Sister Wives RECAP 1/5/14: “Boys Night Out”

Sister Wives RECAP 1/5/14: “Boys Night Out”

TLC’s reality show SISTER WIVES returns tonight with a new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Boys Night Out,” and on tonight’s show Meri’s panic about her future empty nest grows as Mariah’s graduation approaches.  Did you watch last week’s winter premiere episode?  We did and we have the recap to get you caught up, right here.

On last week’s episode the family was tweeting live.  We got to see how the family was doing living in Las Vegas.  It was Mother’s Day and Kody’s mothers-in-law were visiting, 9 moms in all. Kody made Mother’s Day breakfast. The wives discussed how to pay for their kids starting college, and how to improve their relationships before the commitment celebration.

On tonight’s show on a Mormon mission, Kody met friend, Brett. But as Kody turned toward Mormon Fundamentalism, Brett turned away. Now Kody and Brett are ready to rekindle their bro-mance. Meri’s panic about her future empty nest grows as Mariah’s graduation approaches.

We will be covering Sister Wives season premiere tonight at 9 PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap.  Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details.  While you wait for the recap, let us know how excited you are about the new season of Sister Wives.

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A man may want multiple wives. He may wish for and even get more than one wife, but can handle four wives? When his mother and her sister wives were in town, he admitted his family still needed work. They had not gotten to the point where they felt like a family. Despite these reservations though Kody and the sister wives have planned a vow renewal. Usually renewals aren’t such a big thing in their community. Some might say he’s going out of his way to recommit to his wives and yet he wants to go big. As in their hiring out a venue and going for all the works.

His wives though are hesitant. Typically, it would be Kody that minds the budget and yet he’s the one that wants a large party. He says has a reputation to uphold even as his wives feel they need to cut corners.

Another matter of contention is the garage. Kody feels like the garage is a man cave and he wants to turn Janelle’s into a wrestling space for him and his boys. However Janelle uses that space for storage. Why should she give up storage for a hobby and logically Kody might not have as much time to wrestle as he thinks. Thankfully Christine stepped in. She agreed Kody could use her garage as long as he followed her conditions. A little extortion never hurt.

Kody got to set up his wrestling area. He tried it out right away his best friend Brett. Brett and Kody were both missionaries back when they were part of the LDS. Eventually Kody became a fundamentalist and the two friends found themselves splitting up but their friendship survived in the end. Brett actually has moved away from religion. He did so without judging his friend who still very religious. Yet his wife is finding it a bit of new experience. She’s not used to polygamy and to make her feel comfortable; the wives scheduled a field trip with all the kids to the zoo.

After that, the ladies found a nice area to picnic. Brett’s wife, Ava, wanted to ask the ladies some question. To begin with she admitted she thought nothing but the worst about Kody. The idea of a polygamist was that foreign to her. Although she did change her mind after meeting them all. She wanted to ask about the intimacy issue. She noticed that Kody is more affectionate towards one of his wives when the others aren’t nearby. That isn’t a rule for them exactly. They tell her Kody chose to do that to be respectful. He didn’t want to flaunt it anyone else’s face.

Ava doesn’t understand that. They are all his wives and they know he’s intimate with all of them. Why should his showing affection be considered disrespectful? To her that seems more like a jealousy issue than like a real problem.

The wives begin talking amongst themselves once Ava goes to hang out with the kids. One of things they had brought up to Ava was their strong relationship with each other and they realized that they haven’t been making an effort to hang out like they used. As they begin speaking though, Robin points out that the rest should consider Meri’s position. The other women have to remain in contact because of their kids while soon Meri’s only child will be going to college. It’s hard for her to suddenly be an empty nester. It makes her feel apart from the rest of her sister wives. How will she fit in with her family once her daughter is gone?

While the ladies are busy, the men choose to enjoy a semi-bachelor’s party. Kody and his friends, Brett and Shaun, decided to hit Las Vegas. They wanted to go sky jumping. Probably the only one that wasn’t afraid to do it was Brett. Kody had to keep himself pumped just to jump.

Later the guys begin to talk. Kody’s friends were also curious about his relationship. Sure, Kody is the alpha male but how does that work they wonder. Kody has to be the leader in his family at the same time he can’t be the only voice. The reason he has to be the leader I because he can’t have one wife have control of the other wives. That would cause problems.

Brett and he have had discussions about his lifestyle before and it didn’t end well that time. They had gotten into a fight and they had stopped talking for five years. They had reconnected when Kody had sent him an invite to his wedding with Robin. Brett showed up and when he left Kody realized how much he missed him.

Meri is preparing for Mariah’s graduation. Like she said earlier, it’s hard to become an empty nester specially when those around aren’t. She can’t even share her experience with Kody. He has other kids still at home while she’s already in mourning. Next week is the graduation and who will be there to support her through it?