Nashville RECAP 4/2/14: Season 2 Episode 19 “Crazy”

Nashville RECAP 4/2/14: Season 2 Episode 19 “Crazy”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Crazy.”  On it, Maddie’s news goes viral and stairs a Media frenzy, Rayna goes on GMA to manage it, and Scarlett’s Mother wreaks havoc.

On last week’s episode Rayna plays a mini-set on Luke’s tour, and her girls met his son, Colt (Keann Johnson), a moody teenager who had a big social media following. Juliette’s growing jealous of Avery’s connection to Scarlett and took it out on her while they toured together to help raise awareness of Highway 65. Will and Layla made a plan that Gunnar refused to support, and Teddy forbid Maddie from attending Deacon’s latest concert.

On tonight’s episode Maddie’s news goes viral and stirs a media frenzy including being a “Hot Topic” on “The View,” and the real-life co-hosts of “The View”— Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy guest-star as themselves. Rayna tries to manage the fallout by going on “Good Morning America” and real-life anchor Robin Roberts guest stars as herself. When Juliette faces more empty seats on her tour, she reaches out to Charlie Wentworth (Charlie Bewley) for a favor, and Scarlett’s mother, Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicolson), surprises her daughter in San Francisco, but things do not go well.

Guest starring Judith Hoag as Tandy Hampton, Chaley Rose as Zoey, Ed Amatrudo as Glenn Goodman, David Alford as Bucky Dawes, Will Chase as Luke Wheeler, Charlie Bewley as Charlie Wentworth, Dana Wheeler-Nicolson as Beverly O’Connor, and Lyle Friedrichs as Journalist.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Deacon smashes up his house – looks like he’s looking for booze and not having any luck. He finds a bottle hidden in a pot and stares at it longingly. Luke comes to see Rayna and tells her that he reacted badly to finding out that Deacon is Maddie’s father. He tells her he has a sore spot about Deacon. He tells her that back at the State Fair in 1992, he was a nobody and sat in for Deacon on Rayna’s set. He says that he hoped that she would notice him, but she didn’t and all she could talk about was Deacon.

She says that’s how she was back then and he says he’s just happy they’re together now. Bucky calls Rayna and tells her to turn on The View and they’re talking about Maddie using Deacon’s last name. The ladies show the video of Maddie singing and she’s beautiful and sounds good but they are focused on her last name. Glenn tells Juliette that the tabloid has new fodder and J says she’d rather they talk about her than Maddie since she’s just a kid.

J whines that her shows aren’t selling enough because the country stations aren’t playing her. Glenn tells her that Charlie is in Chicago and she could probably get some help from him. Avery comes to kiss her and tells her that he is recording with Scarlett all day but will see her tonight. She watches him go and then looks at the news story about Charlie again.

Gunnar comes in with breakfast for him and Zoe and looks at her new headshots. She asks if it’s too slutty and he says there is no such thing. Zoe gives him an envelope that was messengered over and he tells her it’s his royalties – it’s a check for more than $400k. They are over the moon.

Scarlett is running late and in a panic but her mom is at the door. She has a suitcase and tells Scarlett that she quit her job and came to be with her. She brought her a snowglobe from the airport. Then Avery is at the door and she lets him in. He’s surprised to see Beverly there and she asks when they got back together. They explain that they’re not, but they are producing together. Beverly grabs her purse and says she’ll come to the studio with them.

Outside the girls’ school, the paparazzi is going nuts and Rayna and Teddy are trying to shield the girlst the best they can. Rayna freaks out and yells at them to stay away from her daughter. Maddie cries and tells Teddy and Rayna that she took the video down but Teddy tries to blame Luke’s son for having the link up but he says his son took it down. Tandy shows up and takes Daphne upstairs and Maddie, Bucky, Luke and Teddy try to figure out damage control.

Rayna agrees to hold a press conference and says they need to present a united front with Deacon but he’s not taking anyone’s calls. Luke and Rayna head out to find him. Gunnar wants to take Zoe to dinner in Paris to blow his check and she tries to get him to slow his roll. She tells him she’s going to hold onto the check for 48 hours until he calms down. She tells him she has meetings to focus on and that the agencies laugh at her about her homemade church tape she’s using to audition. He tells her he knows how they can celebrate.

Luke and Rayna pull up outside Deacon’s and the media is everywhere. Rayna worries that Deacon may be off the wagon. He asks where Deacon would be if he’s on a bender and she asks to go alone but he tells her no and they head off to look for her errant baby daddy.

Beverly comes to the studio with Avery and Scarlett and she asks them to play her something. Avery makes excuses. Juliette comes in and Beverly hugs her and acts overly familiar and creepy. She tells J they’re practically family and creeps J out. Avery leaves to talk to Juliette privately. Beverly tells Scarlett that it’s unbelievable all the success she’s having.

J asks Avery what he thinks about Glenn’s idea to ask Charlie for help. She says she broke it off with him on good terms but doesn’t want to make Avery uncomfortable. He says it’s a smart idea because Charlie could help and kisses her and tells her to make the call. J doesn’t seem to like that he’s not jealous.

Rayna and Luke find Deacon’s truck outside his old cabin and also the empty bottle of whiskey. The place is kind of trashed. They come in and he comes out getting dressed and asks her what the hell. He tells her he poured it out and she asks why he trashed the place. He tells her and Luke to get out but Rayna asks to talk to him alone. He walks outside. Deacon asks how she can bring him up there and then asks why she’s there.

Rayna tells him he can’t run away when things get hard and he tells her that his issues with Megan are none of her business. Then they realize they are upset about two different things. She tells him the whole world knows about their daughter.
[10:39:19 PM] Rachel Rowan: Rayna tells him about the Maddie Claybourne thing and he’s surprised. Rayna says their daughter was mad at Teddy when she posted it. Rayna tells him the two of them and Teddy need to present a united front and he tells her no way is he standing by Teddy. She tells him about the reporters and that they need to control the conversation. She demands to know why and he tells her that she can ask Teddy the hero why he won’t do it. Rayna tells him to think about Maddie and he says she’s all he thinks about but he can’t be in a room with Teddy or he’ll kill him. She asks why and he tells her to ask Teddy.

Scarlett tells Avery that she hates that her mother is playing like everything between them is great. Avery doesn’t like the way she treats Scarlett and she defends her mother and says she can’t help the way she is because of the way her Mom grew up. Avery isn’t so sympathetic.

Gunnar takes Zoe to the studio to get a professional demo cut. She laughs and tells him she should have let him splurge on the motorcycle. He gets a call from Mark at the Mercy Lounge and asks him to play a set. He specifies that he meant the band, not Gunnar as a solo act. Gunnar says they broke up and Mark tells him no to his solo appearance but to let him know if the band gets back together. He watches Zoe sing and is upset about the diss.

Charlie and Juliette meet and they flirt. He tells her it’s not fair what happened to her career and she asks him to help her. He agrees and then kisses her. He says he can’t believe that she called. She tells him she’s seeing someone and he asks if it’s the roadie. She defends Avery and says that she loves him. She asks Charlie not to hold it against her that she’s moved on. He promises to help her and she tells him it was good to see him again and she leaves. He doesn’t look happy.

Rayna chews Teddy out about not keeping it in his pants yet again. He tells her that Megan was there for him when he needed it and she accuses him of sleeping with Megan to punish Teddy for Deacon being Maddie’s dad. He blows up and says he is Maddie’s dad and will never lose Maddie to Deacon.

Scarlett comes in and Beverly asks her if she knew about Deacon’s love child. Beverly is furious that Scarlett knew and didn’t tell her. Scarlett says it wasn’t her secret to tell. Beverly pinches her arm hard and screams at Scarlett. She calls Scarlett names and tells her she makes her sick and tells her to shut up and then slams out the door. Scarlett is in tears.

J and Avery soak in a bath and she tells him that Charlie agreed to help. She tells him that Charlie tried to kiss her and he says he figured he would. He tells her it’s Charlie Wentworth after all. She stares at him and then kisses him.

An agent listens to Zoe’s demo and looks at her headshot. She recommends that she try a different market – LA – to get a backup gig. She says she can hook her up with some contacts out there and tells Zoe she needs to ask herself how much she really wants it.

Scarlett is called to the stage and the girl tells her that her mom is awesome and says she’s been jamming with her band for an hour. Scarlett takes one of her pills and heads out to deal with her mom who’s singing on the stage and having fun performing for the roadies. Scarlett watches from offstage then comes out clapping. Beverly tells Scarlett she just wanted to show her how it’s done. Scarlett says she’s got a song for her mother. She plays her anti-mother song and glares at her while she sings black roses.

Her mother looks very pissed off as the song progresses but she stands there and takes it. Scarlett sings more angrily as the song goes on. Towards the end, she’s practically telling at her. Now her mom looks stricken. Her mom starts to cry as Scarlett ramps up at the end of the song. She walks offstage and Beverly asks if that’s what she thinks of her.

Scarlett tells her she knows what she’s done to her her whole life. Beverly slams her against the wall and tells her she gave up her dreams for her. Scarlett has flashbacks to her mother’s abuse as a child. She screams at Scarlett and tells her everything she has now is because of her sacrifices. Scarlett cries and cries as her mother stomps out.

[11:01:11 PM] Rachel Rowan: Daphne lays in bed upset when Maddie comes in and asks to play guitar. Daphne says she doesn’t want to sing with her anymore and asks why she changed her last name. Maddie tells her it was a mistake she wishes she could take back. She says she was just mad and asks Daphne to forgive her and sing with her. Maddie sings their favorite song and tries to pull her out of her bad mood but it doesn’t work. Maddie starts to walk away but then Daphne starts singing and they finish the song.

Luke and Rayna talk about the crisis and Rayna says she just wants to have this done. She asks him to go see if he can find Teddy. Tandy tells her it’s going to be okay and Rayna asks her what if she had told Deacon the truth back in the day. She wonders if Deacon would have sobered up for the sake of their child. She tells Tandy that this life isn’t so great and that she and Teddy are divorced and Maddie’s life has blown up.

Zoe tells Gunnar that she needs to go to LA and he tells her to stay in Nashville and let him support her while she pursues music full time there. She says she doesn’t need a sugar daddy and he tells her that doesn’t sound very nice. She tells him she left home to stand on her own two feet and he says he just wants her dreams to come true. She tells him he should spend his money on pursuing his dreams.

Avery isn’t happy to see Charlie backstage at J’s show. Avery tells him that J deserves to be treated better than Charlie treated her and he tells Avery that J is out of his league. Avery tells Charlie that J can’t be bought and he needs to move on. Scarlett comes to talk to Juliette and she tells her she feels stupid but she wants tonight off.

J tells her it’s not Dairy Queen and she just can’t have the shift off. She begs her not to make her go out there tonight. J tells her that she completely understands mama issues and that Scarlett just needs to pull it together and go out there and give a good show. She tells her there is a lot of important people out there tonight. Scarlett goes crying into her dressing room and pours a huge glass of liquor.

Teddy and Rayna are ready for their segment on Good Morning America when Deacon shows up. Rayna asks for a moment and tells him she didn’t think he was coming. He asks what she wants him to say and she says the truth. He asks if she’s sure and she says she is and he agrees. Rayna takes a seat between the two men and they count down to the live broadcast.

Robin Roberts welcomes them and asks Rayna if she did date Deacon back in the day. She says that’s true and that he’s been an important part of her life. Deacon interrupts and says that he’s Maddie’s father and that Rayna tried to sober him up, but he was an alcoholic who wasn’t ready to be a father. Rayna says she told Teddy about Maddie from the start.

Robin asks if Deacon has a relationship with Maddie and he says that Teddy and Rayna have done a great job raising her and she’s the joy of his life. Robin asks if Maddie will be the next Taylor Swift and they says no way. The interview is over and Deacon leaves. Luke didn’t like it but says it diffused the story. He tells Rayna he’s going home and heads out. He’s accosted by press on the way out and gets in his car mad and tells his driver to take him to the airport.

Backstage, Avery realizes Scarlett is drunk and she slaps at him and tells him to leave her alone. Avery tells a roadie to find Juliette right away. Rayna finds Deacon at his lake house and thanks him. He tells her she was right and that they needed to do it. He asks how Maddie is doing and she says fine. Deacon tells Rayna she should have told him about Maddie from the start. He asks why she never told him at any point in the past once he was sober.

He asks why she cheated him out of the time being her daddy. Rayna says she always made sure he was in Maddie’s life. He says he never got to hold her or watch her sleep or hang onto his leg like a little girl. He says if Maddie hadn’t found out that Rayna would still be lying to his face but she says he doesn’t know that. Rayna tells him she’s done what she had to for Maddie.

She reminds him she wanted to be his wife and raise her with him but he couldn’t provide. Rayna says she cried herself to sleep for a year but then there was no good time to tell him. She reminds him that when she did tell him, he got drunk and she almost died at his hands. She tells him that as much as he resents her, she resents him for putting her in that position.

Charlie flirts with Scarlett and Avery pulls her away. J comes up and asks what’s going on and he tries to stop her from going onstage. J asks why he cares so much about Charlie talking to Scarlett when he didn’t even care that Charlie had kissed her. He tells her that he thought she said that Charlie tried to kiss her – not that he did. Scarlett goes out on stage and has a complete and utter breakdown while everyone films it on their smart phones. She collapses up under the piano and Avery rushes out to try and get her. J slaps her hands to her face and says “oh my God.”