Scandal Recap Premiere “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”: Season 4 Episode 1

Scandal Recap Premiere “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”: Season 4 Episode 1

Tonight on ABC’s SCANDAL starring Kerry Washington returns for yet another exciting episode in an all new Thursday September 25, season 4 premiere episode called, “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia.” On tonight’s fourth season opener, Fitz begins his second term with a plan to make positive changes for the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie has trouble dealing with her son’s death; and Olivia’s absence leaves a void on her team.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, everyone has secrets… and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation’s elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope’s team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these “gladiators in suits” who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand, their own.

On tonight’s episode Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed. With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia’s absence.

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us how excited you are for this fourth season!

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On a sandy beach, Olivia lies in a chaise lounge. She’s got the book Gone Girl nearby. Her lover kisses her and says the boat is going to be here soon. Jake tells her they still have time and she tells him to not stop. He kisses her with more passion. Later, he grabs supplies from the boat and she’s pleased with a rate vintage of wine they got but he wants to know if the beer is there. There’s also a note. He tells her she has mail. There’s no return address and he says it could be from her Dad.

She says her father would have sent helicopters and armed guards. She says she’s Julia Baker there and no one knows she’s there. He tells her the letter is Pandora’s Box and not to open it. She does anyway. She looks pained and tells him they found Harrison – he was missing – and he’s dead. Olivia and Jake sit in the back of the car and he tells her they are there for a few days only – in and out. He offers to go to the office with her but she says she needs to do it herself.

She heads upstairs and finds the furniture shrouded and the place empty. She looks at magazines with covers about the President. Quinn shows up and tells her she tracked her down based on her particular tastes in wines. Olivia realizes she sent the clipping about Harrison. She asks where everyone is. She takes her to see Huck working at a computer store telling a guy that he found evidence of his wife’s infidelity when he fixed his hard drive. He asks if she’s back for good. When she says it’s just for the funeral, he looks beyond her and calls for the next funeral.

Quinn tells her she checks in on him weekly but says he won’t talk to her. Olivia asks after Abby and we see that she’s working at the White House. We see behind the scenes to her arguing with the Prez but then reassuring the press that Fitz is reaching across the aisle. In private, she cautions him about not alienating his base. He sees Mellie munching junk food and he asks why she’s not dressed. He tells her they’re talking about the Equal Pay Bill and she snarks and tells him to fight the power. She leaves to go bowling with her cereal box in hand still in PJs.

Cyrus finds Lizzie waiting in his office and she chastises him for the Prez’s actions. She says she was in Texas raising money but had to come tell him that he has refused to do fundraising and is pissing off their people. She says Senators and governors are angry at his new liberal policies. She asks where Mellie is and then says she’s heard rumors about a Democrat attorney general. He asks if she needs him to validate parking and asks her to leave. She tells him if this is a joke, it’s gone on too long.

 Abby meets Quinn and is shocked to see Olivia there. She says she’ll give them a minute to talk. Olivia is surprised she’s working at the White House. She tells her she wastes a trip but Olivia says she came to plan Harrison’s funeral and thinks they should all bury him together. Abby says there is no team and she should go. She says Harrison would have wanted her to carry about him before he caught a bullet. She says he doesn’t want anything now. Olivia tells her she’s always forgiven her or held a grudge but her blaming her for Harrison’s death is unforgivable.

Olivia tells Abby she abandoned them and she was down the block while Olivia was across the world. She is disgusted and walks away from Abby and tells Quinn to go home and leave her alone. Jake goes to see David and says he stole the files to help him get the bad guys including Cyrus and asks if he’s done it. David says the files are terrifying and Jake says to pull the trigger or give them back. Olivia heads into a nice restaurant and finds her Dad Rowan is expecting her. He ordered her some nice wine.

He tells the good wine is a bribe and wants her to go back to the island. She says her friend Harrison is dead and he offers condolences. He tells her to ask him if it’s okay and says he knows she needs to. She asks if he had him killed and her Dad says no, that he had nothing to do with his murder. She says she can never tell if he’s lying or trust her gut when it comes to him. He repeats his denial but says he did take care of her mother. She asks if her mother is dead and he says that order came directly from Fritz.

He tells her that it was a favor for her so that no one would know that her Mom killed Jerry Grant. She gets teary and says he and Fitz did the right thing. She says her Mom was a terrorist who ruined their lives. He says he was sorry to hear about Harrison because he was smart and gifted. Olivia says you lose people. At the White House, Abby says she put the lid on the press for the night. Cyrus asks why she didn’t tell him Olivia was back in town.

She asks how he knew but he asks why she didn’t tell him. He asks again and she asks if he’s spying on her. He tells her that Olivia’s return is very dangerous to the White House. In the Oval Office, Cyrus asks to speak to the President. He sits and tells him that he has something personal to discuss. He tells her Olivia is back because of Harrison’s death. Fitz asks how long she’s in town. He doesn’t know so he tells him to find out. Olivia watches the news with a story about how Fitz has been affected by his son’s death and has not been the same.

Jake comes in and she flicks off the news. She says she’s arranged so many funerals but says she can’t pick the box to bury her friend in. He tells her to ask Abby and she tries to explain but then the phone starts ringing. He tells her not to answer it. She doesn’t but then there’s a knock at the door and a woman’s voice asking if she’s Olivia Pope. She says her boss needs to talk to her. Olivia takes the phone and the woman says she’s Senattor Stephanie Vaughn and that she thinks she killed Senator Sterling. We see a man lying at the bottom of the stairs looking utterly still and broken.

David is breaking into a file room when he gets a call from Cyrus asking him to come to the White House. He offers him the Attorney General job. Stephanie says that she came over to talk about a bill with Sterling but he grabbed her and asked why she wanted sex. Olivia says he’s half dead but not all dead and tells her assistant Kate to drive her home. The news report that he’s in critical condition after an “attack.” He was the lion of the Equal Pay Bill.

Olivia tells Clark he has to take the case. He doesn’t like it but says he’ll take it. He says if he dies, dead men tell no tales and that may be better. He tells her self defense doesn’t have a great shelf life. He asks where she’s been and she says an island. He says he’ll call after he talks to Vaughn. She goes back to see Huck. He refuses to see her because she doesn’t have a hardware issue. She breaks a device so she does then tells him she’s arranged Harrison’s funeral.

She asks about his funeral and he says Huck doesn’t exist since she left and he’s now Randy and she’s messing with that. He tells her Randy works and plays video games and hoping is bad for Randy. He tells her not to come back unless she’s back for good and calls for the next customer. At the cemetery, Fitz and Mellie take flowers to their son’s grave. Mellie kneels and then lies down flat on her back on the grave. Fitz watches as she runs her hand on the grass and the headstone lovingly.

Olivia and Jake are in bed undressed and she tells him the press is making Senator Sterling into a saint. He tells her to focus on the kissing and no talking. She laughs. She says she needs to talk now. He sighs and rolls over away from her. She says the press loves the story about him being attacked. She says he’s a rapist and a sexual predator and the victim feels like she can’t come forward because she won’t be believed and it could ruin her career. She says she shouldn’t suffer the consequences of rape.

She tells him she’s done talking and lies back down. She tells him to kiss her. She calls Clark and tells him not to make a statement in the morning. She tells him she’s in. Jake says the beach is getting farther away. He says as long as they are back, it’s always Fitz’s turn despite the fact that he’s the one that makes her moan that she likes to ride. He gets out of bed and storms out with a slam of the door.

Quinn and Olivia strategize on how to make is clear the Vaughn was the one attacked. Cyrus tells Fitz that Sterling is on his death bed and won’t be around for the vote. He wants him to press some flesh. Fitz asks if she’s staying so he knows if he has to tell Mellie she’s back or not. Cyrus says this is like the predictable ending to a movie. He says they all know what happens next because they’ve seen this moie 100 times. He walks out.

Clark and Olivia go over Vaughn’s timeline and the version of the events. Her times are a little off and he’s on her like a hound dog. Olivia asks him to step out then tells Vaughn she knows she’s lying about all of it. She says she hates to say it, but she knows for sure she’s lying. Olivia says when you’re assaulted you remember every single detail. Olivia tells her she’s going to step out and when she comes back she wants to hear the real story. Olivia calls Quinn and tells her that the story has changed and they need another angle.

Quinn says all the women that work for Sterling look the same and not like Vaughn. Quinn says she’s more of his type than her. Olivia looks at Kate, Vaughn’s secretary, and knows she was the one that Sterling assaulted. She saw the call from her phone to her boss and not vice-versa. She realizes she’s covering for her.

David meets with Abby and wants to know why he was offered the AG job and wants to know if they’re trying to buy his silence. She’s angry that he thinks she would have told them about the files. She says she didn’t know but if she did, she would have recommended him for it. She tells him that he cared more about the files than their relationship. She says if he wants to change the world, take the AG job, get some power and use it.

Vaughn explains to Olivia that she thought he was dead and it wouldn’t matter since he couldn’t testify. Then Olivia realizes that Vaughn knew Sterling had a type and sent Kate there. Kate overhears and is disgusted that her boss sent her over to be attacked. Vaughn says she had to so she could get the bill vote the way it needed to be. Olivia says she’s done and is leaving this town.

At the cemetery, Olivia and Quinn are at the grave side, but there’s no one much there and Quinn says he grew up in a group home and it was just them. Olivia shows up and then Huck. It’s a small sad funeral. They watch as his coffin is lowered into the ground. Huck asks if they should say goodbye now and she tells him yes. They each scatter some rose petals on the coffin in the ground. Olivia says she loves him and tosses hers in.

Huck turns to walk away first then Quinn. Abby goes next and Olivia stands alone with Jake a few passes away to let her have her moment. He finally walks closer and takes her in his arms as she cries. Her Dad watches from the back of a limo then drives away. Mellie sits on the balcony dangling her feet and Fitz tells her to come in because it’s cold. She asks if he’s scared she’ll jump. She says it’s not high enough to kill her.

She tells Fitz she’s not him. He says he had a bad night – one bad night. She laughs and he tells her not to bring it up again. She says she’ll add his suicide attempt to the list of other things not to discuss including the missing mistress. He tells her that Olivia is back and she asks if he’s seen her. He says he hasn’t and won’t. She tells him when he does to tell her. He says it’s just Mellie and him. She tells him there are things she won’t do any more because they are a waste of time and monitoring him is one of these things.

She says when he sees her and comes home hot and bothered and climbs into her bed to tell her. She says she wants some warning because she can’t imagine getting turned on him by him. She tells him she gave up waxing and 1976 down there in case he puts his hand down her panties. She says the point is that he just needs to tell her when he sees Olivia. He says again that he won’t and she says – right – heavy with sarcasm.

Jake tells Olivia the pilot has the plane ready. She turns to look at him and says she keeps thinking about what Harrison would say – are we gladiators or are we bitches. David’s nomination for AG is announced and Abby holds a pess conference. Lizzie comes back to complain to Cyrus about the nomination. She says there isn’t room for everyone and stalks out. A reporter asks about the Equal Pay Bill and Sterling’s condition.

Olivia holds a press conference and says she’s representing Kate in her assaut by Sterling. Abby says Olivia just won them the Equal Pay Bill. Vaughn and Olivia walk through the halls of power and we hear Olivia saying that moments like this let women decide what kind of people they want to be and of what worth. We see Fitz brush by her in the hall – their fingers are just inches apart and neither looks each other in the eye. They both give a little smile.