Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Split: Divorce Looms as Couple Fight Over Keith’s Upcoming Tour

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Split: Divorce Looms as Couple Fight Over Keith's Upcoming Tour

Keith Urban certainly gets extra brownie points for trying to make his marriage to Nicole Kidman work – but to no avail. After spending 2 days a week in Los Angeles to film American Idol the popular judge then hops onto a plane for a 14-hour flight to Sydney, Australia where his wife, Nicole Kidman and their two daughters live. It seems that the two have spent some pretty extensive time apart recently and when they have been together the fighting has been pretty epic.

According to the April 28th print edition of Star magazine Nicole does not appreciate her husbands’ flirting with various women. She’s also furious because she expected for them to spent the rest of the year together after AI wraps up in May. She cleared her schedule while Keith instead extended his tour. That led to accusations that in spite of saying that his family comes first, his actions have indicated otherwise. Keith still intends to tour but he is hoping that these trips home will help to smooth things over with Nicole.

Sources wonder how long they’ll keep the marriage intact because it’s not like they were the best match from the start. They are complete opposites and while opposites do attract these two seem to have very little in common. Do you think that Nicole and Keith will keep their marriage together for the long haul or are they already teetering on the edge of a split? Is that seven year itch wrecking havoc on these two? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Split: Divorce Looms as Couple Fight Over Keith's Upcoming Tour

Image Credit: Star Magazine and FameFlynet

  • Joy_67

    What STUPID TRASH! Nicole is FILMING a movie in Australia, NOT “living” there! Keith ALWAYS flies to wherever she’s filming, and Nicole often travels on Keith’s Tour Bus WITH him when he tours, taking their daughters along, too. He only tours 2 to 3 days a week, and he ALWAYS flies back to his family. If you wrote about their REAL LIFE, you might actually be credible. This story is filled with LIES, SLANDER, and LIBELOUS CRAP!

  • melissa

    I don’t believe this garbage 4 one minute they live in Nashville Tn she’s in Australia 4 a movie and her family lives their good greif leave this nice couple alone go back reporting on the kartrashians they love 2 be in the trash magazine’s

  • Cd

    I live in Nashville and see them from time to time out in public. If they’re splitting you would never know. Selling magazines and advertising, well that’s another story.

  • Keith urban fan

    This is garbage. They live in Nashville! I’m praying for them. This reporting is slanderous. How awful for them Have to deal with the media.

  • Cindy Pringle

    I love Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and they is gossip rumors will not interfare. There too strong and itTerry at paparazzi will not get to them

  • Simmone_01

    What Garbage…. They were happily strolling the markets at Burrawang NSW Australia over the Easter long week end!
    What is wrong with you !!!! Your life must be crap to be constantly making up shit about others!

  • H

    Fake couple.

  • helen

    JL should be away from Keith -she should know he is a married man with 2 beautiful daughters

    JL should come to American Idol, its better to have Mariah Carey on the show.

  • Dee

    My favorite entertainment couple., Nicole and Keith. I wouldn’t miss American Idol love that show. I think there are times that Keith would love to give J Lo a hug out of friendship but I see him kind of freeze. I always wonder if he is afraid he will get in trouble with Nicole or he is worried about gossip starting.

  • a huge Keith fan

    She is not good enough for Keith!

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  • Sasha La Bassa

    Keith is married so why does he insist upon calling Idol contestents “Baby” and saying “I love your singing.” Keith should love only Nicole. I would be so mad if I were Nicole. Also looks like Keith got cheek, chin and jowel implants to look more American. He is a small fellow so image is everything.

    • KeithUrbanFan

      He calls people that bc in Australia they say things different they we do and call people different they we do so do people that live in Texas, they mean one thing there then they do here and he means no harm in it.