Sons of Anarchy Recap Season 7 Premiere: “Black Widower”

Sons of Anarchy Recap Season 7 Premiere: "Black Widower"

Tonight, FX’s dark-around-the-edges drama, SONS OF ANARCHY, returns with an all new episode entitled “Black Widower.”  During tonight’s episode, Jax seeks vengeance in the Season 7 premiere.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Sons of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club’s (MC) desire to protect its livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of Charming, California remains exactly that, charming. The MC must confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers, and overzealous law officers. Behind the MC’s familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegal arms business driven by the seduction of money, power, and blood.

On tonight’s show in the wake of Tara’s death, Jax makes vengeance a club priority. Written by Kurt Sutter; directed by Paris Barclay.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 premiere at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Sons of Anarchy. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.

RECAP:  Jax beats a gu in the bathroom. Gemma comforts her grandson and kisses the other. Abel takes off. The group rides. Unser puts flowers on Tara’s grave and gets a call. Jax cuts a guy’s throat in the bathroom. Wendy packs a bag. The Mayans hang out at their club. One hands Nero a beer. Lyla welcomes people to Red Woody. Jax carves a swastika into the almost dead guy and pulls out a couple of his teeth while he groans.

Unser asks Wendy if she’s really ready to do rehab and says nine days is enough. She says she’s worried about Abel and says Gemma can’t take care of the boys alone. Gemma is at the jail to visit Jax and Patterson runs into her. Patterson tells the guard to make sure Gemma goes after her. She comes to sit by Gemma and tells her she’s sorry for her loss. Gemma says she is too. Rat Boy asks Gemma if it’s okay and she says it is.

Patterson asks if he’s protection and Gemma says company since she’s lonely. She asks Patterson if she’s had any luck with Tara’s case but Patterson says no one wants to cooperate and says Jax will only talk to Gemma. She says he found his wife dead, the woman he loved more than anything and asks what she would want him to say.

In the cafeteria, Jax tosses the canines he pulled to Tully. He says he thought they were into that. Jax says he was told he needed to make the message clear and says the snitch won’t be talking anytime soon. The others leave and Jax sits with Tully. He tells him he wants to clear the air between the AB and the SOA. Tully says Darby was a poser and the Nords were a joke and Jax says Nobelle was a cancer that almost killed them both.

Tully asks about the slaughter at the ranch and Jax says he thought that was an internal beef. He says Lin and Alvarez are teaming up and this is going to change things inside. Jax says he can hate who he wants but he can tell his friends that when they get to Stockton they should reach out to the darkest hand in the yard. Tully says he may need some things in the future then they’ll be good and Jax is told to come talk to the DA.

Unser delivers Wendy to the house and she says her house is a wreck and tells him she needs to clean. She thanks him for the lift and goes in. He offers some advice and tells her to talk to Jax before going to see the boys to show respect. She agrees and asks if he’s at county. He tells her the guys are at the ice cream shop and can give her the info. He tells her to let him know if she needs anything. She heads in – her space is nice and clean.

She wonders why. Her cabinets are fully stocked and then Juice walks in and startles her. Patterson tells Jax they have all the lab work back on Tara’s murder scene and says it tells them nothing. She says Ortiz is MIA but they talked to the MC otherwise and no one can shed light on why she was murdered. She says she understands his pain. She tells him she lost a son and a nephew to gang violence and didn’t want anyone arrested, but wanted them dead.

She says the desire for revenge is natural and is a part of grieving. She says she knew her desires wouldn’t come real, but in his world, they can. She says they didn’t tie him to either murder and there’s no parole violation to speak of. She says they’re letting him go and tells him his mom is here and can take him home. She laughs and says she’s been doing this for 20 years and until today she has never spoken about her personal life.

He asks – why me. She says she needed help to connect with the man who did the right thing ten days ago and knows the importance of family and that more violence will destroy what’s left of his. She leaves. Wendy waits on Juice to get dressed and asks why Gemma let him stay there. He says she was supposed to be gone a few months. She tells him he has to go but he says he can’t because he’s hiding from the club. She curses and he says it’s complicated.

He tells her they’ll kill him. He sits down and says he’s sorry and will find another place if she’ll let him wait until dark. She agrees. She says she has to go talk to Jax and asks about her car. He says it’s still there. He begs her not to say anything to Jax and she tells him not to worry. She leaves. Jax drives with his mom in the car and asks about Patterson.

Gemma says she grilled all of them and everyone at the hospital. Jax says there are no suspects. He says August got him a burner and the club is up to speed. He asks about Juice and she says no. She says they found his sister back East but she hasn’t seem him in years and they’re watching his apartment. She asks what’s up with that and he says club shit. He asks about the funeral and she says it was two days ago, just club and family. She says it was quiet and respectful.

She says Abel doesn’t know what happened just that his mommy is in heaven. Gemma tells Jax it’s good he’s out and says the boys need him. He turns and she asks where he’s going and he says he’s going to Scoops. He says he can’t see the boys yet – he has to get clear on what he needs to do first. She says she gets it. He holds her hand and tells her that her help means a lot to him. He says he loves her and she says she’s there for him, no matter what he needs her to do.

Flint wheels out to see the two clubs together. TO asks him to ride with them but then says he has no legs. Tig says he just thought he was really short. They mock Flint and he asks why the oreo bikers are there. TO says someone ran one of their group off the road and heard it was East Dub. TO says he needs to know who it was. Chibs says Jax is out. Tig tells him to point out who did it and Flint hassles him.

Chibs says they need to move it along since they know they’re lying. He puts a gun right on Flint. He tells them to put down their guns. One hesitates and Chibs shoots the guy in the leg. He tells Flint to tell him who was driving the Impala. Flint says he can’t understand him and asks what Clan McDouchebag is talking about. They put some chains on his wheelchair and attach it to Bobby’s bike. He takes off and takes the guy for his ride. His chair tips and he’s dragged begging for mercy.

Jax tells Gemma to head straight for TM and take a guy with her. She agrees. He heads into Scoops where Chuck welcomes him. She sees Wendy and pulls to a stop and asks if she’s shitting her. She says she’s looking for Jax’ info and Gemma says she’s out but tells her it’s a bad idea to talk to him today. The others pull up on their bikes and Wendy asks where the boys are.

She says with her and Wendy says she can talk to Jax when he comes by. Wendy says she’ll be staying with her since she gave her place to Juice. Wendy says her helping Juice is out of character but Gemma says there’s been enough death. The crew greet Jax with hugs and condolences. Chis notices Wendy and asks Jax if he wants him to take care of it. Jax tells them to go upstairs. Wendy walks to him and he asks why she’s there.

She says she’s there to talk and left rehab. Gemma tells him that she got her out so she could help with the boys and asks him to talk to her. She leaves them alone. Wendy tells him she’s sorry about Tara and he says it’s not her problem. She says she’s just there to help and doesn’t care if Abel ever knows she’s his mom. She asks him to let her help and he tells her to work it out with Gemma. She agrees.

Oso tells Alvarez and Nero that he has connections with the ILW. They talk about Barosky being like dirty, greedy cops. Fiasco tells them that Jax is loose and Nero says to call Lin and let him know while he finds Jackson. Nero says he may be able to make a deal that keeps them whole. Alvarez says Oso is worried about his loyalty with Gemma. Nero says Gemma knows how the world works. He takes off.

Jax sits at the table when the guys stream in. He says he didn’t think he’d be in the chair again and thanks them for helping Gemma and taking care of his problem. He asks if their alliances are locked down. They tell him they Italians are in their debt and Happy shows him a new tattoo and says no Tony. He asks about the Grim Bastards. Chibs says one of Flint’s ran down some prospects.

They tells him there’s an OG named DuLain involved. Jax says he got a sit down with Tully while he was in. He says he didn’t give much but he thinks he cleaned it up. He says for now they’re okay with white. Bobby says the garage is solid and they’re taking bids to fix the clubhouse. Htey tell him Diosa is picking up.

Quinn says the porn studio is almost ready and Lyla is tracking down the Caracara girls. He says the new name is Red Woody and it’s open for business. Jax says he never really wanted the chair but knew it would happen. He says he dreaded the responsibility. He says he can barely make the right choices for himself. He says he’s been trying to take them in a direction he thought make sense – away from the outlaw shit – but it hasn’t worked.

He says he thinks he was trying to buy back all the bad shit he’s done and people he’s hurt. He says it’s a false pardon, dangerous and selfish. He says JT did the same thing and those choices took his dad’s family and patch. He says he lost the woman he loved and won’t lose his club. He says to move forward he needs to know the table has no doubt or mistrust and that they would all kill or die for the man next to them.

He says now is the time so speak up. They all look at him. Chibs says they’re all in – he says they love him and trust him and says to tell them what he needs. Juice hears a noise and grabs his gun – it’s Gemma. She asks why he told Wendy the club was after him. She tells him he can stay tonight but says he has to go soon since Jax is out. He says he’ll figure out but that he needs the cash from the weed shop. Gemma says they’re watching it but she’ll get him some money.

She tells him to go where there’s no charter and that she’ll send him the rest of his money once things calm down. She asks if he needs anything. He says no and asks about Jax. Gemma says he’s sad and he asks what she said to him. She asks how he had a talk with him about Tara. She says she’s not a psychopath. She says she knows what she did was horrible. She says there were protecting the club and she made choices based on the truth she had and so did he. She says he did what anyone would have done.

She says if Jax finds out, he will not only have lost his wife but his mother too. She says Abel and Thomas will grow up never knowing the love of a strong woman. She says she’s the only thread holding the family together and it’s not about protecting them but about protecting Jax and the boys. She says that’s how she looks him in the eyes and talks to him about Tara. She says keeping their truth away from him is the right thing to do. He says he understands.

She says it’s best she doesn’t know why Jax wants him dead but says he helped her and gave her a truth that works so she’s going to help him. She tells him to hold it together a few more days and not to chat up the junkie. She kisses him and goes. Nero has some coffee and Chucks whistles along to the radio. He tells him that Gemma misses him. He asks if she told him that and he says she never says a word but he says she always looks up with hope when a car pulls into the TM.

Jax comes down and he and Nero hug it out. He says he’s glad he’s out and asks to talk. They head outside. Nero says he’s sorry about Tara and says to let him know if there’s anything he can do. He asks if he knows who was involved and Jax says nothing from the cops. Nero says he’s been sitting with the Chinese and Mayans and is trying to avoid his hood turning into a combat zone. He says Lin and Alvarez want to meet to extend their condolences and let him know brown and yellow had nothing to do with this tragedy.

Jax says until they’re certain he’s going to handle Diosa and tells hi to handle Colette’s place to avoid conflict. Nero agrees but pushes for the meet soon – Jax tells him to do it now and Nero says he’ll set it up. Unser sees Patterson pull in. She introduces herself and asks if he remembers her. He cites a specific case they worked together. He tells her no one is there but she says she’s there to see him. She says she knows he was close to Tara.

He says he already made a statement. She says she knows he managed the MC and kept things under control. He says that’s history. She tells him Althea Jarry is taking over the sheriff’s department now that Eli is gone. She says she was in organized crime in Stockton but is out of the loop on local lore and asks him to give her a history lesson. She asks him to help Jarry with the MC since there’s a war brewing. She offers to make him a consultant.

Unser says his badge and gun days were long flushed away. She tells him Tara deserved better and says she’ll tell Jarry they talked when she briefs her. She leaves. Jax meets with Lin and Alvatez. Lin says it’s awful to lose family. Nero says they need to figure out how to move forward. Nero says they’re losing business with a turf war and they need to be smarter. Jax says he knows handing off the gun trade to Marks upset the balance.

He says he was so focused on moving away from the IRA he didn’t consider blowback. He says he has a relationship with Barosky and can help with that and can look the other way at the very least. He says they are tight with Connor Malone who’s on the ground for the Irish and can get them the Irish guns they want. Lin nods and says it’s a start. Jax says SAMCRO is throwing him a welcome back party and he invites them to come and meet Malone.

Lin says the last time he met his guys with Irish in a warehouse most of them didn’t come out alive. Jax says Bohai came at them and he didn’t know the retaliation was going down. Lin says his uncle was old world and didn’t do things the way he would. Jax says his family and even some kids will be there. Oso asks about Niners and he says apart from the Grim Bastards, no blacks to bump into. Lin asks if the escorts will serve “snacks” and Nero smiles and says they can arrange that. The guys agree.

Chibs tells Jax that went well. He tells Chibs to make sure porn stars and Gemma are at the warehouse and Connor. He says to make sure it’s packed. They found the Impala and he says to get TO and they’re going to roll and take care of it. They meet TO and he’s watching the car. Jax sees a Rover and says it’s high end for this address. Bobby says this could be a trap and DuLain could have a heads up from Flint. He says there could be a whole crew. Jax says they need to find out. They grab guns and head upstairs.

Happy says the front room is empty. They shoot the lock and head in. Chibs head in and leaves one guy to watch the front. There’s music paying and they find a couple of guys with a girl. The girl takes a shot at them and they shoot them. They recognize a pastor. Reverend Jonathan Haddem from Piedmont Grace church and his assistant pastor. They agree they need to clean this mess up. Jax finishes off the one guy that’s still breathing. The OG that killed the guys isn’t there and they just killed a couple of pastors.

Quinn tells Bobby the Rover belongs to the church. They discuss where to bury the guys and Jax directs his men. TO apologizes and says he’s not sure how much longer he can hold his charter. Jax says he won’t let him fold. He says he may need a favor tonight and TO agrees. Lyla tells Gemma she’s going to produce porn if it works out and Gemma says she may bronze her clit. Lyla says to hold off and points out Nero.

Lyla greets Nero and walks off. He asks to chat with Gemma and he says they really cleaned up the old shit hole and she asks if he saw Jax. He says they did and she’s pleased. He asks if she knows why he had to ask for distance and she says she does. He says he’s just trying to help people he cares about not die. She asks how it’s going and he says it might be okay. She leans close and he nuzzles her. He tells her he loves her. She says me too.

She asks what happens now and he says one day at a time. She says she hates that shit and kisses him. Chuck comes in and smiles when he sees this. Wendy comes home and calls out to Juice that it’s just her. She says he can stay for a few days and she’s going to stay with Gemma. She tells him she brought him fresh fruit, water and some other stuff. There’s a knock and she says it’s Unser so she can leave the car for him. She sends him to the back and says she’s go to let him in.

Unser says he sees she cleaned the place and she says she got carried away. He looks in the fridge nad sees everything all lined up and wonders. He asks if she’s bringing the groceries and asks him to grab her coat out of the closet. He asks which one and she tells him. He sees a bag at the bottom that grabs his eye but closes it when she walks in. He asks if she’s set and they leave. He looks around before they leave with suspicion.

The party is rocking and there are hot chicks everywhere, booze and loud music. Chibs and Jax talk to Malone about meeting the guys and he asks if he cleared it with Marks. He says he’s in New York and they’ll fill him in then. Malone agrees to talk to them. Jax gives his mom a nod. Lin and Ryu Tom are introduced to Malone. Jax says no more blood and they sit for drinks. Jax calls Lyla to get them drinks.

Unser comes back after dark to Wendy’s place. He goes to the closet and grabs the bag. He looks inside and sees a Sons jacket but then hears a gun and Juice tells him to get up. He asks how he’s doing. Gemma walks around and offer Dun a refill. She says the place is calling with free pussy and porno and asks why he’s not filling an orifice. She asks if he’s doing that Shaolin monk thing and he tells her she sounds like a mom. She says she is and points out Jax.

He tells her it’s nice to meet her. She asks if he has a family and he says no, he didn’t expect to be alive this long. She says – tell me about it. She pats him on the back and tells him to enjoy himself. Jax sees TO and says he needs the favor. He points out Dun and says to take him down but keep him alive. He asks what happens if he’s not alone. They tell him they’ll see black hands so they won’t be on Lin’s radar.

TO asks what it’s about. Gemma comes up and Jax tells her to tell TO. She tells him the night Tara was killed she was coming to Jax’s house to grab the boys’ stuff and saw someone waiting in the drive in a Mercedes. She says she saw a guy beside the house who grabbed some stuff and she says she saw that it was that guy in the house. She says she didn’t know Tara was inside and she left went to the club. TO curses. Jax says Chinese killed Tara. TO agrees to help.