Resurrection Live RECAP: Season 1 Finale “Torn Apart”

Resurrection Live RECAP: Season 1 Finale “Torn Apart”

Tonight on ABC the brand new show Resurrection returns for the eighth episode called, “Torn Apart”, which is the finale. On this evening’s episode physical and unnatural forces overcome Arcadia in the Season 1 finale, which finds the town in a state of chaos when the return of the deceased reaches a critical mass. Feeling like he’s out of options, Bellamy asks for outside help, but that backfires in a way no one could have imagined—even Sheriff Fred, who seems determined to pursue his own agenda.

On last week’s with the help of Bellamy and Sheriff Fred, Tom lead the charge in the search for Rachael, but her situation became increasingly dire as her captors grew more desperate. Maggie and Dr. Ward continued their medical research on the resurrected subjects and a series of shocking discoveries set them on the brink of a game changing find, however, their focus shifted when Arcadia is suddenly in the throes of an epidemic.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the town of Arcadia is in a state of chaos when the return of the deceased reaches a critical mass. Bellamy has no other choice than to ask for outside aid which backfires when Sheriff Fred steps in with his own agenda, triggering a siege on the town that no one saw coming,

Tonight’s Resurrection Season 1 episode 8 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of this new episode of Resurrection — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how excited you are about this first season. Check out a sneak peek of Resurrection “Torn Apart” finale episode below! Don’t forget to come back at 9 PM.

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Rachael looks at her own dead body in the morgue as she stands above it. She reaches out with a shaky hand but can’t touch herself. Fred asks how this is possible. Rachael tells Tom she still feels the same and thinks the baby is all right. Fred tells them he’s getting dozens of calls at the station. The returned are gathering at the church – a couple of dozen. Rachael says she’ll go because she doesn’t want to be alone. They leave.

Marty and Fred figure out there could be more than a hundred if they keep coming. Maggie looks at her mom and tells her she’s so young. Her mom tells her she’s pretty. They smile at each other. Maggie asks how long has she been there and she says she’s been back about a week. She says she woke up a few towns over and then came there. She says she came to see her and waited outside her house and watched her. Maggie asks why she didn’t approach her and her mom says she didn’t want to see Fred.

Maggie asks why and she says because of Sam. She asks who Sam is to her mom and if he was a fling. Maggie asks what kind of mother does that and cheats when she’s just had a baby. Her mom says it’s not that simple. Her mom snaps and tells her that she doesn’t know her and how cruel Fred can be. Maggie says that’s her father she’s talking about and her mom says she wasn’t there and doesn’t know how dark he can get. Maggie tells her mom she has no idea how much her dad loves her. Maggie says she needs to tell Fred that she’s back and with Sam. She tells her to tell Fred or she will.

Jacob sleeps on the floor while Jenny’s parents talk to Lu and Henry. They tell them how they died in a flood. Her mom says the last thing she saw before she went under was her babies. They have Jenny but haven’t found Robert, their son. Lu says he may have come back somewhere else. Henry says his brother is the sheriff and they can look for him. They tell him Robert has a crescent birthmark on the back of his neck.

Marty comes to the church and Tom has them writing down their names and information so they can find their families. Tom tells Marty they’re all hungry, need someplace to stay and many of them don’t have family in Arcadia anymore. Helen comes in and Tom is expecting trouble but she walks past him to a woman and calls her name – Eva – and hugs her.

Marty dials his phone and wakes Toni. She tells him it’s two am and he says there are hundreds of the returned. He says they’ve been coming back all night and need help – food and shelter. She says this is way beyond the scope of their agency. He says they need humanitarian aid with no guns. He says they need to make sure it goes the right way.

Fred comes home when his wife calls to him. He speaks her name – Barbara – and runs to her and picks her up crying and hugging. She pushes him back. He tries to touch her face and says she’s exactly as he remembered her. Barbara tells him this isn’t what he thinks. He tells her he knows about Sam and it’s okay. He says he made mistakes but he loves her and wants another chance.

Barbara says she can’t do this anymore. She says her mind is made up and it’s over. She says that she’s been with Sam for the past week ever since she got back. She says she went straight to him and Maggie found her there. She apologizes for not getting in touch with him sooner and not being stronger. Fred glares at her. He tells her okay. He says it was a long time ago. He tells her she made her choice and he has to accept it. She thanks him and walks away.

Fred watches a home movie of the day Barbara gave birth to their daughter. She’s smiling and happy. He smiles at the images on the screen. He clicks the movie off. He puts the cap back on the whiskey bottle and sets it aside. He looks at the wedding ring on his bedside table.

At the church, Marty sees Maggie and comes to talk to her. He tells her he’s been trying to reach her. She and Eric are both there. There are at least 75 and Eric asks where they are coming from. Marty says his proximity theory isn’t holding since they are coming from all eras and most are popping up in nearby areas. Marty tells her had to call for outside help. Eric and Maggie pitch in to help when they hear a noise.

Marty, Tom and Maggie go outside and they see a convoy of military vehicles pulling up and soldiers getting out. Maggie gives Marty and ‘I told you so’ look. One of the army guys asks for Marty. He says Toni sent him. He’s got trucks full of food – no guns in sight. He says he heard there are some people that can use some help.

They set up a triage area and start handing out food. Fred comes in and tells Maggie he saw her mom and says they had a good conversation and he has some closure now. He says he respects Barbara’s decision. Maggie hugs her dad but we can see that he now has his wedding ring on. That doesn’t seem like someone who has closure and is accepting of his wife moving on with another man.

Fred approaches the army colonel and introduces himself. Colonel Stone tells him Arcadia is beautiful and Fred asks what he was told. Stone was told these are flood and power outage victims. Fred says that’s not the whole truth. He points out Rachael to him then takes him to the morgue to show him her body. He says they can’t die and are dangerous. He says they aren’t loved ones returning but evil ones. Stone asks what they should do and Fred says they need to protect the living.

Henry gets a call from the Arcadia County Sheriff’s department saying to bring them to the high school gym to get a flu shot, ID and information packet during certain hours. Henry tries to call Fred but he ignores his calls. Marty asks Fred about the robocall and why he didn’t tell him. Fred says it’s part of his coordination with Col Stone and Marty asks next time to keep him in the loop.

Maggie comes and tells Marty she heard they are moving to the high school gym and asks to ride along. He asks if she wants to talk and she says she does. She tells him her mother is back and has been back for a week. She says she tracked her down and that her mom is with the man she was having the affair with. Maggie says she told her mom she had to face Fred. Marty asks how he took it and Maggie says how he says he took it and how he took it aren’t the same. She tells him there has been a hole in her life that her mom left when she died. She says she tried to fill it with school and work. She says now that her mom is back she feels even more empty.

Henry and Lu bring Jacob to the high school as requested. They also bring Jenny’s family along. Jacob stops outside and asks his parents if all those people are like him. He says others won’t like this. Henry says it’s been a hard week but is going to make two promises – he says we will always be together and I will always keep you safe.

Marty and Maggie get there and they see all the soldiers and cops ushering the returned inside. Marty isn’t sure about this and says he’ll meet Maggie inside. He wants to go talk to Henry and Lu. Jacob runs to him. Marty tells them they don’t need to be here and says they will get him an ID another time. He tells them he’ll handle it and says they should go inside and enjoy the day. They ask about the Thompsons – Jenny’s family – and Marty says he’ll give them a ride to the house when they’re done. Fred is angry to see his brother and nephew leaving.

Marty goes inside the gym and looks around. At a glance it looks okay. He sees the Thompsons and approaches them. He introduces himself and says he’s a friend of the Langston’s. He asks to talk to them outside. He walks them to the door but the Deputy won’t let them out. He says all returned must stay inside and then holds up his gun and gets tough with Marty. He says it’s order and if he has issues, to talk with the sheriff.

Marty finds Maggie and tells her this is a trap. He says the deputies have been ordered to keep everyone in there on her father’s orders. She asks why he would do that and he tells her she knows why. Maggie says she’s going to call her dad but there’s no cell phone reception. Tom comes over and they ask if he has signal and Marty says they cut the phones off. Marty says they have to get these people out of here. Maggie says they need to get the list of all the returned. He tells her he has to go to the Langston’s. He leaves as she tells him to be careful.

The deputies report and says there’s roughly 250 people. Fred tells them that Col Stone will be there with reinforcements soon but Marty has pulled the fire alarm and is rushing all the returned out. Fred tries to corral them and yells at his deputies to close the doors. They do and he slams the door shut. He sees that Barbara is inside. Fred yells that they are escaping and tells the deputies to round them up. They are in shock and says they thought they were just safekeeping them. One deputy refuses to help and says he has family in there. He throws down his badge as Fred fires him.

At the Langston’s, Henry sees Carl parked in the driveway. Lu says maybe he was sent for protection. Maggie finds Eric and asks if he has all their names. She tells him to destroy the list. She says if her dad gets a hold of it, he’ll pursue them all. She says without the last, most of them can pass. He says if they lose track, he won’t be able to research but she convinces him. He hands it over and tells her to rip it up.

At the jail, Fred releases Gary and he has his buddies there too. He tells them they have to track them all down. He tells Gary he was right and that they aren’t human. Carl gets a call from Fred and tells him that he’s outside Henry’s. Fred tells them not to let them leave. Marty approaches gun drawn and takes his gun and radio and locks Carl in the back of his cop car. He struggles to get lose. Marty goes and pounds on the door.

Lu lets him in and he tells them that Barbara came back but has left Fred and that he’s snapped. He tells them they have to go because Jacob is in danger. Henry says it’s not a good idea. Lu tells Marty that since he’s government they won’t stop him and they’ll be looking for Henry and Lu. Henry tells him that he needs to take Jacob and protect him for as long as it takes.

Jacob comes down and asks what’s going on. He comes down and his dad tells him that he has to go with Marty. The boy starts to panic and pitches a fit. He tells him he promises. Henry tells him that he’s right and he has to break his first promise to keep his second. He says he has to go with Marty so they can keep him safe. Jacob says he understands but it upset. They hug it out. Lu hugs him too. She tells him they will see each other soon.

Henry says they can go out the back and tells Jacob to lead Marty out the back way near the factory and says no one will look for them that way. Henry tells Marty to do what he has to do. They head out back and run to Marty’s car. He tells Jacob to get in the back and stay down. Marty peels out. Fred comes up their driveway as Marty leaves out the side road.

Fred and the deputies get out and see Carl in the back of the car. Fred approaches his brother and tells him he promised Col Stone that he would round them all up and can’t make an exception for him. He says they won’t hurt them and are taking them to a camp or something. He tells Henry he can visit them. He says he knows he thinks it’s Jacob, but it’s not and he needs to know that now, not later. Fred tells them someday they’ll thank him and Lu slaps him in the face. Henry tells Fred that everything their father said about him was right and Fred says – thank you.

Fred tells him men to search their house. They go in. Fred gets a call to come back to the gym but then Gonzalez’s radio goes out before he can tell Fred what’s wrong. Fred heads off. Henry glares at him. Fred pulls up to the school and sees armed men everywhere. He gets out and sees returned being led around at gunpoint. Gary and his men are on their knees being held at gunpoint.

Fred tells Stone that he made a mistake and says those men are his. Stone says he doesn’t have time to deal with him now. He sends a man out with a description of some of the ones that got away to hunt them down. Fred says he thought the returned were being taken away but Stone says they are shutting down the whole town and that it’s under quarantine. Fred says that’s not what they discussed and Stone dismisses him with a wave.

Fred looks around at the mess he started. He goes over to Maggie and she is telling soldiers she won’t give them any records on the returned. Barbara steps up to defend her but a soldier puts cuffs on her and leads her away. Fred yells out to her that he’ll fix it and Maggie asks him hasn’t he done enough.

Tom brings the Thompsons to Kinberly’s and tells her they need help. She and Janine let them in. Janine walks away from him without a word as he brings Rachael inside as well. Marty leaves Arcadia and has crosses the city line. Jacob asks if he can sit up now and Marty says they are in the clear. Marty tells him he wants a milkshake and asks if that sounds good. Jacob says no. He says he likes mint chip better.

Jacob points out something ahead and Marty pulls to a stop. He tells him to stay in the car. Marty walks ahead and sees what looks like insect outer shells on the road. Jacob gets out and asks how many there are. One of the bugs flutters in front of them as a helicopter zooms up and hovers above them and two SUVs pull up. Marty takes the boy into his arms and as he holds onto his neck, he pulls Marty’s shirt down. We see a crescent shaped birth mark. He’s Robert – the Thompson’s missing son!!