Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap “Papa’s Goods”: Season 7 Series Final Episode

Sons of Anarchy Finale Recap "Papa's Goods": Season 7 Series Final Episode

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam comes to an end with an all new Tuesday December 9, season 7 episode 12 Series Finale called, “Papa’s Goods” and we have your last weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jax [Charlie Hunnam] aims to fulfill his father’s legacy in the series finale.

On last week’s episode, with tensions mounting and truths finally revealed, Jax had to make the ultimate decision to kill his mother or let go of the fact that she killed Tara, the woman he loved. Written by Kurt Sutter & Charles Murray; directed by Paris Barclay. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “ghosts loom large as Jax makes the final moves to fulfill his father’s legacy.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 Finale at 10 PM EST!

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Jax wakes up beside Wendy who is still sleeping. He looks over at her and then gets up quietly. He puts on his rings and takes out a cardboard box that has some small journals in it. He adds two more to it. He goes in to look in on Abel then holds Thomas and kisses the little boy. He tosses out his bloody sneakers and puts on his riding boots. He loads his gun and puts the journals into his back pack. He grabs the bag and leaves. In the garage, he looks through some photos of him growing up, his mom and more.

He finds his dad’s manuscript right where Gemma said it would be. He burns the photos, manuscript and all the journals. He gets on his bike and looks at the sun coming up. He goes into a burned out warehouse and looks around then goes to pull some deeds out of the file cabinets at the shop. He looks at the bike under the tarp. He takes off and rides to the cemetery to Opie’s grave. He lays his SONS rings on top of it.

Next, he goes to Tara’s grave and kisses the headstone. He leaves his wedding ring there on top of the stone. He steps back from her grave and soaks in the early morning sun. Lyla is setting a shot up for a porno she’s directing when Jax comes in. Chibs is there having a smoke and finds TO there too. They hug and he tells Jax he’s good. Chibs says they’re all set there. He tells TO to hang out and says they’ll let him know how it goes.

Tig tells TO to enjoy watching them shoot Fat Ass in the Face. Jax says they’re all about poetry there. Jax calls Lyla a Fellini and she says they’ve sold three more Fat Ass titles. He kisses her on the head and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him too. Jax says he wants to go early and talk to Tyler to make sure he’s moving on the Chinese.

Tig asks why Hench and Monroe are still in town. Chibs asks what happened at the forum. Jax says he’s thinking about their recommendation. He tells them they’ll know soon. He asks to vote on TO. He says he told Packer that it needs to be a charter by charter choice. He says they need it to land and says they agreed. Chibs nominates TO to get a patch and Tig seconds. They all vote yes.

Rat asks what kind of name is Taddarius and Quinn says to call him that and see what happens. They decide to go ahead and give him a full patch. Rat goes to get TO. He calls him Taddarius. TO says not to call him that unless he came out of his damned womb. He goes inside and closes the door. They all look at him really serious then Jax asks what if they call him SAMCRO. They pound the table and TO breaks into a grin. Jax hand him his vest and tells him welcome and calls him brother.

TO thanks him and says he knows this is a risk for them and the heat that will come with it. Jax says change is good. They hug and Chibs says it can’t get much hotter around here. They all hug it out with TO as he joins them. Wendy hears a knock and goes to the door. It’s Nero. She says they can head down after Abel gets out at half day.

He asks if Jax is there and she says he came in at four and left before she woke up. He paces and asks if she knows where he is. She asks if everything is okay. He says he wanted to talk to him before they go. Wendy asks if he’s heard from Gemma and he says no. He asks if he can help get them ready and she asks him to pick up some snacks for the ride. He leaves.

The guys meet Tyler and says Connor told him he’ll be there at 10. He says he had some requests. Tyler says he wants them to double the order. Tyler asks if Connor has a crew with him and Jax says he should be alone and scared. Tyler says they’re locking down the streets now and should have it done by the end of the week. Jax says to let him know if they need help.

Tyler says he’s worried about August getting out today and Jax says they’ll handle it. Jax tells Tyler to have his guy watch and call him as soon as Connor shows. They go to leave but then Connor shows up and takes some pot shots at them. They duck the gunfire and then ride after him. He barely misses a head on with a semi truck. The guys give chase.

Connor curses when he comes up to something he can’t avoid and has to take a sharp left that takes him through a warehouse. He hits a pallet and keeps going. He breaks through a wood door and then into a warehouse of dolls that cry when he hits them. He almost hits another semi. He has to break through a gate and then barely misses a dump truck. The guys lay down their bikes to avoid hitting the truck and Connor slips away from them.

Chibs curses and says Connor is digging a deeper hole. Jax tells Tig to call Declan and tell him they need to talk to Connor’s guy Hugh. They pick their bikes up and go. Nero goes to the MC and bangs on Unser’s trailer. Chuck says Unser isn’t back and neither is Gemma. Chuck asks if Gemma’s okay and Nero says he doesn’t know what happened and it’s the truth. Chuck says the cops came looking.

Nero says he’s going to look around the trailer and see if he can figure something out. He looks at the board where Unser was working on Tara’s case and sits down. Her crime scene photos are up and it’s awful. Jax is smoking on the roof at Red Woody when Chibs comes up. He tells him to sit and offers him a smoke. Chibs asks what’s going on and Jax says he needs to tell him some things he doesn’t want to hear but needs him to listen.

He says these are the best things for his club and the family. Jax says he came clean to Packer about Jury and says they want a Mayhem vote. Jax says that’s not hoing to happen. Jax tells him to just listen but he’s getting very upset. Rat shows up with Declan and Tig tells them to go get a seat. Hugh looks a little worse for wear. Lyla asks Tig what’s going on and he tells her to call it a day.

She says she has more to shoot but he tells her tomorrow. She asks if Jax is okay and Tig says we’re all good and kisses her cheek. Tig comes up and tells Jax the Irish are there and says it’s just Declan and one soldier. Jax says to bring them all up. He goes back over and pats Chibs on the shoulder and says this is how he learns to be a leader – doing the shit that hurts the most, you’d rather someone else do.

Jax says that’s how you earn respect. He asks for Chibs’ word that he’ll do as Jax asked. He gives it. Chibs is near tears and Jax comforts him. The Irish come back up with Tig. Jax asks Chibs if he’s ready for this and he says – always. Jax tells Declan he appreciates the help. They tell Hugh they need his help getting Connor. Jax tells Hugh to call Connor and tell him he got away from the Kings.

Hugh says he won’t walk into a trap and Jax says Connor will show up. Jax shoots Declan and the soldier and tells Hugh to send Connor a photo of them. He tells Chibs to let Roarke know what they did. Althea is at her office going through files when the DA shows up. Patterson tells Althea to sit and asks about Tara’s murder. Althea says their suspect was out of state and now Juice is dead.

Althea also says Gemma is missing. Patterson asks if she knows why Jax wants to see her. She says he called to talk to her this afternoon. Althea says it may have something to do with his mother. Patterson tells her to put out an APB on Gemma. Patterson asks about Unser and Althea says he’s been very helpful. She tells Althea that policing streets owned by outlaws is complicated and she knows she walked into a blood bath.

Patterson tells her to hang in and says she still thinks he’s the right person for the job. Althea smiles but then looks worried. Hugh sits smoking when Connor pulls up. He tells Connor it’s just him and tells him to come in and shut the door. He does. Jax and the guys walk in the other door and Hugh points a gun at his face. He tells Connor to listen to him.

Connor says this is between him and the Kings. Jax says he’s selling guns behind the Kings back. They ask who he was selling to. Connor says Salvadorians in Nevada and some Chinese and Russians up North. Jax asks if he can get AKs and Glocks and he confirms. Roarke comes in then and he asks where Declan is. Jax says he’s dead then shoot Roarke and the people with him.

Connor says Alvarez will distribute for him and says their Belfast charter will be their boots on the ground to deal with the IRA. Alvarez says they’ll protect him from the IRA blow back. Chibs says he thinks the words he’s looking for are – thank you very much. Connor says aye and that he gets it. Jax says he’s just an outlaw like the rest of them now.

Hugh tells him it’s their only play because they’re dead men in Belfast. Connor says he knows and that he’ll make it work. Chibs prods him verbally again and Connor says thank you. He shakes Jax’s hand then tells him he just killed an IRA king and says there’s no coming back from it. Jax sighs and says his old man tried to sever that tie 20 years ago. He says – better late then never. The Sons roll out.

Jax pulls up to the MC and says he and Wendy are leaving soon. Jax asks Chucky to give them a minute and Chucky say he put the plates on his dad’s bike. He leaves him with Nero. Jax tells Nero he needs him to handle some business for him and Nero asks what. Jax has it all in a folder. He says he’s giving Wendy the garage and the houses.

He says he wants her to sell it all and take the money and set her and the kids up somewhere else – with him in Norco or on the East Coast with her family – anywhere but Charming. Nero asks what he’s doing and Jax tells him it’s what he should have done when his wife was still alive. He says his piece of Red Woody and Diosa go to the MC. He tells them to buy Scoops and use it as HQ.

He puts the folder on a cabinet for Nero. He asks Jax where he’s going to be and Jax says he’s leaving. Nero asks why and Jax says he knows why. Nero asks about Gemma and Jax says yeah. Nero sighs and then sits. He says – Jesus Jax – and Jax tells him he’s sorry but that he did what he knew how to do and that Gemma knew what had to be done.

He says the lies caught up to all of them. He says he tried to hide from it, make it legit, run away from it. He says this is who he is and that he can’t change. Nero cries a little and Jax makes him promise that his boys leave Charming and get away so they don’t become what he’s become. Chucky tells Jax that Wendy and the boys are here.

Nero tries to get his face straightened. He asks Jax where he’s going to go and he says he’s not sure. He asks what he should tell Wendy and Jax says to tell her everything. He says when the time comes, she needs to tell his sons who he really is and that he’s not a good man, but a criminal and a killer. He says he needs his son to grow up hating the thought of him.

Abel calls out for his daddy and he steps outside. Abel runs to him and he picks him up and hugs him. Wendy has Thomas and asks what’s going on. He says they’re just reminiscing. He takes Thomas and holds him. He tells Abel to be good for Mommy. Abel asks if he means Wendy and Jax says it’s okay to call her Mommy and says Wendy would like it and would probably give him some more candy.

He tells Abel to listen to Nero. He says he’s daddy’s best friend and what he says, goes. He tells him to have fun and enjoy all the animals. Jax tears up a little and whispers to Thomas that he loves him then hands him over to Wendy. He hugs Abel again and Abel tells him he loves him. Jax squeezes him and tells him he loves him. Nero grabs him up and says to come on and straps him into the car.

Wendy asks Jax what happened and he says everything is going to be fine. He tells her she’s a good mom. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. Nero says they need to do and Wendy puts Thomas in the car so they can go. Wendy asks Nero if he’s going to tell her what’s going on and he says he will, but not now. Jax watches them drive away.

He checks out his dad’s bike and then starts it. He climbs on and shakes Chucky’s hand. He tells him to take care and Chucky says bye. He rides off. Chibs meets Althea outside Red Woody. Rat tells Chibs that she’s alone and Chibs says he can go. He asks Althea why she’s there and she tells him about the APB on Gemma. He says he thinks she’s up North. He says he’s not our mother’s keeper.

He asks if that’s it. She tells him they’re done and he asks if she’s playing that tune again. She says no more payoffs or sex. She says he’s an outlaw and she’s a cop. He steps closer and says that’s a mistake. She asks if it’s because he has feelings for her. He says no – he says cops that land on the wrong side of them tend to go away.

She asks if he’s threatening her but he says he doesn’t have to – history speaks for itself. He tells her – stay safe Sheriff – and walks back inside. Tig tells Chibs he brought Tyler up to speed on the Irish and says he sent TO to get Alvarez going with the guns so he won’t be a part of the vote. Chibs says to bring them all to the table for the vote so they can tell them all what’s going on.

Tig asks if they’re really doing this and Chibs says they have to. He tells Tig he needs him and to get right. He says he will and that he’s there for Chibs. Jax shows up to see Patterson. He thanks her for taking the meeting. She says he’s been busy judging by all the violence in Oakland. He thanks her for trying to help Tara. She says if he was he could cooperate and tell her what he knows about the murder.

He says he’ll give her everything and says she may want to record it since he didn’t have time to write it down. She starts a recording and says the name of the charter as Redwood. He corrects her and says – Redwood Original. He tells her it wasn’t the Chinese that killed his wife. He says it wasn’t anyone outside the club. He says it was his mother.

Patterson is stunned. He say Gemma Teller killed her in a fit of rage and then Juice killed Eli to protect Gemma. Patterson says – Good Lord. She asks how he knows. He says she admitted it to him and so did Juice. She asks where Gemma is and he says she’s in Oregon with Unser. He says they’re at his grandfather’s house and gives her the address.

She asks about Lin and the others. He tells her to turn off the recording. She does and shows him it’s not recording then puts the phone away. He says Gemma and Juice made up the Chinese stuff to set him on fire. She asks what happens when the street finds out. He says everyone involved has moved on or is gone. He says the war on the streets will be done by the end of the day.

She asks why the end of the day but he won’t tell her. He thanks her and says she’s been very fair with them. She asks again what happens at the end of the day. He says – the bad guys lose. He leaves her office.

The guys are around the table and Chibs is telling them it has to happen and this is what the charter needs to do. He says they can’t let their hearts be louder than their reason. He says all those in favor and calls for a vote. The guys are all stunned and sit. He asks again for all those in favor of Jax meeting Mr Mayhem – Quinn votes yes then Montez.

Rat hesitates and Tig puts a hand on his shoulder and he votes yea. Tig does too then Happy. Chibs is near tears and struggling to talk. He also votes yes and then taps the gavel and says Jax Teller meets Mr Mayhem. He slides the gavel back over in front of Jax’s seat. Jax gets off the bike in front of Barosky’s place. He asks Jax what he can do for him. Jax shoots him in the head then the customers go screaming out.

He shoots him a few more times for good measure then walks out. Unser and Gemma’s bodies are found and there are cops and crime scene techs swarming her dad’s house gathering evidence and taking photos. Jax gets off his bike at the courthouse. He walks around back and finds a homeless woman with her stroller – it’s the one Gemma saw at the truck stop.

He asks who she is and she smiles and hands him her blanket. She says – it’s time – and takes her stroller of crap and leaves. He watches her go. August is walking out of the courthouse and is telling his cronies to pull some things together for him. Jax stands up and throws off the homeless woman’s grungy blanket and guns down August’s guys then shoots a very shocked August a number of times.

Jax comes back to the warehouse. He parks his bike, takes off his gloves and goes inside. The guys are all waiting. He takes off his vest and lays it down. He lays down his gun and rips off his President patch. He cuts Chibs’ VP patch off and gives him the one that says President. Chibs sighs. He looks at Tig and then hands him the VP patch.

Jax tells Chibs it’s a good choice. He tells Chibs it’s his charter now and calls him brother. They hug and Jax kisses his cheek. He puts his vest back but leaves the gun. He tells them he’s ready. Tig takes Jax by the arm and they walk him over. Chibs picks up the gun and turns to face Jax. He shoots Happy in the arm instead. Chibs says he’ll tell Packer you laid down some fire and got away.

Jax says he would never put this burden on them and Tig says he knows it. He tells them he loves them all. They each hug him in turn. He hugs Happy awkwardly since he’s been shot and he cries on Jax’s shoulder. Jax kisses him on the head. He hugs Tig tight. Tig tells him – I have no words. Last, he turns to Chibs and they claps hands then hug tightly. Chibs tells him that he’ll make him proud.

Jax nods and they open the warehouse door. He gets on his dad’s bike, puts n his helmet and tells them – I got this. Tig holds tight to Chibs’ shoulder. He cranks the bike and gets on. They watch him drive away. He turns the corner out of sight. Althea gets a call and goes to tell her guys to put out an APB on Jax for multiple homicides. They do.

Jax rides on the road outside of town. He stops at the spot where his dad died and talks to his dad about what he wanted for SAMCRO and what they eventually became. Jax says it’s hard to get right with both family and patch. He says the fear and guilt crippled him. He says a good outlaw and good father can’t live in the same man. A cop car drives by then pulls to a stop.

He says – I’m sorry JT, it’s too late for me. The car turns around and comes back. He tells him Gemma had plans but says it’s not too late for his boys. He says they will never know this life of chaos. The cop calls back in as Jax tells his dead dad – I know who you are now and what you did. He tells his dad he loves him. Jax puts out his cigarette and cranks his bike.

The cop flips his siren, gets out and tells Jax to get off the bike. Jax turns and fires at him, but not to kill. He drives off and the cop gets back in his car and gives Chase. Nero and Wendy are on the road to Norco with the kids. Nero looks at a sad looking Wendy and takes her hand. She squeezes it. Jax smokes and rides with a little smile on his face as the cop car chases him with sirens and lights on.

The guys all sit around Red Woody looking glum, drinking and smoking. Tig goes to Venus for comfort. He sits on the floor with his head on her lap and she strokes his head. Jax drives on as more cop cars join the chase. Patterson meets Althea at Barosky’s place and she sees he was all shot up and is dead. Patterson takes this all in and walks back outside. Jax rides on til he hits West 580.

He’s got two motorcycle cops and a half dozen police cars trailing him. Chibs sits alone at the table holding his new patch, sitting in Jax’s chair, now his. Gemma’s body is carried in a body bag to a stretcher and they tag her with a paper then zip her up. Thomas yawns and Abel colors in the car. Wendy has fallen asleep. Abel twists JT’s ring his grandma gave him n his little finger.

A semi turns onto 580. Jax now has four bikes and ten cars on him. Still he rides. A black crow files up into the sky over their heads. We see the chase from above. The number of cars and bikes following has reached epic proportions. He’s got a lead on them of a couple hundred feet. He looks back and then sees the oncoming truck. It’s driven by Milo, the trucker that gave Gemma a ride.

Jax smiles, revs his bike and lets go of the bike handles. He drifts into the path of the truck. Milo is shocked and tries to stop or steer the truck out of the way but can’t. Jax closes his eyes just before impact. He goes with a smile on his face. Two crows perch on the side of the road and fly off as a pool of blood seeps over toward them. That’s it – not a bad series finale – better than most IMHO.