Project Runway Recap 7/24/14: Season 13 Premiere “The Judges Decide”

Project Runway Recap 7/24/14: Season 13 Premiere “The Judges Decide”

Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunn returns with another new season of PROJECT RUNWAY. On tonight’s episode called, “The Judges Decide,” the designers learn that there is another audition they must pass to be accepted on the show.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Project Runway is creating a one of a kind, full-season experience with Instagram which kicked off with #RunwayRedemption. Offering one past designer the chance to come back to the workroom and compete in season 13 fans were able to vote on their favorite designer’s “InstaPortfolio” choosing from former season favorites Ken Laurence (Season 12) Alexander Pope (Season 12) and Amanda Valentine (Season 11).

On tonight’s episode the designers find out that there’s more to the audition then they knew, turns out that there’s another part of the audition that they didn’t know about; they must now pass this other audition in order to get on the show.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime′s Project Runway premiere at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Project Runway tonight.

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Tonight the 13th Season of Project Runway premiered with a whole new batch of aspiring designers vying for the top spot and the ultimate prize of $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their business and the opportunity to design a fashion accessory for all the Red Robin Servers among other amazing prizes.

This season Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn took over instagram with #RunwayRedemption which allows one past designer to come back to the workroom and compete against 18 newbies. Fans were able to vote on their favorite designers #InstaPortfolio choosing from former season favorites Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12) and Amanda Valentine (Season 11). The newbies are in the dark about this season’s twist and are shocked to hear they have to compete against a past designer. All 19 will have to bring their A-game for judges Nina Garcia and Zac Posen to avoid an early elimination. Who will “make it work” and who will get eliminated? Find out on Project Runway season 13.

Season 13 kicks off final auditions for the 18 finalists chosen for the show. The 18 come in to meet the judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum who will be narrowing down the 18 to 15. Tim Gunn give the contestants the 411 on the final eliminations before the actual competition starts. The designers get acquainted with each other and introduce themselves to the viewers. Corina is Native American and shows her collection which is heavily inspired by her roots. She explains she comes from a family of artists and that the starving artist environment makes her who she is. She says she is cool as a cucumber and Mr. Posen tells her she shouldn’t be. Jefferson tells the judges his collection is inspired by his senior thesis in college. The judges see him as young and fearless. Emily shows her collection but the judges are distracted by her blue hair color. Sean shows his androgynous collections and the judges compliment his sophisticated eye. Contestant Emmanuel is from Mexico but relocated to Texas when he was a baby. He says he designs for Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the judges are confused by his collection because it’s all over the place. Self taught designer Char shows off her colorful collection and says she’s single. Heidi tells her to waive to all the single men. Kristine shows off her attention to detail and the judges love it. alEXANDER says he will bring avant grade to the show. Mitchell comes in in beach clothes and he says his Florida roots and humble aka “tragic” beginnings gives him his inspiration. His motto is the shorter the shorts the closer to God. The judges aren’t blown away and hope he brings more during the competition.

Meanwhile Tim advises the designers before they meet the judges. Nzinga is inspired by classic style yet plays with versatility. The judges feel she is one dimensional and encourage her to show more. Tim Navarro shows his collection of lesbian couture and the judges love it. Carrie tells the judges she loves using fabrics that contrast but Heidi warns her about copying other designers too much. Behind the scenes Tim Gunn disagrees and tells the judges to “shut up!” Hernan doesn’t know what to expect and plays up his experience at New York Fashion Week but Nina Garcia wasn’t feeling his taste. Sam is all about the “urbany” look and Zac Posen says only girl from Texas would use the word “urbany.” Kini shows his denim collection and Nina LOVES IT!. Heidi speaks German with Fade who is also German. He loves 80’s fashion and Nina absolutely hates it but loves what he’s wearing. She says it’s a leap of faith.

Nervous kid Angela walks in confused but show her well made collection. The judges love it but aren’t sure that she can turn it up for the competition. Sandhaya shows off her shoulder plates which are shoulder pads that are hard. Before the judges can give Sandhaya their feedback fellow contestant Korina says she is not impressed. Good thing she’s not a judge because the judges say her collection is the best thing they’ve seen all day.

The judges wrap up the final auditions and begin deliberations on who should stay and who should go while the contestants mingle in another room. Heidi and the other judges finalize their decision. Heidi goes in and congratulates the designers who made the cut while eliminating Tim, Nzinga and Emmanuel. The designers who are eliminated are sad while the remaining designers celebrate moving forward in the competion by popping a bottle of Moet with Tim Gunn and Heidi.

The next day they go to the workroom and see their work stations and accessories. The contestant speculate about which project runway veteran will join them in the competition. Tim Gunn gives the designers a run down of the work room and the supplies in it. He reveals the veteran designer who will join the competion is Amanda Valentine from Season 11. Sandhaya is psyched because she voted for Amanda because she’s related to a band member in Maroon 5. Amanda says she feels totally different now and she has a plan this season to win. The contestants aren’t worried and believe they can get her out easy.

Tim Gunn explains that they are competing for a spot at New York Fashion Week. He tells the designers the trunks in the workroom contain the contents for the first challenge which is to create a spring look for which they only have 1 day to make a spring design. The designers delve into their trunks while veteran contestant immediately starts to barter her materials for other fabrics. It takes the contestants a second to catch on to what Amanda is doing and jut continue to say hello and brush her off. The all get to work keeping in mind all the critiques the judges gave them in the first elimination. Sandhaya takes a different approach than every other designer and dyes her fabric. She says her Indian culture is all about prints and colors. She talks about her arranged marriage with her husband who she met 5 min before their wedding. Nervous Angela is cracking under the stress and says she’ll be really upset if she’s eliminated.

Tim Gunn checks in with each designer while they are creating their looks. He quickly points out problems with each designer’s look saying “I’ll be honest, I’m dubious.” Tim isn’t the only one critiquing, in the spirit of competition the contestants begin critiquing each other’s designs. Tim gives a speech and tells the designers their models will be coming in and they will only have a half an hour with them. With all the pressure he gives them some good news telling them they will get to see their new digs at the end of the night in Gotham West, one of Manhattan’s newest and more luxurious apartment complexes.

Before the can go to their beautiful new apartment the models come and the designers are awe struck by all the beauty in the room. They begin fitting the models which for some designers is easy and for others poses a problem; apparently clothing looks very different on live models than it does on a stiff mannequin. The designers kick it into high gear after the fitting as time winds down. The clock runs out and the designers head home. Their fears of being eliminated are eased for a moment as they see their new living space. That happy moment quickly ends and the designers begin to speculate on who will stay and who will be eliminated. Everyone is collectively confused by Sandhaya’s designs.

The next day the designers complete their final fitting with their models. The models are sent to hair and makeup done by Mary Kay and Philip B. Meanwhile veteran Amanda and newbie Mitchell bond over their disdain for Sandhaya’s design. Shortly after, Tim Gunn comes into the workroom and says time is up.

The competition picks up on the runway where Heidi comes out wearing a fierce LBD. Heidi tells the designers about the huge prize package which includes $100,000 to start their collection, a Lexus car and a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine. She introduces the judges who are joined by celebrity judge Julie Bowen from Modern Family. Julie Bowen tells Heidi she is excited to be there for the first show of the season and that she loves the weird people and vows to pick out the one weirdo in the group. Tim also joins the judges and has a wild card which is a save. If he disagrees with the judges he can veto them one time to save a contestant of his choice. The show starts and the models strut their stuff on the runway showing each designers spring look.

All the designers choose light bright colors while contestant Sam opted for an all black look and Jefferson’s design highlights side butt and side boob. The show ends and eliminations begin. Heidi reveals the contestants who are safe and excuses them from the runway. Meanwhile, the 6 contestants with the highest and lowest scores are left standing on the runway. The models come out still wearing each design. The judges praise contestant Char for taking an ordinary fabric and taking it to extraordinary and for creating a skirt with pockets and a that drapes. Mitchell explains his fun resort look and Nina answers back by saying it doesn’t say much while Heidi says she likes it. Julie Bowen feels Mitchell’s design is DIY and Zac Posen says Mitchell should find another adjective other than fun. Sandhaya tells the judges her design is inspired by an holy Indian festival. The judges aren’t feeling her design for everyday wear but love the edgy look. Contrary to Amanda’s and Mitchell’s complaints they love her look and says she has what it takes to make it in the competition. On the other hand the judges hate Jefferson’s side boob and side butt spring creation. Veteran Amanda shines and the judges praise the fit of her design but want more wow factor. Nervous Angela is critiqued on the slits in her pants and Nina changes the name from slits to “sluts.” Angela blames the judges for telling her to turn it up in the first elimination and admits she over compensated.

The designers are dismissed from the runway while the judges deliberate. They get a closer look at each design in order to rank the top 3 and the worst 3. After seeing the designs up close Nina admits that the finish of Char’s and Amanda’s design are superior to Sandhaya’s. They love Sandhaya’s design but feel it could be more finished but Heidi and Zac compliment her originality saying that’s better than being a good seamstress. The call Angela’s design “Geisha Hookerish” and say Jefferson’s and Mitchell’s designs are just as tasteless.

Finally the designers are brought back to the stage where  Sandhaya is crowned the winner and receives immunity for the next challenge meaning she cannot be eliminated. Sandhaya is speechless and is relieved her handwork paid off. Sam says she knew Sandhaya would win while veteran Amanda is confused because she thought Sandhaya’s design was awful. Angela escapes elimination leaving Mitchell and Jefferson vying for the last spot. She vows to work harder and not get so nervous. Mitchell is saved while Jefferson gets those 2 German words no Project Runway contestant wants to hear. “Auf Wiedersehen!”

The End