Nashville Recap – Two Weddings (Maybe) and a Funeral (Maybe): Season 3 Episode 10 Fall Finale “First to Have a Second Chance”

Nashville Recap - Two Weddings (Maybe) and a Funeral (Maybe): Season 3 Episode 10 Fall Finale "First to Have a Second Chance"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday December 10, season 3 episode 10 Fall Finale called, “First to Have a Second Chance,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Rayna’s [Connie Britton] uncertain about leaving the kids to tour again, and Luke’s [Will Chase] solo parenting choices anger her. Elsewhere, Will’s [Chris Carmack] displeased to see Layla flirting with his boss; Teddy wields his power to locate a recent flame; and Avery gets advice from his mother.

On the last episode, Rayna continued to pull out all stops in self-promotion, this time by agreeing to do a televised Christmas special from her home, for charity, with Luke and the children. When Rayna invited Deacon to join the filming, things get awkward fast – her magazine cover story has reverberations for her personal life. Meantime, it was Nashville’s Winterfest, and Zoey, Gunnar and Avery had an opportunity to perform. With Scarlett’s coaching, Terry (Mykelti Williamson) sings for the crowd and blew them away but cannot handle the limelight. Will and Layla go to Winterfest and each find solace but separately. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “when Luke finally returns home after wrapping up his Moon or Shine Tour just days before he and Rayna tie the knot, Rayna starts to feel conflicted about leaving their kids to go out on the road again, especially after she discovers that Luke has been making parenting decisions without her. Meanwhile, Will invites Layla on tour in an effort to keep her close but when he sees her flirting with his boss at a party, he begins to feel like he’s losing control of their situation. Then, Teddy uses his Mayoral powers to track down a recent flame and Sadie crosses paths with an unexpected ex. Later, after getting some advice from his mom, Avery makes an unexpected decision.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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Luke is onstage singing. Will and Deacon both play backup for him. Deacon and Will both sing as well.  They’re doing ball and chain. Jeff is offstage and smiles when he gets a text from Layla saying she can’t wait to see him tonight. Luke give Deacon and Will props and says it’s the last stop on his tour and next time he’ll have his wife with him. Deacon tells Will he’s glad he’s not on the next leg.

Luke shakes Deacon’s hand and thanks him for coming on tour. Rayna is having a wedding dress fitting with the girls when Tandy shows up. She gives Rayna hug. She sends the girls to bed. Scarlett and Deacon head out and he says he thinks he’s going to stay in Memphis a couple of days and Scarlett offers to stay with him so he doesn’t mope.

Jeff shows Will a story on StudzTown – a blog about him being gay. Jeff says he can’t sue them but can debunk them. He says he needs to nip it in the bud. He tells Will to butch it up and go get drunk with a groupie or something. Rayna complains to her sister that they were having paparazzi issues and says Luke is very traditional. Tandy asks if she’s ready for the big day.

She asks if Deacon is going to pull some last minute stunt but Rayna says he isn’t even talking to her because of the Rolling Stone thing. Avery and Juliette are folding baby clothes and she asks what they should do when the baby arrives. She says he should move in for a little bit and says he can have the guest room. He says that’s okay and she pulls out his old key and gives it to him.

He asks her what they’re going to tell their daughter about us. She says they can say she came from a place of love and her parents became great friends. Tandy looks at Rayna’s platinum album. She says Bucky called and said they want to extend the honeymoon tour. Rayna says she doesn’t want to – she wants one year then back to life. Tandy says she may need to reconsider.

Micah is playing in leaves and asks Gunnar if he can skip school. His Grandparents show up. Gunnar is surprised to see the Brenners. He says they decided to come visit. Gunnar tells Micah to go get his backpack and lunch. Mrs Brenner says she’s grateful that he stepped up and says they’ll reimburse him for anything he bought for Michael. She hands over paperwork saying their his legal guardians.

She says they’re taking Micah back to Texas. Gunnar is in shock. Luke and Rayna are looking over last minute wedding things. He wants her to make room for Tim and Faith at their table instead of the kids. She pulls him aside and says she heard about the tour extension. She says she promised the girls one year and that’s it. Luke says he gets it and he says he wants to do it, but says if she doesn’t, it’s okay.

He tells her to talk to the girls and let him know. Gunnar asks his lawyer how they can give them custody of Micah. The lawyer says Micah is still in Tennessee so that gives him rights. He says he can get them in front of a judge tomorrow. He tells Gunnar to go to a lab and get proof of paternity. He tells him to make nice with the grandparents until tomorrow.

Teddy is with his favorite escort and she says it makes sense if that one time at the CMA was his only freebie. She says she doesn’t want blurred lines and he agrees. She says now that they have that settled and straddles him. Deacon and Scarlett are at the Peabody watching ducks. He says her grandma used to bring them there one night a year.

A guy drops his newspaper with the Rayna/Luke wedding news and Deacon hands it back. The ducks make their walk down and Scarlett has to smile. Pete shows up to Sadie’s studio. He says it’s over with his last GF. He says he wants to talk about her songs and says it sounds like a song they wrote when they were married. She says they’re even. Avery is there and steps in but she says Pete is leaving.

He goes but tells her before he goes that it’s not over. Will comes home and Layla is there. He asks how she’s been and she’s distracted texting with Jeff. He asks if she wants to come on tour and says it’s lonely for him. He says they’re going to Australia. He says they’re friends now but then sees what she’s doing and asks who she’s texting.

He asks if she’s met someone and she says – no one that you know and leaves the room with a little smile. Rayna talks to the girls about Australia and then brings up the tour extension. Maddie and Daphne tell her it’s okay if she extends the tour. They ask about boarding school. She says Colt and Sage go and they really like it. She says they can just fly on their private jet to visit.

Rayna asks if they’d miss home but Maddie says no one is ever home. Rayna is surprised and then the girls says they talked to Luke about it last week and there are two openings. She is upset and says it would have been nice if someone talked to her about it. She says no one is going to boarding school and walks out on her daughters.

Avery and Sadie work and he sings along with her on one song. He stops the recording and says they’re ready to lay down the vocal. He tells her it’s a great song and then Avery asks Sadie about what’s going on with Pete. She says they married at 19, divorced at 25. She asks about J but he doesn’t want to get into it. He says they just disagreed on how she handled something.

He says they’re trying to be friends and she says that’s hard because there’s a reason you broke up. She says that’s her and she’s sure they’ll be fine. Layla and Will go to a club and she asks Will to get her a drink while she goes to say hi to some people. A woman approaches him – she’s a country music blogger. Will sees Layla flirting with Jeff and pulls a face. The woman flatters Will.

Rayna asks Luke if he’s sending her girls to boarding girls. He says it came up randomly last week when he had all the kids out to dinner. She says her girls are talking about private jets and boarding school. Luke says it gives his kids stability and he apologizes for talking about it without her. He tells her let’s enjoy tonight.

Scarlett drags Deacon around Memphis looking for a karaoke joint. She says she’ll sing backup. She says she just needs to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to do it with. He asks about Gunnar and she says there’s a lot of history there. He agrees and says he knows what that’s like. Gunnar is struggling to cook dinner for them all when Micah’s grandma snaps at him and sends him out of the kitchen.

She says you can’t stuff kids full of junk all the time. Will finds Jeff at the party and says he’s been trying to figure out his angle all night but can’t come up with anything. He tells him he knows he’s sleeping with his wife but doesn’t like her so he asks what’s the angle. Jeff says he has it wrong. He says they had a thing once and thought he was doing him a favor.

He says he knows Layla isn’t getting any at home so he decided to give her some and says it’s better than her sleeping with a stranger they can’t control. Will says he was going to bring Layla on the road with him but says she won’t go because she thinks what she and Jeff has is real. Will tells Jeff to say what he has to say to convince her to go with him.

He tells him to do it tonight and walks off. Jeff does not look happy. He totally lied to Will because he’s totally into Layla but doesn’t want to show any vulnerability or admit he cares about something or someone.

Sadie is as Rayna’s rehearsal dinner and says she has a gift for her. She says the saying is – something borrowed, something blue, silver sixpence in her show. She gives Rayna a silver sixpence and says no one ever remembers that part. Luke drags Rayna away to meet some of their other VIP guests. Deacon and Scarlett sing karaoke to a thrilled crowd.

At the party, Will looks at the StudzTown article on him. Layla sits down by Jeff and he says it’s not a good idea. He tells her she’s drunk and she says everyone is. She says he’s the head of her label and she’s a lot younger than him. She says she didn’t expect to like him but did. He tries to give her the brush off and then he tells her to go on the road with him.

She says she thinks he’s doing what Will wants. She says Will doesn’t want her and now he doesn’t. She starts to throw a fit and says she knows this wasn’t all in her head. He gives her a few pills to take the edge off. Will sees this and walks back inside. The blogger follows Will into a room. He says he’s married and she says she’s seen his wife with Jeff and says they have an understanding.

She pulls off her dress and he says no thanks. She says that must mean the gay rumors are true. He grabs her, kisses her and pushes her back onto the bed. At the bar, Deacon sees a news story about Rayna’s wedding that weekend. He gestures to Scarlett that he wants to go and he goes. She catches up and he says he’s not feeling so hot. He tells her to stay and have fun – he’s just going to the hotel.

Micah tells his grandparents about going to the CMAs. Gunnar says Micah is getting all As in school. His grandmother says she knows he’s taking them to family court. She says they know who he is and he asks who she thinks that is. She says he’s a criminal and the first time she saw him, he was in the back of a police car with his brother.

She says he ruined Kiley’s life and he says that’s not fair since he didn’t even know she was pregnant. He says he’s not that confused mixed up kid anymore. She says he’s a single father and he says he’s Micah’s father. They argue and he tells her she can go. Kiley’s dad says they’ll see him in court and they leave. Micah heard all this from the top of the stairs. Poor kid looks so sad.

Daphne and Maddie go up to sing a song for Luke and Rayna. Maddie says she wrote the song with her dad for them. Luke says the girls are really something special. The photographer snaps a pic of the girls singing. Deacon sees a magazine cover with Rayna and Luke on it on his coffee table. He throws his glass and it hits the mini bar. He looks at the liquor bottle.

Layla staggers around the party looking for Will. She finds him in bed with the blogger straddling him. She backs out the door and starts crying. Avery calls his mom and thanks her for the baby stuff. She asks about Juliette and he says it’s hard to be friends. She says he can still have a relationship with his daughter and that’s what matters.

Teddy gets a text from Maddie saying the song went well as his hooker gets out of the shower. She says they should make a more formal arrangement and she offers to be all his for two days a week. He gets a pained look and asks if she’s trying to sell him the girlfriend experience. He says he doesn’t think they should do this anymore. He says his ex is getting remarried and he had no one to call but her.

He says he’s paying her for that and it’s just messed up. Layla sits and cries. She takes out the pulls Jeff gave her and takes a bunch then washes them down with liquor. Micah comes to talk to Gunnar and says he heard them fighting. Gunnar says he’s going to take care of him because they’re a team. He sends Micah up to bed and takes a call. It’s his lawyer.

He tells him that he got the results from the lav and Micah is not his son. He says Kylie told him but Dave says she’s definitely not his and there’s even more. Tandy tells Rayna the girls are wired. Tandy says she missed the girls but couldn’t escape Rayna with Rolling Stones and Dancing with the Stars. Rayna tells her she feels out of touch with her girls completely.

Rayna says she wants to make sure it’s her life she’s living and Tandy says this is just pre-wedding jitters. Scarlett finds Deacon passed out on the floor. She tries to wake him up and asks what he did. She shakes him hard and then cries and goes for the phone. The calls for an ambulance and keeps trying to wake him up but he doesn’t come to.

Rayna looks at her wedding dress and then her giant engagement ring. Then she reads the Rolling Stone article. She looks sad. Avery comes home and J asks what he’s got. He says it’s more boxes from his mom. She asks if he’s okay and he says he’s not. He says he can’t do this. He says he thought they could be friends for the baby but says it doesn’t work.

She asks what he wants to do and he says he wants her to marry him. She’s shocked and he tells her to say yes. He kisses her and she says yes. Pete is on Sadie’s porch and says he’s there to get what’s his. She tells him to get his lawyer then says she’s not a scared little girl any more and to get off her porch. He punches her in the face.

Will asks if Jeff has seen Layla and he says she was looking for him and that he told Will what he asked him to. Will sees Layla floating face down in the pool and screams for Jeff to call 911. He jumps in to fish her out. Jeff dials and looks agonized as he does so. Jeff calls Teddy instead. He says he needs some help handling a problem.

Deacon wakes in the hospital with Scarlett by his side. She tells him he was passed out face down and she couldn’t wake him up. She asks if he was drinking. He says he wasn’t. He says he wasn’t feeling well and took something for his headache. The doctor comes in and says he wasn’t drinking and that his tox screen was clear. She says they have something serious to talk about.

Rayna shows up to the wedding site to talk to Luke. She says she’s been up all night thinking about them and says she’s made a terrible mistake. She says she wants to marry him but can’t. She says she keeps making the same mistakes over and over. She says she can’t do to him what she did to Teddy. He says he’s not Teddy. Then he realizes and says – I’m not Deacon, am I.

She looks away and then says it’s Deacon and it’s not Deacon. She says she loves him but can’t make him a casualty of his life. He’s crying and says it would have been easier if they’d gone through with it and then dissolved it after. He tells her to get the hell off his property and he starts breaking things. She gets back in her car and breaks down, pulling off her engagement ring.

Deacon is upset. He’s got advanced cirrhosis of the liver from years of drinking and may have liver cancer. He says everyone always said drinking would kill him. She says he’s not going to die. He tells Scarlett he doesn’t want anyone to know. He closes the door to his room as someone knocks on their front door. She goes to answer it in tears. It’s Gunnar and he’s also in tears.

She asks what happened. He tells her Micah’s grandparents wanted to take him away and he had to do a paternity test but Micah isn’t his. He says he is related – Micah is Jason’s son not his. His brother cheated with his girl. Scarlett takes his hand and they both cry on each other. Avery and Juliette get quietly married by a judge in chambers. They kiss and smiles at each other. Rayna drives and stops crying. She smiles.