Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 Review: Spoilers Episode 24 “A is for Answers”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 Review: Spoilers Episode 24 “A is for Answers”

Last night’s episode 23, “Unbridled” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  Spencer is running through the woods decked out in a wedding dress. She stops for a minute and then we see who she is after, someone in a black hoodie. Spencer starts to run but trips on the dress, a little fall,isn’t going to stop Spencer though, she stands up, shakes it off and keeps going. Spencer hears what sounds like a bear trap and then she stops running, stands still and gasp.

48 hours earlier: The girls are sitting in the brew. Aria is talking to Hannah and says you think Paige is the one who gave that note to the police. Hannah tells her she doesn’t think she knows, it was her handwriting and in her stationary. Aria ask Emily if she has talked to Paige. Emily tells her no that Paige is in Maine visiting family. Aria tells the if the police know Alison is alive…..Hannah interrupts I am not looking forward to,going to,the precinct. Emily tells them she is more worried about Alison then she is them which makes sense because we all know they have the evading the police questions on lock. Hannah ask what they are supposed to say when they ask them who’s bones are in Alison’s grave. Aria suggest they tell them they don’t know. Spencer tells them to relax if they are going to question anybody it’s going to be her on account of the whole shovel incident the night Alison went missing.

Aria tells Spencer she needs to eat something and then tells Hannah to give Spencer her cookie. Hannah informs her she is hungry and Aria can give Spencer her cookie. Spencer thinks Alison’s mom has been the one after them since MonA put on the straight jacket. Someone is watching them through the window. Emily wonders why Alison’s mom would waste her time torturing them if she knew Alison was alive instead of bringing her home. Spencer thinks it’s because she doesn’t think Alison will be safe until she is behind bars. Hannah changes her mind and slides her cookie over to Spencer telling her she does need jt more than her. Emily reminds Spencer she stayed at Alison’s house, Spencer reminds her she almost got kabobed by a knitting needle, Aria reminds her that it was actually her that happened to. Emily gets upset and wants to leave and since Spencer is her ride she needs to get up to.

They head outside and see Jason who looks at them but then chooses to drive away. They get in Spencer’s car to follow him but her ignition is stuck, all of a sudden a bunch of pictures come shooting out of the dash in Spencer’s car,it’s of a blonde girl with the face blacked out and a note is attached. “You know me Spencer. You killed me.” They look around but as usual there is no one to be seen.

Aria is standing in from of a mirror looking at ugly clothing choices trying to find one to wear, she is on the phone with her mom. Ella is telling her it isn’t about the money. It’s about getting wasted in a hotel room. Aria tells her she wasn’t wasted, her friend was. Ella’s would like a clarification of friend, she would also like to know if it has anything to do with EzrA resigning from Rosewood. I guess he really is going to be gone for a minute. Aria wants to know how her mom knows about that. Aria tells her it’s hard to talk about all this stuff first thing in the morning. Ella ask her if it would be any easier if she was at the foot of her bed. Ella opens the door and walks in, Aria runs to her and throws her arms around her.

Spencer is coming down the stairs talking about Jason. Spencer tells Emily he is unloading boxes from his car and she is just going to walk over there and try to talk to him. She sees Dean sitting at the counter and tells Emily she will have to call her back later. Dean tells Spencer he will be going next door with her. Spencer gives him the hundred reasons why he shouldn’t and could he just please this once watch her from the window. Dean agrees to it, but then starts hassling Spencer for her pee sample. Spencer tells him she is all sampled out. No worries Dean has it covered he gives her a pitcher of water and tells her to replenish and then they will wait.

Hannah is trying to find a place to sit down to eat her bowl of cereal. Hannah starts to move some stuff around and Ashley panics and tells,Hannah not to touch anything. Ashley finds her a two inch space to sit down at. Hannah thinks Alison’s mom should be doing all this work. Ashley tells her Alison’s mom has been busy as of late. Hannah tells her mom she doesn’t trust her and her mother shouldn’t either.

Spencer and Emily are in the school bathroom and Spencer is explaining how she missed Jason because of Dean and his obsession with her blade. Emily tells her she thought she was getting some of her privileges back. Spencer tells Emily that you can’t escape the cup. Paige walks in and Spencer walks out. They argue about the fact that Paige told the police and then Emily leaves.

Hannah is talking to Aria about her mother being back. Aria catches on and tells Aria not to worry, she promises she won’t over share with her mom, and tells Hannah she will see her later.

Hannah runs into Travis in the school hallway and tries to have a conversation. Travis tells her he is in a hurry he has to get all the books he is pushing around to the library. Hannah ask him if he would like to get together the following evening. Travis tells her he can’t he is busy. Hannah tells him she will see him later and watches sadly as he walks away.

Ashley is helping Alison’s mom get things ready for the show over at her house. Alison’s mom is on the phone discussing finger foods or the lack thereof with some guy named Michael when she sees the police pull up outside her house. Alison’s mom send Ashley on a errand upstairs to find some place cards.

Holbrook has a envelope for her. He tells her that the police don’t think Alison is the one in the grave, he explains that when she went missing she gave the police pictures that showed Alison with a broken right wrist but the coroner didn’t report that in his findings. Alison’s mom tells him the coroner must have made a mistake. Holbrook tells her there is only one way to find out. She tells him she won’t allow it. Holbrook tells her he already has permission to do it he was just trying to keep her informed.
Ashley heads upstairs and right into Alison’s room. She finds a black bag and looks in it, inside is a skirt and a scarf, at the very bottom is a receipt. Ashley notes that the receipt is dated for the day before. Hmmmmm…. Alison’s mom comes in and ask Ashley if that looked like the guest room. Ashley is so taken back by the moment that she can’t think of a single thing to say.

Emily is trying to send a email to the address that was attached to the money but she gets a automated response saying she doesn’t have permission to do so. Emily picks up her phone and calls the number underneath the address, she gets a voicemail saying the restaurant is closes for renovations. Emily notices Jason across the street and stops him to talk. Emily tells him she hasn’t heard from him since the elevator incident. Jason tells her he feels really bad about that and that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, he thinks Wilden is the one who did it. Emily brings up Spencer. Jason tells,her he is trying to help his mom and the best way to for him to do that at the moment is to distance himself from Spencer. Emily tries to defend Spencer. That’s when Jason drops a bombshell of a flashback on Emily that gives a bit of useful information. Alison had told her mom about the threats and that they were anonymous. Alison’s mom thought it was Spencer at the time. Jason knows all this because he was half passed out on the couch when the conversation took place. Hmmmmmm…….. So does that mean her mom is in fact A since she would have known how to go about it or does it just mean that it’s quite possible she does know Alison is alive and thinks the girls will lead her to her? After that creepy final scene last week anything with that woman is possible.

Ella is at home with Aria and Ashe comments on Alison’s moms event. Ella ask Aria to be her date, Aria declines. Ella wants to know if a bridal show brings up other issues. Ella’s phone rings for the second time, she ignores it. Aria ask her if it’s Zach calling her. Ella’s tells her yes and that he won’t go to sleep until they talk and it’s three in the morning in Vienna. Aria tells her to go ahead and talk to him. Ella answers the next call, Aria gets upset by all the sweet things she overhears.

Spencer is lying on the couch downstairs when she gets a message from Emily that reads ” Jason. You’re right. Ali’s mom definitely has it out for you.” Spencer hears a noise and ask who it is. It’s Dean he is in there to get some iced tea. Spencer quickly hides her phone. Dean ask her if she is sleeping downstairs. Spencer ask if that is against the rules. Dean tells her not to bust his chops that he has been generous with her. Spencer ask how he figures that. Dean tells her he let her hang out with her friends last night and he isn’t even questioning why her knee is buzzing right now, he tells her to answer her knee. Dean says she should be talking to him. Spencer ask why. Dean tells her that’s why he is there. Dean offers to read to her. Spencer scoots up and makes room for him on the couch.

Ella comes in from talking to Zach and Aria rips into her for leaving to go to Vienna. Aria tells her she should have packed a smaller bag. Ella points out it was Aria who pushes her to go. Aria is not about to let her mom get the upper hand and tells her she can send her a “I told you so” card when she gets back to Austria, and then Aria storms off.

Spencer and Dean are sound asleep on the couch when Spencer’s mom comes home. Veronica is anything but pleased and she fires Dean, Spencer tries or intervenes but Veronica isn’t having it, he can stay in barn for the night but he is to be gone in the morning.

The girls are at the brew, Spencer and Aria are talking mom problems. Spencer ask Emily if she told Aria about Jason’s memory. Aria thinks it would be unwise to believe anything he has to say. Her and Emily both want to know who is in that grave and why they were in Ali’s clothes. Spencer points out that Alison still doesn’t know who tried to kill her, And that’s the whole point,the person who went after her could still be out there. Hannah comes running in and tells them if they have plans to break them they are going to be wearing wedding dresses later that night. Hannah tells them that her mom so a bag of brand new clothes in Alison’s room which means she must know Alison is alive and where to send them. Hannah thinks the address to find Alison would be in the house and so she told her mom all four of them would help. Holbrook walks up and tells Hannah good morning and the rest of the girls hi. Holbrook tells him if Alison is alive then there are going to be a lot of questions starting with who the dead girl is in her coffin. Holbrook leaves them with the old if you have any thoughts you no where to find me speech. Holbrook walks away. Emily ask Hannah what time her mom wants them to be there.

Veronica is going through Spencer’s room looking for pills when Spencer walks in. Spencer ask her mom what she is doing. Veronica tells her when she gave Dean his final check he told her that Spencer was afraid to sleep upstairs and she thinks that means there are pills in her room. Spencer ask her mom what happens that she doesn’t want to tell her. Veronica finally comes out with it. A few days before Alison disappeared Spencer trashed the backyard with some clothes and a teddybear. Alison comes upon the scene of Veronica cleaning it up trying to sneak in her house. Alison offers to help, Veronica tells her to just get home. While Alison is walking home Spencer comes out of the shadows she hear the entire conversation. Veronica ask Spencer if she remembers any of that. Spencer tells her no. Veronica leaves and Spencer wanders over and looks out her window to see Alison’s mom looking back, Alison’s mom puts the shade down.

Hannah shows up at Alison’s house and ask the guy standing out front where to park. He isn’t exactly sure but Travis is and offers to do it for her. Hannah turns around surprises and ask him if he is working this. Travis tells her he wouldn’t wear a penguin suit otherwise. Hannah tells him she likes him as a penguin, she throws him her keys and heads in and gets ready. Nine of them looked thrilled to be doing it. Spencer ask if they are sure Jason will be there. Emily points out he is helping his mother so of course he will be. Hannah says they will never get into Allison’s room the house is event headquarters. Ashley walks up and ask Spencer what happened to her veil. Spencer leaves to get it.

Jason is inside rolling up a cord when Spencer arrives to get her veil. It’s pretty awkward Spencer is trying to make amends while at the same time find out of maybe another blonde was present the night Alison was killed. Dean walks in and Jason walks out. Dean tells Spencer he just came by to tell her good bye and give her a card, she can call him anytime 24/7. Spencer thanks him for the card. They share a awkward hug. Dean ask about Jason. Spencer tells him he was at Clark center. Dean ask if Jason told her that. Spencer says yes and then ask why. Dean tells her it has been closed for two years. Im not surprised that Jason lied, I’m sure we all pretty much knew he was on a mission of one kind or another. Dean tells her to be careful and leaves.

Alison’s mom is upset that the girls are modeling the dresses. Ashley tells her she really is sorry, on the way out she almost bumps into Spencer. Spencer tells the girls that Jason wasn’t really in rehab. Hannah says they have to get into the bedroom and takes off. Ashley walks up and gets the rest of the girls so that they can go onstage. Spence takes a peek out side and sees Alison’s mom hand a suitcase to someone. Spencer decides to follow them.

Hannah is outsold and she sees Travis and ask if he has seen Alison’s mom. Travis tells her if he sees her he will tell her Hannah is looking for her. Hannah tells him she isn’t she is trying to avoid her. Hannah tells him that her and her friends are trying to get into a bedroom and if he sees her could he just stall her. Travis ask if it’s the sort of thing that will eventually lead to a police line up. Before Hannah can answer a guy ask Travis to help him back up. He helps back up right into the mailbox. Travis tells Hannah heinie has something to talk to Alison’s mom about. Hannah tries to come clean to Travis but he tells her she doesn’t have to that she had him at could you. Travis kisses her.

Aria is taking her veil and accessories off when Ella comes back and tells her when she saw her on stage it took her breath away. Ella is determined to prove to Aria that the pain eventually goes away and you inky feel it everyone in a while like a broken bone in a thunderstorm. Ella the shows Aria the wedding ring that Zach gave her. Aria gives her a hug.

Hannah and Emily are upstairs looking for the shopping bag but coming up empty. Hannah opens the closet and finds what she thinks is a clue, turns out she is right. Emily manages to hack into the email and send a message to Alison telling her they need to talk to her.

Spencer is in the woods doing the scene from the beginning, only difference being that we see she was in fact stuck in a bear trap, she rips the dress to get loose and heads back.

Aria, Emily, and Hannah are in Alison’s bedroom, before they can figure out where Spencer went Emily’s phone rings, it’s Alison wants to know how they found her. Hannah blurts out that police know it’s not here. Alison says what. Emily says they know it’s not you that’s buried. Aria ask if her mom knows. Alison says no not to speak to her mother she can’t know anything. Emily tells her they want to help,her but she needs to tell them what happened that night. Alison tells them that they need to come to where she is and that they need to hurry.

The girls are out of their guns and looking for Spencer. Aria notices that her phone is still in her purse. Hanna wonders I’d Alison’s mom freaked her out and Spencer just took off. Emily says no that Spencer would never do that and just leave her stuff. Spencer comes flying in, her dress is all muddy and bloody. She tells,them how she saw Alison’s mom give a suitcase to someone and she thought it might be Alison. Emily tells her that Alison is in Philadelphia. Aria says they are going to meet her. Hannah starts helping her takes the dress off. On the inside of the corset are hands bones. They all gasp in shock. I wonder why they didn’t notice when she put it on? In the middle of it there is a note ” What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?” Spencer is crying her eyes out.

Emily is locking up her house and confirms she has the extra coat for Spencer. Hannah tells her they are gassing up the car and will be there in a minute. Paige walks up and Emily tells her she can’t take right then. Paige ask her to please hear her out. Emily says she can’t hear any more excuses. Paige tells her she doesn’t have any and that she wasn’t just doing what she did because she loves Emily but also because she doesn’t care what happens to Alison. Emily ask her if she hates her enough to get her killed. Paige tells her she loves her and to please forgive her. Emily tells her she forgives her but she doesn’t think she will ever be able to rust her again. Paige ask her what she is saying. Hannah pulls up right then. Emily tells Paige good bye.

The girls show up at a building and go in. They can’t believe that’s where Alison has been staying. They walk up to a locked door. The door they came in opens and we hear a familiar voice say “What are you doing here?” The voice is Alison’s mom.

A is checking into a hotel. When the guy behind the counter steps away they pull out the guest book and finds CeCe’s name in it. A calls the Rosewood Police Department.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “A is for Answers” check out the preview of episode 24 below!

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally get all of the answers about what happened to Ali the night she disappeared in “A is for Answers,” the season finale of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars.”

After years of questions and mystery surrounding the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, her four best friends come face to face with Ali and finally learn what really happened to her that September night. Now with their newfound knowledge of Ali’s long-held secrets, can Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer help Alison finally figure out who “A” is?

The finale airs Tuesday, March 18th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).