Prince William Angry At Kate Middleton For Bare Bum Picture – Blames Duchess for Going Commando (PHOTO)

Prince William Angry At Kate Middleton For Bare Bum Picture - Blames Duchess for Going Commando (PHOTO)

Here we go again, Kate Middleton finds herself in yet another naked photo situation and of course Prince William is very obviously defending his wife, at least in public. Her privacy was invaded and paparazzi should not be allowed to auction off moments like this to the highest bidder. There should be more common decency and a bit or respect. We have heard it all at least twice before and at this point even William is realizing that half of the problem lies with his rebellious wife.

Sure Kate is dressed like a class act, carries herself with near perfect manners and seems to have a perfectly happy baby but she was once a bit of a wild child and that inkling hasn’t totally died. Kate has just learned to hide it better. As for the latest photo, it was totally preventable and no one knows that better than William. After the last photo leaked out and he defended his mortified wife the solution was simple, keep your clothes on in public. No changing outside, no topless sunbathing and for god’s sake put something under your skirt to cover your assets.

Obviously Kate wasn’t too embarrassed the last time around because she invited in another photo op. The thing is she may have just put William’s place in history at risk. Queen Eliabeth was favoring William and Kate for the throne but now that could be in jeopardy. The only think worse than having a drunken queen by the name of Camilla up next might be instead allowing a nudist like Kate to take the throne! So William’s problem may easily be running a whole lot deeper than his wife’s exploits. Do you think that Kate’s behavior could cost William the throne? Should it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Click Here For Photo.

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17 responses to “Prince William Angry At Kate Middleton For Bare Bum Picture – Blames Duchess for Going Commando (PHOTO)”

  1. Penny Oswalt says:

    everyone has skeleton issues, even me!

    • Jan says:

      This isn’t really a “skeleton”. Skeleton implies past misjudgements or making bad decisions in the past. But it certainly was a poor choice Kate made.

  2. Loyal Subject says:

    Kate’s actions harm the global reputation of The Monarchy. The woman is clearly inadequate for the role of being a Duchess who serves a global public with dignity. Might be time for Prince William to consider a separation……

  3. Fed Up says:

    why doesn’t William INSIST that his wife wears underwear every time she steps out the door? he’s just as guilty, if not more, for all of these events. it appears that he wants her to be an exhibitionist. what’s going to happen when George grows up? is he he going to be the designated skirt holder? this family has way too many psychological issues and I hardly doubt that any one of them should be made King or Queen.

  4. Jan says:

    That never should have happened and she should know better. What was she thinking? She probably had thong underwear on which most young women wear these days…it’s a fashion thing. On the other hand, while she is royalty, she is also a young sexy beautiful and confident woman in love with her husband…and like most women, her womanhood probably outweighs her royal responsibilities.

  5. eyeful says:

    The woman is an exhibionist and she enjoys flaunting her body. She wants to remind everyone how she hooked Wills.

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  10. kitty says:

    I think she should have known better bad judgement on her part . I know if it was me my mom, she would not have let me seen the end of it. But when it comes to kate she practically gets away with anything because she is now royalty. This should not be the case. I remember when people called her waity katie no one liked her. I some how felt sorry for her until I did my research. It turns out she has been flashing people for years. There is enough pictures circulating the internet to see her whole anatomy. I don’t understand why people like her though is it because she is now royalty? because I don’t remember people liking her back when she was not royal or is it because she makes you all happy ? maybe because you all lack in something and she gives you all the thrills. Either way you guys are not for her you guys just like her because her image is royal and you guys don’t even know her so why the hate?

  11. James Lewis says:

    The kara hadrians do sex tapes

  12. James Lewis says:

    I think she’s great. They both are. In a world obsessed with seeing naked bodies, what chance has she got? I’m pleased the future queen’s bum is perfect. Rule brittania!

  13. James Lewis says:

    Modern stylish women don’t wear the pants you do. And I dread to think of the pants you wear when you’re on

  14. James Lewis says:

    Oh finally. Some irony