Quints by Surprise RECAP 5/18/14: “The 5 Turn 5”

Quints by Surprise RECAP 5/18/14: “The 5 Turn 5”

TLC’s reality show Quints by Surprise returns tonight with a special episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “The 5 Turn 5,” and on tonight’s show The Jones quintuplets turn 5. They were born Jan. 19, 2009, in Austin, Texas.

Quints by Surprise was a reality TV show that was about the life of Ethan and Casey, along with their six children which included the quintuplets; the show focused on the challenges they went through in their life raising multiple children. The show lasted for three seasons long, it ended on the 25th of December in the year 2011; now it’s been four years and the quintuplets are final turning five years-old.

On tonight’s episode it’s been around three years since we’ve last seen the quintuplets and now it’s their birthday; the five babies will be turning five years-old and now school aged, which is a big difference from the last time they appeared on television.

We will be covering Quints by Surprise special episode tonight at 10 PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.  While you wait for the recap, let us know how excited you are to see the quintuplets again in the comments.

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Ethan and Casey talk about how they had Eliot and then decide to have one more but had a surprise of five. Casey talks about how the kids are turning five and what an adventure the last five years have been. We’re in Austin at the Jones’ family home. She’s working with the kids getting them ready for kindergarten. She says they are growing and learning more every day. Casey says it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come.

Ethan says they were so tiny and they talk about how nice it is to be out of diapers and that they are kind of brushing their teeth on their own. He says they all have their own personalities and attitides. He says they are all so funny. Eliot comes home from school and Ethan says she’s the world’s best big sister. She’s in fourth grade now.

Casey says some days she comes home and retreats. Eliot says she never asked for five siblings, but also likes it better before they could open doors. Brittany says Eliot is a poop and Brooklyn laughs. Casey says the quints really listen to their big sister. She says Eliot is at a stage where she can do stuff for herself but the quints have to be constantly kept busy and it’s difficult.

Casey says they are each so different now. Ryan says she rides fast and Ethan says she pushes boundaries. Casey says Ryan is the one that will give them trouble in the teen years. Casey says they all like to ride bikes and scooters outside. She says Jack will usually wait for the girls but today we see him take off and he won’t slow down. Ethan says it’s because Casey put him in a biker gang get up.

Ethan says Jack is way outnumbered by the girls and as the only boy life isn’t easy. Casey says he plays with girls’ stuff – even princess driesses. Casey says he’s getting to be rambunctious. Ethan says he’s a very manly 5 year old and Casey insists he has a sensitive side. Casey loses track of Brooklyn chasing down Jack.

They talk about Brooklyn being in her own little world. Eliot says Brooklyn likes all things pink and Ryan says Brooklyn is the sweetest in the family. Ethan says she can’t get any sweeter. Jack is off and running and Casey almost has him when Britton has a melt down about her finger. They call her little might because she’s always been the loudest screamer. The other kids laugh about her tantrums. Ethan says she can be charming when she wants to be. She’s the family drama queen.

Lila has dropper her scooter and has to go to the bathroom. They agree that Lila is the mischief maker and is always into something. Jack says Lila is the craziest. Casey says she is always having fun no matter what. Casey says as soon as they go out, someone has to go potty and they have to all head home because they can’t go in someone’s yard. Ethan wonders if they need to get them all fitted for leashes.

Casey has found all but Brooklyn and talks about the mass chaos when they go out. Ethan has been working more because his construction business is picking up. He says when he gets home at the end of the day, he gets attacked. He gets a call and tries to hear it. He says he still has work to do but they all need his attention. This makes dinner a big deal. Casey talks about their fifth party at the table. She says they’re going to have a sleep over party.

Eliot doesn’t want to be a part of all that. Casey says each quint gets to bring one best friend. The kids are yelling and over the moon. Ethan’s not sure if this is the best idea. The kids are thrilled at the idea. Casey takes the kids to pick out things for the party – they are going to get goodie bag stuff. Ethan asks her how well that went and she says it was good. He asks how hard it is to herd cats.

One of the kids says they need to poop and she tries to figure out where to go. They head into the coffee shop so Britton can go and Ethan says she was scamming him. Once they go in, all the kids say they need to go. Britton doesn’t go and just wants to play with the paper towels. Ethan tells her she’s a scammer and Casey says she had no choice since she might have pooped herself.

They head to the toy store and Ethan asks if it was insane. Casey is overwhelmed with requests for stuff. She says it felt like a circus. The kids aren’t listening to her and Casey tries to herd them back into sanity. They leave the store.

The kids are drawing. Casey brings Ethan to show him the gifts for the kids. Usually they do one big gift but this year she went for individual gifts. Ethan doesn’t like this. The kids wonder if their parents are looking at their kids. She has a pink bear for Brooklyn, skates for Lila, Britton has a toy bow and arrow, Ryan has a pogo stick (Ethan says this will end in a trip to the ER) and for Jack they talk about a building toy.

Ethan wants to buy his toy. He’s worried about all the estrogen surrounding him and wants to get him a BB gun. Casey says it’s scary and Ethan says it’s something they can bond over. She says they’ll stick what she bought him and they’ll talk about the gun another time.

Casey leaves Eliot in charge of the kids while she does some bookkeeping work to help Ethan. Eliot is overseeing the kids making party invitations. Ethan says it’s better that she helps so he doesn’t have to pay someone else to do it. Eliot says watching the kids can be fun or a total destructive nightmare. She shows them things to glue to the paper that has all the party info.

Britton cries with some drama over who she’s inviting and her mom calls out for her to stop crying. She wants to invite a girl and not a boy. Ryan goes to show her invite to her mom and says sometimes they have to interrupt. Casey gives up on her work for the day and takes the kids to get a pinata.

Casey is doing last minute party errands. She says getting agreement is difficult and Ethan says it’s hopeless. He says the difficult part is taking them all out at the same time. She wants to let them make some of the party decisions. Ethan says five year olds are not the best decision makers. They head into the pinata store.

The kids are all yelling for what they want. They are torn between a pirate one, a number five and a princess. There four votes for five and one for the pirate. Lila cries for the pirate and Jack caves in. Then another starts crying for the five. She caves and gets two. Ethan says there was a budget for the party but the democratic process she implemented ruined it. Ethan calls Casey a budget buster.

Ethan takes Eliot with him to go look for a BB gun for Jack. She asks why and reminds him that her brother is only five. Ethan says he’s been shot plenty of times with a BB gun by his brother and friends and says it’s a rite of passage. He says he’ll be safe. Eliot is not excited. Ethan is insistent that he needs a gun. Casey says if anything happens because of the gun – then leaves the threat hanging.

Casey tucks in the quints the night before the party and then goes to do some work for Ethan. He says he loves having Casey work for him and says he needs his paychecks done. He says they need to figure something else out. He says he needs to fire her and knows she’s not going to take it well. Casey asks if he wants to take the kids on for part of the night so she can do it.

Ethan fires her and says they can address it once the kids start kindergarten in eight months. Lila bangs and bangs on the door to cause trouble.

The day of the party, Casey calls them down for birthday pancakes for breakfast. She dishes out fruit and then servies pancakes. They smear Nutella on their pancakes and talk about how happy they are. Casey talks about how few quintuplets there are in the world and says there were a lot of people praying for them the day they were born.

It’s almost time for the party and Casey doesn’t feel at all ready. Eliot helps get stuff ready. The theme looks like pink and pirates. Ethan puts up the pinatas and talks about how stressed Casey is. He reminds her five year olds don’t care about details. The kids think she’s going crazy. Ethan says all they care about is their presents.

The kids tear into their presents. Ryan goes first and is excited about her pogo stick. Casey had a name wrong on one present and Britton gets her bow and arrow. Ethan says mom gets all the credit and Casey says she should. They let Britton open Brooklyn’s gift to be fair. The kids all talk about how happy they are with their gifts. Then it’s Jack’s turn. He opens it up and sees his gun and asks if it’s real.

Casey starts to talk and Ethan tells her not to start with a safety speech right now. After gifts, they have to get ready for their guests. The doorbell rings and it’s a big deal because it’s the first slumber party. Ethan is feaking out about 10 kids all day and night. One of the kids has allergies and they are freaked about the epi pen they get in case of emergencies.

The kids head out to attack the pinatas. Casey says it’s what they’ve all been waiting for. Jack swings at the big five. Eliot wants to what it too. Eliot breaks it open and candy pours out. The kids scoop up tons of candy that came out of the pinata and Casey says they’re going to let Ethan take a whack at the pirate one. Ethan says he always wanted her to blindfold them and makes a joke about hanging a pinata over their bed. Ethan breaks it with one whack.

The kids all go inside and just start running around like maniacs. Ethan is concerned that they all just had bags of candy and are now getting cupcakes. The quints blow out their candles on their individual cupcakes and all the kids dig into more sugar. Ethan asks how they can get more sugar into them and they ask for rainbow sprinkles onto their ice cream. He asks how they’re going to get them to bed and Casey says they can’t just give them kale and say happy birthday.

There are 10 kids just running around and screaming. They drag the pirate pinata in and are beating it mercilessly. Lila is screaming because her finger is bleeding from getting poked by the pirate. Lila asks why it’s always her that gets hurt and Ethan tells her it’s okay because she has a lot of blood inside her. Casey says they need to try and get the kids to calm down for sleep. They spread them out in the family room and are going to tell stories. They ask for a spooky story but then they all scream.

It’s hours past bedtime and Casey sends them all to their spots and they fuss for tiaras and cry for their movie. The tears begin to flow. The others complain they can’t sleep if Britton won’t stop crying. It’s almost 10 pm and Britton is having a full-on tantrum. Ethan says he may throw a tantrum himself if the kids won’t go to bed soon. Ethan tells all the kids they need to lay down and go to sleep.

Casey says there is no time of sleep and there is whining and tears all around. Ethan says they just need to turn on the movie so it doesn’t turn into an all nighter. He says he is not above bribery. They wake them up at 9 am and they are ready to unload the extra kids. Brooklyn says she was up latest. Molly and MJ’s moms are there and the kids say goodbye.

The kids all left and Ethan says even once they were gone they still had six and Casey says the party never ends at their house. Lila puts on her new skates and Ethan takes her out tro try them. Ryan says it was a good party. Ethan says the last five years have been chaos in so many ways. He says the way they work as a family has been an incredible experience. Casey asks Lila about the best part and she says it was the pinata.

Britton is happy with her bow and arrow and Brooklyn says the pinata was also the best part. Jack says the best part was eating cupcakes. Aww… tired parents, happy kids, happy fifth the to the Jones Quintuplets!

The End!