Robert Pattinson Moves Back to London for Nettie Wakefield and to Stay Away From Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson Moves Back to London for Nettie Wakefield and to Stay Away From Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson’s breakup with Kristen Stewart has been well documented, but it’s only been recently that he’s started making moves to cut himself off from her completely. Perhaps he’s scared that he’ll end up weakening his resolve and going back to her, or maybe he just doesn’t want to come across her at all, or maybe he’s smitten with Nettie Wakefield. For all the rumors about them hooking up again and getting back together, Rob’s actions don’t exactly support that he wants to start dating Kristen again.

For one thing, he just sold the house that they both shared. For another, he’s spent most of the holidays away from Kristen in London, which is especially telling because Kristen spent most of her holidays in Los Angeles. In addition that, Rob seems to be making an effort to go back to his old life in London, including spending time with his family and friends, whereas in the past he would spend every holiday and practically every waking minute with Kristen and her friends.

And of course, who can forget the rumored string of girlfriends/lovers that Rob is supposed to have had, whereas his ex-girlfriend was barely linked to anyone. Every way you look at it, Rob’s moving on, and he’s putting Kristen behind him. Of course, the fact that they dated for several years and in such intense circumstances means that there’s always a chance that Rob and Kristen could get back together, especially if they’re ever in close proximity for an extended period of time in the future. But maybe that’s exactly what Rob’s trying to prevent by keeping himself away from her.

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  • saraemna3

    Rob always thought Kristen had his back but when she turned to another man, it broke his heart as well as the magic surrounding their relationship. Even if they got back together, the special bond they shared would never be the same and I think Rob is still looking for the kind of love his parents have.

  • Mal

    He doesn’t own any property in London, he’s said so multiple times. He doesn’t even like to “own” property is what he said. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved back ton London.

  • leah

    I think kristen and rob were so in love twilight made us all gush because they looked so madly in love but it said at the end of breaking dawn too in the diary we said forever so did they mean it before they closed the book who knows they are made for eachother and they way they were with resana i thought if there ow child they would of been amazing parents love them both xx leah