Once Upon A Time RECAP 4/27/14: Season 3 Episode 19 “A Curious Thing”

Once Upon A Time RECAP 4/27/14: Season 3 Episode 19 “A Curious Thing”

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns for a brand new episode, on tonight’s episode called, “A Curious Thing.” On this evening’s episode, Zelena threatens Henry, Regina and Robin Hood’s relationship becomes stronger and Snow and Charming look for Glinda, the good Witch of the South.

On last week’s episode after Zelena stole Regina’s heart, Regina casted a spell so that she can speak across the realms to her dead mother, Cora, to discover the truth about why she abandoned Zelena, and Belle stumbled across what Zelena’s ultimate end game is. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, young Cora is duped by a man claiming to be a prince and found herself alone and pregnant. But a chance meeting with a real prince could lead Cora to the royal life she’s always craved, but she kept her pregnancy a secret or risk losing everything.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook – whose lips have been cursed by the Wicked Witch — doesn’t proceed with kissing Emma, which will drain all of her magical powers away, and things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was during the past year, Snow and Charming go in search of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, to see if she can help them defeat Zelena, and the curse that will ultimately send the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke is cast — but from an unlikely source

Guest starring are: Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, Beverley Elliott as Granny, Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Rebecca Mader as Zelena, Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Julian Morris as Prince Phillip, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood and Christopher Gauthier as Smee.

Tonight’s season 3 episode 19 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in and also join us for our coverage for ABC’s hit show at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our live update hit up the comments section and let us know what you think of the episode!

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A rider dashes on horseback through the forest. Regina berates Snow and Charming for getting the whole kingdom together to announce her pregnancy when there is a wicked witch on the loose. The rider is Belle and she tells them she and Neal went after the Dark One but Neal sacrificed himself to raise his father. She tells them Zelena has the dagger, Gold absorbed Neal and Z is in control of the Dark One.

Regina wants them to postpone the baby announcement. Aurora and Philip tell them that Zelena wants their baby and they had to tell her about the baby to save their own. Z flies in and turns Philip and Aurora into flying monkeys. They fly out the window. Regina tells Zelena this is between them but she freezes her sister and Snow and then touches Snow’s stomach.

She says the baby will do nicely and tells her to take good care of the baby growing in her stomach until she comes back for it. Z flies away and they unfreeze, horrified at what she said. Eight months later, Snow and the others sit at the table in the castle. Grumpy tells them he’s been working with the fairies but they have no weapons capable of destroying Zelena.

Snow says this is the second time she’s been pregnant under a threat and they all look at Regina. Regina asks how they got a head start on her last time and Snow says Gold warned them. Regina suggests they go into Gold’s castle where he’s being held to talk to him. Belle was held captive there so she’s a good option and Robin says he’s snuck in there before and can help.

Regina says he’s not trustworthy since he’s a thief. He says Gold’s castle has deadly traps and she says they’re not powerful than her magic. She reluctantly agrees that he can come along.

Back in the present, Regina and Robin are smooching. She asks him what he sees in her and he says the same she sees in him – a second chance. He tells her she’s a good kisser and she tells him to wait until she has her heart back. He asks what that’s like and she says she feels but not fully and he puts her hand on his heart and tells her to use his.

Henry comes out of the apartment and greets Regina as a polite stranger. It breaks her heart. Robin kisses her again and wishes her luck. She goes in to meet with the gang. Regina comes in smiling and Snow tells her she looks smitten. They’re waiting on Hook but Regina says they can’t wait. They have to figure out how to destroy Zelena. Emma asks why Z brought them all back to Storybrooke and Regina says to cast the curse to bring them back here, she would have sacrificed something she loved.

They theorize that back in the Enchanted Forest they had figured out how to destroy her and Z took their memories and sent them back to stop them. Snow thinks Emma as the savior is key but then Regina says she thinks getting Henry to remember is the key and they agree to look for the book that started all of this. Emma says the memories won’t be a gift to him, but she thinks they should look for it.

Gold pulls up and shows Zelena what he has in his car trunk – it’s Hook. She asks Hook why he hasn’t kissed Emma and removed her magic. He says he’s playing hard to get and Z says if he doesn’t get to it, she’ll start killing people – starting with Henry. They slam the trunk down trapping Hook again.

Regina and Robin head into Gold’s castle with Belle and the others back in the EF. She starts to touch the door and Robin warns her. He shoots an arrow and reveals the door was fiery. She yells at him for nearly shooting her and he says he saved her life and she should say thank you. They swap insults and Belle tells them to press on. The gang finds Gold spinning in a cage. Regina says he really is back from the dead.

David says he lost his mind and Gold says he’s got two now. He talks in rhymes and Regina says it’s pointless but Belle asks to try. She comes closer and reaches through the bars of the cage. She tells him she knows he’s still in there and asks him how they can stop Zelena. He says light. He tells them they need Glenda the good witch of the South. He says she’s been banished and is in their realm. Snow asks how they find her. He says through the door, step inside, if you’re pure of heart, then she won’t hide. He giggles madly.

Now, David gets a call from Belle who says that the book isn’t in the shop. They say the book just disappeared and Snow says the first time the book just appeared in her closet when Henry was feeling low and needed to believe in happy endings. Regina says he needs to believe again and says they all do. They go to check her closet.

Emma leaves Henry with Grumpy with a kiss but he follows her out and demands to know where she’s going. He asks if it’s about who killed his dad and she tries to stall him. He says he deserves to know everything and she tells him it has to wait and she’s his mother and knows best. She yells. He asks for the keys and says if he’s going to be a prisoner, he wants his GameBoy. She tosses him the keys and he heads out the back door of the hotel and tries to get into the bug.

Hook is there and asks where Henry is off to. At first he says nowhere but when Hook points out that he’s seems to be in a big hurry to go nowhere, Henry tells him he’s going home. Hook says – you’re running away and asks Henry if he was going to drive all the way back to New York. He says that’s dangerous and Henry says he doesn’t care what he thinks. Hook tells him he should because he has a better way.

Regina and company dig through Snow’s closet in all of her luggage and boxes searching for the book. Emma checks another box and it’s not there either. Snow says to let her check and she looks through and poof – there’s the book. Emma says she doesn’t understand and Regina takes the book to look for chapters on Oz. She thinks they can find her weakness there.

Snow asks if Emma really didn’t see the book in there and she tells Emma she’s not herself. She says she yelled at Henry. Emma says she doesn’t want all this for Henry and Snow asks if she’s taking Henry back to New York when this is done. Snow asks if she doesn’t want Henry to have his memories back and Emma says their life is in New York and Snow says it only felt like home because she forgot about them.

Back in the EF, David gives Snow a flower and Regina asks why in the middle of a crisis are they stopping to smell roses. Snow says they’re Snowbells and Regina says she doesn’t care if they’re daffodils – she says they need to focus on killing her sister. They spot the door and Snow repeats the rhyme then steps inside. Snow and David go in but when Regina comes through, there’s is nothing there because her heart isn’t pure.

Glenda greets them and says Regina can’t come through because her heart is tainted by anger. They tell her they need to defeat Zelena and she tells them her magic isn’t powerful enough to defeat Z. She says they were once friends before she tried to stop Zelena from giving into her dark magic. She asks how they can defeat her and Glenda tells them she wears a pendant that the strongest practitioner of light magic can take away from her.

Snow says that must be Emma since she was born of love and is the savior. David says Emma isn’t in this land and Snow says there is a way. She says there is a steep price. Snow says they must enact the dark curse. David says no.

They tell Regina they need to work the curse and she tells them they’re out of their minds. She says the only thing she loves is Henry and she won’t kill him. Snow says there must be another way to enact it and Regina says if there was she wouldn’t have killed her father to start it. David says someone else can cast the curse and tells Snow to enact it by taking his heart. She tells him no and says they’ll find another way.

Hook introduces Smee to Henry and tells him Smee is setting sail for New York and can take him. Henry asks why he’s helping him but then there’s a flying monkey. Hook grabs up Henry and they take him into the boat house.

He tells Smee to find another boat and tells Henry to go with him and to not stop no matter what he hears. Monkeys fly in and Hook shoots at two that go up in flames. A third one gets shot by Emma who’s there now, David kills another and Regina shoots another with a ball of fire. Henry is in shock by the monkeys and other stuff he saw. Emma says it will all be clear soon and holds out the book.

She tells him he needs to believe in magic. She asks if he believes in her and he says yes. She tells him to take the book. He does and all of his memories come flooding back. Emma looks at him sadly and then he looks at Regina and calls her mom and runs to her. She hugs him and he tells everyone that he remembers.

Regina tells Emma to break the curse but then Zelena is there and asks who wants to say goodbye first. Z grabs Henry and tells them it’s Hook’s fault for failing them and knew it would cost Henry’s life. Z chokes him but then Emma focuses her powers and Z is bathed in white light and can’t hold him. She lets him go and he runs to Emma but after Z leaves, Henry runs to check on Regina who is knocked out because Z knocked her with a magic blast.

Back in the EF, Regina tells Snow and David the curse is ready. She tells them it’s the only way to get back to Emma. David tells Snow they have to do it. Snow says she can’t crush his heart and lose him. He tells her she’ll never lose him and tells her the baby will know him through her. He tells her the two of them have always shared a heart and their love will go on. She cries and tells him she’s loved him since the first moment she saw him and he tells her he’ll love her until his last moment.

Regina tears as she listens. The two kiss and then David says he’s ready. He tells Regina to do it. She tells him it’s going to hurt but says it will work. She reaches in and pulls out his heart. Snow calls his name and he says not to say goodbye. She tells him she loves him more than anything and he says that’s why you have to crush it. Regina hands Snow his heart and she holds it over the potion cauldron and crushes it.

Charming collapses and the dust pours into the cauldron. Snow holds him as Regina says this is not in vain and says they will get back to Storybrooke but then Zelena shows up and asks if they think they could enact the curse without her knowing. Regina says she can’t stop the curse and Z says she can spice it up and asks how a forgetting potion starts.

She adds some of her magic to the mix and tells Snow she’ll be too busy looking for her husband to try and remember what they’ve learned. Z tells Regina that that’s how you take away a happy ending. Snow holds her dead husband as they curse begins.

Now, Henry begs Regina to wake up and she finally comes to and hugs him. Emma watches this struggling with emotions. Regina says she’ll never let him go away again and tells him she loves him. She kisses him on the head and then magic sweeps across Storybrooke. The curse is broken. Emma tells them that it wasn’t her, it was Regina. Emma asks if they remember and Snow says they are the ones that cast the curse.

They tell her that they had to get back to her so she could break the curse. Emma asks how they’re both still here if one of them sacrificed the other to cast it.

Back in the EF, Snow asks Regina to take out her heart. She asks her to split it between her and Charming. Regina tells her it’s not like plucking a flower but Snow says she believes her heart is strong enough for both of them. She begs Regina to do it. She holds Regina and smiles at her. Regina plunges her hand in and takes Snow’s heart out. Regina divides it in two. She’s amazed that it’s working. She pushes half into each of their chests and David gasps and comes back to life. He’s surprised to be alive and then the curse sweeps over them, complete with Z’s green memory spell.

Henry tells Regina how awesome New York was and she says she wants to hear all about his year. He tells her he’s gotten good at math and he asks what he’s missed and then asks about the guy that was kissing her. She asks about New York but he demands to know who it was. She tells him it’s Robin Hood and it’s a new thing. Then Robin is there and Henry shakes his hand and says awesome. Regina tells Robin the curse is broken and he says he remembers all their arguments. She says he’s more likeable in Storybrooke.

Emma demands to know what Hook was doing for Zelena. He tells her that Z cursed his lips and says that if he kisses her, she’ll lose her magic. He says Z knows what they all know, that Emma can defeat her. He says he was trying to get Henry away and save his life. Snow and David say he’s lying about getting a message and memory potion from them because they never sent it. He says someone sent it. They all agree they can’t trust Hook anymore and he’s not happy about that.

We see Gold and Zelena back in the EF. She says the curse is coming and that they have to leave. She drinks down a memory potion to keep her memory in the new land and hands the rest of the potion to Gold. She walks out and he says memories are pain and pain is strength. He starts to drink it for vengeance but then Neal takes over his body and stops him. Neal steps out of his father’s body and says we don’t need to remember. He writes out a note and whistles for a bird. He ties the message and potion
to the bird and tells the bird to get it to Killian on the Jolly Rodger.

Emma and Henry are at Neal’s grave and he says he really was a hero. He asks her if it was hard coming back to Storybrooke when she knew of the dangers. She says she had a voice in her head saying she had to come back and help. He asks what voice and she says it was his. He says Operation Cobra is back on. Snow cries out and says the baby is coming.