Robin Thicke And Paula Patton’s Marriage Destroyed By Infidelity: Robin Broke Her Heart! (PHOTO)

Robin Thicke And Paula Patton's Marriage Destroyed By Infidelity: Robin Broke Her Heart! (PHOTO)

The latest cover issue of In Touch Weekly has an extensive feature on Juan Pablo, the latest ‘Bachelor’ to grace our screens. Although he initially seemed like the perfect man, largely due to his looks, his accent, and his grace as a father, he’s turning out to be one of the worst Bachelors the show’s ever seen. Just goes to show that just because someone is a good dad, well, that doesn’t mean they’ll be a good boyfriend or husband.

Juan’s already faced many accusations of cheating and leading on most of the women on the show, although I still think that comes with the territory of the show. But most of the women don’t see it that way, and Juan’s top two choices have already dumped him and walked off the show because of his unsavory ways. Plus, most of the women are now turning on Juan Pablo, marking an unprecedented wave of hate for the Bachelor.

In Touch also has a feature on Robin Thicke‘s breakup with Paula Patton, explaining that Paula finally had enough of Robin’s cheating and decided to dump him. Really, it’s about freaking time. I still don’t understand how she thought they would salvage their marriage while Robin was off groping and making out with fans every chance he got.

Lamar Odom was also recently interviewed about ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, and according to him, he doesn’t regret their marriage at all. Furthermore, he’s apparently stated that he’ll never let go of Khloe, which is two-parts sad and one-part creepy.

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