Parenthood Recap 9/25/14: Season 6 Premiere “Vegas”

Parenthood Recap 9/25/14: Season 6 Premiere “Vegas”

Tonight on NBC Parenthood starring our favorite family the the Bravermans returns with an all new Thursday September 25, season 6 premiere episode called, “Vegas.”  On tonight’s episode Sarah and Zeek head to Las Vegas to celebrate Zeek’s birthday as the sixth season opens. Elsewhere, Amber deals with adulthood and new life changes; and Adam and Kristina face the pressure of having their charter school ready in time for opening.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, Parenthood is an American comedic television drama developed by Jason Katims and produced by Imagine Television and Universal Television for NBC. The show tells of the Braverman clan which consists of an elderly couple, their four children and their families. One of the grandchildren depicted has Asperger syndrome which has gained attention throughout the press.

On tonight’s episode Sarah (Lauren Graham) steals Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) away on a birthday trip to Las Vegas, and what unfolds will set the Bravermans on a dramatic season-long course. Amber (Mae Whitman) faces a life change and grapples with how to navigate the new landscape of adulthood. Two days before opening, Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina’s (Monica Potter) charter school is far from ready, and the whole family springs into action to help complete the construction. Also Starring: Bonnie Bedelia, Dax Shepard, Joy Bryant, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger, Sarah Ramos, Xolo Mariduena, Savannah Paige Rae, Max Burkholder, Tyree Brown, Miles Heizer and Ray Romano.

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 There’s an ultrasound. Amber is told her baby looks good and healthy. She says it’s overwhelming and the doctor says that’s a normal reaction. She says her mom must be excited and Amber says she’s not with the dad and her mom doesn’t know. She asks Amber if this is a pregnancy she wants. She says she needs to know that she needs to act now if she doesn’t want it. She says it’s close to the time when it’s safe to start telling people. She asks to hear the heartbeat again and the doctor does so. Amber stares at the ultrasound and smiles.

We see Aida taking steps and Crosby and Jasmine cheer her on. Julia and Chris make love then get dressed for work. Sarah and Hank discuss bedding for his teenage daughter. She offers him cappucino and he tries it but doesn’t like it. He asks her to stay but she says he needs father-daughter time. She says she has to head to Vegas and also isnt’ sure what Ruby will think about her being his girlfriend. He admits Sandy also doesn’t know. He says he’s going to tell her.

Joe tells Kristina and Adam that they are still working on the school but they are behind on the schedule. Max is there and wants nails but they tell him not to let them have him. Max asks how they could build a school then not let their son go there. Zeek gardens while Millie paints. Sarah shows up and her Mom says he’s growing cucumbers. Sarah asks her Dad if he wants to go to Vegas. He says no then asks if she’s serious. He asks Millie and she tells him his bag is packed. He’s thrilled.

In Vegas, Millie and Zeek walk the strip, play slots, drink and drink some more. They do shots, roll dice and high five when he wins. Kristina tells Max he can pick the color of the wall. He says he doesn’t care about the wall or the school. He says he likes home schooling and says he doesn’t need friends. He says he doesn’t. He says he’ll home school and go to Hank’s after school. They tell him they can talk later but he says no and walks away.

Sandy and Ruby come in. Ruby tries to get her Mom to leave immdiately. Her Dad hugs her and offers them a drink. Ruby coats him in teen attitude and Sandy tells him not to put up with it. She asks where to put her crap and he points to her bedroom. Sandy points to the cappucino machine and reminds him he hates it. He says he just had a bad batch once. Hank makes excuses for why it’s there. Sandy says she has to go find a rental property.

Hank offers to help in any way he can. Ruby comes out with a pair of purple panties she found in the drawer. She’s outraged and Sandy can’t leave fast enough. Hank offers them lunch but one slams out the front and one into her room. Amber paints a wall at the school and Drew is there as well. Haddie talks about going to Europe but Amber walks away because she can’t go. Drew tells Haddie to chill.

Joel shows up and Millie hugs him. He drops off the kids and then offers Kristina hug. She tells him he looks awesome and then sends the kids upstairs to help paint. Kristina asks if he can stay and help. Julia doesn’t look happy but Kristina says she needs a lot of help. Julia admits it would be a lot of help. He says he’ll go to his truck and get what he needs.

Sarah and Zeek sit at the blackjack table and he tells her he can’t talk. She tells him Ben Affleck got in trouble for counting cards. He stands a little, sways then crumples to the casino floor as she screams. She calls her Mom as they race into the hospital. Zeek calls out that she shouldn’t worry. Later, Julia pays Clue with Victor and Sydney when her Mom calls to tell her about her Dad’s collapse. Joel comes in and she tells him about it too.

She says she doesn’t know if he’s okay but he’s in Vegas with Sarah. She says she needs to go and he tells her to go on and tells the kids he’s making dinner there. He takes over at Clue and she grabs her purse and goes. In the ER, Zeek is being difficult. He’s annoyed and picks at the very young doctor. He asks if Zeek lost consciousness but he insists he just stood up too fast. He asks about chest pain and Sarah says he has a heart condition.

He finally says he got a little warm and then admits he’d been drinking. The doc says they’re going to run a few tests and Sarah steps aside and asks if he had a heart attack. He says he doesn’t know. Millie talks to Adam on the phone and asks him to talk to the doctor in Vegas. Julia comes in and her Mom says she didn’t have to come by. Millie says it’s okay. She says it’s a good hospital and he never lost consciousness. She tells her Joel is with the kids so she came to be with her.

Julia asks what hospital and her Mom says she saw the way Joel was looking at her and Julia says he may have waited too long. Her Mom tells her not to give up on a guy like Joel. Julia tells her Mom to let her take care of her and sits her down and offers to fix a drink for her. Hank fixes dinner for Ruby and tries to have a dinner conversation. He asks how life is.

Ruby says life is fine. He asks about school and friends. He asks if it was hard to leave then but she says that’s fine too. The doc tells Zeek the initial tests look negative for a heart attack but says he can’t go. He says there are still more test results coming and Sarah wants him to wait. Sarah gets a call as the doctor explains about the cardiac catheter.

Adam demands to talk to the doctor and she says she’s handling it. Adam hears their Dad being difficult as the doctor says he has to sign a form saying he’s released against medical orders. He’s yelling and Sarah tries to get him to calm down and they finally relent and get him the form. Adam is furious because Sarah’s phone is going straight to voice mail.

Crosby is there and laments with him. They are outraged that she took him to Vegas and they didn’t know. Turns out Crosby knows the hospital because he’s had several medical events in Vegas. Adam slams down the phone and says they need to go to Vegas and deal with it. Crosby wants to hit the ATM but Adam says they won’t be gambling.

Kristina tries to talk to Max about what happened last year and he says – they peed in my canteen. She says that’s why they built the school. So all kids could come and not be afraid or bullied. She says they want it to be a place where everyone can be happy. Max tells her that she should have asked him first and says again that he won’t be coming there. He says he likes watching paint dry (they literally are).

Haddie comes to talk to Amber to tell her that she doesn’t like the way she’s treating her. She tells Amber she hurt her feelings and Amber blurts out that she’s pregnant. Haddie is floored and goes to her and asks if it’s good or bad. Amber says she doesn’t know. They hug and she tells her that no one else knows. Haddie says she’ll stay and make tea.

Adam and Crosby pound on the hotel room door and they tell her there’s no answer at Zeek’s room. They get a maid to open the door and go inside. He’s not there. They ask her what the hell, but she doesn’t know where he is. She says she told him to stay in his room. Crosby finds him at the blackjack table and he says it’s part of his birthday surprise. He says he didn’t want to wake Sarah. The kids are angry at him but he won’t stop playing.

Crosby gives him gambling advice and then he wins. Adam grabs the chips and Zeek tells Sarah she shouldn’t have ratted him out. He says he’s not going back to the hospital. He tells them he’ll bankroll them as long as they’ll shut up about his heart and let him enjoy his birthday. Crosby says he wants to play craps after this and sits. Sarah sits and says one hand and says he looks fine. Adam tells them this family is sick but he sits too.

Hank lies on the sofa watching football when Sandy comes by to ask how it went. He says it was okay. She tells him they need to talk. He says he should have told her about Sarah. She says she doesn’t give a crap and asks if she’s living there. He says no. She says it’s not working with her and Ruby and she can’t handle her. She says she asked to be transferred there because Ruby got in with some bad kids and she’s worried about her. She says she needs his help and it needs to be 50/50. He says he’s up for it.

Ruby comes out and asks why Sandy is there and where she’s staying. He says she’s staying there. He tells her to hug her Mom but she won’t. She’s sullen and annoyed and then are irritated. Haddie and Amber chat and Amber asks if she likes girls or guys now. They talk about Alex and Steve. Amber says they are real life grown ups and are old now.

Haddie tells her she gets that this is hard to talk about but says she’ll feel better once she talks to her Mom. Amber says she may be right for once. Julia comes home and gives Joel the update that there is no update but that Adam and Crosby are in Vegas. She tells him she’ll call him but he says he’s not going until he knows Zeek is okay.

She gets a text and it’s a photo of her siblings and her Dad at the casino. She cries and says he’s okay and that she’s going to kill them. She starts crying and he takes her in his arms and hugs her. He kisses her hair and then her but she pushes him away and he says he’s sorry and that he’ll go. Zeek comes in and finds Millie waiting for him.

She says he scared her and he says it was nothing but she says he has to go to the doctor. He says he needs to lie down and get some sleep. She insists they go. Julia is on the phone when Chris comes in and closes her blinds and takes her in his arms. He says he can’t stop thinking about her. He says he likes her and wants to make a go of this. She says okay and he asks if that’s a yes. She says okay again.

Max sits at the table when his Dad says he made him a great sandwich and his granddad is okay. Max says he doesn’t need a bag lunch because he’s not going to Chamber’s Academy. Adam reminds him how hard his Mom worked to make that school happened. He says she recruited 39 students and Max said 38 since he’s not going. He says the school is not for him but Adam insists that he go not for him, but for his mother.

Max sets the lunch aside and doesn’t move. Sarah tells Hank that Alcatraz sounds like a good outing. He says it went okay and she says he’s a good Dad and he says he’s trying. He tells her about the 50/50 custody thing. She says that sounds like what’s best for Ruby. He asks if she’s cool with it and she says yes but she doesn’t seem really happy.

Zeek and Millie sit at the doctor’s office and he says they don’t know what happened to cause the collapse and he doesn’t like that. He wants to go in with a scope and see what’s going on. Zeek looks distant. Millie looks worried. Kristina greets the parents on day one of the Academy opening. She’s shocked to see Max there and is floored. She welcomes him and holds out her hand. He shakes it and heads inside.

Amber comes to see her Mom and she tells her about Zeek and Vegas, then Adam and Crosby. She pours wine for them as she talks non-stop. She blurts out that she’s pregnant. Her Mom’s jaw drops and she says “oh.