Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Spoilers Episode 15 “Love ShAck, Baby!”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Spoilers Episode 15 “Love ShAck, Baby!”

Last night’s winter premiere was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  So so so many questions……about Ezra….Ali…Mona….Jenna…Shana…CeCe…and whatever happened to the fifty dollar gift card A bought Emily?

The girls are in Spencer’s bedroom and while the three chat she looks blankly out the window. They are throwing questions back and forth like they are a pin ball machine. Hannah is a little tired of Aria saying I don’t know, Aria tells her tough feathers and fork earrings because she doesn’t know. Emily puts a end to it by asking what they do know….not much. Aria wants to know why the cops weren’t called that fateful night Ali didn’t really die. Emily is like ummm…. yeah Aria which one did you want her to call Wilden or Garrett? Hannah is all aboard the I get why no one called the cops train. Aria inserts how Ali is really alive and not to be selfish or anything but she is not to happy about this, come to find out none of them are. Spencer finally comes out of her window stare down and tells them they need to figure all this out because Ali has a whole lot of stuff to answer to. Spencer is on a roll, she demands answers and she will get them. Emily is on board and seems to think Ali is A….. Maybe Ali worked for A , double crossed them and then A did what A does best. Aria and Hannah are not to sure. Spencer is spinning like a top so who knows where she is going to land. Spencer just wants to know who Ali was afraid of …not Shana, all she did was sell Jenna’s car to Mona. Can’t be CeCe she is on the run because she killed Wilden. Hannah thinks it’s board shorts, Emily brings up the fact they can’t prove that is a real person. Spencer tells them who ever came after her in that crypt keeper owned and operated house of horrors in Ravenswood was a real person. I think the person they are looking for wears a lot of sweater vest and teaches them English…goes by the name Ezra or Mr. Fitz depending on which of the four is talking about him.

Road trip to the mausoleum to visit with the not Ali in the wall. Spencer wonders if Ali has talked to anyone else…like lets say Jason for instance. Aria tells her they all agreed to keep the whole Ali isn’t dead thing to themselves for the time being, and need Aria of all people remind you that Ali’s would be assassin is still on the loose. Spencer thinks Jason already knows. Hannah has a theory. Spencer finds it hard to believe and downright insulting Hannah got one before she did. Hannah’s theory goes like this..Who ever is in the box was killed and then put in the ground to make it look like it was Ali it was put there before the guys poured the cement. Hannah explains that means a girl is missing somewhere and if they can connect the dots they may just find out what happened. Aria and Emily are struggling with the whole the test proved it was Ali even though they know Wilden and Garrett were at one time on the Rosewood P D pay roll. Hannah is undeterred she thinks it was faked because it was important that they think it was Ali. So maybe Ali had the test faked then. Spencer has to concede at this point that this was well played by Hannah. Hannah is all apology accepted.

Emily is talking to Ali’s mom who is three shades crazier than before and is taking the sheets and blankets off of Ali’s bed to wash them which would be awfully damn weird if we weren’t aware of the fact Ali is still alive. Emily ask her how she can reach Jason since his voicemail is always full. Ali’s mom tells Emily that Jason is taking some me time. Which sounds so strange to me. She then points out to Emily it’s time to change the comforter. Emily agrees. Emily picks up a picture of the five of them and looks at it before she covers Ali with her thumb, she looks in the mirror and sighs.

Hannah is at home doing a web search for girls who went missing on Labor Day in Pennsylvania when her mom walks in, Hannah shuts her laptop. Apparently Hannah’s mom can’t find a job seeing as how she is a accused murderer, makes her a liability. She tells Hannah not to worry that she is Ashley Marin for gods sake and she will find a job. Hannah shoves her laptop in her bag and gets up to leave for school, her mom reminds her to call her dad, Hannah tells her there is no need because she doesn’t feel the need to go down and under and besides the water runs backwards in Australia.

Spencer, Aria, and Emily are having one of their usual before school pow wows when Toby with his amazing six pack that can feed the starving eyes of woman for decades to come shows up. Spencer smiles and tells him to hold her before she explodes. She ask if he got any answers about his mom, before he can answer Mona honks and then flies by them in her newly acquired Jenna mobile. Toby says she didn’t hit them so clearly Mona is making progress. Spencer agrees she is making progress…on her aim.

Emily is sitting with Paige who is blabbering on and on about swimming. Emily is a million miles away. Paige apologizes for talking non stop. Emily apologizes for not paying attention to her non stop talking. Then they kind of get in a little fight when Paige ask what’s wrong and Emily doesn’t want to discuss it.

Mona offers Hannah a ride in Jenna’s car. Hannah tells her she will think about it. Mona accuses Hannah of shutting her out which is surprising all things considered like taking the wrap for a murder she did not commit. Hannah questions if Mona really did that for her. Hannah walks away and Mona has that look ….you know the one where she is plotting and scheming. My only question is who is it helping?

English class with Mr. Fitz who has has them reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Because Ezra clearly has a classic Jekyll/Hyde complex. Ezra tells them they don’t know the story. Is he talking about the book or himself? Ezra ask Aria to stay just for a sec.

Hannah, Spencer, and Emily head to the computer lab. Hannah pulls out her laptop and shows them what her google search came up with. Hannah found a girl named Sara Harvey that went missing around the same time Ali did. Emily thinks they should talk to her friends. Hannah is on top of that and she already sent them a email. Spencer is impressed. A projector comes on behind them with some 1950’s school presentation. They watch and in it is a message from A which says: Ali, Ali, Oxen-free. Whoever finds her, gets to keep her. Kisses-A. Hannah ask if they just got dared. Emily tells her it was a double dog dare.

Back in the English room Ezra is kissing up to Aria by apologizing for being selfish and not wanting to lose her. He goes on to tell her he knows his days are numbered their. He just ain’t whistling Dixie. No really…he isn’t… It’s a southern thing…I kid…my grandparents are from the south. Ezra tells her once they both move on past the high school hallways he wants another chance to be the person she thinks he is. What? Is he playing her? Or does he think all the A stuff will be behind him? Aria just sits and looks at him.

Spencer’s dad is grabbing a knife to cut his sandwich. Why didn’t he just use the one he put the mayo on with? Spencer wants to know if he knows where Jason is. He wants to know why she would think that. Spencer reminds him he is Jason’s father. He clearly doesn’t want the reminder. He tells her to suppress the urge to talk to him. Spencer is not having it. Her dad says he will try and find out is she promises to stay away from Ali’s mom. Spencer agrees.

Hannah is at home messaging Sara’s friends about meeting for coffee, while waiting for a response she grabs a knife to open Ali’s book she snagged from A’s lair in Ravenswood. She gets a message saying they are good with meeting for coffee. Hannah goes back to opening the book.

Toby and Spencer are discussing the six names Toby found in the log book at the hospital where Dr. Palmer’s lives. Spencer ask Toby what made him think to do that. Toby tells her he remembered the old saying what would Spencer do. Spencer’s ego is pleased. Spencer then ask if he has talked to any of those people. Toby tells her they were all willing to talk as long as he didn’t get them in trouble. Apparently his mother did not in fact commit suicide and the hospital covered up the actual cause. Spencer tells him there is a way to get that in writing and it involves the Mythbusters and proving a elephant really is scared of a mouse. Did she just refer to Toby as a rodent?

Over at Emily’s job Hannah is explaining the whole coffee date story to her. Hannah tells her she doesn’t want to go alone. Emily tells her she should have thought of that before she sent the message….cold as ice…. Emily is upset that Ali has been playing dead all this time. Aria isn’t happy about playing hide and seek either but hey it is what it is. Caleb walks in and Hannah runs over to him.

Hannah and Caleb are sitting at a table talking about how much they missed each other. Hannah ask if Miranda is ok. Caleb tells her she is just peachy with a side of keen you know under the circumstances. Caleb is really trying to spit it out but the words just aren’t flowing so he instead tells her about all the things he missed. They get up and leave.

Toby and Spencer go to see a Mrs. Mainway. At first she doesn’t know who they are but with a slightly veiled threat from Spencer she realizes just exactly who Toby is.

Emily and Hannah are meeting with Sara’s friends. These girls pretty much tell them a story that mirrors theirs, with the exception that their friend is still missing. Hannah finds out she went missing the day after Labor Day.

Mona runs into Mr.Fitz on a street corner. They chit chat for a minute, Mona is always working her angle and Ezra is always playing the good guy. Then Mona reels him in…she tells how much she loves Jekyll and Hyde how much the girls all like him and how she needs a mentor. Ezra just smiles and nods. Obviously he knows she was on the A team, so I’m not sure where Mona is going with this unless she knows or figured out he is A.

With a few more threats Spencer convinces Mrs. Mainway to change the paperwork.

Hannah calls Aria and tells her the Sara theory is a bust……but I think it will pop up again. Ali’s mom gives Hannah’s mom a job at her real estate office. Ali’s mom tells her that when she saw Ali in her dreams she told her to give Hannah’s mom the job. Hannah is eight kinds of freaked out.

Mona is on her A game and she all but comes out and tells Ezra she knows he is a bad bad man. She even brings up the characters in the books always wearing mask or hiding their true selves. Ezra ask her what she wants. Mona wants revenge. Ezra tells her she has done some bad things. Mona says he who is without sin. Ezra is getting A like and tells her fear is the number one motivator and she figured that out and it is a bad thing because she will underestimate how far she can push someone and they will push back. Mona looks scared and her moment of silence reinforces it. She tells him she knew she could count on him for good advice and gets up to leave. Ezra watches her go.

Hanna and Caleb are sitting on a bench. Hannah is talking about how Ali’s mom sees dead people and that it can’t be real. Caleb understandably would like to change the subject. It seems everything is just complicated right now for Caleb. Caleb tells her he has to go back to Ravenswood. Hannah is unhappy. Caleb still can’t explain it.

Spencer got Toby his official letter saying that Radley has to admit that his mother didn’t kill herself. Spencer’s dad is very interested. Especially when he hears the name of the company that owns them. Spencer’s dad thinks he could get Radley closed for good. Spencer looks uncertain.

Ezra picks up Aria on a street corner and because she doesn’t know he is a psycho spelled with a capital A she gets in and they take off.

Emily is cleaning up the coffee shop after it’s closed when she hears a knock on the door, and because Emily is always ready for A she picks up a coffee pot full of water. It’s one of Sara’s friends and she wants to talk. Emily looks at the pot in her hand and asks her if she wants some tea.

Ezra and Aria are in a cabin. Ezra makes up a elaborate lie about some friend that lets him use it when he is out of town. Aria naturally buys it. Aria ask Ezra what he wants. Ezra tells her he wants a time machine so he could go back and avoid all the mistakes. I’m beginning to wonder just how far back Ezra’s involvement in the A team goes. I don’t think it’s been since episode one, I’m thinking around the time of the Halloween train is when it all started when he claimed he had a job interview and couldn’t go with her that night. So does that mean he also knows about Toby?

Aria goes on about how she has a boyfriend and Mr. Hackett is constantly watching her. Ezra takes out a key to the cabin and gives it to her. Aria kisses him.

Sara’s friend explains to Emily that the one friend wasn’t their today because she is a little out of it and on meds. Sara’s friend tells her that with every gift Sara gave you she took two away….the parallels are uncanny ….. Im beginning to think Sara really is the girl in the box. She tells Emily she is jealous of her and her friends because Ali is dead and they have their lives back while her and her friends do not. She tells Emily she wished Sara was dead before she disappeared. She gets up and leaves. I bet this girl is back somewhere down the road. Emily watches her leave with a look of shock, understanding, realization, and guilt on her face.

Over at Hannah’s Caleb tells her he has to leave. Hannah doesn’t want him to. Caleb is going anyway. They get in a huge fight and she thinks he wants to be with Miranda , and because Caleb doesn’t want her hurt he allows her to believe it. Caleb leaves. Ashley comes down the stairs and holds Hannah while she cries.

Spencer is asking her dad what he is up to. Him being who he is he doesn’t give her a straight answer he just makes one up to appease her. It doesn’t work.

Ezra is laying on the bed in the cabin while Aria is sitting by the window looking out it. Ezra is watching her but the. He glances down at a handle in the floor then he looks back up at Aria.

Emily tells Paige about that one time her and Alison kissed. Paige could have done without the over share. Emily explains that it’s her belief that Ali couldn’t give love because she never really felt it. Paige ask if this is Emily’s way of finally letting her go. Emily says she guesses so. That is until she comes back home of course.

Caleb comes out of a coffee shop with a cup of coffee. Hannah is there, she tells him No matter what happens she doesn’t want that to be the way they say good bye. Caleb tells her goodbye. Hannah says goodbye. Hannah hands him the coffee he left on top of the car. He tells Hannah he isn’t going to forget anything. Caleb drives around the corner and stops the car and breaks down crying.

The girls are back at the mausoleum the girls are talking about the poor girl in the box. Hannah takes Ali’s book out of her purse and tells them she got it from A’s lair. Spencer wants to know why she didn’t show it to them before. Hannah tells her it’s because Ali wrote some pretty mean stuff about each and everyone of them in it. Spencer opens it to page one.

A or possibly just someone dressed all in black is sneaking into the cabin. So it can’t be Ezra right? He has a key. They walk over to the handle in the floor, pull it up, and it’s pitch black inside. Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious if it was Mona and she somehow beat Ezra to it? Come to think of it wouldn’t it be great if she was the one to tell the girls all about him?


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Love ShAck, Baby!” check out the preview of episode 15 below!

Now that Hanna has shared with Aria, Emily and Spencer that she has Ali’s diary, the girls hope it can shed light on their many questions. But with the diary full of stories that have been coded to cover the truth, each girl must take a turn to figure out which stories are about them. Hopefully when they are through they will find the story that could finally give them answers to who has been going after Ali. But with each story more personal than the last, do Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer really want to admit which story is about them? Meanwhile, Spencer is suspicious of her father’s latest interaction with Mrs. DiLaurentis.