Nashville RECAP 3/26/14: Season 2 Episode 18 “We’ve Got Things to Do”

Nashville RECAP 3/26/14: Season 2 Episode 18 “We’ve Got Things to Do”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down,” and on  tonight’s season 2 episode 18 Rayna’s daughters meet Luke’s teenage son, Juliette finds a way to knock Scarleet down a peg, and will and Layla make an announcement.

On last week’s episode Juliette had a design on how she would like to announce her new deal with Highway 65, however, Rayna had a calculated roll out plan in mind. Juliette’s emotions got the best of her at a label party when she started to feel that she was being upstaged by Rayna’s up-and-coming talent. Will offered Deacon and opportunity of a lifetime though he found the excitement short-lived after noticing Megan’s strange behavior. Teddy was at odds with Maddie when he found out she was fixated with her music, and Will was concerned about his past catching up with him so he made Layla an offer she could not refuse.  Did you watch the last episode before the break?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s episode Rayna plays a mini-set on Luke’s tour, and her girls meet his son, Colt (Keann Johnson), a moody teenager who has a big social media following. Juliette’s growing jealous of Avery’s connection to Scarlett and takes it out on her while they tour together to help raise awareness of Highway 65. Will and Layla make a plan that Gunnar refuses to support, and Teddy forbids Maddie from attending Deacon’s latest concert.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Rayna complains to Bucky that her single is falling because of signing Juliette and Jeff Fordham trying to tank her. They meet with Juliette and Scarlett to chat about the label. Scarlett is going to open for Juliette and she’s worried about the schedule and her album but she and Avery are going to work on the road. J is happy Avery is going with her. Rayna complains and J says she can’t blame the single flopping all on her. Rayna tells her to promote her work and win back fans. J reminds her she put $500k of her on money on it so she doesn’t know how much harder she can work.

Will and Layla come home and show Gunnar her engagement ring. He asks Gunnar to be his best man. G is floored. Jeff calls Will and he tells him the “good” news. Deacon comes home to find Megan waiting on him with a kiss. She tells him she missed him something awful and shows him the cover of a magazine he’s on. She’s happy he’s home and drags him off to bed.

Maddie is on her laptop when Rayna tells her to put it up. The doorbell rings and Maddie complies. Luke comes in and says he is ready to sing with her and greets Maddie. She’s not so happy to see him but Daphne is. They discuss their live stream and Maddie reminds her she doesn’t like social media. Maddie asks to stay home instead of going to Teddy’s, but Rayna shuts her down.

Rayna complains about the teen angst and Luke says his teenager is also being a pain. He shows Rayna his son’s profile with 20,000 followers and asks if he can get Colt and Maddie together and she agrees but says she wants his kid to keep Maddie off his tweets and selfies since she shelters her from social media.

Avery asks Scarlett if she enjoyed the flight and she says she isn’t sure about all the stress of travel and industry events. She’s freaked out and he tells her he won’t be playing in J’s band and will be focusing on producing with her. Teddy comes in and is disappointed that Maddie isn’t with Daphne and the tutor. He demands Daphne tell him where her sister is.

Juliette isn’t happy with the size of the arena. It’s a huge place but they are blocking off a bunch of seats. She asks if she’s going to get a mention of signing with Rayna’s label and they show her a post about it but it’s not good news.

Maddie’s with Deacon for her lesson and she calls him Dad for the first time. He tells her he never expected to be called that. Just then someone comes pounding on the door. It’s Teddy and he’s furious. He sends Maddie to the car and tells Deacon that she’s grounded. Teddy tells him that music is the problem and that Deacon is not her parent and that he will not be seeing her anytime soon while she’s grounded.

Rayna talks to Teddy and he’s furious and tells Rayna that he’s not going to let Maddie go to the concert. She’s not happy that he blocked her from the concert because she wanted him to meet Luke’s son. She tells him that he needs to give in on the concert. He says she can come to the concert but as soon as she’s off the stage, he wants both the girls and no guitar lessons.

Deacon tells Megan that he’s sick of Teddy’s attitude and doesn’t get it. She says that Teddy is threatened by him and Deacon says that he’s put up with a lot but there is a limit to how much he’ll take from Teddy. She tells him to focus on the positive – and he says “screw Teddy.” Yep – she did that…

Juliette takes the stage and sings to an enthusiastic crowd of fans. She plays to the crowd and high fives them. Glenn watches from offstage smiling. She finishes her number and thanks the crowd and tells them she loves them. She runs offstage and Glenn tells her it was one of her best shows. She tells him she’s never worked that hard in her life. She asks if Avery saw the set but Glenn says that he’s writing with Scarlett – she’s not happy.

Jeff meets up with Will and wants to know what’s up with the quickie engagement and calls Layla a one hit wonder. Will says he’s not interested in any other women and Jeff asks why the rush to the altar. Will says it’s love but Jeff isn’t so sure. He wishes them a lifetime of a happiness anyway.

Scarlett and Avery work on a song. She plays keyboard while he strums the guitar and she sings. They finish up and he tells her it’s beautiful. J is at the door and says it is really good. Avery apologizes for missing the set and Glenn tells Avery it was amazing. She apologizes for interrupting and asks if they’ll come to the after party. Avery asks if it’s okay if they keep working and J agrees but stalks away with a pissed off look on her face.

Will comes in and asks Gunnar if he’s going to turn on his new equipment or if it’s just for show. Gunnar tells him he’s the one doing things for a show and tells him he’s going to drag Layla down with him while he’s living a lie. Gunnar tells him he’s gay and needs to live with it. Will throws a bottle down and Gunnar tells him he won’t be his best man and Will says he doesn’t care what he or Jeff think and Gunnar tells him he needs to move out. Will screams at him that it’s the first smart thing he’s said all night.

Rayna comes into the studio to meet Luke with her girls. He introduces Colt to them and he gives them a wassup. Rayna asks him about his DJing. Rayna and Luke go off to work and they leave the kids to their own devices. Colt puts his headphones back on.

Some fans wait for Deacon to get an autograph and Rayna comes up to Megan and tells her seeing that makes her happy. Rayna apologizes to him for what happened with Teddy and says that Teddy is coming for the girls after her set and says he may want to avoid him.

Layla comes crying to Will and tells him her parents said she’s too young to marry him. She says Gunnar is against it too. Will asks her what she wants and then offers to elope with her tonight. She tells him he always knows what to do.

Maddie comes in and tells Colt that he missed Deacon and he says he doesn’t like old dudes. He tells her he only likes stuff like Skrillex and sick beats. She and Daphne do their a capella hand slapping number. He tells them it’s actually kind of dope. He records it and then does a mix of it.

The producer of the live stream explains stuff to Rayna and then Jeff catches up with her. She tells him he turns up like a bad penny. He offers her condolences about her single and she asks him how much it cost him to buy the spot on the charts for Will. Then he makes a bunch more threats and he tells her if she fails this time, she’s done. She walks off and slams the door in his face.

Juliette comes in and Avery asks if she wants to hear the song. Scarlett asks about a new song and J tells her that she can’t play something slow that will bring the crowd down. J tells her they need to rethink the energy. J slaps Scarlett down hard in front of Avery and tells her to bring some spark to the party. Avery goes after her and tells Scarlett he’ll talk to her. Scarlett pulls out the bottle of pills and takes some – guess that’s the spark she’s going to bring.

Avery asks Juliette what the hell her fit was about and why she had to pull a power play. She tells him that she’s trying to resuscitate her career and he’s in a producer bubble. He reassures her but she’s not having it.

Colt shows the girls and their parents his remix of their song and says they have skills. Daphne says they already have 400 hits and Rayna freaks out. Luke tells Colt to take it down and Rayna reminds Maddie of the social media rules but Maddie reminds her

Scarlett talks to the crowd and begins to ramble. Juliette screams out for her to shut up and sing. She tells them that J asked her to make a lot of noise for them but says she’s the kind of artist that likes to whisper. She dedicates her opening song to Juliette. J asks Avery if he knew she was subbing out the lead song and he says he has no idea what Scarlett is thinking. She looks incredible as she sings. Her hair is lit like an angel and she plays and sings beautifully. Juliette is entranced by the song despite herself and the crowd begins to cheer.

Colt catches up with Maddie and tells her that parents are the worst. He says just because his Dad is famous that doesn’t mean he’s cool. She tells him she has a cool Dad of her own – not the one who grounded her. Maddie catches up with Deacon and hugs him. She tells him she saw his set and it was awesome. She says she wants more time with him and Deacon says they should do more than just guitar lessons. Teddy shows up and demands that they go right now. Daphne says she’s not grounded and doesn’t have to go.

Teddy manhandles the girls and Rayna comes to intervene. Maddie tells her htat Teddy is ruining everything. Rayna tells him not to make a scene and says she’ll bring the girls home after the show. He relents but says he’ll wait backstage. Luke watches and says he gets why Deacon is in the middle of it. Luke shows Rayna the Maddie Claiborne page and he is pretty pissed off that Rayna never bothered to tell him that Deacon is her baby daddy that he’s now going to be touring with.

Luke plays to the crowd and then welcomes Will back out onstage. He also brings Deacon back out. He offers to make it a three wheeler and all three of them perform together. The crowd goes wild. Will and Deacon play and they all sing. Jeff tells Gunnar he hasn’t heard this song and it sounds like another hit. Gunnar says he co-wrote it and Jeff says his instincts were right about Gunnar’s talent and Will’s sexuality. He tells Gunnar to confirm for him whether Will is gay. Gunnar tells him that he lives with Will and he’s caught more tail than a rabbit hunter. He totally covered for him!

Rayna finds Maddie and drags her off and tells her not to play games with her. She asks what she’s thinking about the Maddie Claiborne thing. Maddie tells her she wants the world to know that she’s Deacon’s daughter. She says she’s protecting Maddie but Maddie says she just doesn’t want anyone to know she has an illegitimate daughter. Rayna cries and tells her to take it down before things spin out of control. Maddie nods assent and they hug it out.

The number finishes up and Luke calls out his co-performers for extra love and Luke cuts Deacon’s last song and takes the slot for himself. Deacon asks if it was something he said and Luke tells him it was something he didn’t say and points him offstage.

Juliette confronts Scarlett about her onstage antics and she tells J she was just doing what she thought she would. She tells her she has a lot of nerve and says she’s not her and the only reason Avery is producing with her is because she’s letting him. Scarlett sasses her and tells her to go ahead and fire her. J tells her she should be grateful and Scarlett goes nuts and tells her all the things she hates – hecklers, producers, record executives and friends that abandoned her.

She tells J she wants out and to fire her and J tells her it’s not going to happen. Scarlett asks why and J says she’s got “it” – the raw nerves and sensitivity and that they are going to blow this tour up. She tells Scarlett to come to the after party and they’ll talk about it and she won’t take no for an answer.

Teddy catches Megan backstage and she tells him to leave her alone. She tells him to quit punishing Deacon about Maddie. He tells her what happened between them was good. She says it was a terrible awful mistake and Deacon overhears. He throws Teddy against the wall and Teddy sasses him and tells him to do it. Deacon punches the wall instead of Teddy and stomps away. Megan follows him. Hope he didn’t hurt his injured hand…

Will and Layla are at the chapel ready to elope when Gunnar shows up and asks for a quick word with Will. He goes back to talk to him and Gunnar tells him about Jeff asking about the rumors. He asks what Gunnar told him and he says the truth – that he believes that marrying Layla is what he wants more than anything. Will swears he’ll be a good husband and Will goes to stand with them.

Rayna tells Luke she didn’t tell him because she didn’t know the right moment and just wanted to protect Maddie. He tells her that their kids want the world to know them on their own terms and Rayna says that social media makes things dangerous and she doesn’t want Maddie sorting things out in the public eye. Luke asks if she’s worked it out with Deacon. She tells him that when Deacon found out, it made all his old demons resurface. Luke asks if there’s anything between them and she says a daugher and history but says that Luke is her present and she hopes, her future. Luke tells her can get past it but he needs a minute. He tells her she needs to take a pause and get her family sorted.

Scarlett drinks with Juliette and Avery and Avery says they need to call it a night but Scarlett says she’s going to stay. As they walk away J asks Avery if he thinks Scarlett might be high. Avery says she’s never done drugs and J says there is something there that reminds her of her mom. She tells him Scarlett asked her to fire her. J tells him she’s sorry and that she’s terrified about the tour and their relationship and he tells her she needs to trust him and let go of the jealousy. She tells him she trusts him and he has her heart which scares her because he could destroy her. He promises he won’t.

Will comes out of the chapel to the glare of paparazzi and plays it up. Gunnar looks on none too pleased but plays along. Rayna tries to get Deacon on the phone but can’t. She leaves him a message and tells him they need to talk about Maddie. Deacon didn’t take her call because he’s busy throwing his stuff into a suitcase and leaving her. He asks why she’s still there and tells her they’re done. She says she’s worried about him. She begs him not to throw everything away again and tells him to think of Maddie. She holds up the magazine and tells him that’s who he is. He slaps it out of her hand and tells her he’s done being saved.