Shayne Lamas Miscarriage and Coma: Nik Richie’s Wife Loses Baby

Shayne Lamas Miscarriage and Coma: Nik Richie’s Wife Loses Baby

Not long after Us Magazine reported in January that Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie were giving daughter Press a little brother or sister, CDL has learned that Shayne Lamas has tragically lost the child due to pregnancy complications and is currently in a coma.

Shayne was apparently 16 weeks along when paramedics arrived at the family’s home after Shayne collapsed. TMZ reports that doctors determined Shayne had internal bleeding around the uterus.  Specialists have been brought in to determine the cause of the bleeding.  Though Shayne is currently in a coma and not able to breathe on her own, doctors are still optimistic that she will be okay. Husband Nik and Shayne’s famous father Lorenzo are both with her now.

Nik and Shayne were back on track as a couple after a stint on the second season of Couples Therapy on VH1. The duo famously eloped in 2010 with many critics commenting the two would never last. Despite divorce rumors on and off throughout their union, the two have remained a married couple and were happy to be adding to their family. Lamas gave birth to daughter Press in November 2011. We are sad for their loss and hope Shayne pulls through her coma.

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3 responses to “Shayne Lamas Miscarriage and Coma: Nik Richie’s Wife Loses Baby”

  1. janie says:

    This is so sad. Prayers and love for Shayna and her family. Hoping for a full recovery. She’s such a sweet girl.

  2. Lori Graf says:

    No one, not even Nik deserves to go through the loss of a child. What a.cruel, evil thing to say. You better be careful cause karma works both ways pal. Nik plays a “character” for thedirty. he’s not actually a horrible guy. Sorry for your loss Shayne AND Nik……hope she recovers fully and is able to become pregnant again. Thoughts and prayers to

  3. celebdirtylaundry says:

    NO one deserves such a horrible thing to happen to them. I don’t care who they are. Too lose a child is devastating, our prayers go out to the family.