Once Upon A Time RECAP 3/23/14: Season 3 Episode 14 “The Tower”

Once Upon A Time RECAP 3/23/14: Season 3 Episode 14 “The Tower”

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns for a brand new episode, On tonight’s episode called “The Tower” Zelena is planning a dark surprise for David, and in Fairy Tale Land of the past, Prince Charming must help Rapunzel confront her fears in order of rher to be set free from her tower of imprisonment.  Rebecca Mader (Lost) guest stars as Zelena.

On last week’s episode  Emma arrived in Storybrooke with Henry and reunited with her friends and family, only to discover that no one remembered how they were transported back – or the past year they had spent back in Fairy Tale Land. But Emma was sure that someone in town was responsible for this new curse and teamed up with Regina in an attempt to uncover their identity. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was during the past year, Regina, with the aid of Robin Hood, attempted to break into her castle, which had been overtaken by the Wicked Witch.  Did you watch last week’s magical episode?  If you missed it don’t worry, we got you covered with a recap, right here.

On tonight’s episode while Emma, David, Regina and Hook continue their search for the Wicked Witch, she, in turn, is planning a dark surprise for David, and Zelena’s prisoner is powerless under her watch as she plots her next course of action against the townspeople. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was in the previous year, Prince Charming stumbles upon Rapunzel, who is trapped inside a tower, and must help her confront her fears in order for her to be free.

Guest starring are Raphael Sbarge as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, Rebecca Mader as Zelena, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood and Alexandra Metz as Rapunzel.

Tonight’s season 3 episode 14 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in and also join us for our coverage for ABC’s hit show at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our live updates hit up the comments section and let us know what you think of the episode!

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Charming dashes into the castle and hears a crying sound. He comes into a nursery and looks around and says he shouldn’t be here. There’s a crib and he says it’s all wrong. Emma is there and she says it’s all wrong because she’s a full grown princess. She says she’s looking for a place to practice for the ball and asks her dad to teach her. He’s confused but can’t resist dancing with his beautiful daughter. He tells her she’s a natural and she says he’s the best teacher. He twirls her and says it’s everything he wanted for her and she tells him she never got it and was never there because he failed her. The nursery turns into a scare zone and Emma is sucked away into the tree. She tells goodbye and tells him not to fail the next one.

David wakes up from a nightmare and calls to Snow. She’s by the window and tells him to come look at the view. She says she’s got good news and tells him she’s pregnant. He makes a face but then tells her he’s thrilled. She hugs him but he looks stressed out. Nine months later David and Hook talk about how they can find the witch and Regina tells them she’s not green so she’ll look like the rest of them. Regina wants to protect Henry from the witch and flying monkeys and Hook reminds them Neil could be one of the winged apes.

Regina offers to protect Henry and Emma reminds her not to slip up since Henry thinks they are there for her case. Regina doesn’t like it but agrees to stick to it. Hook says they need to get busy searching.

Zelena heads down into her secret lair where she’s got Rumple spinning gold. He’s chanting and clearly mad. She tells him he looks and sounds awful. She asks if he wants to hurt her and tells him to try it. She unlocks his cage but then shows him she has the dark one’s knife so she can control him and he can’t do anything to her. She tells him to be a good boy and sit back down. He does.

He tells her to go ahead and do it. He tells her all the voices in his head will be quiet when he’s dead. She tells him she’s not there to kill him and that he needs to keep up appearances. He starts spinning again and she tells him to stop because it’s making him crazy. She looks closely at him and then shaves him with the dark ones knife. She asks if she ever told him about her father. She says his hands would shake when he drank and she had to learn to shave him.

Zelena says he told her that no matter what, you had to keep up your looks. She says back in her land, the outsides always showed that you were rotting on the inside – her green skin, I guess. She nicks him and he gasps and she tells him he’s handsome as ever. He tells her she doesn’t care about his appearance and asks what he wants. She says she wants what he’s spent a lifetime seeking that goes against his nature. She tells him she won’t have to wait and flips the lights out on her.

Zelena comes into Rumple’s shop where Belle is working. She asks if she’s Mrs Gold and then when Belle says she’s not, she asks for Mr Gold. Belle tells her he died and Zelena tells her she’s sorry for her loss. She says she wants a baby gift for someone she met at the diner – Mary – and that she’s helping her with her baby. Belle tells her she has just the thing and when Belle turns her back, Zelena freezes her and goes into Rumple’s safe – she uses the drop of blood she got from nicking him and takes a dark object from the safe.

David, Hook and Emma search Regina’s office and the mess left behind. He sees a partial footprint and Emma notices blood. But David says it’s berry like from a bush. He says he saw them on some of the dogs when he worked at the animal hospital. He tells them where the berry bushes are. David gets a text to go home and meet the midwife and Emma sends him off to meet them and tells him to meet them later. He agrees and goes.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, David sneaks to the stables and secretly drinks. Robin finds him and says he used to keep his secret stash in his quiver. He notes Robin has gold-tipped arrows – a reward Regina gave him. David thinks she likes him but Robin isn’t sure. He says Charming looks like he needs sleep and he says he can’t and shares his flask. Robin asks if he needs to talk and Charming says he’s always been an optimist and has always had confidence but can’t escape a feeling of dread he has now and he needs to be there for Snow now without being distracted by fear.

Robin tells him after his wife died that Friar Tuck told him about a root that could make you impervious to fear. Robin tells him to look for the plant called nightroot that’s flecked by crystal and in the dark forest. He tells Charming to be careful and he heads off.Zelena and Mary chat and she tells the midwife about how she and David met. He’s impatient and Snow wants him to chill. Zelena offers to make them tea and switches on the stove. David says she seems perfect but isn’t sure if they can trust her. Snow says they could have been friends in the lost year. She makes them tea and then pulls something out of her purse and sprinkles it into one of the cups. She hands the spiked cup of tea to David.

In the forest, David finds the nightroot as described and it looks like the same stuff Zelena put into his tea nine months later. He hears a woman crying out for help and goes to assist. He sees a tall, tall tower and a girl high up yelling for help. She has slung a braid down the side of the tower and David climbs up the ivy and then up the braid to the tower window. He climbs in and sees the hair goes all the way to a woman who says he’s the first person she’s seen in a long time. She tells him she’s lost sight of the years and asks if he’s a prince. He asks if she’s a princess and she tells him to call her Rapunzel.

She tells them her parents are the leaders of her realm and says she also came to this area for the nightroot. She says she needed it to be brave to help lead her land. She says her brother died and after that she had overwhelming fear but the nightroot didn’t help her. She tells him a witch attacked her and chased her into the tower. He says he’ll take her away but she says she can’t leave because the witch will stop her. He looks out the window and sees a figure coming for the tower. It climbs up her hair and Rapunzel says the creature knows he’s there.

Zelena talks to Snow and Charming about how fast a second pregnancy can progress. She asks how he’s doing and he says he’s fine. Zelena tells him Mary has some anxiety about the lost year and the baby that’s about to come. Zelena says it’s best to get everything out so it won’t affect the pregnancy. She says if they have any fears at all, it’s best to get it out in the open. David says he has none and they’ll get through it. She says cheers to that and they drink down their tea. Zelena tells her that she’s lucky to have such a brave husband and tells him he can go back to his important business. He leaves her there with Snow and goes back to work.

David pulls up at the woodside with his sword. In the side mirror, we see the same witch from Rapunzel’s tower but then a second later, it’s gone.

Regina and Henry walk by the pond and he tells her the ice cream she got him is good. She tells him she knows Storybrooke must be quaint after NYC and he says he likes the small town feel. She says a small town is like a big family. He tells her he thinks they are there for more than just the case and that his mom wanted to get out of New York.

He tells her about Walsh proposing to her and that the next day she pulled him out of school. He says she never likes him to miss school. Regina asks if he liked Walsh and he says it would be nice to have more than two at the table and she tells him one day he’ll have more family than he knows what to do with.

Hook and Emma walk in the woods and he tells her he’s always off courting danger with her. She asks what he was doing the year on his ship and he refuses to tell her. He tells her just to say thanks and he reminds her she was about to be in a loveless marriage. He asks if she would have married him and she says yes. She says as usual, the guy wasn’t who he said he was and her heart was broken. Hook says he’s glad and even if she got her heartbroken, that means it still works. He steps closer to say this, but then she turns away.

They walk on and then come to a farmhouse. David finds the berries and treks on through the woods. The mystery witch seems to be stalking him. He hears a noise and turns. He finally spots it lurking and pulls out his phone. He gets Emma’s voice mail and tells her that he thinks he’s found the witch and is going after her. He pursues.

Back at the tower, the witch climbs up and Rapunzel begs him to go. She tells him there’s nothing he can do and he says he can and will save her. He pulls his sword and gestures her back. He slashes at the creature but it’s above him on the roof and pounces on him. Back in the present, he slashes at it and then it’s there in front of him and it throws David into a tree knocking him out cold.

Emma and Hook prowl around the house peeking in windows. She says it looks like there is someone living there. She whispers and he asks why and she says people hiding out can be there. She notices a bicycle with a basket on the porch and then a storm cellar. She goes to open it but Hook stops her -she asks if he’s scared and he says fear and strategy are two different things. He tells her they need magical backup and she agrees to call Regina. She sees the voice mail and checks the message.

David wakes and stabs the sword into the creature. He rips back the hood and sees his own face! Back in the tower, the creature is coming for Rapunzel and he tells it to get away from her but it says she is her and he sees they share the same face. He tells Rapunzel the root allows her to overcome her fear by facing them. He tells her only she can defeat her fear. Back in the now, his doppelganger challenges him to a fight to overcome his fear. They go at it with swords and evil David gets the edge.

Back in the tower, he grabs Rapunzel’s bad side and jumps out the window with it. They both cling to her hair. He tells her to cut away the hair and let it go and she can leave the tower. She says she doesn’t want to leave and he says he understand fear of the future but she will die there alone if she doesn’t cut it. The creature is almost back to the window when she chops off her braid. The hair and the thing fall and dissolve in a puff of smoke.

Now, bad David cuts off good David’s sword and tells him his fear makes him weak and he says he will die to protect his family. His other self chokes him and he sees Emma’s car and he says he’s afraid he won’t be a good father but that won’t stop him. He murders his doppelganger who disappears in a puff of smoke. The broken sword disappears in a puff of green smoke.

Regina, Hook and Emma show up and he explains he was fighting with himself and Regina says it was the witch doing it and David says it’s time to finish her and send her back to Oz.

In the forest, Rapunzel is free from the tower and she tells him she was in the river and got caught in the rapids where her parents told her not to play. Her brother died saving her. She says she didn’t know if she could lead and be queen and he tells her they’ll forgive her. He comes into the castle with her and her parents rush to her. They embrace her warmly.

Back at the castle, Snow asks why he was out all night and he tells her he was afraid. He says they lost Emma twice – once as a baby and once as an adult. He says he never got to be Emma’s father and the new child scares him. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll be a good father. Snow says they’ll do it the way they do everything – together. They leave to go work on the nursery for the new baby.

David tells Regina the creature knew all his deepest fears and then tells her he had to speak his fears and then when he killed his fears, his courage went into it and then she stole it away. Zelena checks her purse and is pleased to see the broken sword’s handle there. She tells Snow she feels so lucky to meet her and that she’s there to help her.

Emma sees the lock on the cellar is busted now but wasn’t before. They open the door and Emma heads down into the space. Regina says there’s dark magic there. She asks if Emma can feel it and they see the cage. David flips the light on and they see the wheel and a piece of straw. He asks them who they know who can spin straw into gold and Emma says Rumplestilskin.