Neil Patrick Harris’ Margarita-fueled Adventures in Mexico! (PHOTOS)

Neil Patrick Harris' Margarita-fueled Adventures in Mexico! (PHOTOS)

Funny guy Neil Patrick Harris always knows how to put on a good show, even while he’s on vacation! The How I met your Mother star flew down to the sunny lands of Mexico to spend some time with friends and family and, on the last day, he decided to document his margarita binge on Instagram. The result? A hilarious montage of pictures that says what we’ve always known to be true: NPH likes to have himself some fun.

“Last day of our Mexico adventure. Let’s see just how many margaritas I can drink. Cheers!” he says alongside the first posted pic. As the day goes on, he manages to document margarita #4, saying, “Margarita #4: Feeling great. Can’t find my book…” He continues: “Margarita #7: Yummy yum yum! Man, what’s in these things?!? Margarita #12: I’s the life of the party!! Everybodyone is LOVING me!! Margarita #17: Maaaybeee shud take break I shud maybeee. #ifoundahat. Margarita #19: ……hic!…… Margarita #W: I swinnin laps.” The last photo show NPH face down on a beach, with his head in the sand. “Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout.”

I’m sure he didn’t consume that many margaritas in a day, especially since his kids were there, but what a funny dude. Take a look at his pictures below and let us know what you think of NPH’s epic margarita adventure and his slurred Instagram captions. Hey, if you’re going to go on vacay, you might as well do it right!

Image credits to Instagram

  • A Shiny O’Connor

    He’s a BAD daddy. I mean bad in the street way, good.