Once Upon A Time RECAP 5/11/14: Season 3 Finale “Snow Drifts”/”There’s No Place Like Home”

Once Upon A Time RECAP 5/11/14: Season 3 Finale “Snow Drifts”/”There’s No Place Like Home”

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns for a brand new episode, on tonight’s finale, it will be two episodes long called, “Snow Drift” and “There’s No Place Like Home.” In the third-season finale, a coronation is held at the diner as Mary Margaret and David celebrate their newborn son. Meanwhile, Emma and Hook wind up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, where they must exercise extreme caution not to change anything, because if they do, lives will be endangered.

On last week’s episode While Mary Margaret and David celebrate the naming of their son at a coronation in Granny’s Diner, Emma and Hook are pulled into Zelena’s time portal and find themselves in the Enchanted Forest of the past. But in their quest to discover a way back, they must be careful not to change ANYTHING or risk altering the lives of their friends and family — as well as their very own existence.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you enjoyment.

On tonight’s finale episode with Mary Margaret in labor and due to give birth at any moment, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn’t try to steal her newborn baby for use in her ultimate game plan to turn back time and change her destiny — while obliterating Regina’s existence. Meanwhile, in the Land of Oz of the past, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz. But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing.

Tonight’s season 3 finale looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in and also join us for our coverage for ABC’s hit show at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our live update hit up the comments section and let us know what you think of the episode!

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At a group home 18 years ago, a little girl gets a Mickey Mouse doll and is driven away by her adoptive parents. Emma watches them go with tears in her eyes and the woman running the place tells her that she’ll find a home someday. Back now, Emma watches her parents with their son and they ask if she’s okay. She ask what her brother’s name is and David tells her they announce names at a coronation ceremony and Emma asks if it’s like the Lion King.

David says they’ll do a potluck at Granny’s to suffice. Henry comes in and tells Emma he found them an apartment in Storybrooke. She changes the subject to his uncle’s name. Regina and Robin toast to the return of her heart and she tells him it’s stronger than ever. They kiss. She looks upset and he asks what’s wrong and she says she never thought she would have this. Robin says after his wife died he felt like that for a long time.

He says her death was his fault and he would have walked through hell to be with Marion again but then he had to let her go. Regina says her first love Danny was killed because of her but Tinkerbell told her she would love again. She tells him about the tavern and that she never saw the face of the man she was supposed to be with but she saw his tattoo and touches his arm. He’s shocked and she says she never had the nerve to approach him. He says it’s all about timing.

Gold hides away the real Dark One dagger and seals the hiding place with magic in a cabinet he then locks. Belle comes in with the fake dagger and says she wants to store it somewhere safely because she feels bad carrying it around. He tells her he understands. He says it’s not dangerous because he trusts her. He wants to talk about their wedding and she says her father has given them his blessing. She says he realizes Gold has changed.

There’s a huge baby party at Granny’s and the whole town has turned out. Henry is reading to his uncle from the book. He is reading the story about how Snow and Charming first met when she was robbing him. Snow says that’s when they met, not when they fell in love. David flips through the book and says when he saw his mother’s ring on her finger, he knew.

Hook is there and they explain that he was betrothed to Abigial – Midas’ daughter and Hook asks how he could give that up. Snow says something about running away and leaving things behind when Emma tries to change the subject. Everyone wants to know if Emma is planning on leaving Storybrooke but Emma says this is not the time or place. She leaves.

Hook says he’ll talk to her and Henry tells him to take the book and says it might remind her of where she belongs. Henry points out the window to a yellow light in the sky and Gold says that’s a problem – he says it’s the time portal that Zelena opened. Everyone stares worried.

The gang goes over to the jail to confront Zelena but David says she’s gone. Regina says she was there when she left and Belle wonders how she escaped. Regina says she couldn’t have opened the portal without her pendant. Gold says he didn’t do it and that Belle has his dagger. David turns on the security cameras that Gold didn’t know were there.

He magics the cameras and then the footage shows Zelena turning into porcelain and then shattering. Regina says she must have had just enough residual magic to do herself in. Gold says they owe him an apology and then says until they figure out how to close it, no one should go near the portal because it could have catastrophic repercussions.

Hook finds Emma and she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she needs to take Henry away to keep him safe. Hook says that’s crap because she has defeated all the evil. He asks why she’s running and what she’s looking for – she says home. She takes the book and says this is all fairy tales and she’s not a part of it. She says apart from Henry, she’s never been part of anything.

Emma tells him that when she was a kid she used to run away all the time and never missed anyplace. Emma says home is the place when you leave, you miss it. She says she’s going to keep running until she feels that. Hook asks if she doesn’t have any feelings for anyone in town and she says she does care about them.

Emma notices the yellow stream and says she needs to check it out. Hook tells her not to, but of course she goes. She says they have to figure out a way to close it, but instead they are dragged toward it. Emma dangles in the portal and Hook tries to hold on to her. She falls in and he says one day he’s going to stop chasing that woman. He goes in after her. Her phone lies on the floor of the barn – her dad was trying to call her.

Emma and Hook land in the Enchanted Forest and he says he wonders when they are and she says she has a good idea. She sees a wanted poster for her mom – Snow White – the infamous bandit!

Hook says it could have been worse as Emma flips through the book. She says she thinks that they went to where and when she was thinking about. Hook says the portal is closed and they can’t get back and Emma complains that this wouldn’t happen in New York. He asks if they have any ideas and she asks if he thinks she’s Marty McFly. Hook asks if he’s a wizard and Emma says they need a wizard. She says they need to find Rumplestilskin.

They hear horse hooves and Hook grabs her and tells her to hide. It’s Regina. She gets out of her carriage and chews out some serfs. She tells them she’s going to inflict pain and misery if she doesn’t get what she wants. Emma says it’s Regina and Hook says no – it’s the Evil Queen. Marco is there and asks what she wants. She says she wants justice and if she finds out if anyone has helped Snow White she’ll kill them.

Emma wants to go help but Hook yanks her back and says they can’t interfere with anything or they’ll never be able to get back to the world they left. He tells her there’s one thing they need to do first. They steal some clothes for Emma and Hook is liking her the ensemble that shows off her cleavage. He tells her they can’t call attention to her and her red leather jacket is not in vogue for centuries.

She complains about the corset but Hook says he likes it. He pulls up a hood over her head and explains they must let everything unfold like it did. Snow grabs her wanted poster off a tree and begins to chop down a tree. Abigail and Charming ride in a carriage. She whines and he ignores her while insisting that he’s listening.

Hook pulls Emma off the road as they hear another carriage. It stops and Abigail asks what now. David gets out and Emma is thrilled. She realizes they are about to witness the moment when her parents meet. But she makes a noise and Snow falls from her hiding spot which gives David enough time to discover that the downed tree was a robbery attempt.

They never meet and his mother’s ring is still safe with him. He says they’re safe and never have to see the bandit. They drive away and Emma tells him that was a big change. She says they just messed up her parent’s first meeting. Hook is worried.

Charming looks at Abigail’s home castle and says it’s gold. She tells him he’ll get used to it. Snow bargains with Blackbeard for a journey far away. Hook and Emma are headed to the Dark One’s castle. She asks if they just knock on the door and explain they’re from the future. Hook says he needs to hang back because they have a history and will want to kill him on sight. Rumple is there and says he’s right and chokes him.

Emma tells him if he want to see his son again, he’ll stop and listen. She tells him she knows about the curse and he says he’s just planning it. She says she’s the one that broke it. Hook says they are from the future. He says time travel hasn’t been invented and she tells him someone cracked the code. He asks if he finds his son and she says yes. He says not to tell him how so it doesn’t change anything but she says she’s already thrown it off and she interrupted her parents meeting.

He brings them to the castle and then Belle is there. She asks if they need anything and Emma covers and says that Rumple told her about her. He says no then he orders Belle out and threatens to turn her into a toad. She goes and Emma says she doesn’t know how they ever fell in love. He’s shocked about that. She explains that Charming is supposed to meet Snow and she tells Hook to show him the book.

Problem is, all those pages are now gone since they changed the past. Emma says they have to get Snow to steal the ring to put it all back on track. Rumple says there is a ball at Midas’ house that night and they say they need to get Snow to the ball tonight to steal the ring. Rumple shows them his crystal ball and they see Snow trying to get passage out with Blackbeard.

Rumple says they have to get her parents back together since they messed it up. Hook says he knows someone that can help them. Emma asks who and he says me. That’s right – there should be two Hooks in this past!

The other Hook is gaming in the tavern and Hook with Emma points himself out. He says he’s drunk enough that he shouldn’t remember anything. Emma is going to distract him and takes off her cloak to show her cleavage. He asks what she’s doing. Hook is jealous of himself and Emma finds that funny. He tells her to be careful. She says she knows that she’s his type.

Emma goes over and asks what they’re playing. She has the other Hook’s attention immediately. Smee is chasing rats on the ship when Hook comes on board. He tells Hook he seems different and Hook chews him out to distract him. He tells Smee that he needs to get a woman on board and points out Snow. He tells her to bring her on board quietly.

Emma drinks shots with Hook and touches his hook and asks how he got it. He asks her name and she asks him what fun that would be. He offers to show her his ship but she asks to stay and have a few more drinks first. Snow comes on board and Hook sits in the shadows. She asks what he wants and he says he heard she wanted passage out of the Enchanted Forest. She says she has no money and he says it’s treasure he wants. He unrolls her wanted poster to let her know he knows who she is.

Other Hook says he thinks she’s trying to get him drunk. He asks her to come back to his ship and tells her if she won’t, he’ll find someone else. Snow is intrigued and asks what she has to steal. He tells her it’s a wedding ring., Outside the tavern, Emma says she needs to rest but Hook picks her up to carry her on board. Smee says he thought he was below deck and asks why his vest changed.

Emma distracts him by flirting and Hook tells Smee to get lost so he can have privacy. Emma heads down the ladder and Hook asks why she’s there and she says she stalled as long as she could. Then other Hook comes down the ladder and asks if she’s having second thoughts. He kisses her and present Hook glares then punches him out.

Hook and Emma watch the fireworks at the castle and worry that Snow might not be able to pull it off. She worries about leaving it to chance. Rumple pops up with an invitation so they can go to the ball to make sure it happens. He tells them he has a wand that can reproduce any magic and he should be able to redo the portal spell.

They snatch the invitation and head off but then Rumple magics them like a fair godfather and she’s in a beautiful red gown. He says she can’t come this far and not have some time playing dress up as a princess. He shows them a mirror so they can see he put a glamor spell on them so they don’t look like themselves.

They come into the ball and King Midas asks their names. Hook stammers and Emma speaks up and introduces him as Prince Charles and herself as Princess Leia. HA! They go in and Emma asks what’s the big deal about balls but is then transfixed with the dancing and gowns. She asks what they should do and he says to blend in. He pulls her on the floor for a waltz and she’s floored that he knows how. He leads her through it gracefully.

Outside of the castle, Snow throws a grappling hook and scales the castle walls to set about her thievery. She hops onto a landing and sneaks inside. Emma is nervous and Hook says that he’s just remembering her saying in Storybrooke that she’s not a princess. He tells her that she’s a natural at it.

Emma sees her Dad as he’s asking his fiancee to dance but she complains about her feet hurting. She says she wants her comfortable shoes and he offers to get them for her. She snidely calls him her hero. Snow is tossing David’s room looking for the ring. Regina comes into the ballroom and Midas welcomes her. She’s got soldiers with her and Emma is freaking out. She looks around and asks where Charming is.

Snow finds the ring and has it in hand when Charming comes into his chamber. He asks who she is and calls her a thief. He tackles her and then is stunned because it’s a woman. She knocks him out and then prepares to leap out the window. Abigail comes in and recognizes her from her wanted poster. The guards alert Midas that Snow White is in the castle.

Emma and Hook race up to see that she makes it back down the castle wall and away. Emma says she must have stolen the ring. She rides away on her horse as Charming yells out that he will find her no matter what. A guard is there and has an arrow nocked to shoot Snow White. She knocks him aside and then spots the ring on the ground. She picks it up.

She runs downstairs and the guards tell them that she helped the thief escape. Emma calls her Regina and the Queen says that’s informal and she needs to call her Your Majesty. Regina tells them that Snow White may be gone, but her night is just beginning. Hook hides out behind some other people and watches as Emma is led away ring in hand.

Portland, 2001. Emma waits and Neil shows up with a coffee for her. She said she thought they were going to have a drink in a bar and he says to be patient that he has something better. He picks the padlock on a gate they’re near and opens it. He tells her to come on and that it’s worth it. She follows him in. He turns on the lights to a swing ride and she admits it’s pretty cool. He tells her to hop on and they both sit.

Emma asks what Neil’s story is and he says that’s an interesting choice of words. He says he left a screwed up situation and it screwed him up. She says she understands crappy home life and he says it was good sometimes. He says his dad changed and things got crazy but before that it was nice. He says that’s how you know you have a home – because when you leave it you just miss it and it’s a feeling you can’t shake.

Emma is thrown into a cell. A woman is there and asks if she’s all right. She tells the girl she’s Leia and asks her name. She says she can’t speak her name because her silence is the only thing keeping her family safe. Emma offers her some food and tells her she saw her in the village and wanted to help her. She asks why she’s there and the girl says she knows where Snow White is hiding but refused to tell the Queen. Emma asks how long she’s there and she says the same as her – one more night because tomorrow everyone in the cells will be executed.

Snow walks through the forest but is nabbed in a trap. Charming comes out and says he told her he would catch her. She asks if that’s the only way he can catch a woman and he says it’s to catch thieving scum. She tells him he’s a real prince charming. She demands that he cut her down and he says he won’t turn her in, but she doesn’t have the ring.

He says she’s lying but then Hook is there and says his princess has it and he needs Charming’s help to get it back. He asks where she is and he says the problem is she’s in the Queen’s castle. Snow says that’s no problem because it used to be her castle. She says if they let her down she’ll take them there and one can have his princess, the other his ring and she never has to see his charming face again. Charming slashes the rope holding the trap and she tumbles to the ground.

Snow is tucked away in the back of a cart with Charming. They get bumped and Hook apologizes. Charming asks what’s around her neck and snatches her necklace off her but she tells him to stop because it’s a weapon – dust from a dark fairy. She explains that she’s trying to get away from the Evil Queen. Charming asks what she did to incur her wrath and she says Regina blames her for ruining her life. He asks if she did and she says she did.

Hook says they’re there and they need help getting past her guards. She tells them to wait while she goes to get help and trots into the woods. Hook asks Charming if he’s excited about his upcoming wedding and Charming admits he always thought he would marry for love but this is a business transaction – a merger of two kingdoms and this makes him wonder if there is such a thing as true love.

Hook says that he felt that way until he met Princess Leia and says he would go to the end of the world or time for her but he’s not sure she feels the same way and says her parents may not approve of him. Charming says they should and Hook says he hopes he remembers that. Red comes up and says Snow sent her to help them get into the castle. They ask how and she takes off her cloak and says they’ll see.

Emma holds the ring and the girl asks what it is. She tells her that it’s her parents’ wedding ring and she has to get it back to them. The girl says being separated from your parents is a terrible thing and that she knows. The girl says that she’ll never see her parents again. She says they think she’s dead and she will be soon enough but Emma says maybe not. She gets an idea and works to pick the lock that holds the chain to their cell. She gets hers loose and the girl says for her to go and get out of there.

Red’s wolf side attacks the guards at the gate. This allows Hook and Charming to get in. Hook tosses Red’s cloak back onto her and says he’s glad she’s on their side. Red says someone is coming and Emma and the girl come up. Hook is surprised and says he was coming to rescue her but Emma says she rescued herself.

Hook is upset that Emma freed someone that was supposed to be executed but she says she had to. Emma hands Charming the ring and he says they have to go and find Snow. Regina sits in her chamber contemplating a bright red apple but Snow is there as well, staring at her from behind a column.

Snow sneaks up behind Regina with the hand full of fairy dust and Regina says she can’t believe she was dumb enough to sneak back in and use fairy dust on her. Snow says it’s dark fairy dust and Regina says she doesn’t have it in her to kill her. Snow throws the dust but Regina magics it away and tells her that dark magic is her strong suit. She calls for her guards and tells her that she’ll suffer like she did.

Snow says she had no idea what Cora would do when she found out about Daniel. Regina says the lesson Snow needs to learn is that all actions have consequences. Snow tells her she can kill her but the kingdom will never be hers. Regina tells her guards that Snow will die tonight. They take her away.

Snow is brought to a stake and tied up. Emma, Red, Charming and Hook look down and see that she’s been tied to a stake on a pyre. Emma says they have to get down there before it’s too late and Charming says it’s too late. Hook holds her close as Regina shoots a fire ball at the pyre and it lights engulfing Snow in flames. Regina smiles and a wolf howls.

Emma is crying and Hook tells her when is brother died he kept reliving it over and over. He tells her they have to try and live in the here and now and she asks how she is still there if Snow died. She says since she’s still alive, Snow must be too. A bug attacks Hook and he swipes it away. It lands on Emma and Charming stops Hook from swatting it.

He thinks that Snow used the dust to turn herself into a bug to save herself. Emma says she’s saying something and the fairy shows up and says Snow is calling for her. The blue fairy floats above them and Emma says blue then tells them her name is Leia. Blue says that’s not the truth but she can keep her secrets. Blue turns her back into herself and Emma is so overwhelmed that she hugs her mother who is stunned because she has no clue who she is.

Snow walks off with Red and Emma is hurt but then Hook reminds her they’re now back on track. Red takes off and Snow looks at Charming. She comes over and tells him she owes him thanks for saving her. He says it seemed like the honorable thing to do. She offers to fill his canteen and he gives it to her and thanks her.

Emma tells Hook they’re warming up to each other and he says they have another problem. He’s worried about the girl she released and he says it could wreak untold consequences. He says she doesn’t belong here and Emma says she can come back with them to the future. She says she wants to go back to her family and Hook says that’s not possible. She says that unless they’re kidnapping her, she’s not going with them and doesn’t trust them. Emma comes up behind her and knocks her out with a rock and says she guesses they’re kidnapping her. Hook tells her that she’s got a little pirate in her.

Charming comes over and misses all of this but then realizes Snow stole the ring from him again. He heads off after her but Hook says this is okay because her mom saved her dad at the troll bridge but Emma says she was only able to do that because of the fairy dust which she’s already used. They take off to help. Snow is being held by the trolls. One finds the flier and says they need to tell the queen she’s still alive. But then Charming shows up and fights them off. Snow tells him to follow her but then realizes the trolls have him. Her fairy dust is gone. The trolls are ready to kill him when Snow comes back holding out her hand saying she has dark fairy dust and will turn them all into bugs and stomp them.

They tell her they want no trouble. She tells them to give her a reason to forget this ever happened and they hand over some money and back away. Charming tells her she saved him and she says it was the honorable thing to do. He asks about the dust and she says it was sand and that trolls aren’t the smartest. He pockets the money and they go. He gives her the money and she gives him the ring. He says it’s not her style and she says there’s one way to find out and pops it on her finger.

Emma is crying and Hook tells her not everyone gets to watch their parents fall in love. Charming says if she ever needs him, he’ll know where to find her and Snow says she almost believes him. Hook says they’re heading away from each other and Emma says that’s the way it should be because it took them a while to realize their feelings for one another. Hook says it must run in the family. Emma checks the book and the story is back. She tells Hook they did it.

Regina shows a guard a bug and stomps it. She tells him that’s what happens to trolls who fail her. She orders him to find Snow White so she can destroy her happiness if it’s the last thing she does.

Emma and Hook comes back to Rumple’s and says her parents are back on track. He says he can’t open the portal and she asks what he’s working on and he says it’s a forgetting potion because he doesn’t want to know about his past. Rumple says that only ones who came through the portal can reopen it and asks if either of them can do magic. He says he needs to put them safely away and magics them and the girl they kidnapped into his vault.

Hook pokes around and he Emma says there is no way out. Hook tells her that her powers should have been restored and she should be able to open the portal. She asks if he thinks she’s faking it and he says she doesn’t want to believe in her magic because she doesn’t need it in New York. She tells him she’s tired of running and really wants to go back and stay in Storybrooke. He asks what changed and she says it was watching her mother die.

She says when she came back from being a bug, she saw no recognition in her eyes. She says that’s what she’s been doing to her mother for years. She says that when Henry brought her to Storybrooke, it wasn’t to break a curse, it was to bring her home. She says she now knows what Neil meant and says that Storybrooke is her home. Hook tells her to look down and the wand Rumple gave them is glowing. He says it looks like her magic is back and asks if they should go.

She holds up the wand and the portal opens. Hook picks up the girl and hops through. Before Emma can go Rumple is there and demands to know what happens when he finds his son. She says that his son forgave him and loved him and then died to save everyone. Rumple says he may be able to save him and Emma cries and says she loved him too.

She says his son died a hero and that Rumple can’t take that away from him. She tells him to drink the forgetting potion. He lets her go and she dives into the portal. He drinks the potion then forgets immediately and asks himself what the hell he’s doing there. Hook, Emma and mystery girl fall out of the portal and into the barn. Emma tells him to fill the girl in so she doesn’t freak out. He asks where she’s going and she says she has some people to see.

She runs to the diner and hugs her parents. They tell her they were worried and she says she’s home and they’re staying. Henry is thrilled. She tells her parents that she missed them.

Emma tells the story and they laugh that she’s Princess Leia. They joke about her turn as a princess and Emma asks her brother’s name. David says they’ve chosen to name him after a hero – someone they loved and that loved them back. Snow introduces Prince Neil. Emma is stunned and tearful. Everyone claps. Emma holds her brother’s tiny hand and says – it’s so nice to meet you Neil.

Emma finds Hook sitting outside and tells him that Rumple is right because she’s in the book now. She asks if it’s all back to normal and he says it must be because he doesn’t remember their kiss and says he would because he knows how it is to kiss her. He tells her she’s a hero and she says he is too. She thanks him for coming for her in New York. She asks how he did it and he says he took the Jolly Roger and outran the curse. He says all he needed was a magic bean and he admits that he traded his ship for it. She kisses him because he traded his ship for her. Aww. Finally. Sweet pirate love.

Gold and Belle are getting married out in the forest. Doc Hopper officiates and Belle’s dad gives her away. She says her vows and says she’s lost him to darkness, weakness and finally to death but now she knows she hasn’t spent her life losing him but finding him. Gold says that when they met he was unloved and unloving and her enemy of love.

He says his walls were up and she brought them down and brought him home and light into his life and chased the darkness away. He puts a ring on her finger and says he doesn’t know how she can see the man behind the monster and she says that monster is gone. She tells him she loves him flaws and all and says the best books sometimes have the dustiest jackets and the best teacups have a chip. They kiss.

We see Snow and David cuddling with their new son. Hook and Emma kiss and embrace sweetly. Robin and Regina walk happily and she holds his young son’s hand. They walk up to Granny’s and stop for a kiss. They come inside and the mystery girl is at the counter. She sees Regina and starts to freak but Emma tells her to calm down and says it’s okay.

Emma goes to Regina and says she brought someone back from the past. She brings the girl over to meet Regina but Robin steps up and embraces her – it’s his wife Marion. He says he never thought he would see her again. Her son Roland hugs her. Regina is floored and turns on Emma and says – you did this. Emma says she just wanted to save her life and Regina says she’s just like her mother and never thinks of the consequences.

Regina tells her she’d better hope to hell she didn’t bring anything else back. In the barn, there’s an urn that came back from Rumple’s vault. The lid pops off and blue liquid oozes out and fills the marks of the spell. A blue figure rises out of the muck and stands. It’s a woman who casts an icy spell and then walks out of the barn. OMG – I am 99.99% sure that it’s Elsa from Frozen!! Cannot wait for next season now!