Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Spoilers Episode 18 “Hot for Teacher”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Spoilers Episode 18 “Hot for Teacher”

Last night’s episode 17, “Bite Your Tongue” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  Huge EzrA reveal last night!!!! What could it be? Better yet who spills it?

Aria is complaining to Emily about some guy in front of them in a movie theatre. Aria brings up Spencer, cue awkward silence. Aria tells Emily she has to let it go. Emily tells her that Spencer needs to stop trying to control every situation, Aria tells her that Spencer made a mistake, Emily tells her that she is the one that made the mistake by trusting Spencer. When they get to Arias door they hear the pitter patter of loud teenage feet and find that a party is going on. Aria is livid and Mike tells her to chill out. Emily breaks up a couple making out on Byron’s desk. Aria tells Mike he has ten minutes to get everyone out, her and Emily head upstairs.

Over at Casa Hastings Spencer taken the stories from Ali’s diary and transferred them onto her computer, she is trying to fill in the blanks. Spencer calls Hannah who is busy eating in bed and reading a book. Spencer wants to know if Ali is talking to the guy about novels and travel, hmmmmmmm, or shovels and gravel. Hanna offers a uh huh. Hannah tells Spencer she is reading Patterson as in James novels guess she thinks she will find out the secret to criminals in their, knowing Hannah she probably will. Hannah is focused on finding out who is in Ali’s coffin.

Aria and Emily finding Mona in Aria’s room. Mona barely can get a word in before Aria is in wth mode. Apparently Mike invited her, Emily ask the obvious question, why would Mike do that? Mona seems to think its because not everyone wants to avoid her, so I guess she is a little upset with our girls. She tells Aria she loves her wallpaper, zips her purse, wonder what she put in it out of Aria’s room and then storms out. Leaving Aria and Emily to still wonder wth?

Next morning before Aria and Mike leave for school Aria wants to chit chat about Mona. He tells her that met in a after school program. Aria tells him she isn’t happy about him playing nice with a girl who spent Junior year torturing her. Mike tells her to let it go, she needs to forgive and forget.

Emily’s dad took her car to get it checked. He tells her that someone must have turned off the system from a remote location. Emily decides to ride her bike to school.

Maggie is visiting EzrA. EzrA wants to see Malcolm, catch is Maggie didn’t bring him she left him in Seattle. Aria comes walking in, Maggie exits stage left. Aria starts spouting off and EzrA tells her getting upset about it isn’t going to help, and besides people eventually get what they deserve. Aria doesn’t even raise a eyebrow.

Hannah is at a book rake looking for Patterson no doubt, the new detective walks over and attempts to apologize and then ask Hannah how her and her mom are picks out a book for her gives a smile and walks away. Could this be Hannah’s new guy? Before she and I can ponder that further her phone goes off and she looks at it with concern.

When Hannah gets to school she ask Emily what her dad said. Emily tells her it’s more about what he didn’t say, like the fact A is the one that made her car go whacko in the woods. Hannah is trying to sound all smart and detective ish. Emily tells her to quit picking up rocks that keep getting thrown at Ali. Spencer comes over to talk to Emily who proceeds to slam her locker and walk away.

Aria sees Mike and Mona is a very thought provoking conversation, mind you it’s more what they aren’t saying that causes the provoking. Aria goes right to Mona and lets loose, Aria accuses her of having a agenda. Mona says nope you are the one with the agenda. Aria tells her that isn’t what happened. Mona is like what evs I’m hanging with a new crowd so suck it up.

Spencer runs into Andrew who reminds her they have a test. Spencer spaced it. She ask Andrew if he can cover for her and then bring by his physics notes after school. Andrew tell her he can. Andrew has a blank look on his face as Spencer walks away.

EzrA is sitting in class grading papers when Mona walks in. Mona tells him you wanted to see me, EzrA tells her yes then EzrA tells her to close the door.

Hannah runs into cute detective again, me thinks I need to learn his name. They start talking about how she is on the last two pages of her book. He tells her he is impressed. Hannah explains she always reads the end first, he tells her that’s crazy. Hannah tells him it isn’t because that’s how she knows what clues to look for. Cute detective thinks she needs to go back and read the middle, Hannah tells him to just tell her the twist, he says no but then gives in and tells her it has to do with the dental records, since that’s what it always comes down to. Look at that he is helping her and isn’t even aware of it.

Aria goes to see Jesse (the new counselor) about the Mike Mona fiasco of 2014. He invites Aria in, she ask if just anybody can join. Jesse knows she is talking about Mona. Aria tells him Mona is the devil. Jesse offers to let Aria come to the meetings, but Aria doesn’t have time for that.

EzrA is in his classroom sending a text that reads “There’s been a setback, re: Alison.” Emily’s dad walks in he wants to know if all the going ons has affected Emily’s work. EzrA tells him no. Emily’s dad goes on to tell EzrA that Emily staying at Ali’s house may have been a mistake seeing as how her mom acts like she is going to walk back in the door at any minute. EzrA ask him how he can help. Emily’s dad wants EzrA to get her back on track. EzrA agrees to it. When Emily’s dad leaves. EzrA makes a phone call.

Spencer and Andrew are studying. Spencer knows something is up, she tells him she has been watching him, she wants some of his child proof cap study aide. Andrew agrees to give her some.

Emily can’t sleep and hears a noise, she gets a pair of scissors and heads towards her door. The door knob jiggles and opens she almost stabs her dad. Outside on her window sill is a handprint.

Spencer is reading Ali’s story with the words she filled in. Spencer finds out that he takes her to a bar called The Hart and The Huntsman. Alison has him reading some of her stories, he tells her that her voice will grow as she gets more mature. Ali questions if he thinks she is mature enough now, he didn’t say that he thinks all great literature boils down to two things love and death ….who does that sound like. Ali simply says whatever, who orders boysenberry pie and beer. She tells him she should write a story about him about that moment, she leans in and kisses him.

Hannah lets Spencer in. Spencer tells her she has a lead it involves a pub outside of Hollis. Spencer ask her if she wants to go. Hannah tells her she can’t she has a cleaning at the dentist that afternoon. Spencer can’t believe she is passing up a opportunity to find out who was after Ali. Hannah tells her she is going to try and find out who switched the dental records.

Aria runs into Maggie at the post office. Aria lets Maggie have it. Maggie in turn lets Aria have it and tells her she maintains her GPA by sleeping with her teacher. Aria grabs her arm and the box falls to the ground. Aria apologizes and takes off.

At school Aria tells Emily all about it and then tells her because of her Maggie will probably never let EzrA see Malcolm. Emily tries to make her feel better. It doesn’t work. Emily realizes Aria is back with EzrA, Aria ask her to cover for her when she misses class. Emily tells her it shouldn’t be a problem since she is helping with the school play now that her dad thinks she is a nut job. Before that conversation can go any further Aria sees her brother kissing Mona, Aria turns and walks away.

Hannah finds out at her dentist appointment she has a loose filling that needs to be fixed, and for anybody who was wondering Sean has been at boarding school this whole time.

Spencer goes in the pub and sees EzrA there, he is having boysenberry pie. Spencer’s little light attempts to go off. EzrA leaves he has somewhere to be.

Aria leaves a message on EzrA’s voicemail to call her.

Back at the dentist office they think Hannah left but she is in the file room. The nurse locks up while Hannah continues to look.

Jesse runs into Aria at the coffee shop and ask if she will be joining the group. Aria says no. He still offers to talk if she ever needs it.

Hannah comes out and sits down. A comes in and knocks her out, and puts a syringe to her mouth.

Back at the pub the waitress brings Spencer a beer that EzrA had ordered to go with his pie. Ding ding ding , Spencer puts it together. EzrA is the guy Ali met. Oh btw board shorts is the name of the beer. So basically the reveal is something we all had assumed for awhile now. EzrA is the college boy Ali was seeing.

Emily is at the school making copies when she hears a door slam. Naturally she goes telling down the hallway. She goes to EzrA’s classroom and the door shuts. Emily gets her phone out to call her dad. The PA system starts blaring music. Emily leaves the room while leaving a message for her dad. She looks at the sign above the entrance of the school it says “ACT NORMAL, BITCH.” Emily locks herself in the room with the copier and continues to talk to her dads answering machine.

Hannah wakes up with a sore mouth and blood on her lip. She reaches for the files she took but they are gone.

Emily is back at the school trying to find a way out. When that doesn’t work she stacks stuff in front of the door. Her dad shows up and sees her bike. A is trying to get in the room with her, she breaks the window. Her dad climbs up the side and opens the window and gets her out, a comes in and looks down. Emily tells her dad she is sorry she panicked, but he is to busy falling over to listen.

The ambulance is taking Emily’s dad to the hospital. Her dad tells her he had some test done and something is wrong with his heart.

Emily is at Aria’s freaking out. Spencer shows up,looking like crap. Emily hugs her. Hannah shows up next and tells them A treated her. Aria wants to know who the monster is, Spencer looks at her, looks away, looks back and still decides now is not the time. Hannah wants someone to look in her mouth. Spencer finds a piece of paper in Hannah’s mouth that reads “I told you: Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. -A.

A shreds the sheet Hannah got from the dentist office. A puts it under Tippy’s cage. Behind the bird is a map of Cape May with two places circles one of which happens to say Wilden’s yacht above it.

The End!

If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Bite Your Tongue” check out the preview of episode 18 below!

“With Spencer’s possible Board Shorts revelation, she is now more determined than ever to prove her theory before bringing it to the other girls’ attention – especially since it could have a devastating effect on one of the Liars. But with many sleepless nights fueled by prescription medication, Hanna starts to notice Spencer’s odd behavior. Will Detective Hanna be able to figure out Spencer’s secret before Spencer is ready to share?  Meanwhile, Emily looks to make amends with Alison through Shana, and all of Aria’s lies start to take a toll on her.”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 will air on the ABC Family on February 4th, 2014.