Scandal Spoiler Season 3B: First Lady Mellie Grant Cheats on President Fitz – Takes A Lover of Her Own

Scandal Spoiler Season 3B: First Lady Mellie Grant Cheats on President Fitz - Takes A Lover of Her Own

The third season of Scandal has been absolutely insane and we have learned a ton about Mellie Grant, the long suffering First Lady played fabulously by Bellamy Young. We have seen just how much staying with President Fitz has cost her and how she truly was the driving force with razor sharp vision for his whole political career – until Olivia Pope turned up and turned their marriage inside out. Scandal fans are unsure of a million things but we do all know that Fitz and Olivia simply can’t stay away from each other for very long. Mellie knows this too and now she is through playing the victim.

According to the Feb. 24th print edition of GLOBE Magazine when Scandal returns from winter break Mellie is going to delve into an affair of her own. Jon Tenney has been cast as Andrew, the First Lady’s new lover. This twist is sure to make the dynamics between Mellie, Fitz and Olivia interesting now, don’t you think? I mean, it’s one thing for Fitz to be shady, but how the heck is he going to handle knowing that Mellie is also now unfaithful? He clearly expects to have her as an option, if he decides to really try and make the marriage work. What if that option doesn’t exist? Will Fitz jump through hoops to get his wife back or should he stay with Liv?

This sounds like a great plot twist and it’ll show us a totally different side of Mellie, one that we haven’t met yet. Are you anxious fr Scandal to return? Will you be tuning in on Feb. 27th for your fix of Liv, Fitz Mellie and the rest of the cast? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Nikki

    Whoever wrote this article clearly does not watch Scandal. Olivia turned their marriage upside down? In what universe? In ep 1.06 it was clearly stated by both Fitz and Mellie that they hadn’t had a real conversation in years, theirs was a dead marriage etc. That was the case before he met Olivia. Fitz doesn’t want Mellie as an option, Olivia keeps telling him to stay with Mellie so he can be president. Fitz does not care about Mellie as a wife, romantically, etc except as the mother of his children. Please watch the show before you talk more foolishness.

  • Zsaclar

    There were several things mentioned in this article that makes me think that the person who wrote it is just a casual viewer that hasn’t really paid attention, and that was in the first couple of sentences.

    If she does have an affair… welp, at least she’s actually doing something for herself. I’m not sure I care enough. There are more important things going on this season than Mellie getting some, like Harrison’s backstory coming to haunt him, Olivia’s mom on the loose and her dad on the outs…let’s get some details on those things!

  • Nekesa A Parks

    I cannot wait for the new season the person writing this article obviously has not been paying attention to this series. Olivia and fitz belong together, they are both driven people but it’s their love that will allow then to face any challenges that may come their way…. I’m looking forward to another great season….