Neil Young, Pegi Young Divorce: Couple Separates After 36 Years Of Marriage!

Neil Young, Pegi Young Divorce: Couple Separates After 36 Years Of Marriage!

Neil Young and Pegi Young are getting divorced after 36 years of marriage. One has to wonder though – after reaching 36 years together, why even bother with divorce? Page Six reports that Neil filed for the divorce on July 29th, and a hearing is set for December 12th. Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound very amicable, does it?

The couple has two grown children, Ben and Amber Jean, and live pretty quietly in La Honda, California. There hasn’t been much drama or gossip surrounding a possible divorce, so this does come as a surprise. And from all indications, it sounds like Neil and Pegi ended things on contentious terms. Could Neil have cheated on his wife? Or vice versa?

Neil and Pegi married in 1977, and she stood by him through thick and thin. She also sang backup vocals for him, in addition to releasing three successful albums of her own. Plus, Pegi reportedly inspired quite a few of Neil’s songs, including Such A Woman and Once An Angel.

With all that in mind, it’s curious that Neil would file for divorce now, especially as he’s been busy working. The couple won’t have to deal with custody issues, since their kids are already grown up. However, if the divorce really is contentious, then we can probably expect some financial arguments during the court hearing in December. Nobody has said whether Neil and Pegi had a pre-nup, but if they didn’t, it’s possible that Pegi could walk away with half of Neil’s fortune. Even if she cheated on him, without a pre-nup, she’s guaranteed half his money – after all, they were married 36 years.

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