Rosie Perez Calls Jennifer Lopez “Ghetto B—h” in New Book: Slams Lopez So People Will Buy Memoir

Rosie Perez Calls Jennifer Lopez “Ghetto B---h” in New Book: Slams Lopez So People Will Buy Memoir

You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. At least, that’s what Rosie Perez claims about Jennifer Lopez in her new tell-all book. Rosie Perez had pretty much faded into obscurity, until she decided to write her book titled, “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life.” The odds of anyone buying Perez’s book or even knowing it was hitting stands on February 25th were slim to none, so Perez opted to devote the entire first chapter of her memoir to slamming Jennifer Lopez, and calling her a “ghetto bitch.” That’s one way to ensure a few sales!

The New York Post has revealed an excerpt from Rosie Perez’s new book, which describes her experiences working with Jennifer Lopez back in 1991 on the popular series In Living Color. Perez claims to have “discovered” Lopez, although Lopez and the In Living Color show-runner Keenan Ivory Wayans both credit Wayans with discovering Lopez. Apparently Perez is pretty ticked off no one is acknowledging the fact that she got Lopez her first gig on In Living Color. (How sad is it that your career in Hollywood is so over that you have to fight for credit of “discovering talent” that happened over 20 years ago?)

Rosie Perez went on to say that back in 1191 Jennifer Lopez was a “ghetto bitch.” According to Perez once she got the American Idol Judge a spot on In Living Color, Lopez dropped her fake “sweet girl act.” In “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life” Rose Perez claims that Jennifer Lopez “went off on her” and began “screaming and pounding her chest like some ghetto bitch.” We are assuming Rosie meant that J-Lo was pounding on her own chest like Tarzan, which is just bizarre.

So, basically back in 1991 when Jennifer Lopez was still “Jenny from the block,” she cursed out Rosie Perez. And, fame-hungry Perez is now dedicating an entire chapter in her memoir to that altercation, because she knows no one will buy the book unless she name drops a few real celebrities.

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