Nashville Recap – Rayna Sweeps the CMAs: Season 3 Episode 8 “You’re Lookin’ at Country”

Nashville Recap - Rayna Sweeps the CMAs: Season 3 Episode 8 "You're Lookin' at Country"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday November 19, season 3 episode 8 called, “You’re Lookin’ at Country.”  On tonight’s episode, Rayna [Connie Britton] discovers Luke’s [Will Chase] prenuptial-agreement papers before they head to the CMA Awards. Meanwhile, Avery’s [Jonathan Jackson] parents meet Juliette; Deacon [Charles Esten] and Scarlett [Clare Bowen] watch the awards show on TV; and Gunnar and Zoey face a challenge in their relationship.

On the last episode, Rayna’s campaign to raise Highway 65’s sales and profile found her performing her latest single on “Dancing with the Stars.” But when she agreed to be shadowed by a reporter all weekend for the cover of a magazine, just as Luke hoped to rekindle the romance, she realized she may have pushed her public access too far. Juliette struggled to prepare for motherhood alone, and Will and Layla braced themselves for the premiere of their reality show. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “it’s country music’s biggest night of the year at the 48th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville. Up for a total of 11 awards between them, Rayna and Luke’s evening begins with an unfortunate hitch when Rayna stumbles upon Luke’s pre-nuptial agreement documents, causing for some friction between them. Later, Avery’s parents are in town for the show as Avery is nominated for a CMA Award. What should be a lovely reunion takes a turn when Avery introduces them to Juliette. Meanwhile, Gunnar and Zoey’s relationship is tested and Deacon and Scarlett watch the awards from home.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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Rayna and Luke are put into their outfits for the CMAs. He tells her he can’t find his speeches and she asks why more than one. He says he was nominated for five and she tells him she’s nominated for six. She says maybe they’re in his bag and checks there and sees he has a pre-nup there. He says he thought that was a given but tosses them aside and says it’s not the night to talk about them. Juliette says she can’t believe she’s going to the CMAs looking like a hippo in lace. She says she’s meeting Avery’s parents tonight and is worried.

The reporter says J was only nominated for one award and missed last year’s when her mom OD’d. J has a flashback to that day and Emily encourages her. Layla is also down and Will tells her to go get dressed. She says she doesn’t want to go and he reminds her they’re performing live. She’s reading internet comments that are telling her she’s stupid and to kill herself. He tells her that it’s live tonight and no one can edit her. He tells her she’s talented and a good person.

She asks if he thinks his folks will be watching and he says probably night. Micah, Gunnar and Zoey get dressed for the awards and Micah asks about the song he’s nominated for. He says it’s Ball and Chain and Micah asks what that is and if that’s what he is to his mom. Gunnar encourages him and says he can’t believe how great it is to have them in his life and the CMAs. She wants rid of the kid (it’s obvi) but Gunnar is very happy and tells her Micah really likes her.

Deacon comes in from his fishing trip with Maddie and Scarlett asks him to watch the CMAs with her. He says no thinks and asks what she’s been doing. She says she’s been trying to get Terry some gigs. She tells Deacon she won’t cook him dinner because she doesn’t want to miss the show. In the limo, Rayna pushes to talk about the pre-nup. He says his ex that he was married to for six years took him for half of everything. She says she’s not like that and he agrees.

They get out and plaster on bright smiles for the red carpet. A reporter asks them how it feels to be competing. Luke says any trophies they win will go in their house they share and Rayna says her awards will go to Highway 65. The reporter asks Luke if he’ll sign with her label but he says he’s sticking with Edgehill. When they ask about entertainer of the year, he says smugly – let the best man win. Rayna adds – or woman – and greets Sadie then promotes her heavily on camera. They take a selfie.

The reporter then asks Sadie if she has a date but she says she’s been too busy. She gets a text from Peter who asks if she’s going to call him back. Will tells a reporter he’s thrilled they’re performing and then the guy asks Layla if it’s ironic that she came to Nashville to sing and is back on reality TV, she corrects his misuse of the word irony.

Juliette is told she has to wait for a minute because the red carpet is clogged. She has a flashback to her mom locking her in the house. Avery shows up and says he wants her to meet his parents. They’re there and she gets out to meet them. Avery’s mom hugs her warmly and he offers to take her around the madness and they sneak in another entrance. Teddy is there and sees his hooker with another guy. Jeff comes up and says he hopes he’s not thinking of going over there.

Avery and Juliette walk his parents to their seats which aren’t great but J says at least they’re close to the bathroom. His mom says she always had to tinkle then tells Avery that J seems really sweet. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley come out to start the show. Scarlett watches from her couch. Carrie and Brad joke about romance in country music this year. He says they got engaged (like Rayna and Luke) or making TV shows about it (like Will and Layla). They show them on camera.

Scarlett points out Will to Deacon and he asks how well she knows him. She says not too well. Deacon finally sits and tells Scarlett to shut up and eat her party mix. The first award is single of the year. Luke tells her not to let the competition get to them. He and Rayna are both nominated. They swap I love you’s and she says she would never take anything from him. He tells her he didn’t come to lose and the winner announced is Rayna. She kisses him. Scarlett jumps up and down on the couch and tells Deacon he won.

Rayna takes the stage and says she has to thank her wonderful co-writer first and foremost. Luke looks mad that she didn’t thank him first and went straight to Deacon. Rayna then takes album of the year. She thanks Liam and calls him brilliant. Luke is annoyed. A producer tells Layla they changed some of the lines to amp up the comedy. She’s worried. They are introduced as the stars of the hit show as they are called out onto the stage to perform. They do their duet and it goes well.

Zoey tells Gunnar it’s funny that Will is such a sex symbol. The ladies cheer – Gunnar finds this funny. He leaves to take a call from Micah’s grandparents. Luke goes to the bar and loads up on booze and sees Sadie and comes over to talk. He asks how she’s doing and she says her ex texted her and she doesn’t know how he got her number. She says he asked for his cut since she wrote her hit about him. Luke tells her not to let anyone take this night from him. He tells her she deserves it and she thanks him.

Teddy talks to the hooker and she asks why he’s talking to her. She tells him her date is none of his business. The guy comes over and she introduces him as Jay Lansing. She says she doesn’t know the mayor but was telling him she voted for him. Zoey points out a bunch of people to Micah and then Jeff comes over and asks to talk to Zoey. She steps over and he says he heard she’s better than her ex boss Juliette and asks her to send over demos. Gunnar pulls her away and says Kylie’s parents haven’t seen her in months.

He asks where Micah is and she doesn’t know. He’s angry that she wasn’t watching him and then the announcer calls for people to take their seats. Gunnar gets frantic and Zoey tells him not to worry. Rayna asks Luke where he’s been and he asks if he missed her winning another award and says three is enough. She asks if he’s been drinking and he tells her he has – he’s being belligerent.

Deacon gets the pizza from the delivery guy and comes back and Scarlett tells him that Luke hasn’t won anything in case that makes hm feel better. He says it does and sits back down with her to watch. He tells her if Gunnar wins, he better give her a shout out since she’s responsible for his career. Luke and Rayna win for Ball and Chain. They go up and Luke mentions Gunnar then says Rayna is kicking tail. He hogs the microphone.

Deacon says it sounds like Luke is saying Rayna couldn’t have done it without him and Scarlett says he should have let her talk. Avery asks his dad if he’s going to say anything about the baby and his dad turns into a mega jerk and asks if he has any plans or careers. He says the only reason he’s up for an award is because Juliette threw him a bone.

He then insults J’s upbringing and she overhears and has a flashback to her crappy childhood and her mom ditching her again and locking her into the house. J walks away from them and Avery glares at his dad in disgust. Gunnar is running everywhere looking for Micah and tells Zoey to do something. He runs to security and shows him a photo of Micah and asks for his help. The cop calls in an amber alert.

J finds Rayna backstage and they hug. Rayna tells her she looks great and J congratulates her on her 5th award. Rayna tells J she has her fingers crossed for she and Avery on their award. Sadie is called out to perform. Luke watches her sing. Rayna comes to watch her in the wings as well. He notices Rayna then and walks away from her. Deacon and Scarlett watch the performance and she says Sadie makes it look easy and says she’s not built for performing.

She says it’s too lonely up there on stage. Gunnar chews Zoey out for taking with Jeff and turning her back on his son. He marches away from her angrily. Avery comes to talk to Juliette backstage and tells her he’s sorry. He says his dad is a jerk and she can’t take it personally. He says he goes out of his way to make him feel like a failure. J says maybe he’s right and says she’s not mother material. She says she knows about being a mom from her bad mom.

He says if that was true he’d be a judgmental unforgiving jackass like his dad. She goes silent and he realizes that’s exactly who he is. J goes out to hand out the best new artist award. Will and Sadie are both up for it among others. She says it goes to Sadie Stone. Sadie starts crying and can’t believe it. Will is crushed. She takes the stage and thanks her mom for teaching her how to sing and her dad for teaching her about hard work. She also tells Rayna she inspires her as an artist and a person.

Luke tells Rayna he’s hitting the men’s room and walks off. Teddy talks to the hooker and she says she had to tell a lot of lies to get away from her date. He asks if it’s a one-time thing with the guy and she asks if he’s jealous. They kiss. Rayna follows Luke into the bathroom and asks why he’s mad. She asks if it’s the awards or pre-nup. He’s furious and says she made sure to thank Deacon. He tells her the only reason her album went gold was because he proposed to her the day it released.

He tells her she said she’d never take what was his but says that’s what she’s done all night. She leaves mad. Rayna comes onstage to hand out an award for male vocalist of the year. She reads off the nominees while Luke looks at the seat filler that tells him how much she loves his wife. She reads off Luke as the award winner and he heads up to claim his trophy. He says this is one she couldn’t win over me. The audience laughs. Deacon watches.

Luke thanks Rayna and his kids. Scarlett says they look really not happy. Avery’s dad asks if he has a speech in case a miracle happens and he wins. Avery chews him out and tells him his plan is to love his child unconditionally no matter what. He tells them J is going to be a great mom. J sits beside Avery and he tells her they won’t be like their parents. He says they are us and they got them. Will and Layla come out to hand out an award.

They’ve changed the teleprompter to make her sound stupid. She reminds them she deferred Harvard. Avery tells her that her mom wasn’t all bad and protected her in the end and did love her. She says she knows she did and says she’s going to love their daughter. She says she had to look and he’s so excited they’re having a girl. Song of the Year goes to Gunnar but he’s looking for Micah in desperation.

He hears Micah call to him and he runs to his dad and says he’s sorry. He says he had to go to the bathroom and then got lost because the place is so big. Micah says he wants to go home and Gunnar agrees. Zoey watches but Gunnar has no smile for her. The press asks Luke if he’s feeling like Mr Rayna James. He tries to joke it off. Teddy and his hooker dress after they fool around and he asks if he should put it on his tab. She says this one is a freebie.

The last award is Entertainer of the Year. Deacon is hoping like hell Rayna wins it. Rayna wins it and took six of six. Scarlett and Deacon cheer. Luke acts happy but he’s clearly not. She takes the stage for the award and thanks Trisha Yearwood. She says this one is for her girls that will be up there themselves one day. She also mentions Sadie and Juliette and says she’s proud of them and all the female artists.

She also mentions Luke and says she shares it with him and says there’s plenty of sunshine for all of us. She says what’s hers is his. He gives a tight little nod. Gunnar gets Micah to sleep and comes down to talk to Zoey. She shows him his CMA and says Will brought it over. She says it’s her fault he missed his big moment but he says he panicked and blamed her and shouldn’t have. She asks what if Kylie ever comes back. He says it’s fine with him.

Zoey tells him she loves him but wants something different. She says she won’t make him choose. She says she’s choosing for him. At home, Layla watches a rap song about her saying she deferred Harvard. He asks why she’s torturing herself and she says she can’t help it. She says she doesn’t want to be famous like this and he says it’s not up to them and no one gives a damn about the real them. She asks him to hold her and he spoons her and takes her hand.

Juliette and Avery get back to her house and she says it was a hard night but is glad he stuck up for himself. He tells her he should let her get some rest. She says the couch is right there and is comfy. She asks if he can unzip her dress because she can’t reach it. He unzips her and unfastens the hook and caresses her neck. He tells her good night and turns to go.

Scarlett tells Deacon that maybe next year they can go to the CMAs together. Scarlett hers the doorbell and finds Zoey crying at her door. Rayna finds Luke sitting waiting on her and he says he behaved badly and says he was an egotistical jackass. He says she deserves every award she won and another for putting up with him tonight. She says she wants to share all this with him and says it’s not a real competition. She says that’s why the pre-nup bothers her – she wants to feel like they’re in this together.

He says they are this together and tells her he’s insanely proud of her. She tells him he smells like the bottom of a whiskey barrel and tells him to go take a shower. He tells her not to fall asleep. She says lugging all those awards around exhausted her and he says he deserved that. She gets a text from Deacon congratulating her and she looks pleased at that.