Person of Interest ‘Nautilus’ Recap: Season 4 Episode 2

Person of Interest 'Nautilus' Recap: Season 4 Episode 2

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest returns with an all new Tuesday September 30, season 4 episode 2 called, “Nautilus.” On tonight’s episode Finch’s resolve to avoid dealing with new numbers is tested when Reese reveals that the latest person of interest is a brilliant college student involved in a dangerous scavenger hunt, but taking action may put Finch at risk of detection by Samaritan.

On the last episode forced to take on new identities created by Root, the team tried to adapt to their new lives. However, some found it hard to ignore The Machine’s numbers, which put them all at risk of being detected by Samaritan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode although Finch insists that he no longer wishes to help with new numbers, his interest is piqued when Reese learns that the newest POI is a brilliant college student engaged in a mysterious.

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Finch is welding when gets a text inviting him for a latenight snack. He takes a call from Reese who says he’s late. He tells him to get his new number to fill in and Finch is shocked. He says her name is Claire Mahoney a college sophomore from Ohio. He says she eats most of her meals at the same diner he’s at. Finch asks if he lured him there to assign him his number. Reese says she’s more than that and is a chess grand master and math whiz. He says in the last 48, she bought a gun and is engaging in crimes. He says he thinks Professor Whistler would want to find out. Finch says their covers come first and Reese reminds him that at least his cover didn’t come with a partner just as his slams down a pile of papers and laughs.

Finch says he has more important matters to attend to and asks him to put Shaw on but he says she’s working on other things. Claire walks out of the diner past him. Shaw is in a car when Root hops in and they talk about covers. Root tells her that her as long as she doesn’t get caught or gain attention, her cover will hold. She tells her to be a good thief but not too good. The alarm goes off, Root slides out and the thieves hop in the car with Shaw who is serving as get away driver.

Claire grabs a number off a lost dog flier and says – gotcha. Finch follows her and also snatches one noticing there’s a nautilus shell on the number. A student complains to Finch about her class schedule as he dials the number from the flier which is out of order. She asks why he’s on the phone when she needs a help and he says it’s about a math major. She says that’s a hassle – all the number manipulation. That inspires him and he realizes it’s GPS coordinates then promises to talk to the dean and rushes out. He follows the coordinates to a yard where there’s a mural. Claire checks it out from behind a fence. Finch snaps a pic of the mural and notes there’s another nautilus.

He gets up closer to the mural and Claire pulls a gun on him and asks if he’s playing too. She says she’ll win. She accuses him of cheating off of her. She breaks his phone and she say he’s there to sabotage her and slow her down. He says he’s not. She says he can keep playing. She shoots out a car window and screams for help. Reese is there and says he’ll arrest him. Finch tells him that Claire thinks she’s playing a game. He thinks they should leave her alone. Reese slaps cuffs on him and says their covers come first and he doesn’t want to be tagged for suspicious behavior.

Finch asks Reese to uncuff him after he finishes a call with Claire’s professor. He says she has a history of instability that’s been a year or longer and triggered a suicide attempt. Reese says he’ll try to figure out what caused her break. Finch says he thinks she’s a danger to herself. Finch says they need to find her and tells Reese to take his partner, but not the cop one.

Reese brings his dog to Claire’s place and spots a backup hard drive that he pockets. A guy asks why he’s there – her dad – and he says he’s a cop. Her dad says she won’t return his calls and asks if she’s okay. Reese says she’s a witness to a nonviolent crime. The dad asks him to call if they find him. Finch calls Reese and says they need to meet ASAP. Reese gives him the hidden hard drive and Finch shows him the photo of Claire. Finch says the graffiti is a Bongard puzzle. He says it’s in code.

Finch says if you use the pattern you get three which solves the puzzle and gives a three pronged arch. Reese shows him the same arch in Central Park. Finch says that’s where he can find her and find out if she’s really playing a game. Finch says he’ll try to crack her hard drive while he’s gone but insists he’s still not working the number. Reese lurks near the arch but doesn’t see her. Finch says Reese got an email back on his research request on Claire.

Reese tells him Claire is in the middle of the street. Care are honking and zooming around her. Reese tackles her and she asks why he did it. He says he called her dad and she says that’s not her father. Finch tells him that her parents died last year and she’s telling the truth. Reese tells her to run and beats down the guy who then flees back to his car and takes off. Reese says not only is the game Claire is playing real but it’s also deadly. She’s gone.

Reese looks in the woods for Claire. They wonder who would pose as her dad and Reese says he thinks private military contractor. Finch send shim notes from the back up drive. It started with a notice to be the one to walk through the portal. The game culminates in you stealing a certain encrypted file. Finch says this is not the first game and no one knows what happens when you get to the end but it could be rogue hackers or CIA.

Finch is at the arch and says he found one of her competitors. He tries to benignly approach the guy who pulls a weapon, freaks and leaves. Finch says at least he gave him the spot to get the next clue. Finch notices another nautilus and the message gives an intersection where he thinks Claire may be going. Reese heads there. Claire confronts Finch at the corner and asks for her hard drive. He hands it over and tells her he’s not competing against her. He says her euology to her parents changed his mind. He says that tells him she wouldn’t shoot him over a game.

She says he doesn’t know her at all and rushes off. Shaw disables alarms at a bank for her thief buddies when Finch calls and says he needs her help with a number. She agrees to help and leaves. They meet up – she hops into the car and he tells her about the dangerous game. He says he’s looking for the game master. She looks out at the lost dog psoter. He sees a guy putting it up and sees a barista put it up. Shaw says she also likes to play games and Finch tells her he’s not a fan of violence. She says she can imply it and may not have to use it. She dons a mask and grabs the guy.

Finch stands where he can’t see him and tells him he disabled the cameras. He asks about the game but the barista is clueless. She threatens to chop his fingers. He says the poster came in an anonymous email asking him to post it at a certain time in exchange for $1,000. Finch says he needs to see the email and Shaw tells him to make her a latte. Reese is at a biker bar and finds Claire there. He says she’s staring at something he doesn’t undertand.

Finch tells him he’s trying to retrace the email that started the game. A biker tells Claire she can’t leave til he buys her a drink and she tells him the guy behind him is trying to steal his wallet – it’s the other game player. She takes off. He starts to pull a weapon. Reese threatens to arrest him if he doesn’t quit the game. He agrees and runs. Reese snaps a pic of the next clue. Finch says somehting is hacking back against him and he throws the laptop out the window and tells Shaw to drive. Reese says Claire has people waiting on her. Finch tells Reese that he can’t stop it – he says the creator of the game isn’t a hacker or even human – it’s Samaritan. Reese’s face registers shock.

Reese watches Claire and says she’s in danger. Finch says until he understands Samaritan’s intent, they can’t risk their lives. Reese won’t back down and says he’ll take it from here. He moves in on the guy that was about to take down Claire and tells him he’s under arrest. Claire walks on but another guy is behind her. The guy pulls a swtitchblade and Reese snatches him too – it was the guy posing as her dad. Root asks Finch if he and Reese had a spat and he says they need to focus on this and shows her the nautilus shell and tells her Samaritan is behind the game.

Root tells him that Samaritan is recruiting. He asks what kind of people then explains what type of fearless genius Claire is. She tells him that Claire will do anything Samaritan asks no questions asked. She says she can tell he’s thinking whether he should blow their covers to save her. Root says if she asks her that her answer will be that he has to figure it out for himself. There’s a noise and Root tells Larry to be quiet and she’ll give him back seat privileges. She has him in the truck. She’s playing flight attendant today and says she hopes she gets to go somewhere tropical.

The guy wakes and finds Reese staring at him. He tells him he’ll arrest him and when his employers find out, they’ll send someone to silence him for good. He asks why he was after Claire and he tells him she hacked Silverpool’s network – the private military corporation he works for. He asks what she took and the guy tells Reese it’s above his pay grade. He says he can guess – civilian casulaties in Tikrit. The guy tells him that the three of them were just the start and Silverpool won’t stop til she’s dead. But he knows nothing about the game.

Reese’s partner looks at the biker symbol and says it’s like a jumble. His idiot partner figures out that it’s musical notes – New York, New York. Reese says she’s going to the observation deck and takes off. We see a sniper focusing on Claire and telling his contact the target has arrived and he has her in his sights. He says he has a clear shot. There’s a noise and Reese takes him out. Claire enters the Empire State Building safely. A paramilitary guy outside monitors her entrance. She heads to the elevator and two tough guys fall in behind her.

She gets on the elevator. It’s actually Shaw in the hoodie and she holds the elevator til Reese hops on. Claire is at the top and spots the shell. It gives her the code to the Slverpool documents. She loads in the encryption key. Finch is there and tells her they’re trying to kill her for the documents. She says she knows what they say- civilian casualties, suffering. He tells her he came to get her to make the right decision. He tells her to quit the game – he says it’s a recruiting tool for a dangerous force that will put her in danger.

She says last Thanksgiving her parents were killed by a driver. He says that was a random accident and there was no one to blame. She says she needed something else. She gets the clue – an octagon. He tells her he won’t give her his number to call if she doesn’t need help. He realizes she’s looking for meaning. The clue says to find the octagon in the glass. She says meaning found her and she reached out and took a chance and is going to win. She finds the shell on the ground then the octagon and says it’s the Octagon bulding.

Finch won’t give up and says she’s reaching out for meaning but the wrong this is reaching back. He says it won’t be the meaning she wants. He says if she leaves the men from Silverpool will track her down or the force behind the game which is worse. He says he can help her right now. She asks why he would help her and he says he likes ot think there’s meaning too. The elveator doors open and Shaw and Reese step out. They find Finch alone.

They ask where Claire is and Finch says she no longer wanted their protection. Finch says he gave her all the facts and it’s up to her to make the decision. Claire head into the Octagon bulding and head upstairs. She realizes the einside of the building is a nautilus. She gets a clue from the roof sign that translates to Swytch. She heads up onto the roof and sees a switch. She flips it and looks around. She flips it down and is annoyed that it doesn’t work.

The military guys are there and demand that she give them the file. She asks if they will let her go if she does. She says this whole thing didn’t mean anything after all. Then the guys are gunned down and she’s alone on the roof. She hears a phone vibrate and opens the switch box. She sees a phone that displays the message – I will protect you now. She looks round and sighs as Samaritan changes Claire’s designation from competitor to asset.

Reese shows Finch the headline about Silverpool and Finch says he didn’t leak it. Finch says they were developing a surveillance system that would have rivaled Samaritan. Reese says she was used to retrieve a file only a human agent could. Reese says she’s nowhere to be found and he apoligizes for dragging Finch into this. Finch says it’s okay because he also made his choice. He takes him down into the subways and shows him a subway repair line that’s been abandoned. He juiced it from the third rail and has set it up to be their new place.

Reese asks how he found it. Finch says Samaritan underestimated them. He says they are away from prying cameras and he found a way to spoof ISPs to give them a secure way to access the internet. Shaw shows up and asks if he’s back. He says they’re not just fighitng for people’s lives. He says if Samaritan wins, the world as they know it will end and people won’t notice until it’s too late. Finch says they have no time and have to get to work so they do.
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