Ray Donovan Recap 8/24/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “Walk This Way”

Ray Donovan Recap 8/24/14: Season 2 Episode 7 “Walk This Way”

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with an all new episode called, “Walk This Way.” On tonight’s show Conor demands a birthday party with Terry, Bunchy and Mickey in attendance.

On the last episode Ashley asked Ray to help a friend who beat up a waiter. Meanwhile, Ray made contact with Volcheck to seek his help in taking down Cochran; Mickey planned a meeting with a movie executive; and Bridget argued with Ray and Abby about the earring from Marvin. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode tension runs high when the whole Donovan family come together for Conor’s birthday. Meanwhile, Ashley’s stalker returns and her boyfriend demands that Ray get rid of him; and Ray sees Cookie Brown when he shows up to take Bridget out for a night.

Tonight’s seventh episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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Ray sleeps on the sofa. Conor is woken by his laptop and hops on video chat with Tommy. He tells him no one remembered his birthday and says no party or plans. He tells him to have a party anyway. Ray is woken by the buzz of a cell phone and staggers through the house and upstairs. Tommy tells Conor he’s in London working on a movie and says he’s lonely and it’s freaking him out.

Tommy says he’s sucking dick again and reminds him that Ray had to help him last time. Ray knocks on Conor’s door just as Tommy shows him three chicks that open their tops to show him their boobs – they have a birthday greeting written on their chests. He yells happy birthday and Ray leaves the room. He goes to look for Abby but she’s not there. She’s at a hotel room.

She ignores his call and answers the knock at the door – it’s Jim. She apologizes about last night and says she was thinking about him all night. They kiss and then she tells him she’s only had sex with one person for 20 years and only knows how to do it like her husband likes it. He tells her not to worry and says he really likes her.

He strips off her shirt and then pulls her onto the bed. Her phone rings again and she grabs it and says it’s the second time her husband has called. She leaves the room to take it and asks what’s up. He asks where she is and says it’s Conor’s birthday. She says she’s on her way to the bakery. He asks what they’re doing and she tells him to ask Conor.

She goes back into the room and tells Jim she forgot it’s her son’s birthday and asks who does that. He tells her she has all day to fix it. He kisses her again and she says she can’t and has to go. He asks to see her later and she says she doesn’t know. She says she’s confused and has to go. She rushes out. Ray offers to take Conor to the Lakers game but he doesn’t answer.

He tells his dad he forgot his f-ing birthday and Ray says he’s right and it’s sorry and says he’ll make it up to him. Conor says he doesn’t like the Lakers and wants a family party. He says he wants Terry, Bunchy, Darryl and Mickey. Ray says the uncles aren’t a problem but says Mick is on parole and Conor says no party without grandpa. Ray caves and says he’ll see what he can do.

Ray goes to take a call outside. He thinks it’s Ashley, but it’s Steve Knight. Ray says he has a family thing and Steve says for $100k a month, he is family. Ray caves again. Mickey shouts out to Shorty that he finished the treatment. His parole officer shows up and asks why the f- he was at Paramount. He says he got a contract and this is his new job.

He says they should team up and start their own company like Ray’s. His PO looks over the script then Mickey snatches it back. In the car, Ray calls Terry about the party. Terry asks about property taxes and says he’ll come but he says they have to talk. Ray tells him to tell Bunchy to come. Terry wants to know if Mickey’s coming but he says not to worry about their dad.

Ray shows up to Knight’s who says he has a problem inside. He asks if Ray f-d Ashley last night and he says when he f-d her this morning, he felt very close to Ray. He says he’s getting a heavy vibe from him. He asks if he’s worried his wife will find out. Steven says he jerked off to his mom breastfeeding his baby sister when he was 12.

He tells Ray to tell him the unsayable thing he’s afraid of. He tells him to try radical honesty. Ray just stares and then says he thinks he’s an f-ing asshole and he’s just using him for his money. Steve laughs and says they’re just scratching the surface baby. Ashley tells Ray that her stalker is back. She shows him the beach side of the property.

Steve says this can screw up his divorce but Ray says the guy isn’t interested in him. He runs after the guy, Bob, who tries to limp away. Ray chases him down and he tells Ray he’s just protecting Ashley. Ray takes the camera and pulls out the memory card. He bashes the camera. Steve watches all this through binoculars. Bob says the worst thing he ever did was jerk off in Ashley’s car.

He says Steve is the bad guy and Ray tells him to spare him the details. At the bakery, Abby is in a panic because nothing is available. She gets the cake decorator to come closer then offers him a stack of cash to make one of the cakes her son. He tells her they’re the top cake place in Calabasas but he takes the bribe and makes it happen.

Steve follows Ray out and asks for the card from the camera. Ray refuses and Steve asks if he’s worried about him or Bob. Steve laughs and says he loves his relationship with him more and more. Ray finds Bob by his car. He says he has to sell his car and can’t drive anymore. Ray tells him to get in the f-ing car. He drives away with the stalker.

On the drive, he threatens Bob if he goes back there again. Ray gets a text from Conor asking about the party. He asks Bob if he still lives in the same shit hole and takes him there. Terry is with Frances and he tells her he wants her to come to the party but she says she’s scared of Ray. He tells her she’s in his life and has to go. They’re waiting on Harriet.

She shows up and tries to talk Terry out of selling. He gets angry and Frances tries to calm him down. She says he can’t sell without Ray’s consent and Frances asks why but Harriet says Ray is the majority owner. Terry says he’ll talk to Ray about it tonight. Abby comes in with stuff for the party and Bridget looks at the cake then calls her over. His name is spelled wrong and Abby asks her for help.

Bridget tells her she can’t stay for the party but she says she and Marvin are recording tonight and they already booked the studio. Abby says she has to stay. She asks her mom where she was and she says out with a friend. Bridget says she has no friends and Abby tells her she can invite Marvin to the party. Bridget says Ray will kill him but Abby says it’s her house.

Mickey calls Ray and says Conor invited him to the party but he won’t come if Ray doesn’t want him. He offers to call in sick but Ray says it’s okay and Mickey asks him to coordinate with the PO. He agrees. Mickey says he has a date but Ray says he can’t bring a hooker to his son’s party. Mickey says it’s a nice lady. Mickey pays Cherry to hang out with Shorty while he’s gone out tonight.

Marvin is at Ray’s and Ray asks what the f- he’s doing there. Bridget says she’s going to the studio with him and Ray says no and to get off his property. Cookie is there too and introduces himself to Ray. He apologizes to Ray and says he’s a father too. He asks if he works with Lee Drexler and tells him to tell the n—a to give him a phone call about some business.

They leave and Ray tells her to get back in the house. Bridget tells her dad she hates him. Claudette, Darryl and Mickey are riding together to the party. Mickey says it’s nice they’re together as a family. Claudette says she’s surprised Ray invited her and he says he got over it. She laughs and says she can’t believe Darryl is driving. She reminds him of taking the car when he was 12 and driving all over Palm Springs. He tells Darryl to put his cap on but Darryl says he’s not his chauffeur. Mickey says he didn’t mean anything.

Abby asks if he’s letting Mickey come to the party and he says it’s Conor’s f-ing birthday and he’s trying. He asks where she was last night and she says she didn’t feel like having dinner with him last night. He tells her he sat there for an hour. He asks again and she says he has balls asking him that and asks if he slept on the couch because he had someone’s stink on him. She tells him to zip her up.

Bridget is helping with party prep. Ray fixes a drink. Terry and Frances are there with a present for Conor. He got him personalized boxing gloves. He says when he sells the gym, they’ll change the name and they’ll be collectors items. Bunchy and Terry hold Conor upside down to bump his head in the family tradition. There’s a honk and Conor runs out to hug Mickey.

Darryl introduces Claudette to Conor. Ray greets her politely and she thanks him for inviting her. He bites his tongue and invites her in. Ray greets his brother warmly though. Mickey introduces Claudette and Abby gives him a hug. Abby says it’s nice to meet her and says she’s heard good things about her. Claudette has a hostess gift and Abby says how much they love Darryl.

Mickey takes Ray’s drink and Ray tells him he said no whores. Mickey asks about his reporter friend and then Terry pushes Ray to talk now. They step into another room with Frances. Terry says he and Frances are moving to Ireland and need to sell the gym. Ray says why and he says they want to start a business there. Ray says it won’t be easy in this market.

Terry gets snippy and Ray says it won’t happen overnight. He asks why Ireland and Frances says he knows why. Ray says it’s Conor’s birthday and he asks to do this later. Abby asks Bunchy how he is and he tells her he’s seeing someone. Stan says it’s only been one date and Abby asks how he knows Bunchy. Bunchy tells her SNAP (the survivors of molestation support group) and Stan tells her his scoutmaster abused him.

Terry demands an answer and Mickey asks what they got Conor for his birthday. Mickey says he got him something really special – a surprise. Ray looks suspicious. Ray drinks and watches his dad with Claudette. Mickey meets Stan and asks if he’s a snapper. Mickey tells him a dirty jokes about acne, unlike a priest, waits til your 14 to come on your face.

Stan walks off and Ray tells him that’s not funny. A tune comes on and Mickey pulls Claudette up for a dance then tells Ray to dance with Abby. She just glares at him. Abby walks out of the room. Ray continues drinking. This is a terrible party. Abby goes into the bathroom to sneak a smoke. She looks at the hotel room key in her bag then grabs her phone and texts Jim to tell him she misses him but then erases it without sending.

She comes out of the bathroom to find Bridget in her room. She tells her to come downstairs now. Bridget asks if she’s cheating on Ray. Abby shuts her door and walks out. Bunchy tells Stan he’s sorry about his dad and Stan says it’s not that. Bunchy asks what’s the matter and Stan says at least he has a family. He says his disowned him after he sued the scouts and his name was in the paper.

Bunchy says he’s sorry and thought the party would cheer him up and Stan says it’s did. But then Stan Touches him and then goes to kiss him and Bunchy pushes him back and says he’s not gay. Stan asks how he knows then says he needed Viagra to be with Patty. Bunchy says he didn’t need it, he just took it. Stan marches out and Bunchy tells Ray he’s not gay and Ray says it’s just a kiss and laughs.

Bunchy tells him they’re all f-ed up because of what happened and Ray tells him to keep his voice down. Abby glares at him some more. Mickey and Claudette continue dancing. Bunchy pours a stiff drink. Conor blows out his candles then asks why his name is misspelled. His sister says it’s because they forgot his birthday.

Ray toasts his son and says he’ll be a good man then toasts Abby and says she does all the hard work and that he’s lucky. Abby stares then says it took 22 hours to push him out and everyone laughs. Bridget says it’s all bullshit and stomps out. Mickey says he’s not a good kid, he’s a great kid and has everything going for him. He says he’s only missing one thing then holds out the car keys.

He gives Conor his car. Abby says he’s only 14 and Ray says they can keep it in the garage. Mikey takes Conor out to crank it and Conor says he f-ing loves it and calls him son. Darryl watches in near tears and Claudette comes to comfort him. She tells him it’s just a car. Ray comes to talk to Bridget and she says she’s texting with Marvin. He comes in and closes the door.

Bridget asks if he’s drunk and he says a little. He comes to sit on her bed and laughs and she says she won’t stop seeing him and he can’t stop her. Ray says Marvin attacked her and has dangerous friends. He says she can’t see him anymore and she asks if he ever loved someone who wasn’t right for her. He says he did and now she’s dead. She asks if that’s who grandpa killed and he says it’s a long story.

He says she was sexy and complicated. Ray says after she was killed, the worst thing was the best thing because then Abby came back into his life and they had them. She asks if he’s saying she’ll get over Marvin and he says she will. He says Abby is the best thing for him and Bridget says her mom came home at two a.m. Ray pulls a face and Bridget walks out.

Ray staggers drunkenly back downstairs. He sees Bunchy and the others dancing to loud music. Abby has even joined in. Ray staggers into the room and tells Abby he’s on to her. She asks what he said to her. He goes to pour another drink and says mom couldn’t dance on chemo. Mickey asks if he’s insulting Claudette. Ray tells him to get the f- out of his f-ing house.

Terry says this is why they’re going to Ireland and Ray says he’s not going. Mickey tells him to tell Terry why he can’t sell the gym. Mick says it’s not a gym, it’s a laundromat to clean his cash. Terry is stunned and Ray says it’s true. Terry says he runs a clean gym and Ray tells him to get a f-ing clue. Terry says he’s made him a criminal just like him.

Ray says he was a washed up fighter with the shakes and he cleaned him up and bought him the gym. Terry says he bought it for himself for his dirty business. Ray tells him to see how far he gets without him and calls him a piece of shit. They head out and find Darryl beating Mickey’s car with a bat. He says it’s his f-ing car and he beats it and curses.

Mickey runs up and asks what he’s doing. Darryl calls him a f-ing asshole and says it was his car. Claudette cuddles Darryl while he cries. Ray says the party’s over. Frances tells him that he shouldn’t have talked to Terry like that even if it’s true. She tells Ray she knows what she saw last night and he asks if she’s threatening him.

Claudette tells Mickey to take her home and Conor says he doesn’t want the car since he’s only 14. He goes back inside. Bunchy and Ray linger. Abby sits inside when Ray comes back in. He goes over to her and she glares silently. He walks over to pour another drink. He goes to walk out then turns back. She glares more. He says Conor wanted the family, Conor got the family then laughs mirthlessly and walks out.

Abby pulls out her phone and calls Jim. She asks where he is. Conor knocks on the door and comes into Ray’s room and tells him everyone is gone except the two of them. He asks what time it is and Conor says he doesn’t know. Ray says he should always know what time it is and gifts him a beautiful watch. Conor hugs him and Ray smiles.

Frances drives Terry away and she asks what they’re going to do. He says he can’t talk now. Mickey drives the car with the busted windshield and Claudette tells Mickey she can’t see him for a while. He says he understands. In the back seat, Bunchy says he’s not gay. Darryl says nothing.

Ray soaks his head and tries to sober up. He groans and knocks over something while he pulls out his phone. He calls Kate and he says he wants to f- her. She smiles and asks who it is and he says it’s Ray Donovan. She laughs and asks if he really wants to f- her. He asks her to come back tonight. He hangs up. Bridget waits outside for Marvin. He pulls up in his sports car and she gets in.

Ashley stands on the deck staring at the ocean while Steve breaks up the house. Bob watches from the driveway. She waves down to hi and he waves back. Abby goes to the hotel. She stares at the door then walks away to think. Jim opens the door and comes out to her. He steps out and puts his arms around her. She cries into his shoulder and he tells her it’s okay,

Mickey sees Cherry leaving Shorty’s room. She follows Mickey into his, Conor drinks champagne and staggers around the house drunkenly. He plays Run DMC’s “Walk this Way.” Ray smokes outside then comes back in when the music starts. Ray staggers inside and looks at his kid. He starts dancing and Conor laughs. He joins in. They go crazy with their moves. That’s it!