Reckless LIVE Recap 8/17/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Deep Waters”

Reckless LIVE Recap 8/17/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Deep Waters”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, RECKLESS airs with another episode called, “Deep Waters.” On tonight’s episode Jamie and Roy find themselves pitted against each other in court when the family of a missing Charleston socialite file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

On the last episode, Roy agreed to represent his ex-wife’s fiancé in a disputed property deal which may have resulted in murder. Meanwhile, Jamie awaited the results of Lee Anne’s drug test.

On tonight’s show Jamie and Roy find themselves pitted against each other in court when the family of a missing Charleston socialite file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. However, things heat up between the legal rivals when they share a dance at the Mayor’s Ball. Elsewhere, Lee Anne receives support from an unlikely ally; at the same time, her case is threatened by another woman making similar claims.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Reckless tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Reckless tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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It’s time for #Reckless. Roy comes in from a run and thinks about Jamie and kissing her. She lies in her bed and sends a text to him asking if he’s awake. She deletes before sending. He gets dressed and sees the news about a missing gazillionare Dean Lamoureux. Constance, his wife, gives an interview. Jamie goes to talk to her and says she’s filed a suit against the city over the buoy they think her husband’s boat hit. She says if she signs on, the more weight the suit will carry and the sooner they can get it changed so no one else dies.

Roy greets Jamie at the courthouse. She starts to say something about last night and he says it was a hot night and too many beers. She asks if saw the Lamoureux story and says she’s suing. He says she likes to be across the table from him. They’re headed into the Marcus case and she says this time she’s got him. He says be careful what she wishes for and says the new Judge – Moss – is a tough one.

Judge Moss calls Jamie – Yankee Jane – and tells them both she won’t have any nonsense in her courtroom. She gives them instructions and then cuts Jamie off before she can make a motion. She tells Jamie that she has to add a new plaintiff  – Megan Hixon – who has similar complaints. She denies either of them any more time to prepare.

She goes to see Lee Anne to tell her about Megan but she doesn’t really know her. She says it may be good for them. They hope they can get a cop to corroborate her story. Roy comes out to a crime scene – Chief Knox called him – they may have Dean’s body. They unzip the bag and Roy looks green. The EMT confirms his name from his wallet.

He was found in shallows and wasn’t dragged in from a net or anything. Roy says there is no way if he hit the buoy that his body would end up here. Roy says Lamoureux was murdered. Knox agrees. The coroner tells Terry there was no drink or drugs in Lamoureux’s body but he doesn’t know the cause of death. Terry rants for him to get him something. Preston listens in.

We see Knox call Preston over and says he heard he and Russ were doing business together. Russ says he told him how he put a down payment on a jet ski and Knox says he offered to donate a fleet of water  craft to help the cops. Russ tells Preston to come by to get an upgrade and he says he’s always looking for a deal. Terry watches this all suspiciously.

Jamie tells Roy that they want damages and the buoy fixed. Roy says it’s a reasonable offer but he has to reject it. He says they can’t take the offer because it would be an admission of guilt and says foul play was likely involved in her husband’s death. Jamie pulls Roy aside and tells her that she’s being seduced by Constance and says Lamoureux deserves justice. He says there is no way the buoy killed him. He says he was killed, dumped in the river and his boat crashed into the buoy.

Knox says they were denied access to the Lamoureux’s accounts. Terry reminds them that he did business with the city and that gives Roy an idea. The mayor’s wife comes to see him and says she heard his mistress – Lindsey – is catering the event they’re going to. She says she won’t be embarrassed at the function and he tells her she won’t be. He tells her – I love you Barbara and gives her a kiss.

She tells him dinner is 7:30 and tells him he looks good in her Daddy’s office even though he didn’t want him to have it. Jamie comes to see Roy about the lawsuit against the city just filed against the Lamoureuxs. He says he has to get all the financial records because they overcharged the city $8k. She says she knows what he’s doing and he says he likes it when she storms over. Roy tells her to produce the documents.

Joyce comes to see Lee Anne at work. She says she knows she’s the one who low balled her case. Joyce says she believes her and wants to help. Lee Anne asks why she would help her and she says because it would help her. She tells Lee Anne the police department is her enemy, not her.

Terry and Roy go through the Lamoureux’s records. They see that Rosa was the named person on an account where Lamoureux was funneling money. She says she can’t talk about it now and says her boss didn’t give her the money. She says her lover gave her the money. She says she and Dean had been at it for years. She says he was trying to help her for what they lost in the recession crash.

She introduces them to her husband Wayne who comes in after she says this. Terry says the guy is crabby and Roy asks what he thinks and Terry says he thinks Wayne is their new suspect. Jamie meets with Mega who tells her Terry was manipulative and charming. She says she never had sex with him. She says she resisted and was fired.

Megan’s lawyer asks Lee Anne if Terry was with her and then about the tape. Jamie says she’s going to try and get the tape disqualified. Davidson tells Jamie that he doesn’t want his client’s case tied to a woman that had group sex with a bunch of cops. Vi tells Lee Anne to ignore him. Jamie says Megan is too perfect and that it could mess up their case. She tells Vi to look into her.

Vi calls out to Preston and she says she came to see him. She says they need her help and he agrees right away. She asks what if it’s about the lawsuit. He asks what she needs. She tells him about Megan Hixon and he says he remembers her being talked about. He says she was incompetent and that’s why she got fired. Vi asks him for performance reviews and complaints and he agrees. He asks her to tell Jamie that he’ll do what he can to help.

Preston shows up to see Russ and asks WTF. He shows he and Terry the new guns he smuggled in on the jet skis from Russia. He says there are 200 crates on the way. He tells them it’s $15 million and he needs a safe place to avoid the eyes of the Charleston PD. He offers them 15% and Terry pushes for 30%. Russ offers 25% and Terry okays the deal. Preston stays quiet.

Lee Anne comes to see Joyce at her home and is impressed. She offers her a tea and Lee Anne says she always wondered what life was like behind these walls. They go inside and Lee Ann says she needs help. She shows her the article on Megan and says that the jurors are going to think Megan is a saint and she’s a sinner. She says she thinks people need to know the real her.

Joyce invites her to go to the mayor’s ball and says she can loan her a dress and says she should bring Arliss along. She also offers her and Arliss her guest house and says it’s all one story and says they can stay until they get back on their feet. Lee Anne asks why. Joyce says when she was just starting out, she had a similar experience and wants to help her out of it.

Vi calls to check references on Megan saying she’s thinking of hiring her. Vi checks the year and takes notes. Knox pulls Preston aside on the docks and asks what’s up with Russ. He says he has it under controlled. He says there is a huge deal going down and no one knows he’s undercover. The coroner brings Terry the COD report on Lamoureux. He says he found blue froth.

Terry says he can wait on the tox report, but he knows what it is. He says it’s the blue stuff they use in boat toilets to keep them sanitary. He tells the coroner that he died by forcible drowning and he can go ahead and amend his final report.

At the mayor’s ball, Joyce has Lee Anne dressed up niceand respectably. They pose for photos together. Arliss is there in his uniform looking unhappy. He wheels off. Terry is there and Arliss sees him and says they let anyone in. Terry asks if he’s private security but Arliss says wryly that he’s there working on his waltz. He wheels away.

Terry can’t keep his eyes off Lee Anne but tries to focus because he’s on duty. He sighs when she walks by. Barbara sees her hubby talking to his mistress then notices that Lindsey isn’t drinking and looks queasy. She heads her off at the bathroom and tells her she’s been avoiding this moment for years because she had no reason to acknowledge her. She asks if her husband knows she’s pregnant.

She says Decatur has no interest in being a father again. Lindsey says if she knew so much he wouldn’t be with her. Lindsey says she won’t allow it to go on any more and says it’s over. Lindsey says she and Dec have a relationship and that’s more than she and her husband have. She walks off.

Lee Anne sees Jamie and tells her that Joyce invited her. She says she needs some headline in her favors and a public friendship with Joyce puts her on a level playing field with Megan. She tells her she knows what she’s doing. She goes to check on Arliss. Roy approaches Constance and tells her that he’s sorry. She tells him not to say sorry. She says tenacity is what made her husband successful.

She says he has her thinking. She says they brought by her husband’s personal effects and there was a single cufflink with a fake black pearl on it that didn’t belong to him. Knox comes up and Roy says he has evidence that just came to light that could place someone else on the boat when Lamoureux died.

Joyce finds Arliss and says she was looking for her. He says he’s not a prop for photo ops. Lee Anne comes in and Joyce says she’s sorry if he thinks she was insincere. She tells them the mayor’s ball is one thing and her offer of a home is of genuine concern for them. She says she is a politician but also a human being. Lee Ann tells him about the offer and he says of course you said no.

She asks where his attitude is coming from. He is served a drink and she says he promised not to drink. He says they’re like marriage vows – meant to be broken. He wheels away. She walks off upset and Jamie catches her. She asks if she can stay with her tonight and she agrees and heads off to go to her house. Terry sees this all go down. Jamie watches the dancers and sees Roy across the room.

He heads her way as the song ends and she says she didn’t know he was going to be there. He asks her to dance. They head out and he twirls her around the floor. They are very close, close enough to kiss. He spins her then dips her. He says he’s surprised she let him lead and she says he can lead her anywhere he wants. Roy says he thought they were opposing and she says just dancing.

She says she thought it was too many beers and he says he knows neither thought that. He touches her arm and says no one would ever know. She says she can’t and he asks what she’s afraid of. She says it’s too much right now and walks away. He calls to her, but she’s outta there!

Next day, Terry shows Wayne an intake form from the ER showing he had injuries consistent with a boat accident. He says he knows he drowned Dean Lamoureux in the toilet and then tossed him over board. Terry says he knows why he did it – he says women twist our brains like a dark spell you can’t shake. He says his wife is hot and when he found out he was doing her, he lost it.

Terry shows him a cufflink they found on the boat and the twin to it they found searching their house. Wayne says they’re not his and says it was her idea – Constance. He says she came to him and promised her half her inheritance if she would kill her husband – she told him about the affair. Terry asks if he has any evidence and Wayne says nothing in writing and they only met at Waterfront Park.

Wayne says Constance set him with the cufflinks and Terry says he can’t prove a damn thing. We see Constance on a private jet headed to Paris drinking champagne.

Decatur is in his office when Lindsey shows up. He says she can’t come to his office but she says the rules are about to change and tells him they’re having a baby. He looks to be in a panic.

Jamie tells the judge she has reasons to keep Megan off her case and calls her to the stand. She asks where she was employed before she worked at the Charleston PD. She sued her prior employer for slipping on water. Judge Moss asks what the point was. She asks where she lived before Charleston. She has a stack of files showing she sued many times and the state of Tennessee ruled her a vexacious litigant.

Megan’s lawyer asks to speak to her and asks if she wants to pull the plug or continue to perjure herself. She nods and her lawyer withdraws the complaint. The Judge chews her out and says she’ll have her locked up if she tries anything like this again. Jamie tells Megan that her client may not be perfect, but at least she’s honest. Lee Anne hands her head a little at that.

We see Lee Ann walking to Jamie’s house the night before and Terry waiting for her. He says he thought she might need someone. She says she misses being a cop and feeling like she mattered. She says she fell in love with him and it was like a drug. She steps closer. She says she did everything he wanted and believed him when he said he loved her.

She says she knows he said the same things to other women but he says she’s the only one. He tries to touch her and he asks if she lies awake thinking about him touching her. He says no one will ever have to know. They kiss and she pulls him into the house. They kiss and undress rapidly. She pulls him into another room. He pulls her out of her dress and she strips him. Hot!