Miley Cyrus Joined By Madonna on MTV Unplugged Special

Miley Cyrus Joined By Madonna on MTV Unplugged Special

The Hollywood Reporter says that a source has reported to them that Madonna will be one of Miley’s surprise guests that will perform with her on the upcoming MTV: Unplugged Miley Cyrus special. Cyrus recently praised the Material Girl for her “creative use of projected visuals on stage.” Miley also said that she often looks to Madonna for inspiration when creating ideas for her Bangerz tour.

Amy Doyle, executive vice-president of music and talent programming strategy for MTV, states that, “Miley’s vision for the performance is like nothing we’ve ever seen. I can say that this will be one of the most memorable Unplugged performances we’ve ever had.”

Unplugged has been around since its creation in 1989, and has featured the likes of artists such as Tony Bennett, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Annie Lennox, Bryan Adams, Bob Dylan, and, of course, Nirvana. Nirvana’s now famous appearance on the series was one of the last performances the band’s troubled singer, Kurt Cobain, would do before his death months later. The surviving members of the band later released the Unplugged session in its entirety on an album that would go on to be named one of the top rock albums of all time.

Will Miley’s performance go on to be as famous and well-received as Nirvana’s? To tell the truth, you really can’t compare the two artists, but one thing’s for sure, Miley knows how to put on a show. There’s no doubt that with the addition of Madonna to the performance, this episode of Unplugged will be one for the record books.

Miley’s Unplugged performance will be directed by Alex Coletti with Doyle, Jac Bensom II, Joanna Bomberg, and Garrett English as executive producers. The special will air on Wednesday, January 29 at 9 pm est/pst.