Once Upon A Time Recap – “Family Business” Snow Queen’s Plot Thickens: Season 4 Episode 6

Once Upon A Time Recap - “Family Business” Snow Queen's Plot Thickens: Season 4 Episode 6

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday November 2, season 4 episode 6, called, “Family Business.” On tonight’s episode, the Snow Queen is hunted by the folks of Storybrooke, who want to uncover her true motives, and Belle [Emilie de Ravin] tries to use the dagger in this quest. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle asks the Grand Pabbie to help her learn about her mother’s fate.

On the last episode, Regina reluctantly teamed up with Emma to search for the Snow Queen after Sidney, who was once again Regina’s prisoner in the mirror, discovered her whereabouts and agreed to lead her to the location. With Belle babysitting baby Neal, a nervous Mary Margaret and David prepared for their first date night away from their child and found themselves on a mission to track down Will Scarlet, who had escaped from the town jail, and Elsa saw Anna in the Storybrooke woods. Meanwhile, back in the past, young Emma found herself a kindred. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the race is on to track down the elusive Snow Queen, who was once a foster mother to a young Emma – whose memories of this event have been erased – in order to discover what her ultimate end game is for Elsa and the residents of Storybrooke, and unaware that she does not possess the real blade that controls The Dark One, Belle attempts to use it to get her reluctant husband to show her where the Snow Queen is hiding. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle travels to Arendelle and, with Anna’s help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain her lost memories in order to discover the fate of her mother.

Tonight’s season 4 episode 6 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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In the Enchanted Forest, a woman is packing up books and her soldiers tell her the wall has fallen. She calls for her daughter – it’s Belle – she had to get her favorite book. Her mother tells her they must flee but it’s too late. She tells Belle they will have to hide until the monsters pass. They hide under a table clinging to each other when giant bare feet plow into the room and stomp through.

She shushes Belle and tells her it will be all right but then the table is pulled off then and the monster is there, all sharp teeth and anger. Belle wakes from her nightmare and asks her father what has happened. She doesn’t remember. He shows her the coffin and she cries in horror. Over the opening title, we see an ice cream truck.

Belle comes in looking for Gold at the shop and says Emma needs to see then right away. Emma shows Regina, her parents, Gold, Belle, Hook and Henry the tape. They ask if Gold knows how Sarah got into Storybrooke and what she wants from Emma. David says they have torn apart her house and shop but can’t find her. Henry suggests looking for her ice cream truck. They didn’t even know she had one.

They split up to search except for Belle and Elsa who head to the library to research the problem. Back in the EF, we see Belle’s dad come to talk to her. She’s distraught because she can’t remember what happened to her mother. He says she won’t find answers in a book and she says there are creatures that can restore memories. He says magic comes at a price and he can’t lose her too. He forbids her to leave.

He stomps out. Belle looks at a map and says she needs answers and Arendelle has them. She says a silent sorry to her father. At the library, Belle and Elsa look for books and Elsa asks if there are any books on Arendelle. Belle lies and says she knows nothing about the place or her sister. Back in time, in Arendelle, Anna shows back up to home and Elsa asks what she found out about their parents.

Anna lies and says she found nothing. She wonders why Elsa isn’t making snowflakes and she tells her sister she’s learning to get her magic under control. Sarah is there and Elsa introduces her as their aunt. Anna says her mom didn’t ever mention a sister and Sarah explains she’s been trapped in a magical urn by people who don’t understand her. She demonstrates her magic that’s kike Elsa’s.

Later, Anna tells Kristof she doesn’t trust Sarah and thinks she’s up to something. Kristof reassures her but Anna says there is no trace of her in the portrait gallery or royal records. She wants to talk to Grand Pabbie and he says his family isn’t happy she postponed the wedding. She says it will be okay and asks him to keep an eye on Sarah and Elsa but tells him she hasn’t told her sister that she found out their parents wanted to take her magic. We see Sarah is eavesdropping as Anna leaves.

Now, Sarah lurks by her ice cream truck in the woods as Emma, Robin, Regina, Hook and the Merry Men find the van hidden by their camp. Emma calls her dad to tell her they found out. Robin asks to talk to Regina but she doesn’t want to talk and tells Emma she doesn’t want to be around her and Hook making googly eyes.

They go in and the truck looks cleaned out but they find locks on the coolers. Hook smashes the lock open and Emma finds a thick file about her that dates back to when Neal was reported as finding her on the side of the road. Elsa talks to Belle who reassures her that Anna didn’t have a problem with her power and would never harm her. Elsa asks how and Belle says she just knows. Belle tells her to keep looking and says she has to go take care of something.

Back in Arendelle, Belle is at Oaken’s asking for directions to the rock trolls. She begs him for help and he won’t help her but offers her a chance to warm up in the sauna. Anna is there too and asks if she needs help. Belle says she needs the rock trolls. Anna tells her she can help her since she’s heading to see them now. They introduce themselves then head out.

Robin asks Regina if she’s avoiding him. He guesses that she’s upset that he told her he’s still in love with him. She says she’s been avoiding him because she doesn’t know how to tell him the truth. She tells him she’s read every book, checked every potion but can’t figure out a way to help Marian. She says if he wants to save Marian, he needs to forget about her and find a way to fall in love with his wife again. They both look pained at this notion. Regina walks away.

Gold is in the woods and tells Sarah she can show herself. She does and asks what he wants. He says he has a warning for her that Emma knows she knows about their relationship. Sarah says she let Emma find out about their past and says it’s part of her plan. Gold says he’s there to offer her a deal. She asks what he wants and he says if he wanted something from her, he’d just take it.

Sarah says he would if he could, but she knows he can’t and needs leverage to make her. She tells him to stay out of her way. At the shop, Belle searches through a bunch of stuff then finds an ice ax and says – Anna hang on. Back in Arendelle, Belle and Anna walk and talk about the parents they’ve lost. Belle says she lost her memory and wants the rock trolls to restore her memory so she can be at peace.

Anna says she’ll try to get them to help her. They come to a tall cliff and Anna says now they have to climb. She pulls the pick ax out of the bag and starts to climb but then tumbles down. She says Kristof makes this look easy. Anna’s bag falls open and it’s the box with the sorcerer’s hat. She tells her she stole it from a bad man and hopes Belle never crosses path with the twisted man.

Gold comes in and finds Belle getting ready to leave. She says she’s headed to where the Snow Queen is hiding and says she has to correct a mistake she made a long time ago. She asks him to go along. He says he won’t. She has the dark dagger and says she didn’t want to have to use it. He says he gave it to her because he thought she’d never want to control him.

She holds it and tells him to take her to the Snow Queen. Ha! She doesn’t have the real dagger. Will Gold reveal that he swapped them or will he pretend to obey and take her where she wants to go? Emma and Hook are still with the ice cream truck. She tells him the file says Sarah was her foster mom for six months, the longest time she was with one person.

Hook says he was a child once but it’s been 200 years ago. She sees a painting in the file and notices that Sarah has a whole collection of her school work from back then. Emma says it’s like what she does for Henry. She also finds a card she wrote to Sarah professing affection for her. Emma wonders why she erased her memories. Hook finds a paper with symbols on it and Emma wonders what Sarah was doing with her.

Gold brings Belle to the place Sarah is hiding but he won’t let her go in. She tells him to stand watch at the cave and says she needs the hat that will strip a magical being of their powers. He says it sounds too good to be true but she says she knows she took it and she needs it to help Elsa get Anna back. He asks what she’s so invested and she says that’s what heroes do. She commands him to keep watch and goes into the cave.

Back in Arendelle, Anna brings Belle to meet Grand Pabbie. He says he can restore her memories and pulls something magical from her head. He tells her to go where she lost them and gives her a stone and tells her to put in tea and drink it there to get her memories back. Belle thanks Anna for her help and offers to repay her. Grand Pabbie tells Anna that her mother had not one, but two sisters. He says he was sworn to secrecy.

He says Gerda, her mom, was the youngest, then Helga and Inge. He says the three were close as children but one day the other two children vanished and they wanted to forget the tragedy so helped them by wiping the memories of all in Arendelle. Anna asks why Inge (aka Sarah) wouldn’t tell her there was another sister. Anna says she has to get back to Elsa.

Belle comes into the ice cave and looks around. She hears a woman’s voice calling her name and saying – over here. She heads towards the voice and pulls aside a cloth. She sees her own image and it talks to her. The mirror Belle says she hoped she would find her. Belle is stunned.

Back in Arendelle, Belle and Anna are leaving the cliffs after talking to the trolls but then hear a noise. There is a major storm blowing up on them and Anna says she thinks it’s her aunt, not a storm. She thinks her aunt doesn’t want her to tell Elsa what she found out. Anna shows Belle the box and says she can take her aunt’s magic.

The memory stone falls from Belle’s hand and she has to choose between it or helping Anna who is clinging to the cliff edge. The rock tumbles and smashes and Belle grabs for Anna but she loses her. Anna falls to the rocks at the base of the cliff and is still. Sarah is there and takes the magic box from her bag. Belle tells her to leave her alone but Sarah says it’s family business and magic away with her niece.

Now, mirror Belle says she’s surprised she had the courage to come in here and says Belle chose the rock over Anna and reached for the rock instead of her friend. Belle says it was a mistake and mirror Belle tells her it wasn’t a heroic moment and she’s not a hero anyway. She tells Belle everyone thinks she’s a pathetic coward. She says Gold married her because he knew he could manipulate her.

Belle shows her mirror self the dagger and says he gave her this but she laughs and says she can’t believe it’s real and says she knows what kind of beast she’s dealing with. Gold comes in and tells her Sarah is coming and says they have to go. She slashes at him with the knife. He tells her not to listen to the mirror. He magics both of them back to the shop.

She says she told him to stay outside but he says she told him to keep watch and that’s what he was doing. She tells him the mirror told her that the dagger he gave her was fake. He says the mirror is dark magic and nothing it said was true. She’s upset that she hurt him and he says she would never wrong him. She says she knows what happened to Anna and needs to fix it but can’t.

She says she abused the dagger and took advantage of him. She says she doesn’t think she deserves to be with him. He tells her that’s not true and says he forgives her. He thanks her for telling him and she says she should never have kept a secret from him because he would never keep one from him. She hugs him and says she loves him. He says he loves her too. But, we all now, he’s keeping lots of secrets!

Back in the EF, Belle comes home and finds her angry dad waiting on her. He says he hasn’t slept in days worrying about her. He asks if she found what she was looking for. She says the trip was a mistake and she’s sorry she went. He says he knows what happened during the ogre attack. He tells her that her mother stood in front of her and sacrificed herself to save her from the monsters.

He worries that the ogres might have had her on the road. She can’t believe how far the war has progressed. She says they need someone to help them – someone who can stop them. She says on her journey she found out about a wizard. He tells her he knows the man and not to speak his name. She says she knows magic comes at a price but says sometimes a hero has to sacrifice everything to save the people they care about. She says she wants to save her people and summoning Rumple may be the only way to save them.

Gold shows up at Sarah’s lair and says he caught a glimpse of her mirror. He says he won’t allow her to harm those he cares about and she threatens back and says she can’t make any promises about who may or may not survive and says she will see her plan through. He conjures the sorcerer’s hat and says she may not like being the next embroidery on this hat. He says she’s lost her leverage.

Back in the day, Sarah wakes Anna who she’s imprisoned in a cell. She tells Anna she knows she was planning on using the box to strip her sister of her power. She says she found it from a man who her parents had gone to see about taking her power. Anna says she knows she had another sister and asks what happened to her. Sarah says some secrets are better left buried.

Anna asks what she wants and she says what she’s always wanted – a family will embrace her for who she is. She says she thought it could be the three of them but says she’s the odd woman out. Now, Elsa shows Emma and Hook a book and says she thinks Sarah is her Aunt Inge. Elsa reads the scroll and says it’s a prophecy about a savior named Emma. It also says the savior will become Inge’s sister.

Elsa says she thinks Inge believes the prophecy and is looking to replace her. Belle shows up then and says she’s been keeping a secret. She says she knows Anna and that Sarah captured her when she let her down. She says it was long ago in Arendelle but she doesn’t know where she is now. She also tells them about the Snow Queen’s terrible mirror.

She says Gold says it’s part of a spell called the Spell of Shattered Sight that could cause the whole town to turn on one another. Emma and Elsa think she will spare them and no one else to create her perfect family of three like she’s always wanted.