Meg Ryan Getting Married To John Cougar Mellencamp – Meg and Daisy Spotted Heading For Proposal!

Meg Ryan Getting Married To John Cougar Mellencamp - Meg and Daisy Spotted Heading For Proposal!

Meg Ryan is getting married, y’all! How anyone is willing to marry her when she’s wearing the crypt keeper’s face, I’ll never know. However, an exclusive new report from Closer Weekly states that Meg Ryan and her longtime boyfriend John ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp are getting married.

A source tells Closer Magazine, “John has a big romantic streak. He will come up with something to sweep her off her feet. He loves grand, romantic gestures.” In fact, there were rumors that Meg’s relationship with John Mellencamp was on the fritz because he was unwilling to move to New York, but now that he’s finally willing to take that step, their relationship is clearly ready to move to the next level. In fact, several sources close to John and Meg have admitted that they are planning to get back together, and after years of sustaining a long term relationship, it’s about time that one of them took the marriage plunge.

Apparently, John is taking two weeks off in April, and friends predict that he will propose marriage to Meg during that time. These same friends predict that John and Meg will likely get married before the end of 2015, since they’ve been together for so long already and there’s no use in having a prolonged engagement. They’re not young anymore, and nothing proves that more than Meg’s face.

Granted, Meg Ryan also has a daughter, Daisy True, who she tried to hide from the paparazzi and media whenever she can. However, some trusty observers [courtesy of Diva Gals Daily] reported that they saw Meg and Daisy at the Savannah International Airport in Georgia, adding, “Meg looked gorgeous in a long black coat and sunglasses. She had no bodyguards or entourage – she was just with family and friends and her driver.” It’s likely that Meg and Daisy were going to visit John Mellencamp to hear a proposal, especially since their engagement is all but set in stone.

3 responses to “Meg Ryan Getting Married To John Cougar Mellencamp – Meg and Daisy Spotted Heading For Proposal!”

  1. Tony says:

    This article is complete nonsense of course, just as almost every article from that dumb magazine is.
    As for whomever wrote the piece for this website: being rude does not equal being funny. But whatever. They’re rich, they’re happy, like they give a sh*t what people think about them. At least they’re not a bunch of talentless media who*res like the Kardashians.

  2. Notmycandy says:

    Meanwhile the writer probably looks like a troll.

  3. Nikki Roccafella says:

    To the writer: what is your problem? Why so damn rude and disrespectful towards a beautiful woman? You should never disrespect a woman the way you did…you came across as a grade A turd and as a terrible writer. Remember, we are all headed in one direction. I hope you age terribly. I hope you age so badly that you never want to look at yourself in a mirror again. I hope you remember all the fucked up things you said about Ryan and/ or any female because it is going to come back to you and. It is. Going to bite you in the ass. Worst of luck to you as you age. I will not read anything else you write nor anything else your name or your editors name is on. This article was in poor written in poor taste. That’s putting it mildly.