NCIS RECAP 5/13/14: Season 11 Finale “Honor Thy Father”

NCIS RECAP 5/13/14: Season 11 Finale “Honor Thy Father”

Tonight NCIS returns to CBS with the 11th season finale episode called, “Honor Thy Father.” On tonight’s episode Season 11 ends with the NCIS team investigating a fire on a Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists. The probe focuses on whether the blaze was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs visits his childhood home following news of his father’s passing.

On last week’s episode after discovering the Secretary of the Navy was bugged during a confidential briefing, NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, who predicted the security breach in exact detail two years ago, partnered with the NCIS team on the case, on a rebroadcast of NCIS, on a special night and time.

On tonight’s episode The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs travels to his childhood home following news of his father’s passing, on the 11th season finale of NCIS.

Tonight’s Season 11 finale looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s NCIS at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 11 of NCIS so far?

RECAP: Tim is within a mixer under cover trying to catch a burglar named Wayne; his nickname is the “Snail”. Tim notices the Snail heading towards the back of the mixer, Anthony who’s in a van speaking to him via ear piece tells him to approach with caution. Tim follows the Snail into a room and points his gun at him; snail is holding a wad of cash. Snail throws the money at Tim and runs, Tim chases after him; but he’s far too fast for a man nicknamed snail. Leroy ends up catching the snail by intercepting him and helping Tim.

Leroy asks how Tim did during the Snail case, Tim tells him it went well; Leroy shows up and sits in his cubicle. Leroy is asked to go into Leon’s office to speak with him, Leroy goes to his office and asks what’s going on. Turns out an employee of Leroy’s father called to tell him his father had a stroke, Leroy’s father ended up dying.

Abby is talking to the team telling them about what they need to get for Leroy, she talks to them about her grandmother dying and how she talked about her a lot to help with the grieving. They all talk about the great moments of Leroy’s father. Anthony, Time and Ellie are asked to go with Leon; they speak to a captain named Arnold about a prison break. The Brotherhood of Doubt tried to release its members, but it seems that it couldn’t be them because they were financially ruined. Tim asks for the stats on the escapers, Anthony walks outside and was about to call Leroy. Leon tells Anthony not to call Leroy because he needs time; Anthony believes that Leroy would want to come to work. Leon makes it clear to Anthony that he should have no contact with Leroy. Leroy walks into a store and notices a cane hanging on a chair, this place has a ton of memories Leroy can recall; this is the story his father owned. Ellie asks Anthony if they can’t contact Leroy at all, Anthony says they can but they can’t talk about their current mission. Edwin Smith is the first prisoner from the Niagara who escaped, Lateef is another man who escaped and is highly skilled at changing his appearance. Abby walks in and tells Tim that she sent him something, Abby then shows them on the monitor they were using to brief them on their mission what she found out. After listening and seeing what Abby found out, Ellie, Anthony and Tim go out and end up finding Edwin’s dead body in a boat.

Now another group of NCIS appear, the doctor with his assistant arrives to take a look at the dead body. Anthony tells his team that they need to move since Lateef is still on the move. The doctor finds that there are shrapnel pieces in Edwin along with thumb marks on his throat meaning that he was strangled. It seems that Lateef strangled Edwin. Leroy calls Anthony, Anthony decides to hang up instead; everyone is shocked by this decision because no one has ever done that before. Leroy opens up a garage door and enters it, this place is a has a beaten up pick up along with several tools on shelves. Leroy finds a box on one of the shelves; he is given a flashback of when his father used to work in that garage and the time when his mother and father had a fight. This was the time Leroy was taught by his father how to use tools, Cal a man who worked at Leroy’s father’s store comes in and introduces him. Cal tells him that he was there when the stroke happened, he tells Leroy that he wishes he could have done more; Leroy told him he couldn’t. Cal gives the keys to the store to Leroy, Cal mentions how his life was saved by Leroy’s father. Leroy asks if Cal is busy, he says that he could use help to get the store ready to sell. Ellie, Anthony and Tim talk to the captain about what they’ve found out. Now the three of them are in Abby’s lab, she tells them that she found hairs that prove that Lateef has already changed his look already. He’s shaved his beard and hair, along with bleaching his eyebrows. They find out that Lateef went to the Green Star, the bar where Tim and the rest caught the Snail at. They decide to interrogate Snail again; they ask him his real motive being at that bar. Anthony talks to Snail making him to tell the truth, turns out that Snail wasn’t robbing the place; he was grabbing money to pay for things on his end. A guy was supposed to pick up guns in the safe; he tells him that the job was given to him by a man in prison named Rivera. Rivera was someone who tried to kill Leroy at one point. Leroy and Cal are preparing the shop to be sold; Anthony calls Leroy to update Leroy about what’s going on.

Anthony is not in prison, he’s going to interrogate Rivera. Rivera talks about having the most beautiful ceremony for his sister; he then asks what Anthony wants. Anthony mentions the Snail, Rivera says that he was at the prison for a bit and then left. Rivera tells Anthony that he didn’t have much interaction with the Snail before he left; Anthony is about to leave until Rivera says that Leroy is a coward and murdered his father in cold blood. Tim asks Anthony what happened, turns out that Tim found out that Snail was a second cousin of Rivera. They find the woman which Snail described talking to; Leroy walks into Leon’s office and says that he deserved to know about the current mission. Leon is worried that Leroy’s head isn’t in the right place; Leon mentions the time Leroy made him take time off when Jackie died. Leon tells Leroy that he is on administrative leave until further notice; Leroy says that the job is all he has. Tim and Ellie meet with the Spanish woman Snail described, she talks about how she met Rivera a while ago; she admits that she does jobs for him in order to make a living for her and her daughter. She tells them that Rivera has a network on the outside, and it’s the cartel. When Rivera’s father was killed, he hired the men who ever escaped from the prison to hunt down and kill Leroy. Leroy is back in his home he finds that the water supply to his house is loose and spraying water everywhere; he goes to fix it but notices something. Leroy’s house completely loses power, Lateef walks into the house and into the basement where Leroy is. Lateef walks in to kill Leroy, but Leroy was a step ahead of him and shoots, killing him.

Ellie is taking photos of Lateef’s dead body; the doctor and his assistant arrive again to; to check the body. The doctor says that he hopes this is the last time he comes into Leroy’s basement.  There were acid burns on the tips of his fingers, Leroy has flashbacks of his father once again about the things he could make right in life. The doctor tells Leroy to go back to Stillwater, Leroy says that he needs to do something first. Leroy walks into prison to speak with River, Leroy heard that Rivera was asking for him and he came. Leroy mentions Rivera’s girlfriend and about what she needs, they show Rivera a note written by his girlfriend and how she gave him up. Leroy says he doesn’t need a confession from Rivera. Rivera tells Leroy how killing his father made him the man he is today, Leroy said he chose for the life he has. Rivera says he chooses to live every day to see that Leroy is dead; Rivera says he has revived the Devil’s man and that they’ll get him. Leroy shows Rivera the picture of Lateef’s dead body, Rivera tells the guard that they’re done here and is noticeably angry. Abby runs looking for Leroy, turns out that the man Leroy killed wasn’t Lateef and that he is still alive and hunting for Leroy. Leroy is in his garage fixing the pickup, he hears the garage door opens; he asks if it’s Cal. It isn’t, it turns out to be Lateef, now Leroy is fighting one on one to the death with Lateef. In the end Leroy ends up beating Lateef in the fight. Its morning now and Leroy is sweeping the shop, Cal arrives and he tells Cal to take the store. Leroy says that it’s what his father would have wanted; Cal really appreciates Leroy giving him the store and promises to work hard. Leroy and his fellow co-workers are now at his father’s funeral. After the funeral Leroy is at home having a drink and looking through an old box. The box brings back a memories of when he was a child, when he made a gift for his mother along with his father. He then remembers a time when they were all together, and they were sailing the boat in the water. Leroy looks at the wooden boat he created, takes it out of the box and places it on his work bench. Leroy takes out paper along with a geometry set and rulers.

  • janie

    This is one of the best shows on TV. I think this episode is such a sweet tribute to Ralph Waite. He was such a fine man, may he rest in peace. I love all the people involved… great cast.

  • Donnmaria Tucker Killinger

    When I heard Ralph Waite had passed away, I wondered if NCIS would include a tribute to him as Gibbs’ father on the show. Mr. Waits I am so glad Mr. Waite’s death will be incorporated into the finale. It is a wonderful tribute to him as an actor and as a father – on the Waltons and as Jackson Gibbs.
    Thank you for realizing how important Mr. Waite was to the story line and the show”s viewers.

    I always enjoyed listening to Mr. Waite speak. His voice was recognizable and to me, soothing.

    God bless Mr. Waite and not only his real family but also his TV families.

    NCIS has been my favorite show since the very first show.

  • Carol

    Was such a great show. It’s broken.