Robert Pattinson Rushing Back To See Kristen Stewart From NYC (PHOTO)

Robert Pattinson Rushing Back To See Kristen Stewart From NYC (PHOTO)

As always, Hollywood Life has given us a new piece of fanfiction regarding Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. We know that Rob was going to be spending the holidays with his friends and family in London, but he seemed to have made an impromptu trip down to New York City. He was spotted jetting out of JFK on January 5th. I mean, he does have a film shoot to get to and his break is probably over, so it’s perfectly understandable that he’d be taking a flight.

Of course, Hollywood Life has taken this opportunity to claim that Rob is now going to return to Los Angeles and the patient, waiting arms of Kristen Stewart. According to them, that’s pretty much all Rob thinks about – getting back to Kristen. Forget his career, and forget his job. Los Angeles = Kristen Stewart.

To be fair, they do add that it’s more likely that Rob is going to film his new movie, Queen of the Desert. But at this point, it’s fairly delusional to assume that Rob and Kristen will get back together, especially regarding the number of assumptions you have to take to arrive at that point. I mean, there’s probably something going on between them, as we’ve said numerous times, but I don’t think they’re ever going to get back in a steady relationship, a la the one they were in while filming the Twilight series. So too bad, Twi-hards, but Rob is not going to reunite with Kristen, but he is going back to his job. Cause for celebration that he’s still got a strong career, one of the few cast members from Twilight who does?

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4 responses to “Robert Pattinson Rushing Back To See Kristen Stewart From NYC (PHOTO)”

  1. catherinedove says:

    This is a blurb from my blog: I’ve seen some weird keywords coming through here (this is how rumors get started)… I am not a publicist. I’m just someone who has done ALOT of marketing so I know (generically-speaking) how things work – on TOP of being a HUGE
    HOLLYWOOD FANGIRL of all KINDS of fanbases throughout the years (Star Trek, Michael Jackson, Buffy the Vampire Slayer – oh yeah, there are more).

    I am very familiar with how celebrities used to be treated compared to how they are being treated, now. This instantaneous internet hooplah is a NEW PROBLEM for our society. When tabloids only had print to rely on – they could get pretty mean, but they couldn’t be this incessant about it. (Although some of us would beg to differ with regards to Princess Diana. They were so mean to her – SO MEAN. Don’t get me started on what they’ve done to Prince William and/or Prince Harry since
    they have grown up.)

    It was easier to pass this stuff off back then because we couldn’t really SEE what the papz were doing to our favorite celebrities. We only heard about it, so why should anything be done about it? It was easier to brush stuff off and/or not even pay attention to it.

    I’m not suggesting a change in ‘freedom of speech’ or any laws. PLEASE give the petition a chance. That’s all I ask. I don’t see one reason why Team Kristen, Team Robert and Robsten Forever Fans can’t ALL sign it. If you LOVE Twilight and/or you LOVE them – why wouldn’t you? I can only think of one good reason for you, but it happens to be a dumb one.

    explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for the TRUTH about robsten and info on Hollywood’s misogynistic smear campaign against Twihards. SIGN
    the petition for Hollywood to initiate its OWN REFORMS for ALL celebrities, not just Kristen and Robert. It’s time to unite, girls. They may have split our ranks for awhile but the Twilight Army is REGROUPING.

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  3. em says:

    Why does someone always have to b harsh on Kristen? First a slut (cheating), now a lesbian????? Has rob ever done any wrong? It is he to go to get caught at it. I do truly believe they both need time heal. It would help with all this negative crap around them. Everyone just needs to leave them the hell alone. Robsten.

  4. ellenj49 says:

    Alicia is not wearing Kristen’s hoody. Kristen’s has white strings, not red. Also it’s just like the one Robs wearing in this picture. She’s not wearing his but it’s the same. When DM shot pics of her pumping gas she clearly was wearing it. You know there are a lot of red hoodies out their. So the clothes trading thing is a little disingenuous.