Return to Amish RECAP 6/1/14: Season 1 Premiere “Home is Where the Beef Is”


Tonight on TLC Return to Amish the Breaking Amish spin-off premieres with its first episode. In tonight’s episode “Home is Where the Beef Is” the “Breaking Amish” cast—Abe, Jeremiah, Kate, Rebecca and Sabrina—are together again in this reality series, which begins with a holiday dinner at Mary’s that doesn’t proceed as planned. Meanwhile, Andrew has a score to settle with Jeremiah after getting out of jail; Rebecca and Sabrina discuss their pregnancies; and Kate waits for news about an exciting opportunity.

Return to Amish is a spin-off series of Breaking Amish that reunites viewers with the original group from Breaking Amish – the network’s highest-rated freshman series ever.

On tonight’s episode Amish and Ex-Amish friends and family get together at Mary Schmucker’s where her husband Chester is in for a rude awakening. Andrew has a score to settle with Jeremiah, Rebecca and Sabrina are expecting big things and Kate awaits a great opportunity.

Tonight’s premiere is going to be exciting you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of the Amish family.

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There have been significant changes to the original crew of “Breaking Amish”. Not only are two cast-mates pregnant, but it seems one of them is possibly homeless and another is becoming a breakout success in the modeling world. No surprise that the last one is Kate though having two pregnant stars is something no one saw coming.

When last we saw them, Rebecca has just found out that she was pregnant. She and her husband were happy with their news and more importantly they realized where they wanted to raise their children. They moved back home or to use a clearer phrase as close to the Amish community as the ex-Amish can get. Still the move came with a downside. Like the fact that Abe hasn’t gotten a lot of work opportunities so it’s been hard on them.

Hopefully, Andrew recent release might help change that. Andrew had gone to jail for breaking his probation and now that he’s out he wants to do the right thing…by everyone. He’s gotten back together with his girlfriend Chapel and he’s kept in contact with his family. Abe had even visited him in prison just to clear the air between them.

Then there’s Mary. She never could turn her back on any of her children. And for that she’s been shunned, but she’s not going to let a little thing like that stop her. Mary concedes to having her eyes opened when she visited her son and his family down in Florida so she’s not as hung up about being shunned as much as her community wishes she was. She’s going to love her children no matter what.

Her husband, Chester, was admittedly ashamed about how his sons turned out. He wanted them to stay in the community yet when it mattered – he couldn’t turn his back on them. His children are still welcomed at home. So much so that Mary is holding out hope that maybe Andrew will return to their community one day. Something he can’t do while he’s dating an English girl much less moving in with one.

Andrew isn’t coming back though. He wants to start a family with Chapel and he’s planning on being a better brother to Abe. He reached out to Abe to plan a surprise for their mother. Mary is throwing an unconventional Christmas hence the boys wanted to get her a Christmas tree. Sadly, when they returned home bearing gifts; the mood instantly became sour when they ran into Jeremiah.

Jeremiah had allegedly propositioned Chapel during Andrew’s incarceration. So Andrew confronted him and they would have gotten into a fight too if it were not for Abe. He had to remind them where they were and kindly ask them both to respect his family’s home. He told them that Mary wanted everyone here and they should just make it through the holidays.

Since most of them lost their families when they left the Amish community – Mary has become something of a surrogate mother to the lot of them. Kate took time off of her busy career to spend the holidays with the family, Jeremiah was able to crash on the couch because Mary couldn’t turn him away either, and Sabrina is coming for the Christmas dinner as well. What little ground she had won with her own family was lost when they found out about her pregnancy. Being pregnant and single was something they couldn’t overlook.

The baby isn’t Jeremiah’s. It’s actually her other on-again off-again though he doesn’t look to be in the picture. As of now, Mary is the only mother she can depend on and Sabrina is going to need someone to turn to for advice because she honestly doesn’t know a thing about babies.

When dinnertime came around, everyone was happy to see each other. It was an enjoyable reunion and the one blight on an otherwise happy occasion was that Andrew was late. He didn’t arrive during the dinner prep or while they were doing their prayers. No, he came in after the rest of them had already begun to eat. And he didn’t have the courtesy to come alone.

Andrew came to Christmas dinner with his girlfriend. The very same one that has a problem with Jeremiah and also the girl that Mary doesn’t like. Mary believes her to be too much like Rebecca. Way too dramatic and she was right.

Chapel was barely through the door before she started to test Jeremiah’s patience. She wanted to get into a verbal argument and he kept trying to tell her it wasn’t the time or the place. And still she kept pushing until she found the right button to push – she brought his kids into their argument. Jeremiah had enough and left the dinner table. Chapel soon followed him.

They were arguing outside in full view of everyone and the slowly the people that were left at the table lost their appetite. No one felt like celebrating anymore and Rebecca ended up having false contractions. Though they didn’t realize it was false until a midwife came and checked her out.

That was the final nail in a pretty dreadful dinner.

Kate caught up with Katie-Ann later on prior to leaving. She wanted to know about her and see how her life was turning out. And Katie-Ann has had a few problems of her own without anyone taking much notice.

The pressure is on her for getting a boyfriend. Katie-Ann would like one to have one, but her family’s history and her mother’s current shunning has limited her options. It seems the boys don’t want to date her as long as her last name is Schmucker. Her parents however remain optimistic.

They think she still has a chance despite practically being warned away. And of course Mary was going to take that sentiment to heart. She’s still finding ways to “help” Rebecca through her pregnancy even though the expected mother asked for space. Abe understands his mother is from a different era and that she was raised to believe things as a must, but his wife doesn’t have the same fortitude in dealing with Mary. She wants her gone and isn’t afraid to tell her so.

Feeling like she needs to go where she’s wanted, Mary quickly decides to visit Kate in New York. That isn’t going to make the Bishop very happy, but to be fair he should have thought about that before he shunned her. Shunning her meant she couldn’t speak with the ladies in her community. So who else was she going to speak to?

Going to New York was probably not the best idea. She went with Katie-Ann and the two of them got lost in the middle of Chinatown. Thanks to a very nice man they were able to call Kate and get her to collect them.

New York is in the middle of fashion week which means that Kate is going to be working non-stop so she doesn’t have the time to be anyone’s tour guide. She got her friends tickets to a runway show and she thought they were going to play it cool – funnily enough they didn’t. They were super excited to see her and wanted to take pictures. Any who the designer spotted them and he wanted to take picture with all three of them. Because of Mary, Kate was photographed with a renowned designer.

So shouldn’t she say thank you?

Back home, the bishop chose to stop by. Abe was with his dad when it happened and they had to hide all the cameras or else they’re family was never going to be forgiven! But what about Mary? How are they going to explain her absence?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!