Murder in the First Recap 6/9/14: Season 1 Premiere “Pilot”


Murder in the First premieres on TNT tonight with an episode at 9PM EST! “Pilot” is the name of the episode and in the series premiere of this crime drama, two San Francisco detectives (Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson) investigate the murder of a junkie in a case that may be tied to a notable Silicon Valley CEO.

The show is about San Francisco homicide detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan investigate what originally appear to be two unrelated murders. Ultimately, they learn both victims have ties to Silicon Valley prodigy Erich Blunt.

On tonight’s episode when a junkie is murdered in the Tenderloin district, SFPD detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan are shocked to discover the case may be related to the city’s youngest billionaire, tech genius Erich Blunt. But Terry’s ability to focus is troubled as his wife battles stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Just as the inspectors begin closing in on the case, Blunt’s beautiful flight attendant is found dead.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.


Hildy is woken up by her daughter with a call from her dad. She says the rules of divorce say you can’t wake her up. She says he can’t have child support early and tells him it will be Saturday likes always. She hangs up. Her daughter helps cook and then eats her breakfast while her mom gets ready for work. Louise scrambles into her clothes too as Hildy puts on her gun. They head out the door a little late.

Terry sits at the hospital beside the bed of his wife. The doc comes in and asks if they can talk. He asks about the clinical trial but the doc says it’s too late – he tells him her pancreatic cancer is at stage IV and it’s inevitable. He tells Terry she’s putting on a brave face for him. He tells him to take her home and let her do hospice in comfort. Terry gets a call and doesn’t take it. He looks in at his sleeping wife.

The cops work a crime scene as Hildy comes in. It’s a sleazy hotel and Terry is already there. There is a single gunshot wound to the head. Terry sees it as his wife then shakes his head. The guy was shot at close range after midnight. He’s got a fridge full of drugs. They head to talk to a neighbor across the street. She saw someone sneaking in at 2:30 am then run back out. She says it’s young teenagers D-Hop and Franklin that break in to steal copper.

Hildy sees an email sent to Erich Blunt and she asks Terry how he would know him. Terry doesn’t know who Erich is. We see Erich, a CEO, speaking about apps and games. (FYI – it’s Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy playing this part) He talks up the apps and his company at an event.

On an airplane, Erich is told to settle a lawsuit. All of his advisors advise him to pay off the guy. Erich says it’s about a dream not about money. He says the lawsuit accusing him of stealing code is an attack on his integrity. David sits silent and watches this all then pops a peanut after Erich stalks off and asks are we all good?

Erich sits in his bedroom on his private plane and tells the flight attendant that suits don’t get it. She says he’s special and he tucks his head into her shoulder and whispers to her. She says he’s crazy and he says if he wasn’t, he would go insane. He kisses her and she looks uncomfortable then says she has to get back to work.

At the station, Terry tells their boss about Erich and tries to act like he knew. He says the victim sent him a threatening email that implied an existing relationship. They don’t know how he would know the victim. Terry says the drugs were Fentanel lollipops that cancer patients use that had about a $1G street value. Terry says he’ll track down Erich to find out if he knew him. Jim asks how Terry is doing and he insists he’s fine.

Hildy looks at her dating app and Terry teases her about pimping herself out on the internet. He looks at the app and she says she has four possible matches. He sees she looked for tight firm buttocks. She says she has no luck so far. Terry tells her to lower her standards. They head over to Erich’s offices and find Jimmy, a former cop, heading their security.

They go to talk to Erich who ignores them and keeps typing. They ask to step into his office and he indicates the giant open room is his office. They tell him about Kevin Nyers that was killed and that his last email was sent to him. He says he’s way behind on emails and has been out of town at a conference. He says he gets 3,000 emails a day and they ask if he’s blackmailed often he says more often than you’d think and says people see him as a cash register.

Hildy asks how he would get his email address and he says he puts it on his website so anyone can reach him. He says it’s all about transparency. Hildy calls him a man of the people. Terry hands his card to Jimmy and tells the Captain to call them if Erich remembers anything. They head out. Next they go to find the kids that were stealing copper.

Terry calls out for D-Hop and Franklin and two go running. They nab them and tell them they’re headed to jail for killing the guy. Terry says that kids are killed in jail and one of the kids pees his pants. One says they saw a guy – skinny and white like a junkie. They didn’t get a name but say he had a bird inked on his neck. Terry asks if there is anything else and they send the boys off.

Terry gets a text and says he has to drop her off but Hildy tells him to go on. At home, there’s a pile of unopened mail and newspapers. Terry goes in. He finds the nurse Josefina who tells him that Emily is all moved in and settled. He comes to look in on his wife and say the nurse seems nice. She says she’s helping her die, so she hopes she’s nice. Terry says he’s going to take some time off work but Emily says no and tells him to go back to work. He reluctantly agrees.

Back at the station, Terry fiddles with a jammed drawer no his desk and gets increasingly frustrated slamming it around then finally yanks it out and dumps the contents. He stomps off while everyone stares. A couple of guys come over to fix his desk and Hildy goes after him. She finds him in the file room. She tells him they all understand what he’s going through. Terry asks what they understand and says he doesn’t understand.

She tells him to go be with Emily but he says he can’t. He says he can’t go home and watch her die. He says he’s not going to do that and tells her to let him be. He walks out. Back at his desk, Jim asks them about the bird tattoo lead. Nyers has no living relatives but a junkie hooker friend who’s been dead for 22 years. They used to get into trouble together and her parents are still alive.

Terry says the email to Erich is a dead end since he was out of town. Molk stands up and tells everyone he’s doing the master cleanse and says not touch his juice in the fridge. He thanks them for their consideration. Jim tells Navarro to take over the bird tat search, sends Terry and Hildy to Oakland to talk to the dead hooker’s parents and tells Molk to get his juice out of the fridge because it looks like piss. Molk tells his boss it tastes like piss too. Terry laughs.

Terry and Hildy pull up to a ratty house in Oakland. It’s a shady neighborhood with scrawny dogs and suspect looking people. The mom offers them a drink and Terry says they’re there about Sarah. He says they’re late since she died 22 years ago. They tell her parents about Kevin’s death and they ask about enemies. The dad doesn’t like Kevin and the mom says that Kevin killed their daughter by feeding her drugs, turning her out, knocking her up and watching her die.

They show the dad the email and he says he knows Erich. He’s their grandson – Kevin’s son – Sarah’s son. They show the cops the location where Sarah died and tell them they come there every day. Terry notes a car driving past and sees his ailing wife stick her head out the window with a yellow flower behind her ear.

They had back to talk to Erich and Jimmy says it’s a bad time. Terry and Hildy tell him they have more questions and his lawyer David says to call him with questions. Terry says they can talk there or come downtown. Hildy shows Erich a photo of Kevin and he finally admits that he’s seen him. He says that chances are that’s his biological father. He says he was adopted and he went to meet him a couple of months ago for some answers.

Erich says he was just a sperm donor and nothing more. He says he gave him some money and left but that wasn’t enough. He says no one would care that Kevin Nyers was his father. He says he didn’t care and says his mom was a whore and an addict, his dad was a junkie and he’s on the way to his private jet. He says that’s America for you. Hildy asks why he didn’t mention it before.

He says she didn’t ask so she asks if he killed Kevin and he says no. He says they have to go to LA to deal with another jerk trying to blackmail him. Terry asks what this guy wants and he says – my integrity. He says he’ll be back before dinner and heads out. Jeremy tells Erich that his work is a copy of his and Erich says he’s a flea who didn’t bride the uncanny valley. Jeremy he insists he stole his code and says he wants shared credit and profits.

David asks what it will take and Jeremy’s lawyer asks for the moon. David says he can have two million in cash or they can go to court and win. Jeremy says it’s an insult and asks Erich if he really wants a messy trial. He says he claims to be a modern Edison and doesn’t want the world to know he’s a fraud. Erich snaps and says he will leave him with nothing which is what he deserves.

He tells Jeremy that he will kill him in court and when he’s dead and buried his tombstone will read – Jeremy Leonard, Irrelevant. He leaves. David puts on his jacket and asks them if they validate parking. Erich tells David to destroy him in court no matter what it costs. David tells him to offer him 10 and settle for 20. He says if he can’t he’ll find a new lawyer and David says maybe he should.

The same sexy stewardess he was kissing before is pouring wine when the plane moves and she sloshes it on his t-shirt. Erich explodes and calls her an idiot. He says the shirt is worth more than her. He gets ugly with her and she asks him not to do this. She says she’s not his enemy and he says she’s useless. He strips off his shirt, throws it in her face and says she’s fired. She walks away crying.

David stands silent for all of this. She cries up front and the pilot, Bill, sees her and looks concerned. A steward comes up and pats her on the back. Erich pulls on a hoodie and David asks if he feels better. Erich says he does. David asks if he’s sleeping with her and tells him he can’t fire her if he was. He says she knows too much and Erich says she signed an NDA. David says hell hath no fury. He tells Erich he needs to keep his enemies inside his tent pissing out rather than outside your tent pissing in.

Hildy calls out to Louise that they have to go. Her daughter comes out, hops on her back and they head off. Louise asks her if she’ll have to live with her dad if she gets shot at work. Hildy says no one will shoot her and Louise says she doesn’t like being divorced. Hildy says it wasn’t her plan either. They high give as she puts her on the school bus. Back home, Hildy shoves laundry away when she finds a rubber duckie.

At work, they search on that and find him – Chris Walton. They’re outside a free clinic where they see him come out. They head over and the guy sees them coming and bugs out. Terry gives chase and grabs him. They arrest him for being an asshole. At the station, they ask him about Kevin and why he killed him. Chris says he didn’t kill anyone and Terry asks if he knows Erich Blunt and if he paid him to kill Kevin. Chris says the only one that paid him to kill was the Army.

Molk watches the interview when Jim comes in and sends him out. Hildy runs through Chris’ roster of charges – lots of violence and theft. Hildy says they’re going to charge him for the full ride and have two eye witnesses placing him at the tenement at the time of death plus the drug pops he had. Hildy says he’s going down for the rest of his life.

Chris says he wants a lawyer. Hildy says okay and closes the file. Chris asks to smell her and Terry goes nuts and beats the guy down. Jim turns off the camera and pockets the disc recording the interview. Hildy asks Terry what the hell that was. Hildy tells him to go home and be with his wife. She tells him not to come back until he’s under control. He’s crying.

Terry pulls up in front of his house and parks. He comes inside to check on Emily. She tells him they had a good time and calls him Bear. He says she hasn’t called him that in years. She reminds him about his 30th birthday when they were riding roller coasters. She says there was one they rode over and over and he says it was the Inferno. She says it was the first time she ever saw him scared. He says he thought she was going to break up with him but she says that was when she realized she loved him and always would.

Terry tells her that he’s scared. She touches his face and says she’s sorry that she’s leaving him. He cries into her hand. She says he’ll be okay. He wipes his tears and kisses her. He lays his head down on her stomach and she pats his head.

Bill, the pilot, and the male steward try to reach the fired then not fired flight attendant. Bill says he’s going to check by Cindy’s place. Her landlady opens the door and they find her naked and dead. He’s horrified and tells the landlady to call the police. Cindy is at the bottom of the stairs and looks battered. Jim shows up to work the scene. Molk is already there, as is Terry and Hildy. The coroner says it’s inconclusive if she fell or was pushed and says the bruise on her cheek is unrelated.

The says she fell down the stairs. They think it’s strange that she fell naked. Terry gets a call and walks off to take it. Hildy looks at photos and sees one of Cindy with Erich, then several more. She starts to call Terry over but then sees that he is struggling and then collapses down on to the couch crying. He looks over at her.