Scorpion Recap 9/29/14: Season 1 episode 2 “Single Point of Failure”

Scorpion Recap 9/29/14: Season 1 episode 2 “Single Point of Failure”

Tonight on CBS Scorpion returns with an all new Monday September 29, season 1 episode 2 called, “Single Point of Failure.” On tonight’s episode the governor calls on Team Scorpion when his daughter is mysteriously “bio-hacked” with a deadly virus and only has 24 hours to live. Meanwhile, the case takes on a deeper significance for Walter after he receives a letter regarding his sister.

On the last episode, when a crisis at LAX left dozens of airplanes unable to land, the government enlisted a team of misfit geniuses to save the day. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the Governor calls on Team Scorpion when his daughter is mysteriously “bio-hacked” with a deadly virus and has only 24 hours to live. Meanwhile, the case takes on a deeper significance for Walter after he receives a letter regarding his sister.

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In Ireland, 1994, Walter gives an answer that his math teacher doesn’t like but he’s technically correct. He tells the teacher he should have better defined his terms. He’s kept after class by the annoyed teacher who tells him his disdain for authority is a concern. The man threatens to whack his hands but he’s saved by a well-timed alarm. Megan comes to get him – she pulled the alarm – and he says he’ll pay her back one day. She says she’ll take a yellow Lamborgini. Today Walter reads a report about her progressive MS that has left his friend immobile.

Paige comes in and tells them Ralph is sick again and she has to take him to the doctor later. Walter delivers paychecks and asks Toby if he’ll be okay. He’s set up a device to remind him not to gamble and be a jackass. Walter tells her that Ralph is fine and just hacked the thermometer to get out of school. Walter tells Ralph a trigonometric coping mechanism he used to use. He says his sister taught it to him and Paige is surprised to hear he has a sister.

Sylvester says it’s only the second time he’s mentioned her. Toby is online stalking his ex when George says Gallo called and said they have to meet the Governor. He says they’ll drop Ralph off on the way. Sylvester freaks when they see a CDC van outside the governor’s place. Gallo has a mask and Sylvester freaks more. Toby asks if there is a highly communicable disease. Gallo tells Happy and Toby to go wait in the car with Sylvester.

Paige and Walter head inside and see a little girl in a plastic tent. Walter has a flashback to his sister Megan sick in bed as a child. He asks who it is and Gallo says it’s on need to know. Walter says if he doesn’t know he can’t help. The government comes over and Walter says without full disclosure he can’t help. Gallo apologizes for Walter being rude but he says it’s okay as long as they help. The governor says she’s only positive for the common cold, none of the major diseases but her organs are shutting down.

Walter asks why they’re there and Paige says she’s sorry and understands since she has a child of her won. They show Walter a computer virus that says It’s Your Fault She’s Sick over and over. Gallo says they have all the top computer guys trying to find the sender and they can’t. Walter sits down at the laptop and asks questions that lead him to realize it was directed only at the kid’s computer. Walter says this is not a coincidence. Walter unzips the tent around his daughter and says he custom built the virus just like he did the one on her computer.

He says it’s high tech bio-hacking and that’s why no one else is  sick. Walter grabs up the laptop and starts to leave. Walter tells him to not be stupid. He says to get out of his way and let him do his job. Sylvester, Happy and the crew are working on the viral code but so far have nothing. There are six possible perpetrators but Toby dismisses at least one more. Walter explains to him how you hack someone’s genetic code and Gallo is stunned.

Walter is getting more and more frustrated and slams upstairs. Paige follows him and asks what’s up. He says challenging problems create impatience. She says he was off this morning already. She keeps pushing and he finally says his sister was sick as a child but is fine now. He says he coulnd’t help his sister or solve her problem. They call up to Walter and say they found something. He heads back down. Paige spots the letter on the table about Megan and reads it.

Happy says they mirrord the infected laptop and Toby says it’s caught in an endless loop. Walter says it’s very clever and spots a pattern in the routing data and recognizes it. The team takes off to a known hacker hang out. Gallo tells them to kill the music and waves a badge. He says he’s looking for the dirtball that sent a virus to the governor’s daughter. Toby points out the guy that is showing signs. He tries to run and Walter knocks him down. The others are stunned that he got physical.

The hacker says he was hired off Craiglist and says he sent four emails. Turns out there are four sick kids – they all worked at the same pharmaceutical firm and on the same drug. The drug helped with muscular atrophy but was redirected to work on asthma. Walter says they think it’s someone that suffered from the disease they quite working on to pursue profits. Walter offers up a profile of who it might be and they think it would be someone in the drug trial. They tell the governor to get the company to hand the files over.

Paige tells Walter he has to eat and hands him an orange. Sylvester shows up and says it’s going to be 12 hours more because they are going through lawyers. Gallo says it will take 24 hours to get a court order. Walter asks how hard he pushed and he says hard. Happy says she tried to hack them but they don’t have them on an online server. Walter tells Gallo to call the governor and asks if they keep hard copies of the trial records. He’s looking at a sandwich delivery flyer and tells the others they’re going to break in.

Sylvester talks to the others but is freaking out because they want him to do the stealing. He’s the only candidate because he can memorize the files. Gallo asks what this has to do with the sub shop. Walter says statistically someone from the drug company will call for take out and Walter has planted a trojan horse in a 2 for 1 coupon. Toby says that’s a good sandwich deal. They pick out a guy and set up a bogus security badge.

Gallo calls the governor and says he hopes to have good news for him in a while. Paige asks how the girl is then tells Gallo that Walter lied to her about his sister having MS. She says it makes him smash people and plan daytime robberies. Gallo advises her to give space. Toby makes another call to his ex. Happy honks and he ends the call. He smashes his phone as Happy tells him his ex will not get back with home and he needs to realize it. He tells her it’s a cynical world view.

She tells him when she was 2 her dad took her to the hospital and gave her away and thanks to her brain she remembers it all. They get a text telling them where to find Jed Hauser’s car (the guy whose ID they pulled). They run right into head on. Security runs up and Toby tells the guy that his wife is the world’s worst driver and to call the owner of the car.

Sylvester is in a panic because he knows they keep real diseases in the building. The guy with the car leaves and they send Sylvester in using his fake ID. Hauser blows up and Toby and Happy start a scene with him. Toby offers $350 cash and the guy asks for insurance info. Toby starts talking wife problems with him. Sylvester makes it to the file room and gets the box. He starts leafing through the files. Happy is snapping pics of the car slowly. Hauser goes to head back in and they can’t hold him.

They tell Walter they couldn’t hold him any longer. Hauser is trying to scan his ID and the guard says he’s already there. Walter tells Sylvester that the guards know he’s there. They tell him to go through the back doors but Sylvester freaks when he sees a biohazard sign. Walter says there is no other way and he gives up and goes through the door.

out. He tells him to hurry and Paige tells him not to push so hard. Sylvester looks at the disease labels and refuses to touch the door. Paige talks him through opening it just before the guards get there. One car picks up Sylvester and Toby toes the door so the guards can’t get out.

Gallo tells them the governor’s daughter’s fever is worse. They are pulling the trial participant info now. There are 50 names and they have to narrow it down. Toby says they need to look for someone with the most loss from the drug not being approved. They pull out the placebo people, the dead people and some others. They narrow it down to Benjamin Carlisle who was making six figures and engaged when he started the study and is now broke. Gallo says this is the guy.

He says it’s this single dad whose child had the disease and died when the drug trial was scrapped. Toby says that’s pure emotion and Gallo says trust him. Sylvster tells them the guy – Richter – is a microbiologist. Gallo and the team are poking around the guy’s office and the secretary threatens to call capus security. Gallo tells her that his bridge is bigger. They show him they found the disease distributor. It was a small spray device.

Walter takes the guy’s laptop and says he was waiting for technology to catch up since his daughter died in 2010. Walter pulls the genetic sequence and says the CDC can reverse engineer it and make an antidote. Happy says they earned a celebration. Walter stops them and says not yet. He sees another sequence and says there is a fifth target. He says maybe that guy didn’t get an email because he’s special. Walter checks it and sees it’s the governor himself.

Walter says this sequence targets the heart and will kill him instantly. Gallo calls then tells them that no one can find the governor and he ditched his security. They figure out Richter lijely called the governor and offered the cure but Walter says he’s not going to get the cure, he’s going to get killed. Gallo put an alarm on the governor’s car and they’re trying to get a bead on the governor’s phone but it’s off. They are now tracing Richter’s phone. They find both their phones – near the marina – and the Scorpion team and a bunch of cops come running.

Toby says Richter will see the police and knows it has to happen private and tells them to look for side hallways. He spots Richter. Richter sees the governor and they swap a nod. The team runs for him. The guy sprays it and they can see the aerosol hanging in the air. Walter grabs a can of cleaning fluid and sprays it and lights a lighter. That burns the air and the sprinklers set off. They tell the governor that they already sent the antidote to the CDC and that Richter was trying to kill him.

Gallo tells Richter that the antidotes are working. Paige and the team listen in on Richter talking to Gallo. He says they needed to know what it was like to lose a child. Gallo says he knows what it was like. He says he sat at his daughter’s bedside holding her hand so he wouldn’t forget what it felt like. He says his daughter was too scared to close her eyes thinking she’d never open them again. Paige clicks the speaker off and says they shouldn’t be listening in. Richter says all those people deserved to feel that pain and Gallo tells him that no one deserved it.

Paige tells Walter that she got Ralph a new telescope and asks if he wants to come over and help set it up and cook out. He declines and then he guesses she knows about his sister. He admits he need to find a solution for his sister. Sylvester comes in and Walter apologizes to him and says he was brave and the girl would have died today without him. They share a fist bump. Paige invites Gallo over and says she needs him to keep an eye on Ralph while she grills. He seems happy.

Walter brings his paycheck to a Catholic school and tells the nun it’s for the kds – but nothing for the bio lab. He says something fun and safe. The nun smiles. Happy works on something and her wrench breaks. Toby gets a call from his ex saying she doesn’t care about the money just to move on with his life. He sits at a table gambling and says he’s all in. Walter goes to see Megan. The nurse tells him she’s their best patient. He says he got his first paycheck and he’s going ot do something for her. She says MS is her fight not his but he says he’s going to fix her.

Gallo and Ralph play chess while Happy cooks. Walter comes in and asks Gallo for a notepad. H hands one over and Gallo looks at a photo of him and his daughter. He tells Walter having family makes you vulnerable. They watch Paige with Ralph and Gallo says it can be a good thing too. Walter comes oer and hands Paige a note. She laughs. She reads off what he wrote – an astronomy fact. She thanks Walter.