that his crust is too ugly. He tells Graham he made raspberry lime pie. Graham says it’s not the prettiest pie but Logan says it’s about the taste and Graham says it does matter. He tastes and says it’s delicious and the raspberry and lime are good. He says the crust could have been cooked a little longer. Joe peppers Logan with political questions and the kid giggles. Joe tells him it’s a delicious pie. Gordon says it’s not pretty but tastes and says it’s delicious but could have been finessed.

Sam is next. He tells Joe he has blood orange cream pie. He says he makes a lot of pies for Thanksgiving each year. Joe tastes and says the crust is a little sloppy but the rest is spot-on. Next is Adaiah. She’s made a blood orange lemon pie with raspberries and tells Graham she loves baking. He tastes and says it’s really nice. He says it’s very balanced and is a great pie she should be proud of. Oona is next with a blood orange cream pie with passion fruit whipped cream.

Gordon tastes and makes a noise of appreciation. He asks where she got the idea from and she says her brain. He asks how old she is and she says nine. He’s amazed. Josh is next and he made a simple key lime pie. He says he had a little problem with his crust and Graham shows him that it didn’t cook underneath. He cuts a slice and says it looks pretty and compliments the whipped cream and the filling. He says there are areas for improvement.

Joe next calls down Natalie. She has never made pie and doesn’t even like desserts. She says it’s grapefruit with coconut cream frosting. Joe cuts a slice and she says she thought she was getting orange. He tastes and says he can taste the sweetness of the cream but the main problem is the dough is almost uncooked. He says it’s a good job even with the problems. Gordon calls Abby down next. She made a blood orange cream pie with apple butter whipped cream and jellybean garnish.

Gordon asks why and she says everyone loves jelly beans. He cuts a slice and the color inside is pretty. Gordon tastes and says it’s weird. He tells her it’s absolutely delicious and looks good and tastes good. Logan was sure she had made a mistake with the jelly beans. Graham then calls Levi down. He made a key lime pie with coconut whipped cream. He colored some of the whip green for a look. The pie is nicely balanced and gets a thumbs up.

Jessica comes down with hers and says it’s citrus Texas pecan pie. Joe cuts the pie and she says there are key limes and lemons in it along with orange. Joe says the crust is a little uneven and she should have a little more whip on top. Joe tastes and says it’s a little too sweet and the crust is inconsistent but the nuts and the lime work well. Gordon also critiques her composition then tastes and says it needs more of a citrus flavor and has a few too many nuts.

Gordon calls Sean and Mitchell back down to their stations. He tells them it was difficult and that he and the other judges need to talk about who’s going home. They go to talk and agree that Levi’s, Abby’s and Adaiah’s were all really good. They discuss that Josh and Jessica flopped and Natalie’s dough was raw. The judges come back out and say they have two winning pies – Levi and Adaiah. Then Graham says they have to say goodbye to some people.

They call down Sam, Josh, Jessica and Natalie. Gordon tells them they are all talented and says there were some amazing pies but they missed the mark somewhat. Gordon says this is hard then tells Sam and Josh to step forward and says they are not going home. Josh is relieved – he was having a heart attack. Natalie and Jessica are both sent home. Gordon tells them they are both very talented and tells them to hold on to their aprons and keep on cooking.