Revenge Recap 10/5/14: Season 4 Episode 2 “Disclosure”


Tonight on ABC Revenge returns with an all new Sunday October 5, season 4 episode 2 called “Disclosure.” On this evening’s episode, Emily stops at nothing in her search for Victoria, who’s at the mercy of her own sinister secret.

On the last episode, as Emily planned to host her most surprising party ever, Victoria found a way to turn her greatest setback into a dangerous advantage. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them both, David Clarke planned his next move. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Emily confronts former friends and a lifelong enemy in a desperate search for Victoria, while the fallen Queen of the Hamptons finds herself at the mercy of her own darkest secret

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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Victories wakes on the sofa in Emily’s old house to a wild storm and all the windows open. David there and he apologizes for frightening her. She’s in shock and touches his face. She smiles and says – it’s you. He pushes her hand away and says he has to know the truth. He says he thought Conrad was the mastermind and she was a victim like he was. She tells him she loved him and he asks again for the truth. She says nothing and he says it was a mistake for him to come. He starts to walk away and she says it’s true.

She tells him she was scared and had no choice. She says she regretted that moment ever since. He turns back to her and takes her face in his hands. She steps closer and he chokes her. She wakes, for real this time, and sees she’s in the back of a car and David is a the wheel. Emily calls Dr Miller and threatens him if there is any word about Victoria being in his facility or escaping.

Nolan asks what’s up and she says if Victoria goes to the police, there will be no proof. She asks for his help to find Victoria and he says he won’t help her. Then he admits he already looked and says she’s off the grid. He says if she’s found dead, Emily will be the prime suspect. He says he doesn’t like being on the offensive and she tells him if he can find her, he’ll end it for good.

Jack and his partner sit in the car clocking would-be speeders. He wants to know more about Emily and how he knows her. He simply says she was a friend of his wife’s and says they met in juvie. He says Emily is full of surprised and Jack says not really. They finally tag a speeder and take off lights flashing. Margaux talks to Daniel – they are working on taking care of Gideon. He sneaks up on Gideon’s car and puts a knife in the tire and tells her that he’s officially delayed.

David stops the van and opens the door. Victoria kicks him in the face and runs into the woods. She looks around lost and then sees a car. She staggers into the road to try and stop a car. A truck almost runs her down but David knocks her out of the way and tackles her. He says he’s waited too long for this. She thinks he wants to kill her. But then he says he’s not going to lose her again.

Charlotte hears her dad’s voice and sees that Gideon is with a girl. They trash talk her and Charlotte blows up. He says they just partied together and he wasn’t her BF. The girl calls her pathetic and Charlotte slaps her and walks out. She calls her brother and tells him and he says good riddance. He asks her why she hasn’t paid her rent and she admits she cashed it and used the money to party. He asks if he knows what she went through to get that money. He hangs up when he sees Emily there.

He asks why she’s there and she says she’s scoping the place out for a friend coming to town. She tells him she heard his mother is back in town and he says she heard wrong. He says it’s sick how the two of them are focused on destroying each other. He tells her to disappear. Charlotte looks at a vial of coke she has in her purse. Victoria tells David he was murdered and she saw his grave. He tells her this is his grave and takes her to a cell and puts her inside. He shuts the door behind them.

Margaux is on a call with her board about acquiring Corp News. They remind her that Gideon is head of acquisitions but he’s there and says he’ll take the lunch alone without his sister. He clicks off the call and asks her what the odds are that he got four flat tires. He tells her that once he delivers Corp News the board will reverse their father’s decision and give him the company.

Margaux texts that Gideon took the bait. Nolan puts a sticker on a door. He says – last one – they are a series of imperceptible cameras he’s monitoring. Emily calls and says she doesn’t see Charlotte at the hotel. He says it must be human error. He says she’s right on top of her but then she looks up and sees her sister on the ledge and says – oh my God.

Emily rushes up to the roof and calls to her. Charlotte tells her to go away. Emily tells her she doesn’t want to do this and Charlotte says she doesn’t care. Emily says she’ll try harder and Charlotte takes a step over the roof. Emily begs her not to do this. Jack’s partner tackles her and Jack calls in that the jumper has been apprehended.

David tells Victoria that she owes him some answers. He says he had 20 years to piece together the conspiracy that destroyed his life but asks if she betrayed him. She says she went to the DA to testify but Conrad threatened her and her children. She says she played the good wife until she couldn’t stand it anymore but says he was the love of her life. David says he loves her and always has. He says he believes her and takes her in his arm.

Jack is in shock about Charlotte but his partner says most of them do this for attention. They agree to meet back at the station after he gets his shoulder checked out. His partner goes to ask Emily why she was there and she says it was coincidence. He says they have a lot of history and asks who she was meeting. She tells him she almost lost someone important to her and asks to talk later. He says Charlotte owes her her life and Emily says she actually owes him.

Gideon shows up to meet Jerry and finds Daniel at the restaurant. He tells him to stay away from his sister and Gideon threatens to publish the photo of him with the dead girl. Miles Van Buren, a reporter, is meeting Daniel in the same place. Jack drags Charlotte out and he takes her to Emily. She freaks and he tells her that she needs to be with family and Emily is the person she needs to be listening to right now. She relents and goes inside.

Emily tells her the doctor was right. She says she should be with family right now. Charlotte goes to leave and Emily says she’s the one who kidnapped her. She says she did the wrong thing for all the right reasons. Charlotte asks what she’s saying and Emily tells her she’s her sister Amanda.

David tells V that he’s sorry that he scared her. He says believing in her innocence is what kept him alive. He says he was stabbed and shows her the scar. He says he blacked out from the pain and when he came to he was out. She asks where he was and he says the less she knows, the better for her safety and Charlotte’s. He says he wasn’t able to protect Amanda and now she’s gone.

She’s surprised he heard about the boat and says it was a terrible tragedy. He says he can’t lose anyone else and wants to be in her life and Charlotte’s. He asks her to say something and she says it’s been years and a lot has happened. She says she thought he was dead then he kidnapped her then wants to pick up where they left off. She says she doesn’t like being his prisoner and he opens the door and says – let’s go.

Gideon meets with the Corp News guy when a woman shows up and makes a scene. She pulls a baggie of coke out of his pocket and says she’s taking back what’s hers. Jerry walks away as Gideon tries to say he’s been set up. The news guy with Daniel is thrilled with the exclusive story. Emily tries to explain to Charlotte why she didn’t tell her before that they were sisters. She says part was trying to protect her and part was the things she’s done.

Emily tells her that she was shuffled around foster care, then on the streets and then in juvie and says she was so alone. She says at one point she could only see one way out. She shows Charlotte that the tattoo on her wrist covers scars. She tells her she knows what she’s feeling but says there is always another way to deal with things. She pulls out her box and says their dad gave this to her. Charlotte opens it and sees the journals.

Emily says that he gave them to her to help her survive and she hopes she can see why she did what she did. Charlotte says she used her and lied to her instead of embracing her. Charlotte says she chose revenge over her and Emily says she didn’t think she had a choice. Charlotte says she can’t forgive her for the terrible things she’s done to her. She smashes the box and scatters the journals and Emily is upset at the misstep she’s made with her sister.

David takes V to a diner. He tells her he came looking for her when his name was cleared. He says someone is in her house. She says she didn’t want the house with memories of Conrad. She still hasn’t told him about Emily (aka Amanda). He says she never ate steak and eggs. She says things have changed over the years. The waitress asks if she lost her steak knife and he sees it in her hand. He says she’s still scared of him. He tells her that he’s done bad things too.

She asks what he’s done and he admits that he killed Conrad for her and says he would do anything for her. She touches his hand and then takes it in her own. She thanks him and smiles. Emily sits touching the symbol on the lid of her revenge box. She tells Nolan that when her dad said goodbye he would always say he loved her infinity times infinity.

She says after a while she said it without thinking about what it really meant. She tells him Charlotte was right that she chose revenge over her. Nolan says she chose her father and Emily says her dad is dead and will never know what she did and Charlotte will never forgive her. He reminds her that when she told Jack he didn’t take it well and says Charlotte will come around.

He says to give her time, maybe a very long time. But then her phone rings with a call from Charlotte. She takes the call. Margaux confronts Gideon about his actions. He tells her he know that she and Daniel planned this and then asks if Daniel told her about the red head. He says he killed her and asks for a reason he shouldn’t kill her. Margaux says she can prove she’s not in alliance with Daniel.

She says she can prove it and calls Jerry and tells him it was a ruse by Daniel, a disgruntled ex-employee. She says he’s on a plane to London and Gideon tells her to get him on a flight tonight. Jack’s partner asks him to go for a drink. He says he has to deal with his daughter and his bar. He offers to help but he tells him to rest his shoulder. He asks about Charlotte and Jack says she’ll be okay. He starts talking about Emily again and Jack says she’s gone through a lot and just lost her fiancee. He says now is not the time for her to start something new.

Emily meets Charlotte at Jack’s bar. She says she can’t do this with her – she says she has so much to say to her but can’t without losing her temper so she wrote it down. Emily read what she wrote. As she reads, Charlotte sneaks up behind her and hits with a fire extinguisher and knocks her out. Margaux takes Gideon to the airport and he complains about flying commercial. She says this is the fastest way and makes it so Daniel can’t interfere.

He asks why she’s helping since he’s planning on taking her job. She says it’s what their father would have wanted. He tells her to enjoy her last days in his office. He walks through security and a dog starts barking. They check his bag and then cut it open. They arrest him for the drugs they found and he fights them and screams at them to get off him. Margaux watches and smiles. She meets Daniel and he says she won’t believe what he heard – that her brother was arrested for smuggling drugs.

She says she had no choice since he threatened to do to them what he did to the red head. Daniel says he didn’t think she had it in her. He tells her that was not a compliment. Margaux says their power comes from justice, not evil. She kisses him and says they need to stop fighting their impulses. He kisses her back and presses her against him.

V asks David where he’s taking her and he says he wants to meet his daughter. She tells him there’s something he needs to know. She tells him that she was locked up against her will. He asks if it was Conrad and she says someone just as hateful. She says because of this woman, her life is in shambles and her relationship with Charlotte is in ruins. He says he can help and to tell him who it is. She says it’s Emily Thorne.

Charlotte spreads turpentine around the bar where Emily lies unconscious and then tips over a work light. The bar goes up in flames. Charlotte kneels over her body and says – goodbye sis. She runs out coughing and a man asks if she’s okay and if anyone else is there. She says it’s empty and walks away as a crowd starts to gather.