Mistresses LIVE RECAP June 2 2014 Season 2 Episode 1 ‘Rebuild’

Mistresses LIVE RECAP June 2 2014 Season 2 Episode 1 'Rebuild'

Tonight Mistresses returns to ABC for with its second season and the premiere episode is called, “Rebuild.” On this evening’s episode, Mistresses second season takes place eight months after the events of Mistresses season one finale.

Based on the hit UK television series of the same name, “Mistresses” the show is about the provocative and thrilling drama that will continue to focus on the scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on their own path to self-discovery.

On tonight’s episode Eight months later, Savi, having cheated death, makes the most of her second chance. Karen struggles to rebound from loss, both personal and professional. April’s life gets interesting when old friend, Mickey (guest star Joseph May), returns and pushes her to make some changes and Joss tries her hand at a new job, party planner to wealthy Angelenos.

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical drama we have come to expect from Mistresses. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on the new season.

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Eight months after we last saw the ladies, April is with a new guy – he kisses her and she smiles but turns her cheek. Joss is prepping for a picnic. April is with Lucy who gives her a thumbs down on homework. They hug. Karen brings flowers to Sam’s grave. Savi is told that her sister is there and is aksed if she’s ready to go. Joss toasts to Savi being done with physical therapy and with a clean bill of help.

Savi says she would not have survived the six surgeries and last eight months without them. She says every time another doctor told her there was more to do, she wanted to quit, but they got her through it all. She thanks them for saving her life. Savi says she thinks she’s drunk and is switching to coffee. April asks about the baby shower event she’s working and they want to hear about it.

Savi comes back and they lie about the event since she lost hers. April says she’s dating a new guy and that dating life is weird. April asks Savi what she’ll do now and she says she’s not sure. April sees a customer she calls the exchanger that buys things and then always brings them back. She goes to check on the woman and Savi makes a call.

She speaks sweetly to someone and asks what they’re doing. Karen speaks to Dr Blakely and reminds her that her suspension was lifted two months ago. He says she made a good impression on Dr Foley the other day. He wonders why she’s not returning to private practice. She says she prefers the ER. Karen says she’s much happier being to help more people.

Blakeley asks about her personal life and she says she is not ready to date and is aware that she’s avoiding intimacy. She says a woman tried to kill her, a young man died and she lost the love of her life. She says it will take time but says it’s okay because she can finally sleep at night without medication. He asks if she’s still visiting Sam’s grave weekly and she lies and says she’s not.

Harry picks out some flowers for his lady. Mickey comes in to see April and she squeals and hugs him and asks why he’s back from Italy. He hands her a gift and says the store looks great. She says it’s been great and she wouldn’t be here without his help. He asks why she doesn’t have her stuff in the shop. April says she handpicked everything, but he says her work personally.

Mickey says he likes supporting her art and she’s his black Martha Stewart. He says they’re going to a pop up art show and she says she doesn’t know what that means and that she hasn’t lost her mojo. He says she’s in jeggings. Savi knocks on a door – Dominic opens it and greets her with a passionate kiss. Harry drags a potted plant and runs into Joss with her tushy.

She critiques him and he reminds her he’s not her realtor. He asks her to pay some rent and she says he hasn’t lived there for a year. He says half the house is his and he agrees it doesn’t matter since they’ll be done with it. She says Savi will be home today and he says he has work to do on the house. She reminds him that moving is crazy stressful and that she doesn’t need that now.

Soleil Moon Frye comes for a consultation with Joss and says she knows Harry as the chef. He confesses that his restaurant closed that she’s enthusing over and he excuses himself and leaves. In bed, post-coital, Dominic admits to Savi that he was nervous since they had only had sex one time before and it was on a desk. She doesn’t seem to remember that.

He says he missed her and wished he could have come to see her more often. She says it’s okay and he says everyone at work has been asking about her and she says she’s not sure what she should do and what she wants to do. Dominic says he thought she loved her job and she says the old Savi did, but she’s not sure about new Savi. She asks if that sounds crazy and he says he digs crazy.

Karen talks to a man in the ER and he says he’s a dancer in Zimbabwe – he’s an old white guy. Casey asks her about his invite to dinner and says he knows she’s not working. She says no. She heads to talk to a patient, Anna, and says the nurses saw ligature marks on her neck. Anna says she knows they are there and Karen asks how they got there.

Anna says she and her boyfriend were having rough sex. She asks if it was consensual and Anna says yes. Karen asks if that’s how her wrist was sprained and Anna says it was from that too and she says her BF dropped her off but then had to go to work. Karen marks for her to stay as there are safety concerns.

Lucy comes in from school and sees April staring at a white desk. She tells her it’s boring and says what if it was… then pauses and Lucy asks if she’s having a stroke. April tells her daughter before she was born she used to make things difficult and beautiful, like this desk. Lucy asks who and she says she says she doesn’t know and Mickey was right about her mojo. Lucy tells her she had a good day at school and sat with some new people and talked about Hunger Games.

Soleil tells Joss she’s 40 and on her fourth career and says life is about evolving. Joss says she’s new to party planning and Soleil says her resume is thin but Joss says she has good references. Soleil says it’s a party to launch her scarf line. Joss pulls out her notebook and they start looking.

Harry talks to the realtor and asks her to sell the house as soon as possible for as much as possible. Savi comes in and Vanessa introduces herself. Savi says it’s nice to meet her in person and Vanessa says they got some great pictures. She leaves and Savi apologizes to Harry for not calling first. He says his friend is picking him up and a hot young thing comes in. She tells Savi welcome home after Harry says hi to her with a sexy kiss. Savi is floored.

Harry’s GF blows on his chest to wake him the next morning and he says he wishes she wouldn’t do that. She says she wishes he slept over every night so they could have morning sex every day. He says that would make it less special and she says she can make it more special. He’s a little bored but intrigued so he asks how and she heads down South – he’s pleased with that.

Joss comes in Helmut Lang jacket and booth to April’s shop and she asked if she got the Punky Brewster job. She says they can’t call her that but it looks great. Then Soleil calls and says she liked her but went with someone else. Soleil says she needs a stable of people working for her rather than handing her clients a random giant stack of resumes. Joss hangs up and says – stupid Punky Brewster.

April goes to hug her and Joss says not to get lipstick on the jacket because it has to go back. April says no and that it’s an investment in her future. She says she can wear it to the art show tonight but Joss says she wants to go home and mope but April says no – they are all going. They hug it out.

Savi comes for a haircut – her usual style – and gets a call from Dominic who has to cancel their lunch date. He says his new associate is overwhelmed with a new case. He says he doesn’t want to be the guy who cancels because of work and she says it’s okay. Savi tells her stylist to try something different. She asks what she has in mind.

The girls wait for Savi at the art show. Then Savi shows up dressed to the nine and with a wild new asymmetrical do. Joss says it’s amazeballs. Joss hides from a guy she says she slept with one and a half times. April sees Mickey and they hug and he critiques a pear drawing. April likes a guy she sees – a hot muscly guy. Mickey checks him out and then walks off. The guy tries to work his way to her but is waylaid by someone else in the crowd. She’s disappointed.

Karen and Joss sit at the bar, drinking their woes away. They’ve lost Savi. Joss wonders if she should have stuck with real estate and Karen says it’s her first rejection. She says she’s only gotten jobs from friends. She says she’s almost 30 and practically unemployed and wants to be more than what she is now. Karen advises her to talk to Harry since he’s part of that world. Joss tells Karen she should help people for a living since she’s good at it (HA!).

April comes up and downs a drink and says she’s thirst. Karen says she looks agitated and April says she’s having feelings. Mickey asks if she’s talked to him and they want to know who. Mickey drags her out for a dance he says that will make him come to her. Mickey dances crazy and she laughs and dances along. She dances sexy and unwinds his tie. She asks if the guy is looking but he says he can’t find him. They continue to cut a rug. The guy spots her and stares.

Joss and Karen still can’t find Savi. Karen says she has to go to work and then Joss says new Savi is taking selfies and shows her what her sister sent her. Joss tells April that she has to stay and talk to sexy, smoldering guy. Joss says she has to go pick up Savi at the Standard. Karen says for someone immature, she’s become the den mother of the group. Joss compares herself to wild Angelina Jolie and then Angelina with all the kids and charity work and Karen laughs and says it’s exactly like that. They head out.

April goes to roam the room where sexy guy is. He sidles up beside her and tells her the name of the piece she’s looking at. He introduces himself as Daniel and she says his work is nice. He says wood is a new medium for him and he usually works in paint. She says her too but she’s not currently creating art but buys it for her store and home. She’s awkward and he laughs and invites her to his studio to see if any of it would work for her house or store. He hands his card over and calls it a date. She smiles.

Anna is tying her shoes struggling with her sprained wrist and Karen comes in and says she was held because she ordered the social worker because she was worried. Karen asks if the boyfriend is coming to pick her up. She speaks Korean to her and asks if someone did this to her. She asks Anna if she did this to herself. The girl starts to cry. She hugs Karen and sobs.

Joss and Harry have coffee and a chat as they walk down the street. He gives her the name of a florist he likes and gives her the names of two caterers. He recommends just one – himself. She asks if he’s joking and he says he’s one of the best chefs in the city and they’ve worked together before. He says it will help him until his headhunter finds him a new gig. She says he’s being too picky about jobs.

Joss says they can’t work together and he asks why not. She reminds him that he still hates her sister. He says it’s just business and there don’t need to be personal feelings. She says she can’t take the stress of picking sides and that there is enough stress with a new business. He says it was just an idea and walks off.

Karen comes to talk to Anna who says she’s feeling better. She thanks her for staying and talking and Karen says talking is what will get her through this. She tells Anna that she will like Dr Alexander and Anna flips out. She thought Karen would be her doctor but Karen says she’s not in private practice. Karen says that she has to take on therapy or she can be held against her will. Anna says she tricked her and yells at her to get out.

Savi is meditating on her bed when Joss comes in and tells Joss they can talk because she’s multitasking. She asks Joss if she knew Harry was dating Kiera. She asks Savi if that’s why she’s meditating. Savi says she has shopped, cleaned the garage and picked up the cleaning. She says it’s not working with her not working. Joss tells her to go back to work and Savi says she’s not sure she should still be a lawyer.

Savi says she likes yelling I object and getting a lot of money. Joss gets a text and Savi grabs her phone before she can stop her. It’s a baby photo and she says it was Erin’s and she did her baby shower. She tells Savi she’s sorry and she asks why Joss is sorry. She says she doesn’t know what to say and they never talked about it. Savi says she’s okay and that she’s proud of Joss.

She tells Savi that Harry asked to be her caterer and Savi says she should do it. Joss tells her she’s a good man Charlie Brown. Savi tells her to go so she can get back to pursuing inner peace. Joss goes and Savi looks at the baby pic on the phone again sadly.

Daniel tells April that he’s mostly inspired by things he sees every day. He says he wishes he could master light so he could do photography but says he’s not that gifted. She says he seems very gifted. Daniel says he’s surprised she called because most people don’t do what they say they will. He says he might like to get to know her and April says that sounds like she might like it. He kisses her. It gets hotter and they start dropping clothes.

Joss interviews a mediocre chef. He misuses a phrase and she corrects him and tells him that she’s stuffed and tosses him out politely. She picks up her phone and calls Harry. She asks if he still wants to be her chef. April sands the desk when Lucy comes in. April suits her up with goggles to smash some tile to make a mosaic – she tells her daughter you need to break stuff to make stuff and Lucy asks if she found her mojo.

Karen asks Blakeley how much longer the sessions will go on. He asks if she needs a break and Karen says she needs to work on her issues on her own for a while and he agrees and says he’ll be there when she needs him. She says she decided to go back into private practice because she met someone. She leaves Anna a message offering her a consult.

Savi comes to see Dominic and he’s thrilled to see her at the office. She says she came to get him for dinner and to let Mitchell know she’s ready to come back at least on a part time basis. He says it’s a brilliant idea and wants to wrap her up in his arms and show her. She says that’s what started the trouble. He says they downsized and lost a few offices. She says half the space seems fair for half the work. She’ll be rooming with Tony and he takes her for an introduction. Tony turns around and she is gorgeous – she says to Dominic – hello boss.