Resurrection RECAP 3/23/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Two Rivers”

Resurrection RECAP 3/23/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Two Rivers”

Tonight on ABC the brand new show Resurrection returns for a second episode called, “Two Rivers.” On the episode Bellamy and Maggie search for a connection between Jacob and Caleb and Pastor Tom’s life is changed forever by a shocking turn of events.

On last week’s episode Bellamy received help in his investigation from Maggie and dug up secrets from the past with his push to have Jacob’s tomb exhumed; at the same time, Pastor Tom reached out to his childhood friend Jacob; and the Richards adjusted to the return of Caleb, who claimed he has no memory of his death.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If not you can get caught up with out detailed recap, right here.

On tonight’s episode exhuming Jacob’s grave only deepens the mystery of his return. Henry struggles to accept that Jacob is really the son he lost 30 years ago. Bellamy and Maggie search for a connection between Jacob and Caleb’s deaths and wonder if the local river may hold a clue. Their digging also unearths Caleb’s criminal past – he robbed the bank his daughter Elaine works at just days before his death. Pastor Tom’s life is changed forever by a shocking turn of events.

Guest starring are Veronica Cartwright as Helen Edgerton, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Braidwood, Ned Bellamy as Samuel Catlin,, Travis Young as Ray Richards, Jason Saucier as Dale Getheard, Kevin Sizemore as Gary Humphrey, Joe Knezevich as young Henry, Ellen Wall as the bartender and Matthew Wingfield Sligh as Eddie.

Tonight’s Resurrection Season 1 episode 3 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of the new episode of Resurrection — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how excited your are about the season première. Check out a sneak peek of  Resurrection “Unearth” below! Don’t forget to come back at 9 PM.

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We see Jacob inside a coffin in his favorite red shirt. Tom stares down at him. Henry watches Lucille and Jacob play catch and has a spasm in his hand. She asks if he’s okay and he says he is.

At the gravesite, Maggie and Marty stare into the coffin. He tells her that she says finding remains would make sense to her. He tells her the shirt looks like the one he woke up in in Chine and Maggie says it’s like a carbon copy was made. She stares at her mother’s grave. Marty takes some scissors and snips the tag off the shirt. He compares it to the other one and it looks the same, only new.

Jacob asks what was in his coffin. Marty asks how he could be in both places but doesn’t answer. He asks if the kid wants to play catch. Jacob asks if he’s like him and then says Caleb and tells him Caleb told him to lie. He says he had a dream where Caleb turned to dust and then he started to disappear too but then woke up. Marty tells him that if Caleb comes near again to tell him or his mom. Lucille announces a snack and Marty sends him off alone.

Caleb washes off his bloody hammer as Marty shows up. He says he has some questions and Caleb tosses down the hammer and takes him up to the house. He asks if Marty is FBI and is surprised when he tells him Immigrations. He tells Caleb he used to be a cop and looked him up. He says he noticed Caleb was a drifter with an arrest record for petty crimes. Caleb says he’s a changed man and Marty says men like him don’t change.

Caleb says he must be a pessimist. He says we’ve all made mistakes and then implies Marty has made some too. Marty says he doesn’t know why he’s lying about what happened to him and is going to turn over every stone until he finds the truth. Caleb says he’s not eager to talk about dying. He tells Marty there was a lot of pain and then nothing – no sense of time or your body. He says he could see his whole life and there was peace and maybe some music. He laughs and then admits he was joking.

He asks Caleb why he told Jacob to lie. He says he doesn’t want Marty poking and prodding at him. Caleb says all he knows is that he was brought back to protect his family and is worried it won’t end well for Jacob. Marty tells him to stay away from the boy or it won’t end well for him. He leaves abruptly.

Henry goes to see Maggie and he tells her he’s just got a muscle cramp and needs some meds. She tells him she wants an xray and blood work and insists on it. He asks what Maggie saw in the grave. She says his remains were there and it was all normal. She tells him that she’s sorry they put him through it. He says he doesn’t need to be checked and heads out. Marty is coming in just then and he tells Marty he hopes it was worth it and Marty says he hopes so too. Henry leaves.

Marty tells Maggie that Caleb is hiding something and he asks what he remembers about the circumstances surrounding the man’s death. She says that it was the summer before college and she remembers being with Elaine when she got the call. She says he had been brought in as a DOA from his hunting shack with a coronary. She says he was at his hunting shack and agrees to take Marty there.

Ray is annoyed because Caleb has been hammering on the porch since 730 am and Elaine opens the fridge and asks where all the food is. Ray says their dad ate it all but she thinks he fed it to his dog. Caleb comes in and says it’s too much work. He says he needs to hire someone and she tells him she’s two months behind on the mortgage and gives them her last $25 and tells him and Ray to shop. Ray tells Caleb he doesn’t belong there and stomps off. She leaves for work.

At church, Tom comes over and talks to Jacob about an art project he’s working on. Tom encourages him. One of the other moms – Helen – catches up with Tom and asks him doesn’t she think Lucille needs helps because she thinks the boy is her dead son. Tom tells her that he believes that God will show them the way. Helen asks if maybe it’s not God behind “this.”

Maggie and Marty hike up the trail toward the hunting shack. They are by the river and she tells him this is where Jacob and her mother died. She says she would come up there sometimes trying to feel close to her mom and give her answers but she never got any.

Fred comes to the house and asks for Henry. Jacob comes out and calls him Uncle Fred and asks him to play cobs and robbers and then Fred and he repeat the same line “only if I get to be the robber” and Fred is stunned. He puts Fred in the back of the car and makes a fake call about catching him. He asks Jacob if the man with Aunt Barbara pushed her in. Jacob says he was trying to save her. Fred asks if he was sure and he says the man was holding on, trying not to let her go. He asks Jacob what he is and he says he forgot about the sandwiches and rushes out of the car and away.

Elaine finds her dad at her desk at work. He brought her lunch and she starts crying. He closes her office door and sits down with her. She tells him it’s been so long that someone took care of her. He tells her she deserves it and doesn’t know why no one has lined up to marry her. She says with work and Ray, she doesn’t have the time. He tells her he’ll help her figure out how to take care of Ray together.

Maggie tells Marty that the two rivers there have bad mojo and that they turned red from blood during the Civil War. She tells him that they spread Caleb’s ashes near the spot where they are. She dips up some of the river water in her thermos and wonders if the river has some sort of properties. There is s shot and Marty pulls his gun. Some hunters come out of the woods and they ask her who her friend is and Marty introduces himself as a federal agent. The hunter – Mike – tells her not to get herself in any trouble.

Fred comes into the bar and orders a drink. He asks her if she ever found out a nasty secret about someone after they died. He tells her his wife was unfaithful to him and that he hoped the guy had been the one who killed her because that would give him some hope for revenge. He says the only thing keeping him from that road is his daughter. He says if the guy ever shows his face to him, he might change his mind. He leaves. The guy at the end of the bar is her secret lover and he looks nervous.

Maggie and Marty get to the shack and notice there are holes dug all around it.

Henry comes home and she asks about his hand. He tells her he’s just old. She tells hims he doesn’t like the way he’s treating Jacob no matter who he thinks this is. He tells her that their son is in his grave so that means there are two of them. He asks her what he’s supposed to do with that.

Tom comes down the hall and is surprised to see there is a church board meeting he wasn’t invited to. He asks them why they decided to hold a secret meeting. Helen tells him they have decided that Jacob and Lucille will be barred from the church until they know what’s going on. Another guy speaks up and tells him that Caleb is back too. Tom is shocked by that and says that doesn’t change anything. He says he won’t ban anyone from his church. Helen tells him it’s their church and it’s not up to him.

Henry sits in his shop working on a project when Jacob comes in He looks around at the wood and stuff and Henry doesn’t speak to him. He comes over nearer to his dad and leans on the table. He tosses Jacob some paper and tells him to sand the wood. Jacob tells him they should build a boat like before. Henry looks at an old wood boat on the shelf and then watches Jacob sand.

Marty asks her if she thinks Caleb dug the holes. She asks what he could have been doing and Marty guesses he was looking for something. He pokes around in one of the holes and sees a mask. He lifts it out with his handkerchief and he hears a noise. He tells her someone is watching them. He pulls his gun and calls out to them. He gives chase and they catch up. They realize it was Ray. They ask him if he dug the holes and he tells them it was that man pretending to be his dad. He says he’s been watching him and knows who he is.

Ray brings Marty and Maggie back to the house and tells them that Caleb is eating all the time and never sleeps. He says he has been sneaking around. He tells them the day Caleb died, the river flooded and an airplane crashed and there wasn’t supposed to be any survivors. He tells them that Caleb is an alien. Maggie tells them they’ll think about that. He gives Marty some clippings about events the day his dad died and Marty asks to hang on to them.

Jacob and Henry are working on a ship and the boy wants it to be a pirate ship. He asks if he can paint it before the put it into the river. Henry thinks back to the first boat and then gets a violent seizure in his hand. Jacob asks if should get mom and Henry snaps and yells at him that he doesn’t belong there, but then tells him to go back to the house.

Maggie says Ray is a bit of a nutter but his theory isn’t actually that crazy. Marty shows her a clip and says that the bank was robbed the day Caleb died and wonders if he robbed it. It’s the bank that Elaine works out. He asks who found his body and she says Dale and then promises to introduce them. He asks her to go grab some food but she gets a text and says Henry cut his arm and she has to go take care of him. She offers a rain check on dinner.

She stitches up Henry’s arm and asks if the tremor caused his hand to slip. She says she looked at his files and saw the same symptoms after Jacob died. She tells him the child’s return must be hard on him. Henry says after Jacob died he blamed himself for teaching him to love the river. Maggie asks if he still feels that way and he says this is different. She tells him to let go of whatever he’s hanging on to because it’s affecting his health.

Henry comes home and pulls Lucille to sit on the porch with him. He tells her when he’s on the verge of letting Jacob in and letting him close, he remembers their Jacob – the one she gave birth to and they buried. She says they don’t have to be two of them. He says to him, Jacob never really went away. He says he still sees him in his dreams and when he hears kids laughing. He says he can’t let him go. He says he doesn’t understand how could she let him go. Lucille is angry and says – how dare you. She leaves him on the porch and goes back inside.

Caleb and Ray work on his motorcycle and Caleb reminds his son of when he used to fix their cable TV. Caleb asks him to give him a chance but Ray is standoffish. Elaine watches through the window, hopeful.

Jacob is in bed when Henry comes in and tucks him in. He sees the boat they built – the old one and the new one. He looks back at the sleeping child. He leaves and runs into Lucille in the hall. She won’t even look at him and marches off. He closes the boy’s door.

Marty rings Dale’s doorbell and notices the door is ajar. He slides it open and calls out. He sees blood on the floor and pulls his gun. He steps inside and sees more blood smears.

Tom turns off the lights and locks up the church when he sees a broken window and blood drips on the carpet. He follows them down the hall.

Marty also follows blood and sees that it ends with a dead body in the kitchen.

Tom sees a woman sitting in the sanctuary alone. He calls out hello. He walks down the aisle and asks if he can help her. She tells him she didn’t have anywhere to go and then saw his name on the sign outside. He sees her hand is bleeding and then sees her face and is stunned. He says – Rachel. She asks him if she really died.